My Little Lady in Kansas - 2 by M+Neiman

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The next day I wrapped up early and sent my new friend a text telling her I was heading her way and would be there in 3 to 4 hours. She responded right back telling me she was extra excited and that she was wanting me to help her live out her rape fantasy. Just the thought of it almost gave me a hard on, especially when I realized that I could fulfill several of her other fantasies at the same time. It looked like it would be a good day for the both of us. She added that she had a special surprise for me that she thought we’d both enjoy. When I pressed her about it she maintained that is was a surprise and I’d just have to wait to find out.

As I drove my mind worked thru different scenarios of how this would all play out. Since we hadn’t discussed any details I decided not to pretend to be a stranger (which I really was) and barge in and take her. I figured I see how it flowed and go for it when it felt right. I was definitely planning on taking advantage of her hand cuffs to incapacitate her and there was no way I was not going to enjoy her throat again. I got hard thinking about what was to come. When I stopped for lunch I logged in and changed my flight to late the next day so I could take all the time I wanted to make the most of the opportunity.

As I got closer I popped a little blue pill and sent her a text letting her know I was less than an hour away. Her first response was a row of smiley faces. She then told me she would give me a que when she was ready to start, one that I was certain not to miss. She wanted it rough but no bruising, permanent scars or excessive pain. We agreed on a safe word although I doubted I’d be hearing it. In my final message told her she was going to live out more than just one of her fantasies and asked if she was truly ready for this. My phone pinged with her reply of “Hell YES!!!” followed by a ton of smiley faces. Off to the races I went!

It started to rain and by the time I pulled in front of her house I was in the middle of a severe thunderstorm. I thought how the thunder could add to the atmosphere of the experience. By the time I made it the short distance to her door I was soaked. When I knocked there was no answer leaving me stuck out in the rain, I knocked louder, banged really, and finally she came to the door. As she opened it, in a surprised voice she says “John, what on earth are you doing here?” “Quick, get out of the rain. I thought you were still in Alaska.” I figured this was part of her game and was just going to play along with it. Next thing I know she calls out “Cindy, come out here and meet my surprise visitor.” Out of the bedroom steps a girl no older than 16. “Meet my granddaughter Cindy. Cindy, this is my friend John.” She turned to me and with her back to the girl gave me a big smile and mouthed the word Surprise. Boy was I, and very pleasantly so.

Like her grandmother Cindy was a fair skinned petite redhead. No taller than 4’10 and looked to be about 80 pounds. She was wearing short shorts and a halter top that did nothing to hide the fact that she was almost flat chested. It was all I could do to keep from salivating. After a few seconds I regained my composure, introduced myself to Cindy and shook her hand. She seemed to be a bit shy and when grandma commented “how lucky we are to have such a handsome man drop in” Cindy broke eye contact, looked down and nodded in agreement. Her hand still in mine I raised it to my lips, kissed it and said “I am the lucky one to be in the presence of two such lovely ladies.” With that the girl turned beet red let out a quiet “Oh My!”

“You’re soaking wet, we need to get you out of those clothes so I can get them in the dryer.” “Stay there so you don’t get the rest of the carpet wet, I’ll see if I have something for you to change into.” She went into her room and came back out with only a bath towel. “I have no men’s clothing and nothing that will fit you, this will have to do. Just take off your clothes where you are.” “Are you sure you want me to do that right here?” “Yes, Cindy and I will go in the bedroom while you change.”

As I was peeling myself out of my wet clothes I could see that the bedroom door had been left open a crack and two sets of eyes were watching me. Pretending not to notice them, once I was fully naked I turned to give them a good view of my body and my dangling cock. I slowly dried my cock and balls and played with them a little. Between this and thinking of Cindy watching me I couldn’t help but start to get a rise. I stroked my cock and in no time it had fully risen to attention and was pointing directly at the door and my audience behind it. I heard a gasp and a giggle. Cindy and grandma were clearly enjoying the show. When I was dry enough I wrapped the towel around me and called out letting the ladies know I was done.

Grandma scooped up my wet clothes and headed to the laundry room. My cock was still half hard and there was no avoiding the tent it made in the towel. I turned to Cindy to find her eyes locked on to the rise in my groin. “Are you ok?” I asked. She quickly adverted her eyes and simply shook her head yes. Grandma appeared and pretending to be shocked says “Look at you! My god, have you no self-control? In front of Cindy no less! She’s only 14 and has never even seen such a thing before.” I laughed and said “Sorry, it just has a mind of its own. And she has seen such a thing before. I saw the two of you watching me as I changed clothes. That is what got me excited and hard. Isn’t that what you wanted?”

“What? You perv. We, ah, uh…” I cut her off, looked at Cindy and asked her if she liked what she saw. She was to nervous to answer before grandma chimed in that I had a big imagination because they had done no such thing. I stepped up to grandma, put my hand on her little throat and laughed. “I’m not the one living in fantasy land here!” She looked into my eyes with animal lust and gave me small nod that was clearly my cue. I pushed her onto the couch and told Cindy to sit next to her. “Well tell me grandma, did you like what you saw?” Without an answer I turned to Cindy and again asked her if she liked what she saw. “I don’t know” was all she could stutter. “Well, take another look” and I pulled off the towel and tossed it aside. I turned toward grandma and with my cock inches from her face said “Well, do you like it? Or would you like it more if it was fully hard?” “Fuck you perv. Stop this now and put that towel back on or I’ll…” I cut her off and sternly asked, “Or what you old bitch?” and followed it with a crisp slap across her face causing Cindy to let out a fearful gasp.

“I’ll do whatever I want and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it, unless of course you or Cindy here want to get the shit beat out of you!” “Hey Cindy, wanna see how to make a mans cock big and hard?” She looked at my cock then up at me in fear and with a trembling voice said, “Please don’t hurt us. I’m sorry for spying on you. I’ve never seen a cock before and was just curious.” “I guess you’re going to get learn more about cock than you expected.” I stood in front of grandma with my cock just inches from her face and told her “time to show little Cindy here what to do with a cock grandma,” grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face toward my cock. “Grandma knows what to do Cindy, watch and see.” I put the tip to her lips and she opened them and took the first inch of it into her mouth. I heard Cindy let out another gasp. Turning to her she was mesmerized. “You haven’t seen anything yet Cindy.”

Grandma proceeded moving her mouth up and down on my cock, taking it deeper each time. “There ya go! Mmmmmm, that’s how it’s done Cindy. And it feels sooooooo good!” I pushed my cock deeper into her mouth and began to slowly thrust in and out. Not wanting to totally freak Cindy out yet I decided that the real face fucking would wait till later. I let out a laugh when I noticed Cindy’s jaw had dropped open and she was staring wide eyed at my cock going in and out of her grandmother’s mouth. “You wanna try it Cindy?” She turned to look at me and I noticed tears coming to her eyes. “Nooooooo, please don’t make me do that” she pleaded. With my cock in her mouth grandma let out what appeared to be a pleading no as well.

I pulled out of grandma’s mouth and quick positioned my cock to Cindy’s lips. She tried to back away but I grabbed her head forcing her to stay in place. “Open your mouth and taste your first cock you little bitch or things ill only get worse for you and grandma!” Tears started to run down her cheeks and she began to tremble as she opened her mouth and placed her lips around the tip of my cock. “Good girl. Now start to do it like grandma showed you.” She slowly took more into her mouth and proceeded to move up and down on the first inch or two. I told her to take it deeper and she started to work more and more into her mouth. With about 4 inches in she gagged a little. “Don’t stop, you’ll get used to it. Take it as deep as you can.” She worked hard to get a little more in before gagging again and staring to cry.

Grabbing the back of her head I took control and began thrusting in and out of her mouth, pushing it just a bit deeper each time. I gradually picked up my pace and started fucking her sweet little face faster and harder. I was surprised how much of a turn on it was to have her cry while I used her mouth. Finally, with a firm grip on her head I thrust my cock deeper and deeper into her mouth until I was bottoming out in her throat. I glanced over at grandma, she was watching intently clearly turned on and enjoying her fantasy. I pushed down hard, forced all of my cock into Cindy’s throat and held it there for a bit before pulling out of her mouth. I titled her head back, looked into the gasping, crying girls eyes and asked her if she knew what it meant for a man to cum. “I think so” somehow made it out between heaving sobs. “Well, to make sure you do….. when a man cums hot, white sticky liquid shoots out of the tip of his cock. I’m going to cum in your mouth and I want you to swallow all of it, understand?” She shook her head yes.

Grandma yelled out “please don’t make her do that!” I tell her to shut up, slap her across the face and push her into the couch. I turn and slam my cock back into Cindy’s mouth. The sounds of slurping, gagging and crying fill the room as I fuck the hell out of her pretty little face. With each thrust into her throat the sensation in my balls grows stronger and stronger until the time arrives for Cindy to get her first load of cum. I pull out of her throat and explode into her mouth. She struggles at the sensation as my cock continues to shoot stream after stream into her mouth. “Suck it all out!” She is somehow able to dutifully take every drop. When my load is dispensed I leave my cock in her mouth as it starts to soften. When I finally pull it out she breaks down shaking and sobbing heavily. I look over at grandma and tell her “She’s almost as good at sucking cock as you are.”

While I took a minute to recover from my intense orgasm grandma comforted Cindy telling her “It’s ok baby, it’s over.” I laughed and informed them “Like hell it’s over! I’m gonna have a lot more fun.” On hearing that Cindy began to break down and cry again. I told them to get up and into the bedroom. I stood them side by side in front of the bed and stood in front of them. “Take off your clothes. And be quick about it.” Cindy let’s out a pleading “NOoooo” for which I grab her by the throat and tell her to either strip or beaten to within an inch of death. Saying “I’ll help you get started” I grab the sides of her halter and rip it off over her head exposing the prettiest little titties I’ve ever seen. Barely emerging little mounds topped by tiny nipples in the center of dime size areolas. She shudders as I reach out and touch one of her breasts. “Would you look at that grandma. Now both of you, off with the rest of your clothes.”

Grandma is quickly standing before me naked. Her fire red bush stands out against her pale skin. Cindy has her shorts off and is hesitating to get her panties off. I give her a hard slap to the face causing her to let out a cry and ask “You want more? If not you’ve got 10 seconds to be naked.” She peels off her panties and tries to cover her groin with her hands. “Both of you, hands behind your head.” Having their arms in that position pushed their tits up and out. Such a pretty site. I have them move their legs apart exposing a better view and access to their redhaired pussies. Cindy has a small area of fire red hair blossoming between her legs that I look forward to admiring more closely.

I stand in front of grandma and start to rub both of her tits before leaning in to kiss one of her nipples. I then twirl her nipple with my tongue and it almost instantly hardens on my tongue. I continue to suck on her tiny tit before moving to the other then alternating between the two. I slowly run my hand from just under her breast, down her stomach and into her crotch. I place my finger tips on her ass and rub forward across her pussy to her clit and discover the woman is soaked. She’s clearly enjoying her fanstasy. Her breathing starts to get heavy as I both rub her clit and suck on her tit. I step back, raise my wet fingers and comment “looks like you’re enjoying that now doesn’t it? You’re so wet your pussy is begging to get fucked.”

Holding my wet finger for Cindy to see I ask her if she knows why a woman’s pussy would get wet. She shakes her head no. “Have you ever noticed your pussy getting wet?” Again, she shakes her head in the negative. “Do you ever play with your pussy?” She meekishly answers “Noooo.” I put my wet finger to her lips and tell her to suck on it. “Get a taste of grandma’s pussy. Taste good?” She just gives a sort of ‘I don’t know’ shrug. I lean in and whisper in her ear “Soon enough little one, you’ll be tasting a lot more of your grandma’s pussy.” Her eyes open wide and tears stream down her cheeks at the thought of what’s to come.

Remembering the handcuffs I reach into the night stand to get them. First I cuff Cindy’s hands tightly behind her back, then move to the old lady and do the same. I push Cindy onto the bed and position her on her back with her pussy right at the edge of the bed, turn to look at grandma and command her to “get on your knees old lady!” She hesitates so I grab her shoulders and push her down. “Crawl over here and get a close look at this pretty little pussy.” She struggles over until she is positioned between Cindy’s legs with her face about a foot from her pussy. I reach down and push the little one’s legs up and back fully exposing her beautiful little pink pussy. “Isn’t that a pretty little virgin pussy?” “Since I’ll be fucking her before long I think you should kiss her virginity goodbye. What do you think grandma?” She looks at the pink slit before her with a look of awe on her face. “Time to fulfill another fantasy! Kiss it!” She leans in and gently plants a kiss on the little pink clit. “Now lick it bitch!”

Without hesitating she starts to lick her first pussy. Quickly her tongue finds Cindy’s clit and she sucks it between her lips while swirling her tongue around it. Soon, she starts to lick and suck it a bit harder and before you know it she’s almost frantically lapping away turning her fantasy into reality. Whispering in her ear I ask, “Is it as good as you had hoped?” Without missing a beat she answers by nodding her head up and down and changing to an up and down motion with not just her tongue, but her whole head. “Lick her slit and stick your tongue in her whole.” The old woman first starts to lick the length of the girls slit before probing deep into the sweet little virgin channel with her tongue. Reaching down I place my hand between grandma’s legs finding her hot, soaking wet pussy. As I touch her clit she moans in pleasure, buries her head into the girl’s crotch and starts licking ferociously.

One look at Cindy makes it clear she is starting to enjoy herself. With a lustful look in her eyes she is totally focused on the old woman’s head between her legs. I lean forward and whisper into her ear “feels good doesn’t it?” Not wanting to admit it she closes her eyes and turns her head away. I kiss her neck slowly working my way down to her little tits. The first touch of my tongue to her nipple instantly causes her to moan, arch her back and drive her little cunt into grandma’s face. As I continue to suck on her nipples her breathing gets heavier and deeper. Soon she is bucking her hips in rhythm with the motion of the old woman’s mouth and they are both moaning from their lust.

I move down next to grandma, reach in and find her clit. Almost instantly she explodes into an orgasmic frenzy. When she lifts her head from the girl’s crotch to get some air I pull her out of the way and take her place. My lips quickly find the sweet little clit causing Cindy to drive her pussy hard onto my mouth. I’m engulfed with the wetness and sweet aroma of the beautiful virgin pussy about to experience it’s first orgasm. Sliding my finger into her pussy I start to fuck her as my tongue licks and sucks her clit. As I slide my finger deeper into her hole she goes over the cliff, falling hard into her first, massive orgasm. Moaning and bucking her hips her little body shudders over and over as she’s fully engulfed in wave after wave of orgasmic release.

When she can take no more I back away, get on top of her and kiss her deeply on the lips. “Taste your wonderful little pussy you little slut!” I make her lick her juices off my face before looking deep into her eyes. “No way you can deny you loved that is there? You’re just a little lesbian slut aren’t you?” Met with silence I grab her by the throat, push my raging hard cock against her and tell her “answer me!” I’m met with a meek “Yes.” “Yes what? Tell me you’re a little lesbian whore slut!” Still catching her breath, like a good little whore she says, “I’m a lesbian whore slut.” “Good, because soon your lesbian training will continue when you lick grandma’s pussy. But for now, you are mine!” With that I place my cock to her pussy lips and push into her. With about an inch inside her she let’s out a yelp as her tight little pussy is invaded by it’s first cock. I pull back and then thrust into her hard. In one brutal stroke I force my cock fully into her, ripping away her virginity causing her to cry out in pain.

With tears streaming down her cheeks I slowly pull out, leaving only the tip of my cock in before again thrusting hard and deep into her tight pussy. She struggles beneath me as I begin to fuck her hard, deep and fast, bottoming out balls deep with every stroke. Her tight, wet hole starts to give way to the attack from the full length of my cock. Like a raging bull I pound her pussy hard with my raging cock. Soon I notice her crying subside and wetness increase. The little slut can’t help but to begin to enjoy her first fuck no matter how hard and brutal it is. I push her legs up and back placing her knees to her chest allowing nothing to keep me from burying my balls against her ass on each downward thrust. As her pain turns to pleasure she starts moving her hips to meet my thrusts. In no time she is moaning in pleasure exposing herself for the little slut she is.

Having cum earlier and with my cock harder than I ever remember I could tell I was in this for the long haul. Without letting up I pound her tight little pussy deep and hard. With her head thrashing side to side she starts to cry out “Oh God, Oh God” and explodes with the second orgasm of her young life. Holding my cock deep inside her I relax for a moment amazed how quickly the little slut went from total pain to total pleasure. I decide it’s time for a little more pain. I slowly slide my cock out of her and line it up to her tight little ass. As I push forward she cries out “NOOoooo!” With only the wetness from her pussy I have to push hard against her. Finally, her tight ass gives a little and the tip of my cock gains entry. She jumps and shudders from the pain. I reach down, get my hand wet from her pussy, rub it onto my cock and push into her a little further. With short strokes I start to push an inch or two of my cock in and out of her ass. I begin to push deeper with each stroke and slowly her tight little hole begins to open for me. I begin to fuck her faster and deeper as she wails from the pain. Soon, my raging hard cock is balls deep in her ass. Shuddering under the assault, the little bitch is crying and moaning. I on the other hand am reveling in the pleasure as her tightness engulfs my cocks.

As with her pussy I start to ravage her ass with fast, deep thrusts pushing balls deep into her on every thrust. Her moans only turn me on even more as I mercilessly fuck the hell out of her ass. “Please! Oh my God your killing me” she begins to plead. As I pound her like the animal I’ve become I feel the intensity build within my balls. Stronger and stronger it gets with each thrust deep into her ass until I explode, shooting stream after stream of my cum into the depths of her ass. Spent, I leave my cock fully inside her until it begins to soften. The tightness of her hole finally pushes it out. Pushing myself up I look down at the crying, shuddering little bitch before me.

I stand before grandma and instruct her to suck my soft, satisfied cock clean. Like the good slut that she is she lapped every vestige of the mixture of her granddaughter’s pussy juice, ass and virginal blood off my cock. I helped her to her feet and removed the cuff from one of her wrists, placed her hands in front of her and again secured the cuff leaving her with a wider range of motion while still easily controlled. I rolled Cindy onto her back, grab her ankles spreading her legs and pushed her knees up fully exposing her wet, bleeding pussy and cum dripping ass. “Looks like we have something else that needs a good cleaning Grandma!”

It didn’t take much to push the old woman onto the bed. With her hands now in a position where she could crawl, without further instruction she positioned herself between the girl’s legs, lowered her head and dutifully started to lick the remnants of my savage fucking. Cindy stirred as the old woman’s tongue lapped up and down her slit. Her tongue cleaned both sides of her labia and the inside of her legs before moving up to the girl’s clit. Cindy stirred again as Grandma gently licked her clit clean. The more she licked the more Cindy couldn’t help but react and soon the girl was slowly grinding her hips forward into the old woman’s face. Grabbing the girls knees I pushed them toward her chest causing her bottom to roll forward and fully expose her ass. My massive load oozed out of her ass coating her crack with a thick trail of cum the site of which caused my cock to slowly come back to life.

“Looks like you have one last mess to clean up Grandma.” She pulled her head away from the girl’s pussy and took in the site before here not seeming as pleased or anxious as she was in licking her first pussy. Pushing her head down into the sticky mess I told her not to miss a drop. Tentatively she began to lick the cum from the girl’s crack. “Swallow it!” I demanded and it disappeared into her mouth and down her throat. Soon, all signs of cum were gone from the girls crack and ass cheeks and only a small amount remained at the entrance to her tight ass hole. I commanded her to “Lick it out, every bit of it! Put your tongue into her ass and get it all out.” The old woman gagged a bit as she stuck her tongue into the girl. For her part, Cindy let out a moan of pleasure, her body clearly enjoying the invasion. “Faster, like you love it you old whore!” And with that started a frenzy of licking, moaning and Cindy rocking her ass to the fuck back against the old woman’s tongue.

Cindy’s pleasure built, her body rocked faster and harder and she started to moan and cry out “Oh my god!” Animal grunts and groans filled the room as the girl exploded a massive orgasm into the old lady’s face. Enjoying the site brought my cock back to a raging hard state. Pulling Grandma’s head away from the girl’s ass I turned it toward me and shoved my cock fiercely into her mouth. She struggled for breath as I began to sink my cock fully into her throat, holding it there for a few seconds with each invading thrust. Ready for the next act of the show I pulled out giving her a chance to catch her breath.

I leaned in to Cindy and whispered, “now it’s time for you to lick some pussy!” Her eyes widened with fear and she started to beg “Please No. Don’t make me do that!” I just laughed as I saw tears return to her eyes. I had the old woman position herself over Cindy in a 69 position. “Now lower yourself onto her mouth.” As she did Cindy let out a cry and her body shuddered as she struggled with the hairy, wet pussy pushed down onto her face. I told her to “Lick it you little slut” as I grabbed one of her little nipples and squeezed it hard. She let out a squeal, then a gag as she started to lap away at the old woman’s cunt. I told Grandma to make sure she positioned her clit onto the girl’s tongue and instructed Cindy to lick and suck her clit like the Grandma had done to her.

I could tell the girls tongue had hit home as the old woman began to moan. No longer struggling, Cindy fully engaged herself with the old woman’s clit causing her to rock and push her pussy down onto the girl’s mouth. I moved behind Grandma and raised her torso so she was in a sitting position atop the girl. Reaching around I began to rub her tits and pinch her nipples causing her breathing to get faster and deeper as she fed her crotch to the young girl. “Is she doing a good job Grandma?” “Oh fuck Yessss!” Reaching down I rubbed her dripping wet pussy. With my finger lubed I started to rub the entrance to her ass. Grandma jumped from the sensation and let out a loud “Oh God!” I began to slide my finger into her ass, forcing her tight hole to open. She tensed as I forced it deeper. As I started to move it in and out her tight ass started to open and accept the finger fucking. I slammed it in hard and asked, “Do you like it?” Her response of “Uhnmpp, it hurts!” got an evil laugh from me.

I pulled out of her and told her to put her asshole to Cindy’s lips. As she positioned herself the girl squirmed, letting out a pleading “NOooo!”. “Lick her ass you little slut or I’ll put my cock into your ass and fuck the hell out of you!” She let out another gag as she placed her tongue on the old woman’s ass hole and proceeded to lick it. Grandma’s moans turned to those of pleasure as I watched her begin to rock and enjoy the sensation. I pulled out some lube the old woman had in her night stand and applied a heavy dose to my raging hard cock. As I stroked my cock I told the girl to fuck her hole with her tongue. “Put it up into her hole!” She cried and gagged as she stuck her tongue into Grandma’s ass. Grandma on the other hand could not contain her pleasure letting out a loud “Oh God!” as she began to shake and grind her ass down onto the girl’s tongue.

I pushed the old woman forward over the girl into the 69 position and told Cindy to go back to licking the pussy that was now positioned back over her mouth. Moving behind Grandma I slid my cock up and down the crack of her ass, leaned forward and whispered into her ear “Are you ready for your first ass fucking?” All she could manage was “Oh God.” I positioned the tip of my cock at the entrance to her tight ass and pushed forward. It took some effort but her ass finally opened allowing the tip to enter her. As I rested a few seconds to let her ass relax she let out a moan that was obviously one of pain, not of pleasure. As I pushed forward she gasped as I sunk about half of my cock into her ass. As I began sliding my cock in and out of her it seemed clear she was not going to enjoy this. All the better, after all, the old slut had asked for it. After a few more slow strokes I thrust hard, sinking my entire cock fully into her ass and held it there. “You like that you old bitch?” “Oh my god, NO!” Please stop!”

“Stop? I said with a laugh. “I’ll stop when I’m done!” With that I started to fuck her ass fast and hard, burying the full length of my raging cock fully into her with each thrust. Her moans are just short of screams as I assault her ass. Reaching forward I grab her hair, pull her head back and whisper in her ear, “I’m loving your virgin ass!” “Beg me to fuck your ass hard!” “Please Nooooo!” “I forcefully command her, “Say it! Please fuck my ass! Please fuck my whore ass!” She starts to whimper as I continue to pound her and does as I say. Begging me to fuck her tight little ass. I continue as hard and deep as I can, enjoying the incredible sensation of her tight hole grasping around my cock. Taking a short rest I pull out and place my cock to Cindy’s lips, forcing it into her mouth, then back into the old woman’s ass. I can feel a coming eruption within my balls as I pound balls deep into her with every stroke. When I can’t hold back any longer I push fully into her, pull her tightly against me and blow a massive load deep into her. She moans loudly from the throbbing of my cock and the cum filling her insides.

I stay fully in her until my cock begins to soften and works its way out of her ass. I push the old woman forward onto the bed and she collapses on top of little Cindy. As I step back I see my cum oozing out of her ass just inches from Cindy’s face. “Hey Cindy, it looks like it’s your turn to do some clean up.”

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