From Sex Deprived to Sex Addicted Pt. 5 by smwriter213

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Saturday mornings were one of the few times where everyone was home in the Morgan household. Danny Morgan shielded his eyes from the blinding sun entering his room through the window. Despite the blinds being pulled down, the light crept through like a fog on a cool morning.

After a night of drinking with his buddies, seeing the morning sun rise after only a few hours of sleep wasn’t the first thing Danny wanted to deal with this morning.

Danny heard no one else up yet in the house. Before he could go back to sleep, he realized how painfully hard his morning erection was. As Danny was sleeping nude, he had easy access to his 9 inch cock, which he began to stroke.

He thought about how close he came to convincing another hot girl at school, Taylor Andersen, to sleep with him earlier that week. Danny wanted another ‘friends with benefits’ situation like he had with Michelle and landing Taylor would be the ultimate coup. Taylor, in addition to her nice 34C breasts, had one of the prettiest faces imaginable. Every time she smiled, her perfect white teeth glistened. Her eyes radiated peace and understanding.

Danny wasn’t usually one to fall for such things but he was really turned on by her beauty. He wondered what it would be like to fuck her. He imagined slobbering all over her boobs, eating her out until she screamed his name, and eventually plowing her with his big dick.

Danny’s breathing became more ragged as he was closer to cumming. He pumped his dick faster from the very base of his cock, over his circumcision scar, and to his head. He focused more on the head as he kept stroking and felt the urge to cum, when suddenly the door opened.

Danny threw the covers over himself and quickly removed his hand from his penis as his little sister, Leslie, walked in. Leslie was only 9 years old but was growing up fast for her age and was one of the taller girls in her class.

“Danny, are you awake?” she asked.

“Yeah what do you want?” Danny asked. The frustration in his voice was from being stopped just before his orgasm.

“Mommy’s sleeping on the couch and won’t wake up and I’m hungry. Can you make me breakfast?”

His damn mother. She couldn’t even pass out in her own bed. She had to do it right out in the open where his innocent sister thought she was sleeping but was actually dazed in a drug induced stupor.

“Yeah hold on, give me a minute to wake up,” Danny said.

Frustrated, Danny arose from his bed, put on some underwear and basketball shorts, and walked out into the kitchen to make Leslie some cereal. Why she couldn’t do this for herself was beyond him but he wanted to do something nice for her.

“What kind do you want?” Danny asked.

“Hmm,” Leslie pondered. “I’ll go with Captain Crunch.”

Danny gathered the cereal, poured some in a bowl along with some milk, and set it before Leslie so she could eat.

“Thanks, brother,” she said.

“No problem.”

Danny didn’t bother with cereal. It would ruin his impressive physique if he ate too many carbs. He decided he would make an egg white omelet with spinach and tomatoes. As he prepared his meal, his father Steve entered the room.

“What are you making?”

“Just an omelet,” Danny said. “Mom passed out again, so I had to make Leslie breakfast.”

“You shut up about your mother,” Steve yelled. “Maybe if you treated her with more respect, she’d offer to do more for you spoiled brats. That goes for the both of you.”

Danny wanted to explode. He couldn’t perceive how his father could look past his mother’s drug abuse and think it was a normal thing to do for suburban house mothers. Instead, he wanted to show his sister he could be the bigger man and not respond to his father’s insults as he took his now finished omelet out of the skillet and onto a plate for eating.

Danny went to gather a fork out of one of the drawers. Before he could find one, his father snatched the plate and started eating Danny’s just cooked breakfast.

“Oops, were you going to eat that?” Steve asked.

Danny looked at him in disgust. He knew he could kick his father’s ass and he felt like it most days.

“Fuck you,” Danny said before heading out the door. He had to clear his head before he cleaned his old man’s clock.

Lizzy Watkins was out for her morning run, trying to make the most of the day ahead. It had been an unusual week for her. From randomly hooking up with Nick Jameson in the back of his car, to having a sexual encounter with another boy behind the bleachers at the football game last night, Lizzy was enjoying the freedom that came from not having a boyfriend.

Running also gave her a sense of freedom. Her own two legs could take her anywhere she wanted to go. As she rounded the block, she spotted a familiar figure running across the street and instantly recognized the muscular boy as Danny Morgan.

“Danny!” Lizzy called, hoping to catch his attention. After continuing his run for a few seconds, he looked up, saw her, and jogged towards her.

“Hey, Lizzy. What’s up?”

“I’m just up and at ‘em for my morning run. I didn’t know you ran on Saturday mornings too?”

Danny laughed, “Yeah I just got the urge all of a sudden. It helps when your dad is a total prick.”

“Oh no. What happened?”

“The fucker took my omelet from me after I slaved over the stove for so long,” Danny joked.

“Wow, what an ass. I’m sure you could take him out if you wanted to. I wouldn’t put up with that shit.”

“Yeah I would’ve but I’ve got to set a good example for my little sister. She doesn’t know about my parents’ problems and I’d like to keep it that way for now.”

“Aww, how sweet,” Lizzy said. “I bet you’re hungry then, huh?”

“Yeah a little bit.”

“Well, I’ve worked up a bit of an appetite after my run. If you had a shirt on, we could head to McDonald’s. In the meantime, I think I’ve got something else you can munch on,” Lizzy teased.

“Oh yeah?” Danny asked.

“Mhhmm. I think you’ll like this little tasty treat.”

Lizzy continued, “See that stretch of woods between those houses? My brothers used to play hide and seek in there with their friends. Let’s go in and have some fun. I’ve really missed your big cock,” Lizzy said.

She whispered the last line into Danny’s ear while grabbing his cock through the front of his shorts.

She really missed the feeling of his dick. Each boy’s cock felt incredibly different and unique to her. Nick’s uncircumcised penis glided in and out of her with ease and was nothing but smooth sailing all the way through.

The other three boys she had slept with were rougher but mostly in a good way. Mitch, her longtime boyfriend, was too gentle for her tastes but his large mushroom head hit the spot at the right time more often than not. And Danny was just so large that he threatened to reach her cervix each time he thrust deep inside of her. She was determined to experience that feeling again.

After a rough start to his morning, Danny was about to experience relief of a different kind. His thoughts were no longer on his terrible parents and how he longed to kick his father’s ass one day and check his mother into a rehab facility. After Lizzy grabbed his cock through his shorts, he wanted to make this the best fuck of his young life.

All he wanted was to feel a real connection with someone. He had his friends, particularly Nick, who stuck by him through thick and thin, but that was a different form of connection. Last week, Lizzy was a one-night stand. Today, who knew what might develop?

Briefly, he saw his friend Mitch’s angered face in his mind; how disappointed he was when he heard Danny and Nick had sex with Lizzy. They had put that episode behind them and moved forward with their friendship. What would Mitch think if he knew Danny and Lizzy hooked up again?

Fuck it, it didn’t matter. Nick got to have sex with Lizzy again, so why couldn’t he? She was the hottest girl he’d ever been with and he knew she was obsessed with his big dick, which he was ever grateful for.

He recalled his first time grinding with a girl at a house party. He was probably 14 years old. The feeling of his young dick rubbing up against another girl’s ass was unlike anything he had experienced at the time. It wasn’t just the physical pleasure of the contact between dick and ass, but he also felt a real sense of connection; a feeling of calm and belonging running through his body. Perhaps it was just oxytocin working its’ magic.

He enjoyed that feeling. Through all of his sexual conquests, he hadn’t been able to replicate that feeling of connectedness; sharing pleasure with someone and completely melting into them.

On the outside, people only saw the tough guy who didn’t take anything too seriously. Inside Danny’s mind, he was suspended in mid-air, reaching his hand for anything that would save him from the inevitable fall to his death.

He knew the opportunity just ahead of him with Lizzy was another chance to grab the hand to lead him to safety. Maybe this would be different from all the times before.

Lizzy entered the small growth of trees resembling woods and was amazed at how many things had changed in the past week. She went from a long-term relationship to initiating sex with 3 new boys. Lizzy didn’t know of any other girls who initiated sex. That was usually the boy’s job, yet she really enjoyed taking control of the situation. No one would say no to her given her good looks. She liked hearing ‘yes’.

Her pussy started leaking juices anticipating what was to come. After her last post-run rendezvous with Nick, Lizzy made sure to wear panties on her runs from now on. She didn’t want anyone to notice cum running down her legs as evidence of her sexual endeavors.

Lizzy spotted an abandoned tree house 10 yards ahead and walked towards it with Danny in tow. Lizzy wanted Danny to make the first move and be rough with her. She rubbed her hand down the front of his smooth chest, running her fingers through the grooves of his abs.

Reciprocating her touch, Danny placed both of his hands across Lizzy’s stomach as he started to kiss her. Lizzy nearly backed away upon getting a whiff of Danny’s morning breath. Did he not brush his teeth in the morning?

Still, she continued the kiss and snaked her hand from his rock hard stomach inside the waistband of his basketball shorts. Rubbing the front of his underwear-clad bulge, Lizzy sensed she was in control. This is not what she wanted. She wanted to be ravaged; taken like a slave being whipped by her master. She had to get Danny to be more assertive and eventually fuck her hard with his long dick.

So she slapped him. Danny was startled at the behavior.

“What the hell?” Danny asked.

“I want you to treat me rough. I want you to strangle me, pull my hair, saw through me like a logger in a forest.”

She saw Danny’s eyes grow wide at this prospect and she imagined the gears turning in his head, debating how rough he should take her.

Danny should have known that Lizzy just wanted a rough fuck. This is what he told Mitch when he expressed his desire to re-enter a relationship with Lizzy. If she wanted it rough, he would have to make it rough. So rough that he wouldn’t be able to stop once it got borderline S&M.

“Take your fucking shirt off,” he said.

“Oh, dirty talk, huh?” Lizzy stripped off her tank top and then unclasped her bra, letting both items of clothing fall to the earth below her feet.

“Yeah bitch, show me those titties.”

Danny, already shirtless, dropped his shorts and stepped out of them. The couple were standing in only their underwear. Danny wore his tight royal blue boxer briefs, Lizzy donned a pair of pink booty shorts with sexy white lace at the bottom of the legs, Danny grabbed Lizzy’s face and began to make out with her.

He then cupped his hand and started rubbing her pussy lips through her panties. Lizzy moaned with pleasure. Danny wanted to please her more, so he slipped both his second and middle fingers inside her panties, entering her sopping wet pussy.

Danny absolutely loved the warmth and wetness surrounding his fingers. He couldn’t wait to slip his giant dick inside this same hole in a few minutes.

“Oh yeah, that’s it,” Lizzy moaned. “Stick another one in me!”

Danny then added his ring finger inside of her, bringing 3 fingers in total inside of her. Her vagina kept a tight grip on them and he hoped she wouldn’t ask for another one. She was too tight for that.

Danny lowered Lizzy’s panties to the ground and allowed her to step out of them, allowing him to have easier access to her goods. While he fingered her pussy with one hand, he used the other hand to grab her soft yet firm ass.

As he did this, Lizzy continued massaging the front of Danny’s underwear, stroking his fully hard penis.

“Yeah stroke that big fuckin’ dick,” Danny ordered.

Lizzy wanted to do more than stroke Danny’s gargantuan tool. Already overwhelmed by the pleasure she received from Danny’s fingers inside her vagina, Lizzy’s hands trembled in excitement as she rubbed his cock and balls through the fabric of his boxer briefs.

It was time for Lizzy to return the favor and give Danny pleasure. She yanked his underwear down, got on her knees, and wrapped her lips around his penis.

“Damn, that’s good,” Danny moaned.

Lizzy wanted to make Danny squirm as she licked his head like an ice cream cone. She alternated between this and using her mouth like a vortex vacuum to suck as much of his 9 inches as she could. She couldn’t quite fit it all but she loved every inch that she could reach.

Lizzy looked up at Danny. She could tell her cock-sucking skills had him on cloud nine.

“Keep sucking it, you fucking slut. Take it all down your throat!”

Lizzy decided this was an opportunity to play along. She pulled her mouth off of Danny’s cock, much to his dismay.

“I can’t take it all, daddy. Does that make me a bad little girl? Maybe you should punish me,” Lizzy teased.

“Oh I’m going to punish you alright. How about a pistol whipping?”

Before she knew it, Lizzy felt something hit her right in the face at the lower part of her forehead. She soon realized what Danny meant by “pistol-whipping”. He was slapping her face with his thick meat.

“Yeah how do you like that? You like my big fucking dick slapping you in the face?”

“It hurts. Stop it,” Lizzy said seductively.

“Too fucking bad. Now bend the fuck over so I can teach you a real lesson.”

“Do I have to, sir? I promise I won’t be bad again.”

“On your fucking knees!”

“Alright, I guess.”

Lizzy spun around so her ass was facing Danny. She felt his rough hands grab her ass and squeeze it for a bit before he began sliding his penis up and down against her pussy lips. She’d done her job in reeling him in. She was going to get the fuck of her young life.

If Lizzy wanted it rough, Danny was going to give it to her rough. Lining up his cock with her pussy, he tried to shove the entire length of his penis inside her in an instant, causing her to wail in pain.

He didn’t know if she was really hurt or not so he made short, quick thrusts, leaving most of his penis in with the down thrust so she could get more comfortable with the sensation. After her wails turned to moans, he was back to fucking her hard.

“Yeah take that fucking dick. You like my big cock inside of you, don’t you?”

“Oh yeah, fill me up baby!”

Danny spanked her ass hard, eliciting a higher pitched moan from Lizzy. He enjoyed her reaction, so he spanked her again.

“You like it this rough? I’m gonna grab your hair and pull it right off your fucking head.”

“Not my hair. Don’t pull my beautiful hair!”

Danny grabbed Lizzy’s long blonde locks and pulled her hair towards him. With his other hand, he pulled his dick out and started slapping it against her ass. After a few minutes of this, it was time to switch positions.

“Now I want you to ride my big dick,” Danny said.

Lizzy lined up Danny’s fuck stick with her entrance and started riding him. She bounced on top of him like a bull rider holding on for dear life, hoping not to be bucked off.

Normally, Danny’s hands would be either on the girl’s hips, fingering her clit, or massaging her breasts when having sex. This time however, he used his long reach to grab Lizzy’s throat to choke her.

The look, not to mention the color of Lizzy’s face, changed instantly. Her cheeks turned from a glowing red to pale white in a matter of seconds. He wasn’t choking her too hard and she was still breathing but he removed his hands to prevent himself from going too far.

“Oh no you don’t, master. Keep punishing me. Choke me some more.”

Danny figured he could choke her better while fucking missionary. After switching positions, the two teens immediately went back to fucking. Missionary was the position he finished in during his last sex with Lizzy. It was his Kryptonite.

Most people thought of missionary as boring and bland but it’s a sexual staple, a building block of a good foundation of sex. It was also the closest to love that Danny felt when having sex with a girl. Not just physically, but emotionally. It was the connection he craved in all other areas of life.

As he stared into Lizzy’s eyes with his hands clasped around her throat, not only did he admire her amazing physical features such as her bouncing breasts, but he loved the way she made him feel in that moment.

“Fuck me harder!” Lizzy yelled.

Her commands broke his train of thought. He couldn’t afford to make slow love to her. He had to fuck her as hard as he could.

Slap, slap, slap went the sound of his balls up against her pussy. His balls were really full as it had been a few days since Danny last came after having sex with Michelle, which was part of the reason why he was so eager to jerk off this morning and so disappointed that he couldn’t cum.

He felt the cum boiling inside his balls and making the slow path up his shaft. Danny reached down to kiss Lizzy, determined to feel whatever real passion was there as he shot his love juice inside of her.

Their moans echoed in their mouths as they kissed, with Danny feeling absolute ecstasy as his cum fired like a cannon out of his penis, painting Lizzy’s insides white.

“Yeah, cum in me,” Lizzy said softly when she broke free from the kiss.

Danny kept shooting as Lizzy looked lovingly into his eyes. He was on his eighth cum shot. Nine, ten, eleven, and twelve would follow. He wanted to stay in this moment forever, his penis pulsating inside of Lizzy’s vagina.

While the moment couldn’t last, he noticed the look on Lizzy’s face changed. What was before a look of lust and burning desire was now a different look, a look Danny hasn’t seen before.

Was it by chance, love?

Nick Jameson’s Saturday was shaping up to be quite different from other Saturdays. Instead of lounging around the house playing video games or goofing off with his friends, Nick was being dragged to the mall by his mother, Roberta. The homecoming dance was happening next weekend and whenever there was a fancy school function, Nick’s mom had to make sure her baby boy had something flashy to wear.

“C’mon, Nick, we’re going to pick out something really nice for you. You want to look good for this girl you’re taking, don’t you?” Roberta asked. “What’s her name again?”

“It’s Stacy, mom,” Nick said. “And why can’t I just wear something I already have or one of Robert’s old suits? It’s not like prom where I have to wear a tux”

“Well, Stacy is going to be one lucky girl by the time we finish. The longer you complain, the longer it’ll be.”

Nick and his mother piled in the car for their journey to the mall. The mall wasn't Nick's favorite place as it brought back many memories of his mom embarrassing him by making him try on every piece of clothing known to man. She would always check in on him in the dressing room to make sure everything fit alright. Nick felt he was too old for his mother to accompany him on these trips but she had the money after all. So he reluctantly allowed her to take him.

As the two began their drive, Nick thought back to what occurred over the previous three days. His last sexual encounter with the hooker, Cookie, was his last. He didn't have too much time to seek more sex to fuel his growing lust due to some unfortunate circumstances. After starting with using a condom with Cookie, he just had to take it off to feel some pleasure to get the most out of his $200 expense.

Nick was starting to regret that choice as he might have contracted something. He noticed a burning sensation most times when using the bathroom over the past few days but hoped it would go away. He originally wanted to sneak off to the clinic to see if something was wrong before his mother suggested the shopping trip.

He couldn't even masturbate, that's how much it hurt when anything came out of his pee hole. The first time he did it, a mixture of pain and pleasure, but mostly pain, filled his body. This was something he needed to straighten out.

Things with Stacy were going well. She accompanied him to his school's football game last evening and it was the first time his friends met her in person. Needless to say, Nick's friend Trent was especially impressed. When she got up to use the restroom, Trent started in with his usual sexual questions, which just made Nick's eyes roll.

Stacy was absolutely beautiful last night. She wore a simple black t-shirt with her tight light washed blue jeans. Her cute smile was readily on display despite putting up with all sorts of jokes from Nick's friends. Nick grew ever fond of Stacy and could only hope that he could have sex with her soon despite her desire to take things slow.

After the game, they talked in the parking lot for a while and Nick asked her to the homecoming dance the next weekend. She teased him for a while by saying she was busy. Just when Nick thought she was serious, she roared her head in laughter and agreed to go with him. They made out for a while in the parking lot. As soon as Nick's dick was starting to harden, she asked to be taken home, resulting in one of Nick’s greatest bouts of sexual frustration since he lost his virginity.

"What's on your mind, son?" Roberta asked.

"It’s nothing. Just hoping we can find something quick," Nick said.

"Nick, I know you hate shopping, but we're going to find you something really nice. What color is her dress going to be? We have to make sure it matches, but I'm sure we'll find something."

At last the mother-son duo arrived at the mall. Nick glanced around the parking lot, hoping not to run into anyone from school; no one else he knew went shopping with their mother. They walked from the parking lot to the Men's Wearhouse. After he entered the store, Nick ran into someone he actually knew. He wasn't too upset, however, as he saw his friend Danny standing with a sales representative, looking at suits.

"Oh look, Nick, Danny's here," Roberta said.

"Yeah, I see him. It looks like he got to come alone."

"If you're going to be snotty with me, we can drive straight home and I can leave you to pick out your outfit. And you can pay for it," his mother scolded.

The salesman left Danny for a moment to assist other customers. Looking up, Danny spotted Nick and the two greeted each other.

"What's up, bud? Getting a suit for homecoming?" Danny asked.

"Yeah, man. I heard everything's so expensive here so I'm not sure why we started here, but oh well."

"Yeah I'm probably going to another store, I just wanted to check things out here first. Dude, guess what happened today?"

Nick wanted to ask but his mother walked up behind him.

"Hi, Daniel. How are you?" Roberta asked.

"I'm good Mrs. Jameson. How are you doing?"

"Fine, fine. I guess you're the lucky one who doesn't have to suffer your mother going shopping with you. Nick's complained about it the whole time and we've just gotten started."

"Mom, c'mon. Men don't like to shop and I'm no exception," Nick said.

"Well, I'll let you do your thing," said Danny. "I'm probably going to check out another store."

"Ok, take care, Daniel," Roberta said.

Quickly, Nick and his mother were greeted by a sales associate who was eager to win their business. After a few suggestions of suits for Nick to try on and even a fitting, Nick thought he found something he liked. Alas, his mother was not impressed and suggested going to another store in the main part of the mall.

"Don't worry, honey," she said. "I know we'll find you something very nice."

Nick decided to go into the first department store he found upon entering the main corridor entering the mall. He walked in so fast that he didn't even have time to look at which store he entered. It looked like a Macy's he had been to when he traveled to New York as a kid. In fact, the store probably was a Macy's.

Roberta struggled to keep up as her son walked towards the men's formal wear department.

He searched for a while and found a few off the rack suits and a dress shirt that he wanted to try on, relying on the measurements taken at the Men's Wearhouse to find something of the appropriate size. His mother agreed to leave him for a few minutes to try everything on before she checked up on him. She went to look for some shoes for herself.

As Nick entered the dressing room, he saw a beautiful girl in a short floral patterned dress. The base color of the dress was white and the flowers were in various shades of orange, yellow, and purple. It looked like something straight off of a Hawaiian island, Nick thought. She was a little taller for a woman, standing around 5'10'' and blonde. Score! It looked like she was waiting for someone outside of the dressing room.

"All full?" Nick asked.

"No, I'm just waiting for my sister. She takes forever," the girl said. "I think that one there is open," she said.

"Thanks," Nick responded.

He couldn't help but feel captivated by the sheer beauty of the girl who stood before him. He suddenly felt that burning desire in the pit of his stomach again, much like he felt before he coerced Stacy to fuck him, the desire he felt when he ripped the condom off to increase his pleasure with the hooker.

The girl looked at Nick strangely before asking, "What are you looking at?"

Maybe he stared too creepily. Before he chickened out and hid in the stall, Nick found himself speaking.

"Sorry," he stammered. "I just can't help but notice how beautiful you are. I know how that sounds coming from a stranger but it's true."

"Look, I've heard that line many times before," she said. "If you just want to fuck me, then say so. I'm a bit of an exhibitionist, so I won't mind."

Nick hardly believed it. Here he was again, lucky enough to have a random girl be interested in him. It was a dream come true that these situations seemed to fall into place for him.

"Yeah, I'd like that. I've never done it in a mall before," Nick said.

"Oh, I do this all the time," the girl teased. "I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun. Let's go."

Nick and the blonde made their way into the nearest changing stall. Nick hoped his mother took a while to pick out her shoes. He didn't want to let the girl know that his mom would be checking on him, so he played it cool as he threw his clothes to try on in a heap on the bench in the changing room.

"How do you want it?" Nick asked.

"Doggie," the girl said. "I like to be used."

"What's your name by the way?"

"Don't worry about my name, you're already going to fuck me, does anything else matter?"

Nick thought not. The girl bent over and placed her hands on the bench as Nick lifted her dress up, revealing a red thong. The back barely covered her puckered asshole. Nick teased her pussy lips with his fingers before he unbuckled his jeans belt and pulled his jeans and underwear down and lined up his rock hard dick with her tight vagina.

"Oh fuck, you're big," the girl said, as she looked back at him.

"Damn, your pussy's tight," Nick said in response.

"You think that's tight. Just wait til you see this."

The girl flexed her vaginal muscles against Nick's dick, nearly squeezing the circulation out of his penis. It was the tightest thing he had ever felt.

"Damn, how do you do that?"

"Don't worry about it, boy, just fuck me."

Nick placed his hand on the girl's ass while he fucked her from behind. The sensation of her pussy walls as they squeezed against his cock caused his head to spin. He tried to stifle his moans as well as the girl stifled hers so that other patrons of the store didn't hear their fucking.

"Nick, is everything alright in there?"

Crap. It was his mother.

"Yeah, everything's fine. Just making sure these pants fit."

"Ok, son. I ran into Gloria in the shoe department so I'll chat with her for a bit. Just wanted you to know where I'll be."


Before he lost his boner, Nick resumed the fucking as soon as he heard his mother walk away.

"Did you come with your fucking mother?" Hot Girl asked.

"Yeah I didn't want her to but she's got the money," Nick said.

"Ugh, I have no idea why I'm fucking you. Just hurry up and finish."

This girl clearly had an attitude problem. Nick almost wanted to "punish" her for treating him this way. A sick thought entered his mind when he remembered his run in with Cookie a few days ago.

There was a real possibility that he contracted chlamydia that he needed to get cleared up at a clinic. He would give this complaining bitch a sexually transmitted souvenir.

The thought fueled his lust as he thrust his hips harder than a Kentucky thoroughbred kicking up dirt in a horse race. The tough-minded girl was slightly moaning as Nick’s cock stabbed her insides.

“You’re a pretty good fuck, after all,” the girl said.

Danny thought he heard something strange in one of the changing stalls nearby the one he was in. He almost thought he heard the unmistakable sounds of sex. It sounded like balls slapping against a girls ass and even some faint moaning from both the girl and the guy.

“You’re a pretty good fuck, after all,” he heard the girl say.

The guy responded, “Yeah take my dick.”

The male voice sounded familiar but Danny couldn’t put his finger on where he had heard it. At this point, Danny was only in his tight blue boxer briefs to try on some dress slacks. He lightly rubbed his growing cock through his underwear as he listened to the act of copulation a few doors down.

He thought of jacking off right then and there. Other than having sex with Lizzy in the woods of a neighborhood earlier that morning, Danny never really performed in public. Fuck it, he thought, as he tugged the waistband of his boxer briefs below cock and just above his balls. He was going to jack off.

“Yeah take my dick,” Nick said as he pounded the girl’s pussy. He smacked her ass just loud enough that it would be unmistakable to hear what was going on if anyone else listened in.

“Shh, we can’t draw attention to ourselves,” she whispered. “You don’t want your mom to hear you having sex do you?”

Nick didn’t care whether anyone heard him. This girl angered him to the point where she wasn’t a human being. She was just a hole for him to fuck.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” Nick said. “Where do you want it?”

“Let me suck you off. I don’t want the mess anywhere else,” she said in the most unattractive way.

She turned around, let her dress fall back down to her knees and put her mouth around Nick’s cock. This would be another first for Nick, cumming in a girl’s mouth.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum! Ahhhhh!” Nick moaned in pain and pleasure as he shot his wad in the girl’s mouth, giving her whatever sexual disease he had picked up in his last encounter. As he finished cumming, he didn’t feel too bad about it.

Danny just started jerking off when the guy in the stall announced he was going to cum.

“Damn, I’m not even close yet,” Danny said to himself.

The boy moaned in pleasure as he was shot his cum, probably in the girl’s mouth, Danny reckoned as he heard her muffled moans.

Danny debated whether he should keep jerking his penis or if he should peer out of the top of the dressing room door to see who the culprits were when they left the dressing room.

Settling on the latter, he pulled up his boxer briefs, allowing a good portion of his erect cock to protrude from the underwear as he waited for the duo to leave the dressing room. Perhaps his earlier hunch would be correct that he knew the voice of the male.

Nick pulled up his underwear and the girl collected herself as the two finished their random sexual rendezvous. Their meeting couldn’t have been more convenient for Nick and their exit was very convenient for the both of them.

“Well, that wasn’t completely terrible,” the girl said. “If you ever see me here again, maybe we can go for round 2.”

“Sounds good,” Nick said, though he never intended to hook up with the girl again.

“I’ll leave first if the coast is clear so not to draw suspicion. You can leave later,” she said.

That sounded good to Nick. He hoped his mother didn’t come back from her visit with her friend to see a girl walking out of the same changing stall he was in.

The girl collected her purse, put the straps over her shoulder and walked out. Nick admired her ass through her dress as she left, still reeling over how lucky he was to hook up with this girl in such a random occurrence.

Nick’s mother still hadn’t returned to check on his progress trying out the new outfit, so Nick decided to quickly try on the suit and dress shirts he picked out without raising too much suspicion.

After a few minutes, Nick tried everything on and was impressed with how good the outfits looked on him. Nick left the dressing room and checked the hallway to ensure no one was around to question the noises emanating from his dressing room stall as he waited for his mother to return.

Danny wasn’t completely shocked when he saw Nick walk out of the dressing room area. He knew the male voice sounded familiar and he laughed to himself as he thought of his friend getting off in a mall dressing room.

The thought aroused and puzzled him slightly. This is behavior his normally reserved and risk-averse friend wouldn’t have engaged in just a few weeks ago but maybe their threesome not only allowed Nick to lose his virginity but also to become more sexually adventurous.

At the same time Danny questioned his friend’s behavior, he fondly remembered their threesome and became hard again. If Nick had in sex in a dressing room, certainly he could finish jacking off.

He quickly jerked his erection, pumping up and down, his mind swimming in fantasy of all of his sexual experiences. He wondered how different sex felt for Nick with a foreskin and he wished for a moment he wasn’t circumcised as he drew as much foreskin remnant as he could over the corona of his glands.

He imagined his head sliding in and out of a thin sheath of warmth, aiding in the lubrication during sex and masturbation. Before he could get his mind back to the sex he had earlier this morning with Lizzy, Danny felt himself cumming.

He groaned as he shot an impressive load on his hard abs. He looked around the dressing room and realized he had nothing to wipe off his cum with. Danny cursed himself and then mopped up his cum with his underwear; having to go commando the rest of the day. He could’ve left them as a memento for the next customer who entered the dressing room but instead he neatly folded them and put them in his back pocket, hoping no one would notice.

After another hour or so of shopping, Nick and his mother began the drive back home.

“Are you happy with what we picked out?” Roberta asked her son.

“Yeah, mom, I think I’ll look good. Thanks for the help.”

“No problem, honey. I just knew we’d find something that’ll fit you nicely. Stacy will be very impressed, I’m sure.”

Silence fell between the mother and son as they continued to drive. Nick began to feel something he hadn’t felt in a while since his sex drive morphed into something uncontainable, guilt.

He knew he shouldn’t have hooked up with that girl in the mall dressing room. He wasn’t sure if he contracted chlamydia or some other STD during his encounter with the hooker but he felt guilty nonetheless. The girl likely contracted whatever he had.

The whole event was risky as his mom could have walked by, asked more questions and found out what he was doing. Instead of something minor such as a burning sensation during urination, he could’ve picked up herpes or AIDS from this hooker by choosing to remove the condom.

Stupid Nick, he thought. He finally put two and two together and realized that his unquenchable thirst for sex was starting to throw his life off balance. He really liked Stacy, and as much as he dreaded having to wait for sex with her again, he saw how his risky behavior could ruin any chance they had for a relationship.

As they crept closer to home, Nick’s heart raced as all of these thoughts went through his head. He needed some help. Perhaps it was time to make another visit to his father.

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