Street Lights - 7 by SJV2012

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Fiction | Gay, School, Teen Male

*Carter's POV

THIS HEADACHE. Damn, I don't even know what time it is! Or.. Where I am for that matter. Who's garage is this? Hm. Look at this sorry ass couch. More importantly, who's cooking bacon and eggs?

Good God, my stomach... and my head.

I get up and get dressed slowly. I don't know why my clothes are all over the place, but they fucking reek of sweat and bad beer. I'm not liking the vibe I'm starting to get from this place. Did something happen here?

I creep out of the garage and into the house. God, it's so cold in here! I don't know who's house this is but.. wait just a gahdamn moment! That red cup sitting on the bookshelf!

Oh fuck! There was a party last night! Link's party! Did we...? Did I...? Oh. My. God. I have to get out of here, pronto!

I start patting myself down looking for my gun, but I can't find it. Damn! I need to find it!

I slip back into the garage and tear the place apart looking for it. Damn. Damn. Damn. I need to find it and get going! I should have never came over here! I can't believe I made Link.... GOD. I'm a fucking monster!

I look in-between the cushions, in the cabinets, in the washing machine and dryer, around the work bench. Damn. No where to be found. I did find my phone though..

I turn my iPhone on and check the time. 11:13 am. Oh and a few missed messages from Avery, my bro from the team. I wonder where he is right now.

I creep out of the garage again and lean on the wall. The house is set up similar to mine so I shouldn't have a hard time trying to navigate without being caught. I mean, I used to be here all of the time way back when I was cool with Link.

On the first floor there's the garage, living room, den, kitchen, bathroom, and a day room. On the second floor there's 3 bedrooms, a master suite, and a bathroom.

Where I'm standing right now, I have a clear shot at the stairs, to the left of the stairs is the living room and to the right is the kitchen. Under the stairs is a door that leads to the day room.

Ok, think Carter. I didn't go into the day room, that's for sure. The first place I went was... his room. I wanted to wait for him and try to talk to him, but the shit was locked.

Next place I went last night was the living room and danced for a little bit with a few random bitches. Then I went to the kitchen, got a cup, went outside and played spin-the-bottle, kissed Link..

Hm. My mind is drawing a blank. The smell of breakfast and the sounds coming from the kitchen is totally throwing me off.

“HAHAHA! Yes! Did you see that big girl bust her behind trying to twerk on Jerome?!”

Woah! Who was that? I look up and there's two shadows coming down the stairs.

Shit. Think. Shit. Think. Shit. Think. GET IN THE CLOSET!

I duck into the closet by the kitchen and crack the blinds to see. Fuck it's dark in here.

I can see those pale ass twins coming down the stairs laughing about some lame shit.

- - - - - - -

*Link's POV

“HAHAHA! Yes! Did you see that big girl bust her behind trying to twerk on Jerome?!”, Johnie Mae says to Bobby Mac.

“I knoooww! Jerome just ran like a turkey though the corn from her,” Bobby Mac laughs back.

Here I am cooking breakfast. I have at least 15 eggs and 30 pieces of bacon going here, along with two dozens of biscuits in the oven. I turn around and see them come into the kitchen and sit next to Brad and Stacy.

“Where's KyShea,” Bobby Mac asks Brad.

“Went down to the corner store to grab some juice. She needs to hurry the hell up with my Donald Duck,” Brad says, lifting his hands like he was praising the Lord.

“That shit is fucking gross,” I interject. We all get a laugh out of that.

I hand the spatula to Brad and go check on the gazebo kid in the living room. He's still passed out on the couch. I wonder what his name is... he's really cute. I feel like I know him from somewhere.

I finish up the eggs and bacon, and pull the biscuits out of the stove. Brad gets up and starts grabbing plates. We both fix the plates and start serving.

About 10 minutes into the breakfast full of laughs and general conversation, I see someone run past the opening coming into the kitchen to the stairs. I look around at everyone else, who seem to be wrapped up in the conversation. I excuse myself and head to the stairs.

I can hear foot steps on the upper half of the set. I creep my way up there and stand at the beginning of the hall. My door is wide open and so is the bathroom. I start to creep slowly down the hall.

- - - - - -

*Carter's POV

Nobody wants to hear this shit, but that food is smelling good as hell. After a few minutes I crack the closet door open and peak into the kitchen. They're all sitting there eating and talking about bullshit. Except for the black girl, I wonder where she is. Hm.

I decide to check upstairs in the bathroom for my, ahem, “equipment”. I dash past the kitchen and make my way up the stairs. I head down the hall and go into the bathroom. I check through everything. Nothing.

I step out into the hall and look towards the stairs. I see a shadow coming up the stairs. I slide into Link's room and step into his closet. Once again, cracking the blinds.

Crap! I forgot to close the door! Damn this day.

- - - - - - -

*Link's POV

I step into the bathroom, not seeing anyone. Hm. Weird.

I walk into my room and sense that there's someone in here. I check under the bed but no one is under there. I check under my desk but still no one. This is creeping me out.

Maybe there's no one here and I'm just being a paranoid bitch.

- - - - - - - -

Carter's POV

I can see Link sit down on his bed and cradle his head in his hands. He looks so lost. I want to hug him so bad.

What the fuck am I saying?? Fuck that dork ass cock-sucker.


OH HELL MY PHONE! I'm going to kill whoever is calling me!




Found it!! I hit the home button and –

- - - - - - - - - -

*Link's POV

I snatch the closet door open and find Carter, who looks like a deer caught in headlights. I immediately grab his arm and drag him out of the closet. He's not even fighting back! What the fuck kind of shit is this?

“What the actual fuck are you doing here?” I calmly say to Carter.

“Look.. about last night. I'm so-”, Carter tries to say before I cut him off.

“Shut up. I'm over it. I wasn't down with that shit but now you know what it would be like to be in Brad's place. Asshole,” I say to Carter, who's now looking out of my window at his house.

“I fucked up so bad. I'm so fucked up,” Carter says with a hint of sadness and regret.

That doesn't faze me in the slightest. I'm just curious as to why he's even here.

“Carter, I could care less. You are messed up. You're lucky I just ate, otherwise I'd throw you out that damn window,” I say to Carter. He looks back at me and gets up. He suddenly looks sick.

“Once again, I'm sorry. I'll just go home,” Carter quietly says as he walks past me and down the hall.

I don't say a word. The air is filled with silence.

I walk downstairs and back into the kitchen. Everyone is looking at me. Do I look that guilty?

“Was that Carter that just left though the garage,” Brad asks.

“Yeah... Nothing major. Fuck him,” I say in the most nonchalant tone I can muster.

Everyone takes the hint and goes back to eating. KyShea comes up behind me and hugs me with a jug of juice in one hand. I almost break down in the comfort of her arms. She doesn't know how much I needed that. I look at Brad and he has the most concerned look on his face.

I walk out of the kitchen and sit on the couch by the gazebo kid. As soon I sit down, he starts to wake up. I watch him curiously. Damn, this kid is just fucking... beautiful, even waking up.

“Hmph.. Damn. Where the fuck am I?” He groggily asks me. Damn his morning voice is sexy.

“I'm.. uh.. Link. I had a party last night, you passed out,” I try to remind him.

“Uh huh.. time..?” He asks, still not comprehending much. I look at the time on his watch. His very nice watch.

“Just past noon. Hungry?” I ask, hoping he would stay.

“Nah man. I gotta get home. My coach is going to kill me if I'm not at my house when he gets there later,” he informs me.

“Coach?” I echo back.

“Yeah.. Look, I gotta go. Maybe I'll see you around,” He says in a huff, getting up and smoothing his clothes out. I get up right after he does.

“Maybe?” I echo again. He heads to the door and stops and looks back.

“Link, right? Hm. I know that name from somewhere. Anyways, wicked party bro.” With that he's out of the door, leaving me standing in the middle of the living room. Little do I know Brad is standing there at the kitchen opening, watching the whole scene.

Rating: 75%, Read 5635 times, Posted Nov 04, 2014

Fiction | Gay, School, Teen Male


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