Messing with the big boys pt. 1 by Sexybabe99

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Fiction | Cruelty, Domination, First Time, Hardcore, Male, Monster, Teen Female, Virginity, Young

This is a new series same girl but is a virgin again got any questions or pictures of the character email me at [email protected]

I woke up one morning to the sound of someone knocking on the door, so I went to go see who was interrupting my slumber. Austin was a friend of my brother, he was 19 years old, was quite tall & gorgeous. I opened the door "is your brother here" he asked. "No he is not around" I replied "I am not sure when he will be back, probably not till tomorrow, would you like to come in anyway?

He walked in as I went to the bathroom & when I came back into the room he asked "if your brother isn't going to be back till tomorrow do you mind if I stay here & rest awhile before my long walk home". "No not at all", I was happy he wanted to stay because I had a crush on him & apparently he was well endowed from what I had heard. "So what do you wanna talk about" he asked, "ugh.... it doesn't matter to me" I replied. "I have a few questions I would like to ask", "mmm... what do you want to know?" he looked down at my tits & ass "so are you a virgin"? “yes”, I squirmed in my seat when he spoke. "What about you Austin, are you a virgin"? He looked at me with a sly grin, "oh you know I'm not" then he winked.

I just laughed, "be right back”, as I got up and went into the kitchen. As I was checking out what was left in the fridge, bent at the waist sticking my ass out, he came up behind me & pushed his cock on the crack of my ass. He totally startled me as I leaned forward & bumped my head on the freezer door. Austin just laughed & went back into the living room, I followed after I composed myself. "let's talk about you now, "I finally got out of my mouth, "what’s on your mind virgin"? "Do you have a big dick" as I looked at the bulge in his jeans. "Why do you wanna know"? as he looked at me with a puzzled look on his face, "just wondering". His eyes pierced mine as if he was reading my thoughts. Austin spoke up quickly "wanna see it"? My jaw hit the ground at his question & without waiting for a response he took off his shorts & underwear to reveal his semi-hard dick. I was in a trance, this being the second cock my eyes had ever seen.

The only other cock I had seen up to this point was my brothers on total accident. My hand had a mind of its own & as I reached out to feel my first dick, Austin’s voice rang in my ears. Up to this point his man-meat was only semi-hard,” if you want to see how big it can get your going to have to work for it”. "But I'm only sixteen & I have no idea what to do with that thing”."Just squeeze it a bit and stroke it slowly" he said & laughed. As I started to squeeze & stroke his cock the veins filled up pushing my little hand open wider. My eyes were wide open & my jaw was hanging down, "wow that's huge". Austin laughed, "that's enough virgin," then he stood up and put his pants back on.

"What's wrong" I said. "You are sixteen and a virgin.... You don't want to get hurt", then he sat back down next to me. "So what else do you wanna talk about "? My mind was a blank all I wanted to do was play with his big cock. I put my hand on his crotch and felt his dick twitch, "ha ha I warned you that this could hurt you." Austin stood back up and took off his pants & grabbed the back of my head & he shoved his dick in my mouth. His dick was so thick I had to stretch my mouth open to get it in my mouth. He didn't care I was gagging & that my eyes were watering. "Bitch I warned you, but you had to go and grab it again, well I am going to teach you not to mess with older guys with big dicks". He cock-slapped me in the face a couple of times, pulled me up on my feet then yanked off my shorts & ripped my panties off. At this point all I wanted was for him to leave.

"Damn baby you are so wet I’m gonna stretch your pussy good". He had my pussy making obscene slapping sounds as he pummeled my pussy with two fingers. Then when he finally let go of my head I yelled "I'm sorry it's too big please stop!" "No bitch I warned you now you pay the price", then he shoved his dick back in my mouth right passed my gag reflex & into my throat. Saliva was all over my face as my mouth was being obscenely stretched as he continued to fuck my face with full strokes. He stopped & pulled his dick out of my throat to let me breathe. "Get up we are going to your bedroom" and when I didn't get up he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder.

Austin threw me on the bed, "You are so tight I gotta break you in". "No...... you are too big!" I yelled, my cheek suddenly felt as if it were on fire, his hand bounced off my cheek bone leaving me in shock . My hands were pinned down in a matter of seconds, my options were slim and none. Austins cold eyes stared holes in me as he let me know what was coming my way."OK BITCH THIS IS HOW THIS IS GOING TO GO, I TEAR THIS PUSSY UP, I LEAVE AND PICK YOU UP TOMORROW FOR ROUND TWO". His grip on my wrists tightened, circulation in my hands was now non-existent as he held me to the bed. His angry cock now searched for my honey hole as I tried to keep him out of me.

"No!!!!!!" I screamed but it was too late, his cock was now stretching its way into me. He was done playing around clearly as he shoved it all the way into me until I felt his balls slap against my pussy. My pussy was on fire, I screamed over & over but he just held it there.”See what you get when you tease a big cock”, as he began thrusting slowly and bottoming out at the end of each stroke of his obscene cock.

I yelled at Austin, but it did nothing, he was too big & strong to stop him. My mind wandered as he fucked me furiously for what seemed like hours, but most likely was thirty minutes. Suddenly, his hands grabbed my hips & flipped me on my back as his cock skewered my broken pussy again. He fucked me endlessly before he pushed me hard into the bed, finally pulling his cock out of my battered cunt & blew his load that exploded all over my face. I was covered in cum & my pussy felt like it had just been in an MMA bout in which I was knocked out in the last round.

Austin looked at me, wiped his cock off on my face, pulled up his pants up & ridiculed me with these words."Bitch you are messing with the big boys now". I laid there on the floor for hours before I tried to move, I needed a long soak in the bathtub & the bathroom seemed so far away. Finally I made it back to my bed & there was a note sitting on the pillow that said. You enjoyed that, be ready by 8 am. My body was wracked with pain & my mind was numb...wondering if my little pussy could handle another good stretching tomorrow as my eyes closed & I collapsed on my bed.

Rating: 73%, Read 17493 times, Posted Apr 15, 2015

Fiction | Cruelty, Domination, First Time, Hardcore, Male, Monster, Teen Female, Virginity, Young


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