Final Fantasy XXX: Reviving My Sister's Corpse (Text Fix) -_- by JoshCube

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This fanfic contains strong language, and very mature and graphical scenes such as detailed death descriptions; sexual torture; sexual organ distortions; incest; necrophilia; trans-sexuality; internal and external fluid splashing; and deceased female fertilization. If you are OK with these themes, then proceed to read. You should be at least 18 years old when reading this fanfic, and It is your responsibility if you e-mail, post, or direct this story to anyone outside of the original website that it was posted in. If you re-post it, please only do so in an adult forum complete with all of this text and the disclaimer. None of this fanfic should be butchered up into pieces, and submitted throughout the internet without the legal warning, and all of the text that is included in here.

Final Fantasy XXX: Reviving My Sister’s Corpse





Chapter I: Duo quest

“Josh, I’m a bit scared. Are you sure it was a good idea to come here without backup?” Said Dana, my biological sister.

“This is supposed to be a duo quest. Asking for backup would be a little humiliating.” I said.

We had arrived at the dark cave after a long travel from town, and our Chocobos were resting at the entrance next to the spooky sign. I was equipped with my silver Paladin armor, giant shield with a goddess on it, and sword in sheath. She had her White Mage cloak and staff with a crystal ball at the end, along with a small sack of healing items. I am 21, 6ft.2, bulky, Caucasian skinned with black hair and brown eyes; and Dana is 16, 5ft.1, petite, size 32B breasts, Caucasian skinned with short black hair and brown eyes.

Dana pointed to the sign which had a picture of a creepy smiling ghost, and words that looked like it was texted in blood. ”Look, that gives me the chills.”

“Those who enter will never see the light of dawn.” I said, reading the sign. “Come on, these signs are just used to scare us. Don’t let the enemy fool you.”

Dana gripped her staff tightly, and then looked at me. “Alright, just make sure you have my back.”

“Let’s do this.” I said, pointing into the cave with my silver gauntlets.

We both entered and began to walk down the dark corridor which had torches on the walls. The cave had a stone brick pattern which covered the walls and the floor. My footsteps were making a clinking noise while Dana’s were making small pit-pats. She glanced behind to briefly take one last look at our Chocobos that were now napping. I pulled out my sword from my sheath and held it in my right hand, looking upwards and all around, making sure that nothing would take us by surprise. Dana held her staff in both hands, while she looked around as well.

A moment passed and we looked up at the ceiling, seeing several pink bats with purple wings hanging upside down. I pushed my finger against my mouth making a hush sign while we began to step lightly. Dana’s foot half-stepped on a rock that squeezed out and repelled into a small ditch with water at the bottom. It made a small splashing noise, and the bats began to open their white eyes at us. They opened their wings and swooped down making screeching noises, and opening their fangs. I began to swing my sword at them in fashion, vertical and horizontally.

They were moving fast, head-butting and biting us, so I landed a few hits with my sword cutting right through them, and they shrieked and fell towards the ground. Dana shot small white balls of light from her staff which blinded them, causing them to miss a lot. Occasionally, she would whack a bat on its head with her staff when she had a chance, conserving magic. We continued to do this until they all died, and we plucked their wings and stored them in a bag for crafting.

“See? That was easy. The enemies in here probably aren’t that hard.” I said.

“A-huh. Well if they are, I have my Flee spell which will help us.” She said, continuing to put wings into her sack.

I looked at Dana and put the last of the wings into her bag. “When did you get that spell? I thought you weren’t experienced enough to use that yet.”

She looked at me and zipped up her bag. “I’ve been practicing with Carol every morning. She helped me train enough so I would be able to use it, then I bought the spell book at the general store.”

I smiled and began walking. “I’m glad that you are able to use that spell now, because it will be a lot less risky from now on.”

“Same here.” She said, smiling and beginning to walk as well.

“You almost scared me to death that one time when you got killed by that Evil Cloud.”

“I hate those damn things. They can paralyze you which make you unable to perform attacks.”

“Yeah, that lightning shit they do is annoying…….”

“They have a smiley face too, which just pisses you off more. Hey Josh, I have a question. Why is it that when someone dies, they only have so much time to revive?”

“Nobody really knows for sure. According to what our instructor said, it has something to do with the body deteriorating. When the heart stops beating and the brain ceases to function, the body turns into powder. This powder then forms a crystal which is what we use today on our machines, magic enhancers, weapons, assists, and so forth.”

“So……is that why we couldn’t save Kemo?”

“Dana, please don’t bring him up. I still grieve over his death from time to time.”

She frowned with a sad look. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were still upset about him.”

I frowned with a sad look as well. “He was a good familiar, a wonderful Saber. I’ll never have a guy like him again. Look, let’s focus what we have to do here; we’ll talk about this later.” I said, pointing with my sword into the corridor.

“Right, let’s keep moving.”

We continued walking until we reached a cold metal door. We grabbed the hooks on it, and it made a loud creaking sound which echoed throughout the cave as we slowly pulled it open. This new room before us was filled with coffins that were covered in spider webs, and some had blood seeping out. It was dead silent, and you could hear a pebble drop. We began to get scared a little, but knew we had to push forward. We slowly stepped into the room, walking in the direction where the room was turning a corner to the right. Suddenly out of nowhere, a large holographic image appeared in the middle of the room which what looked to be a vampire laughing with fangs, and holding a sharp blade. Because we saw this moving image appear with no sound, we almost shat bricks. We jumped backwards with chills running down our spines, and we had goose bumps that tingled throughout our body.

“What the FUCK was that!!??” I said, with a look of fright and shaking at the sword.

Dana covered her mouth and widened her eyes in shock. “I……I don’t know!!”

We ran back towards the metal door, and it automatically closed and made a clicking sound. We grabbed the handles and pulled with all our might and the door would not open.

“Oh shit, we’re fucked!!” I said, while we were pounding and pulling on the door.

Suddenly, we heard some noises behind us and turned around. Some of the coffin lids slowly slid open, and we saw some feminine dark blue arms and hands reach out. One by one, several monsters crawled out whom we were unable to identify, but they sort of looked like vampires. They were all females with fangs, dark blue skin, long green hair, red nails, were tall, and had bodies built like goddesses. They were all nude, and had three size J breasts with dark purple nipples that were about the size of pancakes, and hairy jungle-like blue cunts. A few did not have a vagina, but had large, wide, and thick twelve inch penises with four large testicles that were about the size of crystal balls. After they all crawled out and hopped onto the cement floor, they started to walk towards us.

I took a stance with my sword, readying a charge-spin attack while Dana began casting Wall and Protect spells on herself. My charge was taking longer than expected, and all of them began to use their Charm move on me at once. There were too many using that same move, and because I am a male, it worked very well. One squeezed her breasts and moaned at me, while the other winked and used sign language with her finger in a “come here” fashion. The other grabbed her big dick and began stroking it; while the other fondled her big testicles like they were rocks in a sack; and the others stuck their fingers inside each other’s vaginas. This was all too much for me, and I became extremely weak. I dropped my sword and big shield, and they clanked as they hit the stone floor. I began to walk towards them in a trance, and I was so damn horny that I wanted to fuck their brains out hard.

Dana raised her staff in the air, and cast her Holy spell “Josh, no! Don’t fall for it!”

A giant white ball emitted from her staff, floated up towards the room, and then exploded. The white mass covered the monsters and began to burn them, but this wasn’t strong enough, and it pissed them off. While I was still in trance, they ran towards Dana and jumped her. White Mages do not have good defense, so she was wide open for attacks without my help. The monsters began clawing at her, biting, and punching her in the face. She tried hitting them with her staff, but it did minimal damage. She also tried casting Cure spells on herself, but her wounds did not heal as fast as her attackers. One monster grabbed her from behind, and she was struggling to get loose. The others began to bite and claw at her, and she started to get beaten up badly, and lose blood.

I stood there, still dazed, and watching my sister get attacked. I began removing my armor, and I dropped everything onto the ground until I was in my underwear. They tore her clothes off, exposing herself in her panties and bra. One monster took its hand, and placed it against Dana’s heart with an evil smile. Dana’s eyes widened while the other monster still held her arms, and the other ones held her legs. The monster pressed her fingers at Dana’s heart, and she looked down in worry. The pressure was getting intense, and she began to scream in horror. The monster’s fingers slowly dug into her chest, drawing blood out. Dana squint her eyes and screamed in agony while the cold fingers continued to burrow into her chest.

The fingers slowly sunk into Dana’s chest, and she began breathing fast and watched with a shocked look in her eyes. Blood began to pour out of her chest as the monster grinned and enjoyed every moment of it. Its fingers sunk down further and Dana was in excruciating pain that was unbearable, and her loud yells echoed off the walls in the dungeons. It finally grabbed her heart, and with maximum force, the monster ripped it right out of her chest! Blood and gore splashed all over them while the monster roared loud, and Dana was in so much pain that she was absolutely speechless.

“Si……sis……” I said, holding my right arm out, and shaking.

The monster smiled, holding Dana’s throbbing heart in its hand. She went into an absolute intensified shock seeing that her own heart was ripped out, and her eyes were filled with a look so terrified that our own mother would have cats. The monsters roared while Dana started to become unconscious, and her eyes slowly fluttered, and then fully shut. The monster tossed her heart on the ground while the other ones discarded her body like a rag doll. My sister lied on the ground with lots of blood flowing from her, and she was now dead.

Still under this dreaded Charm move they all used on me, I pulled down my underwear, and I was fully nude in front of all of them. They all walked towards me with breasts bouncing, dicks swaying, and sexy plump asses shifting left and right. One of the monsters lied on the ground face up, and spread her thick legs open eagle. Without hesitation, I quickly climbed on top of her, grabbed my dick, and pushed it inside her vagina. I was planning on saving my virginity for my future wife, but I realized this wasn’t entirely my fault. There has been countless stories of adventurers that lost their virginity to these monsters, because seduction was one of their primary attacks. The entrance of her purple colored pussy lips split open while my Caucasian dick sunk down into her. I moaned when it began sinking, and she moaned as well. She put her legs and feet on top of my back, and wrapped her arms around me.

I began to penetrate the monster and pump my dick into her like no tomorrow with her ass in the air. Both of us moaned again in pleasure, and began having sex. My body was moving up and down on hers while the soles of her feet could be seen resting on my back, and our bodies constantly made a thumping noise as they landed towards the dirty cement floor. The other monster with the huge dick came behind me, and positioned it at the entrance of my anus. She pushed it in without hesitation, and I moaned heavily with my mouth dropping open while her big dick slid fast right inside me. I felt my anus get split open like a knife entering a fruit, and my nerves shot straight from my rectum to my penis, causing it to be more stiff, and feeling more stimulated. She began to penetrate and pound me, shifting her body against mine while I shifted my body against the other one I was fucking.

The other monster with a big dick got in front of us, and opened my mouth with her fingers. She positioned her dick against my mouth, and pushed it inside. The head of her dick popped right in, and then she sank it deep down into my throat. She penetrated my mouth by shifting her body towards mine, and I sucked her wide and thick dick. I made a slurping sound while I sucked her off, and I was not ashamed one bit. Kids at my school had a thing for teasing guys that liked dicks, but I didn’t care since I was getting railed in a faraway cave. My eyes rolled back in very extreme pleasure while this was all going on. The other two monsters with vaginas came to the sides of us, and knelt down. They grabbed both my hands, and shoved my fingers inside their vaginas. My fingers started to get wet while I stroked them, feeling the nice and warm forbidden fluid that came straight from the underworld.

All at the same time, I was pumping the one monster’s pussy with my dick sliding in and out of her, and my head resting on all three of her gigantic purple breasts; the other one was literally pounding my ass like no tomorrow with her big thick and wide dick while her three giant purple breasts were flopping back and forth, and her four huge testicles were smacking against my ass; the other one was deep-throating me with her big meat; and I was fingering the other two’s cunts. A manly moan could be heard with several other feminine monstrous moans, and roars all at the same time. All of these unholy things were completely violating my temple body, and it was such a shock seeing a religious guy get corrupted by these female demons. It was like I was an angel, and they were tearing my feathers off, piece by piece.

I felt my orgasm beginning to pick up, and the others were feeling it as well. I was breathing and panting hard while the monsters did the same, and the one I was fucking dug her nails into my back with ecstasy while the one behind me dug hers into my ass. Moments later, I gasped and my eyes widened while I thrust my dick deep into the monster and held that position. Her ass was still in the air, and her legs and feet were still resting on my back. The soles of her feet could still be seen resting on me, and they were reaching for the stars. I let out a loud moan that echoed through the dungeon, and she let out a loud moan that did the same. Cum literally blasted out of my dick like a goddess damn canon, and splashed inside her pussy, against her walls, and down her tunnels. My sperm swam deep inside the depths of her canals, and one of them successfully entered her egg. Can humans breed with these horrid things? If she got pregnant, who knows what the kid would be like?

The monster behind me thrust her pelvis against my ass holding that position, and her dick slid all the way inside my anus hitting the end of my rectum. She let out a loud roar that echoed throughout the dungeon, and she blasted her hot glowing green cum that splashed deep down into my rectum. I felt her juice splash against the walls, and against the end point. The monster with her dick in my mouth slammed it all the way forward to where her testicle sack flopped once against my chin. She shot inside, and I felt her sticky green goo race into my mouth, and down my throat. It was a hot temperature as well, and very thick. I was in so much pleasure that words could not describe how good it felt. If a man walked in with a briefcase and offered me five-thousand gold to end this, I would turn it down instantly.

The two monsters I was fingering moaned and flicked their heads back, and they shot gushes of their green and watery vaginal fluid onto both of my hands. My mouth and eyes were still wide, and I was locked in some frozen pose. Not because the sex was great, no, I just realized something. These monsters were not vampires; they were succubus, and my soul was stolen! I collapsed with my eyes closed on top of the succubus I was fucking, and she pulled her body back, causing my dick to slide out of her pussy. It slid all the way out, and a stream of my white colored cum was connected from her vagina to the tip of my dick. She got up off the ground, bending her long legs, and then stood up. My body fell towards the hard concrete floor, still motionless.

The succubus behind me pulled out from my anus, and a stream of hot glowing green cum was connected from my anal entrance to the tip of her dick. After the stream slowly fell towards the ground, a large amount of her cum came out of my anal entrance, dripped fast down my crotch, and onto the cement ground. The cum that landed on the floor had hot steam coming from it, but it wasn't hot enough to injure someone's internal or external body parts. She knelt down on her knees watching this while cum droplets continued to flow from the entrance of her dick, and onto the ground with steam as well before she stood up. The succubus with her dick in my mouth pulled all the way out, and a stream of green cum was connected from my mouth to the tip of her dick. After this stream fell slowly towards the ground, cum began to ooze from her dick while some oozed out of my mouth, and onto the ground as well. Steam also came from these cum droplets, and puddles of green ooze could now be seen on the cement floor. With my hands falling towards the ground, the succubuses left their vaginal discharge covered in it.

One of the succubuses with the male parts knelt down at my body, and she began to cut open her testicle sack with her red fingernail. She slit it all the way across, and four of her big testicle balls fell out and bounced onto the floor. Her sack bled, and her balls were lime color, soft, and shiny. She placed one of the balls into my mouth, and then placed both of her hands on my jaw. Very quickly, she shut my jaw and my teeth smashed right through the ball, causing it to explode while the green juice inside of it splashed all over my mouth. She picked up the other two balls and squeezed them as well, causing them to explode with green juice that sprayed all over us like new year's confetti. The last testicle ball rolled away in the distance.

They walked off into the dungeon and disappeared into the dark with their plump asses shifting left and right, and their long dicks dangling below. My sister and I lied motionless on the ground; she was dead with torn clothes; and I was in KO status. She had blood flowing from her chest through the cracks, and I was filled with hot green unholy juice. It looked like it was curtains for us, and we now only had about 24 hours to get revived, or our bodies would turn into crystals.




-> YES



Chapter II: Friend’s Help

She yawned and rubbed her eyes after a long nap. “Wow that was a good rest for me. Hopefully now with my energy restored, I can get this stupid cork off.”

After rubbing, she gazed behind the glass and saw our bodies on the ground, then gasped. “Oh my goodness! What happened here!? Did this seriously all happen while I was asleep!?”

“HEY YOU!! WAKE UP!!” She said, pounding on the glass.

“It’s no use, they can’t hear me. I have to get this thing off.” She said, looking at it.

She took several steps back, ran full speed, jumped and performed a somersault several times, and then kicked the cork hard with her feet. It flew off into the air, and landed on the ground.

“Whew, I’m glad that’s over.” She said, after floating upwards and resting her arms on the lid.

She floated in the air towards our bodies, and dug her hand in her satchel. “I only have enough to revive this dude here. He looks stronger than her, so I better use this on him. He’ll know what to do.”

A large amount of powder sprinkled from her hand and onto my body. This sand glowed as it fell towards me, and she flew towards the cave’s entrance. “Good luck, kid.”

My soul re-entered my body, and I slowly began to open my eyes. I saw that my body was floating above the ground, and I wasn’t sure how this happened, but it seemed that I was revived! How did this happen!? Whatever or whoever it was, it was all a stroke of luck. However, all was still not well. I took notice that Dana was still dead, and I ran towards her. She was a total mess with blood covering her white cloak and flowing through the cement cracks, her heart and staff on the ground, and her cold deceased body.

“Oh my goddess, this is bad. I have to get her to Kathia, right away.” I said, kneeling down and hold her in my arms.

I ran fast towards the cave entrance with her body, heart, and all our belongings. Our Chocobos were still asleep, so I woke them up. I lifted her body onto her mount, and tied her down with rope. I got onto my mount, and then we both took off in haste. Our Chocobos squerked as we rode off into the night.

We arrived at Kathia’s house, which was a cabin located far away in the western hemisphere of our continent, and the furthest away from any towns. It was a nice place with a ticking clock, fire burning in the furnace, book shelves, cooking pot, wooden table, chairs, and downstairs basement. It was night time, and crickets were chirping along with wolves howling every now and then. I sat on her cozy chair while Dana lied on the bed still deceased and motionless, and Kathia was sitting down at her table. Kathia was a good friend of ours that was a Black Mage, and was also skilled in white magic and other magic. She would always help us when we were in trouble, and we knew her for many years. She is 37 years old with brunette hair; blue eyes; slender looking; Caucasian skin; has plump size C breasts; and occasionally wears a black robe.

Kathia leaned her arm on the table. “So um, tell me, how did this happen?”

“We were attacked by a group of succubuses, and they killed both of us.” I said.

“Why is it that you’re still alive, but she isn’t?”

“I have absolutely no idea, but someone in the cave must have used a revival spell or a Phoenix Down on me. Perhaps they didn’t have enough to revive her as well?”

“Sounds to me like someone dropped an item in the cave, and it used itself on you.”

“How can an item use itself on me? Come on……..”

Kathia smiled. “There are some that can actually, they didn’t teach you that in magic school, eh?”

I smiled back. “Guess I missed that part somehow.”

Kathia began to go through her books on the shelf. “Those damn succubuses are a nuisance in this region. The government is supposedly trying to raise funds to get these things under control, but who knows. Sometimes I think they’re too stingy to take care of these types of situations.”

I slouched back in the chair. “Yeah, I know. There is suspicion that they are camping in groups near caves to gang up on low level adventurers.”

“Did you see that incident on the news about the family that was attacked at Helga?”

“The one with general Gustard? That guy is cool. I love his gold armor, and his fire sword.”

“Yeah. A swarm of them attacked him and his men, a few were injured, and two killed. These were red succubuses, and they’re way more nasty than the blue ones.”

“How are they worse?”

“They’re more powerful, they fly and shoot fire. They also do sexual acts to you that are way more bizarre than the blue ones.”


Kathia briefly stopped what she was doing for a moment, and turned her head at me. “Come on, you want me to actually explain what they do!?”

“Well….yeah, I’m just curious……that’s all.”

“Do you like your guts being torn out of your stomach and then watch them get shoved inside several vaginas? How about a dick so long that it rips through your ass, into your body, and comes right out of your mouth? You know the part in your rectum that turns food into waste? Yeah, they rip all through your colon and into your stomach. You die of internal bleeding, and the pain is the worse in the world.”

My eyes widened large and round like crystal balls. “Holy motherfucking shit-fire!! That’s scary!!!”

“Yeah, Zorn is one sick bastard, and we’ll all be glad when he’s gone. Don’t worry; you’re not a high enough level to fight them. If the blue ones got you, you won’t be able to tackle them.” She said, looking back at her books.

I continued to rest on the warm soft chair while Kathia continued to go search for a cure. She sat down at her table, and began opening a book and going through it. I closed my eyes and kicked my feet up on the cushion while my sister continued to lie on the bed. Kathia took a cloth off her crystal ball, and began speaking to a male warlock. I eventually dozed off into sleep.

I awoke later, and I turned to see that Kathia was reading a book.

“Alright, I found a cure.” She said, standing up.

“Alright, what do we have to do?”

She walked slowly towards the window, and looked out. We both could see that the sky was getting less dark.

“…….There is one way to save your sister, and there’s only so much time…..” She sighed. “Let me ask you this…..are you willing to do anything to save your sister?”

“Yes! Of course! I love her very much!” I said, watching Kathia at the window.

“……And……is your love going to extend to that point?”

“What is going on here? What did you find!?”

Kathia slowly walked over towards me in the middle of the room where her wooden table and bench were.

“There is only one cure that exists for heart-rip because it's decapitation, and regular reviving items only work on KO’s. It is…….” A moment passed, and she glanced towards the ground. “Penetration.”

“…….What?..........What the hell kind of sick cure is that?”

“Don’t ask me, I’m not the one that invented the cures for these injuries. Go ask Cid, AKA ‘Mr. Zoink;’ he’s a complete nutcase for his discoveries and inventions.”

“So you mean to tell me the cure is that some dude has to bang her dead corpse?”

“Yes. How it works is that the love and energy flows through the bodies and spirits, allowing the heart to pump again. This energy is formed from the Mana within every living thing that is born in this world. This spell works with the Mana within you.”

“Hmmm, that’s interesting, but a little messed up. We need to go get someone.”

“We are out here in the middle of nowhere, and neither of your Chocobos or any Airship will get us someone back in time. Her body will become a crystal before you are able to arrive back.”

“Is there a teleportation spell?”

She chuckled. “Are you kidding me? We are in the Dark Ages, you think we have discovered that yet? Try waiting a few hundred years.”

“Yeah, we have the technology to build ships that fly, but not the resources for a mythological spell.”

“Airships are powered by Mana and fuel, which was not that complicated to figure out from the start. Spells require a lot of science, crafting, testing, writing, practicing, and research. This is because the spells have to sync with the inner Manas, which were created by the goddesses of this planet.”

“Well, what do we do then?”

“You’re the only male that’s close enough. You have to do it.”

My mouth dropped open, and I looked at Kathia in shock and disbelief.

“………Wait…….wait………wait a second. Are you saying that I need to sleep with my own sister!?”

“Yes. If you love her as much as you said you did, you will need to do this to save her.”

“Are you absolutely INSANE!? You want me to commit the act of necrophilia AND incest!? Are you kidding me!?”

“You IDIOT!!” She said, slamming her fist on the table. “THIS is your sister, and she’s counting on you to save her! If you are a real man, you would save her regardless of how ‘gross’ you think It is.”

“That’s not just it. Do you realize that something like this is heavily frowned upon in our land? Hell, they’d send me to the guillotine! Plus, this is just wrong in general.”

“Do you think I love communicating to those damn arrogant guards!? I don’t give two shits about them; and they are corrupt with the entire fucking government system. Also, who are you to say it’s wrong? Are you the new prophet?

“This just seems so sudden and bizarre………the goddesses… parents…..”

“Put all that stuff behind you for now. If you don’t do this, you will not have a sister when the sun breaks. You want to be a true brother to her? Then do it!”

I looked at my sister that was still lying on the bed with dried blood on her white cloak, and her eyes silently closed. Memories began to run through my mind of our relationship. I had a memory of us at the park of me pushing her down a log slide, and then another memory of us at a festival where I bought her an ice cream cone.

I clenched my fist, and then looked at Kathia. “Alright, I’ll do it.”

She smiled. “Good, I’m glad that you made that decision. I’m sorry I’ve been harsh with you, but I’m all for family looking out for each other.”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s fine.”

“Here, look, I will watch you guys to make sure that nothing backfires.”

“Ok, thanks.”

I began taking my armor off, dropping my sword, shield, and everything else onto the floor. I was now standing in my underwear, and then I looked at Kathia.

“This is a little embarrassing.” I said.

“It’s ok. I’m like a sister to you; I’m just watching to make sure you’re safe.”

“Ok.” I said, as I slipped my underwear to the floor, revealing my penis and ass in her view. Kathia took off Dana’s cloak, revealing herself in her bra and panties. She took those off as well, and I now was able to see her small B32 sized breasts, and her black hairy cunt. It has been a long time since I’ve seen my sister naked, and this wasn’t the first time. The first time I saw her nude was when she was 13, and I was 18. She was undressing in her room with her door cracked, and I looked inside. Not because I was perverted, it was just that I never saw her nude before, and was just curious. It was a brother-sister thing.

I walked over to Dana’s body, and crawled onto the bed at her feet. I spread her legs apart, and then moved closer to her.

“My penis is still not erected.” I said, looking at Kathia with a slightly sad face.

“Are you kidding me? Come on, you men will chase after anything with two legs.”

Kathia grabbed a book from the table, and then opened it. The title on the cover read Spells and Remedies for Both Genders. She began flipping through the pages.

“So let me ask, have thoughts ever crossed your mind about fucking your own sister? Come on, I know it has. All you men think sexually about every woman you see.” She said, going through the book.

I sat quietly and let her continue speaking. This was because I knew she was just trying to help me get aroused so I could get an erection.

Kathia stopped flipping pages. “No thought has ever crossed you mind? You both were born into this world from your mother’s womb, and your father’s testicles. You were both destined to be together, and she is your soul mate. If you parents didn’t have unprotected sex that night, you wouldn’t be with this woman.”

I suddenly had a flashback after she spoke. It was years ago when I was very young, and I walked past my parent's bedroom. The door was cracked, and both of their bodies were moving in rhythm. My Dad was moving back and forth against my Mom, and her legs were in the air with her soles resting on his shoulders. They were moaning sharply and loudly while the bed frame was smacking against the wall, and the springs were creaking repetitively. I stood there watching with absolutely no clue of why they were doing this. My face was full of wonder and surprise, and the flashback ended.

Suddenly, my dick started to grow. What she was doing was working. She was trying to tap into my sub consciousness to get me aroused enough in order to have sexual intercourse with Dana.

“Do you want to get inside your sister? You both share the same flesh and blood, and she is the female copy of you in younger form.” She said.

My dick began to erect further! It was starting to get stiff!

“Once you penetrate her, you will moan and shoot inside her. Thus, your seed will enter her egg, and you will create more copies of yourself.” She said.

My dick got very hard, and Kathia was almost hypnotizing me with her words. I crawled fast next to Dana, and brought her body on top of mine. The feeling of incest didn’t seem to gross me out for some reason, and I was turning a new leaf. In fact, the thought of incest was starting to turn me on. I was breathing heavily, and I grabbed her ass and positioned my dick behind the crack of her small petite cheeks.

“…..Kathia….get the mirror…..quick. Put it at the foot of the bed.” I said.

Kathia rolled the mirror from the corner of the room and placed it at the foot of the bed. In the mirror, I could now see both of our bodies with her ass, and my dick facing the mirror. I did this because I wanted to help myself get stimulated to the fullest extent. I slowly spread her cheeks apart, revealing her tiny vagina. My dick became even harder when I saw this, so I positioned it at the entrance of her pussy, and continued breathing hard. The head of my dick was slightly tugged against the lips of her vagina, and I was spacing out in disbelief as I saw this. Dana’s cold motionless corpse rested on top of me, and her eyes were totally shut.

“My my…..what a pervert you are. Remember, it’s not incest until you pop that inside!!”

Kathia was definitely toying with me, but in a good way. A small amount of pre-cum began to form at the tip of my dick, and it was as hard as the Excalibur. I couldn’t believe I was doing something this ludicrous. I’ve seen men get their heads sliced off in war; dragons eating people alive; people burned while hung; vampies that walk the night; and zombies that roam the land. I’ve seen so much atrocious things in this country, but I’d never thought I’d see the day where I had to literally fuck my own sister, let alone her corpse.

I gripped her cold lifeless cheeks with both my hands, and Kathia continued smiling. “Ah, you’ve decided to commit the act of incest and necrophilia.” She said, and then came over to the foot of the bed to get closer to the scene.

“Look, it’s going to go in!” Gasped Kathia. “It’s not incest yet!” She said, in a hushed tone.

A tiny moment passed, and silence filled the room while we both stared at all of us in the mirror. The only noise that we could hear was the fire burning in the furnace, my breathing, and the clock ticking.



-> YES



Chapter III: Unspeakable Cure

Still with this silence in the room, I slowly pushed Dana’s ass downwards, and we saw her deceased unused pussy lips split open as the head of my dick slowly entered. I let out a long yell in shock, watching with my eyes widened, and her pussy slowly sliding down my hard dick. “HOLY SHIT!! OH MY GODDESS!!! OH MY GODDESS!!!! OH MY GODDESS!!!” I said.


My dick finally sunk all the way up inside her, and I moaned loud. I gasped and watched the horror within the mirror, and couldn’t believe my dick fully entered my own sister! Waves of pleasure began to shoot through my body after realizing I had actually entered a woman's corpse. Still gripping her ass, I began to penetrate her by pushing my dick inside, then pulling out at a steady pace. We heard a slight gushing noise, and the feeling was very intense. I wanted to see how her tiny tits would feel, so I slid my hands from her ass to her breasts, and grabbed them. I got more stimulated, so my pelvis began to smack against her ass while I saw her cheeks rippling in the mirror.

“Kathia…..I think I’m falling in love with my own sister. What have you done to me? You’re an awful witch for making me fall in love with my sibling.” I panted, with my eyes rolled back.

“Well, that’s a good thing. Maybe now you’ll have to move out of this area to one where incest is legal. Then you can have kids and get married.” She said.

“Oh Dana, you feel so nice and warm inside! Wake up, and be with me forever!”

Kathia raised her hands and arms in the air. “Goddesses, I call upon you. Although these two are siblings, may there be a long and happy life ahead of them. May you give them a beautiful marriage with children, and keep them from society’s harm and negativity. I ask you that you heal Dana, Josh’s sister, so that she can awake and live the life she once did. Breathe your winds into her lungs; let this woman walk the earth again!!”

All of a sudden, a stream of glowing orange sparkles came from the sky and through the window of the cabin. It flowed into the room, and slowly began hovering around both of us in a circular fashion. Our bodies slowly began floating above the bed while Kathia continued to chant words. While this was happening, I was nearing peak climax, and was about to hit an orgasm. With several more pushes, I thrust all the way in my sister and locked this position. I moaned while a gigantic load of cum splashed out of my dick like Leviathan’s tsunami wave. The reason why my semen amount was so large was because I acknowledged that I was not just fucking an ordinary woman, but my sister, and a lifeless corpse. My sperm traveled deep down into her tunnels, and one successfully entered her lifeless egg that was not functioning, because she was still deceased. The glowing sparkles continued floating around us, and then went inside my sister’s body. Her heart began to pump again, and magic filled the air, giving us both a sense of relief and happiness.

“Yeah! Its working!” I said, with a smile.

“Josh, I knew you could do it! I’m glad we saved her!” Said Kathia.

After the last of the sparkles flew inside her, we discontinued floating, and fell onto the bed. Dana slowly opened her eyes, and we stood there in excitement. Her vision was blurry for a moment, and she raised herself off of me, and sat up on the bed.

“Where…..where am I?.....” Said Dana, looking at us confused.

“Dana!! You’re OK!” I said, getting up and hugging her tight.

Dana looked at me. “What just happened to me?”

“You and I were killed by a group of succubuses. Someone in the cave revived me, and I ran here with your body.”

Dana smiled. “WOW, really!? Oh, I’m so glad we’re not dead! I was very scared there for a second!” She said, with worry.

Dana hugged me back, and I rested my head on her shoulder.

“Here, you both need something to cover yourselves. The succubuses took your clothes off when they attacked you.” Said Kathia, winking at me, and handing us some clothes.

We both sat on the couch while Kathia began to cook us some soup. The sun finally rose up above the land, and the birds outside began to chirp. We were very hungry, and both of us sighed and relaxed.

Time passed, and I stood on a hill wearing my paladin armor, and looked down far away into the distance. I could see the castle on the large lake’s horizon, and it was just beautiful as ever. A dragon flew in the distance over the lake, and it flapped its large wings as it passed me on the hill. I opened my satchel and pulled a locket out that had a chain attached to it. I opened it, and looked at the photo of Dana hugging me when she was seven, and I was twelve. We both were smiling in the picture, and a song with a music box melody played called Far away words. A deep sadness filled inside me, and I collapsed on the grass, and on my knees. Tears filled my eyes and they dropped onto the grass, and I sobbed in pain and heartache.

I asked Dana if she would be mine, and she accepted. Birds flew over the hill as I lied on the grass, and the dragon continued circling the lake.




(Hold RESET and press POWER for Hard Mode.)


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