Isabelle Chapter 4 by DJ2448

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True Story | Female, First Time, Male, Romance, School, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity, Young

**Update** I will keep writing this story, but it's getting a little boring for me so it may take longer to write each chapter, however, I will be posting a new story sometime soon and will probably alternate between this story and the other every month or so. Thank you all for the support!

In the weeks that followed that night in my room not much happened. We were definitely changed people (emotionally), but basically it was the same routine that we had: School during the week, with a few make out sessions afterwards, weekends consisted mostly of my mom and dad taking us out to do tourism things with Isabelle, who seemed to enjoy it, so I didn’t mind, and any other free time we had we spent either with each other or with our friends. Mid-terms were coming up soon on March 26th and with them came the saddening realization that our time together was nearing the end. It was the Saturday evening before mid terms and Isabelle and I were laying in my bed, discussing it while my parents were out at some work related thing.

“What are we going to do?” Isabelle asked as tears started forming in her normally beautiful green eyes.

“I don’t know Iz,” I said, holding back the pain.

“I could ask to stay for the summer,” she suggested.

“Your parents won’t let you do that,” I replied.

“Jesus, Lucas, I don’t want to leave you,”

“I know Izzy, I love you more than you could ever know,”

I was sniffling now as Isabelle rested her head on my peck, one arm under my neck and the other wrapped around my body as I ran my fingers through her soft, red hair.

“What about college,” Isabelle said, her head popping up with excitement.

“What about it?” I asked, “We’re only juniors, that’s in another year,”

“Well, a year is better than nothing, and maybe I can come over in the summer,” she said, suddenly becoming cheery.

“Ok, you would have to get into Northwestern with me,” I said, still pessimistic.

“That won’t be a problem! I am a great student, you know this! I can get in to Northwestern with you and until then, we can do visits. We will tell our parents about us and they can help us!”

Isabelle was getting really excited now, and so was I. Her plan seemed like our best option. Since Isabelle had dual citizenship, it would be a lot easier for her to go to college in the states and since I already had a job here (which I worked in the summer), I could start saving up to help her moving expenses as well as her flights during senior year.

“I love you,” I said, smiling at her.

“I love you too,” she replied, looking up at me and kissing my lips.

“What if our parents don’t approve of us dating though?” I asked.

“Lucas, you worry too much,” she said, laying her head back down on my chest.

I could feel small wet spots where her tears had fallen. “We’re going to be fine,” she said. Her english was improving a lot since she had first come, and, to be honest, I kind of missed her old, slightly broken english. She kept her rather thick accent though, which I always thought was cute. I smiled as I grasped her arm, rubbing it gently with my thumb while we laid in my bed, deep in the thoughts of our future. We hadn’t really discussed our future until then, it was always a sort of saddening prospect. Isabelle would have to go back to France eventually. Even for a day, that would be devastating. I don’t think I could handle that, much less an entire year.

“What are you doing?” I asked he as she slowly reached a hand down to my belt.

“Shhh,” she said as my belt buckle opened up.

Isabelle pulled the belt out of the loops and tossed it aside. My excitement grew as her hand slowly reached underneath my jeans. Her hand slowly massaged my growing cock from outside of my underwear, but once I was hard, she went to work. She pulled back and slid her hand underneath my underwear, unbuttoning and unzipping my jeans with the other hand. I moaned softly as her finger tips tickled the head of my cock before she pulled her hand back. Isabelle sat up from my bed, crawling to the end of it where she grabbed onto my pants, puling them down past my ankles.

My boxers were all that remained between my now rock hard length and the outside world, but Isabelle was determined to free me. As she pulled off my boxers, I threw my shirt over my head, tossing it to my belt on the floor. I was now completely naked, my cock sticking straight up into the air. Isabelle quickly disrobed, tossing her clothes aside in a pile with mine. She wore just her cute panties and bra, looking at me with a cute smile. Slowly, she unhooked her bra, bringing it down to her forearms as her tits fell out.

“Je t’aime,” she said, letting her bra fall to the ground before jumping on top of me.

Her body was light and beautiful and her fall was graceful. Time seemed to slow down for us when we were together, every kiss lasting a lifetime. As Isabelle fell into my arms, pressing my cock in-between our bodies, she kissed my lips, hugging her arms around my neck. She moved her head next to mine, smelling my cologne. “Je t’aime,” I said, kissing her cheek. Isabelle started gently grinding on me, sending waves of pleasure through both of our bodies. I liked how at any moment the mood could turn from romantic to sexy and back again. Everything seemed so spontaneous, but so right.

“Take your panties off,” I said as we kissed.

“Do it for me,” she whispered, kissing me again.

I reached down to her ass, pulling her panties down over her ass and thighs. When I got them about half way down, Isabelle did the rest, flinging them to my desk. “Keep them,” she giggled, “You’re going to remember tonight.” I smiled at her, rolling both of us over on my bed so that I was on top, my eager cock pinned between her wet slit and my stomach. “Oh yeah, why’s that?” I said, kissing her again. She gasped as I pressed it down on her clit.

“Baisez-moi,” she moaned, which meant, “Fuck me.”

“What?” I asked.

“Fuck me, Lucas,” she said.

At first, I was surprised, taken back by her request, but she kept forcing her hips up to my hard cock and I knew I had to do something. “Hold on,” I said. I got off of Isabelle and went over to my desk, opening the bottom drawer. When Kristy and I were dating, I had bought a box of condoms, we only used a few, so there was a lot left.

“No,” Isabelle said as I pulled one out.


“I want our first time without it,” she said, “My period ended a couple days ago and I won’t get pregnant if you don’t cum in me.”

I knew that wasn’t entirely true, considering the amount of pre-cum that was already oozing out of me, but I didn’t care. She was right though, I didn’t want to have any barrier between us.

I walked back over to my bed, putting the condoms back in the drawer. Isabelle reached her hands up towards me as I laid down on top of her again, resting my cock over her clit. “Please, put it in,” she begged. I smiled as I reached down to my cock, slipping it back to her entrance, getting the tip wet with her sweet juices. Very gently, I slid it in to her amazingly tight pussy. “Holy shit,” I moaned as Isabelle started wincing in pain. “Ow!” she screamed as I hit her cervix with my cock.

“Shit, sorry,” I said, pulling back out, leaving just the tip in her warm, moist pussy.

“You’re fine, I thought I had trained for this,” she giggled, kissing my lips.

“Trained?” I inquired.

“I popped my ‘cherry’ already so it wouldn’t hurt when we did it,” she said looking deeply into my eyes.

“I won’t go as deep,” I promised, smiling at her.

I started again, going in and out slowly, feeling every inch with my cock, leaving out about 3 inches. Isabelle was still wincing, but soon the pain left and she was just left with pleasure. Her gritted teeth and tensed face relaxed as my thrusts became quicker and more rhythmic. “You can go a little deeper,” she giggled, wrapping her legs around my thighs, brining me closer. I smiled back at her, kissing her. “I don’t want to hurt you,” I said. She giggled as I started thrusting again.

Every tiny ridge and bump in her perfect vagina felt amazing as I slid my cock past them. Her tight pussy gripped my cock perfectly, conforming to its shape and size. “Oh, oui,” she moaned. My cock was angled up towards the roof of her pussy and I could feel it rubbing up against her engorged g-spot. The spongey texture felt so amazing, I felt like I could just cum deep inside of her, but I wanted to make her cum first.

“Oh fuck,” I said, as I kept thrusting, going deeper with each thrust.

“J’adore ta bite,” she moaned which meant, “I love your cock,”

I smiled and kissed her lips before resting my head next to hers while we made love. Her breathing was fast and irregular, gasping almost every time the head of my cock pressed up against her g-spot. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum,” I moaned in warning. “Let’s change positions,” Isabelle said, taking her legs off of mine. I pulled out standing at the foot of the bed and the transition from her insanely warm, tight pussy to the cool air nearly made me blow my load.

“What-what shall we do?” Isabelle asked, breathing deeply as she sat up.

“I, um, I don’t know,” I said smiling at her, out of breath myself.

“How about like this?” she suggested, turning over so she was laying on her stomach.

“I’m ok with that,” I smiled, looking down at my glistening, wet cock.

Isabelle put a few pillows underneath her chest to support her back as I kneeled down behind her perfect, round ass. In the position we were in, my cock could rest peacefully in-between her ass cheeks. “Stick it in,” she demanded. I smiled, bending my dick down to her entrance, letting it soak in her juices for a bit before sliding in. “Ohhhh, oui,” Isabelle groaned as I started going in and out again, slowly at first, but soon I couldn’t help it.

My hands grabbed her plushy ass as I rammed her tight pussy. The romance had diminished, but we were too horny to care. I could just faintly hear the bed squeaking over the sounds of our hot moans and sighs. Occasionally, I would hit just the right spot and Isabelle would tense up moaning, “Oh, oui! Comme ça!” which meant “Oh yes, just like that!” I loved it when she moaned to me in French. Soon, I could feel myself getting close to cumming again, but I wanted to fuck her until the last possible second.

“Oui! Oui! Je jouis!” Isabelle screamed as she climaxed, her pussy tightening around my throbbing cock. “Stop, stop!” she begged.

I stopped my thrusts, possibly saving me from cumming inside of her, as she had an intense orgasm, letting out an incredible amount of her sweet juices.

“I love how you throb inside of me,” she moaned after she could speak again.

I started doing smaller thrusts in and out as she shook with pleasure. She was biting one of my pillows, leaving a huge wet mark in the pillow case. “I’m going to have to wash a lot of this tonight,” I thought, regaining my speed. Stopping for Isabelle almost completely replenished my stamina, but still, her tight pussy drained it fast.

“Where should I cum?” I asked, getting ready to pull out at any second.

“All over me,” she giggled, quickly returning to her usual, sexy moans.

“How about in your mouth?” I said, wanting her mouth around my cock badly.

“Mm, delicious,” she giggled.

I quickly pulled out of her, letting my cock hit my stomach as it bounced back. Isabelle flipped around and I crawled up to her so my thighs were underneath her arms as I kneeled over her. She sat up slightly and brought my hard, throbbing cock to her mouth, wrapping it around the sensitive head. Her teeth lightly grazed it, sending wave after wave of pleasure throughout my entire body.

“Oh fuck, here it comes,” I said, pulling my cock out of her perfect mouth.

I rapidly started jerking off to her pretty face, using her spit and pussy juices as lube. My hand glided cleanly up and down my shaft as Isabelle put her mouth back on the head, her hands running up and down my thighs, tickling me. “Fuck!” I moaned beginning to cum as Isabelle took her head off for a breath. “Ah! Pas dans les yeux!” or “Ah! Not in the eyes!” she giggled as ropes of my hot cum shot out of my cock. They landed down, splattering everywhere in her soft hair, all over her forehead, from her cheeks to her mouth.

“Holy shit Izzy,” I moaned, as the last ropes shot out from my cock.

She giggled, taking my cock in her hands and rubbing my length gently. “None of that got into my mouth,” she said, licking the cum from her lips and chin. I smiled at her brightly, running my fingers through the lines of cum on her face bringing them up to her lips. Isabelle greedily licked them up, sucking the cum off of my fingers.

“Do you want to take a shower now?” she asked, looking over at my bathroom as I got off of my bed.

“How about you start it and I will quickly put these in the wash,” I said, taking my sheets off of the bed as Isabelle happily got up and rushed to my shower.

“Bring me my towel!” she said as the water started pouring.

“Will do!” I said as I walked out of my room with my sheets in my hand.

I quickly but them in the washing machine and ran back up to the bathroom down the hall from my room to grab Isabelle’s towel. When I walked back into my bathroom, the shower was already steaming hot. I could just barely make out the silhouette of Isabelle’s slim figure through the fog on the glass door. “I brought it,” I said, setting it down on the towel rack. “Get in, the water is fine!” Isabelle giggled.

I smiled as I slid the glass door open and walking in to the warm shower behind Isabelle. She immediately turned around and kissed my lips having just washed the cum off of her face. “I love you, Lucas,” she said, biting her lip as she grew closer to me. “I love you, Isabelle,” I said, kissing her again. Isabelle hugged me close to her under the warm shower water and I hugged back, kissing her forehead.

“I wish this were a bath,” I said, wanting to lie down with her again.

“I know, I’m warn out.” she giggled, sitting down with her back against the wall, “Sit,” she said, pointing to the other side.

The floor was cold and so was the wall as I sat down, my legs on either side of Isabelle’s. Her feet being so close to my balls and penis made me kind of nervous because of years of terrible nut shots, but I trusted her. “So how much time do we have?” she asked, rubbing her feet along my thighs. “Probably like two hours,” I said, reaching above me and turning the shower down to not waste water. Isabelle smiled, starting to giggle from seemingly nowhere.

“What?” I asked, starting to laugh a little myself.

“We just had sex,” she said, uncontrollably smiling.

“I know,” I said, smiling widely myself.

“That was amazing,” she smiled, getting up and crawling towards me.

Her head rested on my chest with one hand on my stomach and the other underneath the small of my back. She wrapped her one leg around mine, snuggling up to me more. “That was,” I said, kissing her forehead, my cock twitching as it grew slightly. “What’s that?” Isabelle asked innocently, “Are you getting excited?” I smiled, kissing her forehead again as she lowered a hand down to my growing penis.

“I’m excited,” she whispered.

Isabelle started to stroke my growing cock again as my excitement grew. “I want to be on top this time,” she said sensually as she rolled over, her hips on mine. She brought her knees up to my hips, kneeling over my still half flaccid cock. Even though I was still half soft, Isabelle had no problem guiding my length into her amazingly tight pussy, which got me hard almost immediately. “Mm,” she moaned, sliding down my hardening cock. I could tell there was still a little bit of pain for her, but the waves of pleasure going through her body hid it well.

“Oh, fuck,” I moaned as she started her ascension.

“Lucas, you are… You are amazing,” she said, kissing me on the lips.

I wrapped my arms around her back, bringing her closer to me as she slid down my length, kissing me passionately. There really wasn’t any way to express our love for each other. Words fell short, hell, even sex fell short, though it did help. We made sweet love in silence under the pelting shower, letting our emotions run through our lips. Our bodies felt closer than ever as Isabelle was brought to another orgasm.

“I want you to cum in me so badly,” she begged, kissing my neck.

“Isabelle, I can’t, if you get pregnant now it would be devastating to both of our lives,” I said.

“I’ll go get a condom, I just want to feel your heart beat for me through your length while you cum.” She said, “There isn’t anything in the world I want more right now.”

I kissed her before she pulled herself off of my cock, quickly drying off with her towel before running to get a condom. She came back with an opened condom which she gently rolled down my length before climbing on, shivering in pleasure as she reached the base. Her kisses tasted sweet still, even sweeter as she slowly brought me to climax. We both stayed quiet except for the moans and pleasurable noises that involuntarily escaped our locked lips. There definitely wasn’t as much sensation with the condom on, but it still felt amazing.

Isabelle hugged me closely, her hands wandering up and down my back and mine on hers as we kissed. Her hips moved quickly up and down my shaft as I penetrated her deeply. I could feel her juices dripping onto my lap as she drew closer to another orgasm. My hands went from her back to her ass as we both climaxed. Isabelle slammed down, taking in my entire throbbing length as we both orgasmed. No words were spoken, just soft moans and kisses as loads of my cum filled up the condom. I could feel Isabelle’s pussy tighten and constrict around my length as she moaned.

We sat there, breathing heavily for a while after we came, feeling each other’s hearts beat. “I should put the sheets in the dryer,” I finally said, kissing Isabelle’s forehead as we both got up, my cock slipping out from her swollen pussy. “Come back soon,” she said as I tossed the spent condom into the toilet, flushing it down. “Will do,” I said as I quickly dried off, wrapping my towel around my waste. Before I went down stairs, I quickly stuffed her panties from my desk into a drawer, hiding them away.

I quickly took the sheets out of the washing machine and tossed them into the dryer before heading back up the stairs. The clock said 8:51 pm, so I figured we still had a good hour or so before my parents came back home. When I came back into my room Isabelle was sitting on the edge of my bed, playing video games. She had dried off, leaving a towel around her hair. “You didn’t have a hair dryer and I was too lazy to get mine,” she giggled. I smiled, taking off my towel and sitting next to her.

She rested her head on my shoulder while I picked up my controller. For the rest of the hour we had alone we just played video games with each other, fooling around until the dryer was done. I put on clothes just in case and raced down to the washing room, grabbing my clean sheets out of the dryer and running them up to my room just as the garage door opened. “Hi!” my mom said coming into the kitchen as I entered my room. “Hi!” I responded as Isabelle rushed to clothe herself. She helped me put my sheets back on my bed and put the pillows back before walking down to the kitchen to fix herself a quick snack. My room smelled heavily of our sweaty, sticky bodies so I, once again, sprayed my cologne, opening the windows and the vent in my bathroom, which was very steamy.

When I finally had time to rest, around 10:15, I laid back on my bed with a huge smile on my face. While comparing the amazing sex to when Isabelle and I would just hung out was like apples and oranges, I loved them equally as much. Any time I was with her was magical, even when we had to hide what we had. I was so madly in love with ever aspect about her. She was the perfect girl for me and hopefully I was perfect for her. The mere thought of losing her brought up severe anguish. I never wanted to let her go…

Rating: 93%, Read 26512 times, Posted Mar 06, 2015

True Story | Female, First Time, Male, Romance, School, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity, Young


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