Becca's Boning by GoatRavisher

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True Story | Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Oral Sex

The party at my roommate's house was going on late. My girlfriend had already passed out on the guest room couch. It might have been five AM and we'd been drinking and drugging and dancing for hours. The dull roar of people on the front porch left the rest of the house pretty quiet.

I was ready to hit my bed. I changed into gym shorts and a threadbare t-shirt and flopped down. Still addled maybe from the mushrooms I ingested earlier and despite all the beer I'd drunk I didn't pass out immediately. I had lain there about ten minutes when some one came into the room in the dark and lay down on the bed beside me, immediately wrapping her self around me in the spoon position. It was not my girlfriend. It was our friend Becca. A geeky girl, tall and slim with short black hair and glasses, she looked a bit like Harry Potter actually. Two things caused my heart rate to kick up a notch. I was already pretty sure Becca had a crush on me since the time we first met and second, Becca had magnificent breasts! Tremendous hooters on a nerdy but pretty girl with a small waist and good posture did it for me and how!

Her hand slid up and down my shoulder, arm, waist and hip. I guessed by the way she had been dancing earlier that she was probably ex-ing. Her face pressed into the back of my neck and her hand slid over my chest. I felt kisses, like she was tasting my skin and her hand cupped my pec muscle, kneading, searching for my nipple which hardened when she found it. She was pulling me tight to her, rubbing her bare leg against mine. I tried to remember what she had been wearing. A long skirt I thought. She must have taken it off before getting into the bed with me I surmised as I felt her groin pressing against my butt, grinding me with a circular motion of her hips. I don't think I felt any panties. I think that was her curly black bush. She sucked at the back of my neck, nipping the hairs with her lips. Her hand slid over my belly. We were both taking deep breaths. I don't know if she thought I was asleep or if she just didn't care.

I could feel my pulse swelling up my twitching dick. This was hot! I felt her breasts pushing into my back, her crotch humping against me and then suddenly, as if she were reading my mind she released, rolled away and I heard a rustling. That sound could only be her pulling the shirt up over her shoulders, freeing those pale orbs. With my eyes closed I pictured her banana boobs jutting out from her thin ribcage.

And then she was back, nipples pressing into me. I could feel them through my threadbare shirt. Her long cool fingers slid into the waistband of my loose shorts, dipping in, tickling me and then diving in, straight for my thickening cock, grasping the shaft.

Becca groaned in my ear, happy at what she had found. Her hand gripped me, squeezed and then pulled gently, loosened and slid down to my balls which were tightening as my penis stiffened to full turgidity. She slid up to the tip and rolled it between finger and thumb then stroked the length some more, setting up a slow milking motion and my insides started to buzz. I moaned, then in a little while again, then with the edge of urgency that said I was headed for orgasm. I rolled toward her, spreading my legs a bit as the tingling along my shaft traveled down to the tendons in my legs. She moved, adjusted, sat up for a moment and then bent down over me and before I knew it my cock was in her mouth. I gasped.

Her movement was slow but her suction was strong, drawing my cum out, wanting it. Her lips ringed the sweet spot, the middle section of my shaft and her tongue flicked the bottom of my glans. Flat on my back, arms and legs splayed, the only place where our bodies touched was her lips on my straining cock.

I burst. My balls emptied into Becca's mouth. She gulped it down, her hand shooting to the base of my cock and cradling my balls with her fingers, feeling me convulse and spasm.

I let out all the held air in my lungs in a long sigh. She lingered for the last drop and then fell back on the bed next to me. I stared at the ceiling. She stuffed her face down into the pillow and my shoulder.

"That's… what I wanted."

And she seemed to go to sleep. I dozed a bit in post orgasmic bliss.

The bed felt like it was vibrating, shaking somehow. Becca was on her back next to me, the light from the window spilling across her bare chest and her large pointed breasts splayed out in both directions. Her arm shot straight down to her waist and her hand was busy in her crotch.

She was getting herself off, two fingers in her hole and her thumb strumming her clit, eyes clamped shut. I stretched my hand out, cupping her breast, fondling her stiff nipple and then drew my body up and grazed it with my lips. She exhaled sharply. I locked my mouth over her tit. There was a groan


A few more minutes of sucking and licking her nipple and areola and my cock was a rod again. I slid my hand down to her pelvis and mingled my fingers with her busy ones, Pushing them out of the way finally I delved into her sopping wet pussy.


I feathered the folds of her inner cunt lips, slick with her syrup. I positioned my outside knee under me and with my arm snaking around her waist, rolled her onto her stomach and pulled us both up onto all fours, hiking her ass up in the air and pushing her face down into the mattress. She shifted her legs and braced, curving her back and presenting her smooth white ass and flooded pink cunt. I had to take it. I shucked those shorts off of me in a second and aimed for her steaming pink. I speared her with my hardness in one deep thrust and bottomed out against her creamy buttocks. I heard a guttural yell through the pillow her face was buried in. Slow, deep pumping led to faster, more savage thrusts as her vagina relaxed. I was gripping her waist and jacking in and out rapidly, not slamming into her ass because I realized the bed would slide around on the hardwood floor, bump the wall and I was suddenly very aware of what I was doing and of the possibility that someone in the house would hear and investigate.

Becca was moaning loudly but into the pillow and I continued bucking into her, aiming the tip of my bone at her G-spot, gouging her gash with my super hard erection. She changed to a higher pitched squeal and then twisted and flopped, her cunt wringing my dick like a washrag as I felt the walls of her vagina tighten so much I was nearly immobilized. It was like her vag was trying to push me out with it's contraction. Thankfully she buried her head once more in the pillow and let out a scream that surely would have brought everyone in from the front porch if it had met the open air. Her whole body went stiff and her pussy locked onto me for what seemed like an eternity.

She slackened a bit, turned her head to the side gasping for air and her chest slumped down to the mattress but her reddening ass and drenched pussy were still held up for my use. My cock was numbly turgid and the thin skin was getting sore. The combination of alcohol, mushrooms and fatigue had me thinking I might not even be able to come again. I slowed the pace down, plunged in and drew out at a luxurious pace, letting the air of the room cool my shaft before sliding it back into Becca's steaming cunt.

Then I had a thought, an imagination. I imagined my girlfriend coming into the room to find me, standing in the doorway silently watching me ram our friend's limp, sweat soaked body. I imagined a tear running down her soft cheek and I felt a fizzing at the core of my shaft. It traveled down the stalk to my balls and I knew I was going to spew a hard earned stream of semen. I didn't know if Becca used any birth control and the thought of cumming in her dilated canal was just too risky. I pulled my dick out and leaned into her ass crack with my slime coated scrotum, slickening up her cleft with accumulated ooze. Slowly I slid back and forth, the base of my shaft in that nice juicy valley with the tip of my dick pointing out over her smooth white back like a cannon. I balanced the tingling onrush of orgasm with slow movement and friction until I felt my balls convulse and squeeze like two fists and a watery gush of sperm flew out in a long arc splashing onto her shoulders, her neck and the side of her face, turned towards me.

I contracted three or four more times in rapid fire and then curled forward over her back and literally fell off of her to the side. She crumpled too and all I could hear was breath as I lay sweating and gasping.

I should get up and lock the door. I should get up and lock the door.

Rating: 94%, Read 50803 times, Posted Jan 18, 2012

True Story | Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Oral Sex


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