The Greatwar 3033 chapter 1 part 6 Jack not looking good by shadowtitanlo

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Science-Fiction | Mind Control, Non-Erotic

Jack had just gotten out of the medical ward and was going to the cabin to pick up the other two

weapons. The captain was also trying to find a planet that they could land on as their water and food

was at critical levels and need filling.

Jack walk in to has cabin and look at the cast on his bed, he started to think what he was doing when

the blade that he had sheathed to his hip began to speak.

“Jack the two daggers in that box are my brother and sister…” the blade stopped to try and think of

the right words. “Jack?”

“Yes, is something wrong?” Jack asked with a look of concern in his face.

“No, nothing is wrong it’s just, that we were created to server the high king himself, I’m not sure

how the other two will talk to you, also if you wield them wrong they can cut you if you let your will

falter.” The blade told jack this as he opened the case, jack was now slightly scared he did not know

what they were capable of.

“Thanks Zar'roc, I forgot to ask this, but what do you and your siblings do?” asked Jack as he started

to look at the dagger, they were the same colour as Zar'roc but they also seem to have the strange

living metal that the blade was wrapped in for the first time.

“Ok, if you must know, my real name is aureus vermiculus or golden crimson in you native tongue.”

“I increase the strength of any one that wields me, but they have to be Umbrain, as you are one of

them you can hold me, but I do have one more power, but I cannot say.” The blade stopped for a

moment for Jack to take all the information in, be for he continued.

“So what your saying is that the only reason that I can pick you up is because your increased my

strength.” Jack said in amazement. “Ok what do your siblings do?”

“Well Khazid'hea or cutter, tries to find the strongest fighter it comes across. It once belonged to

Bruenor Battlehammer daughter. It can cut through anything from a piece of paper to the hardest

thing on your planet, but she died of a grave illness, the dagger of course grow fond of her, lost itself

with grief and broke itself in half giving, one half to a new wield with its mined and giving the other

to the blacksmith.” As the blade finsied talking Jack look at the dagger trying to figure out which one

was Khazid’hea.

“The other dagger is the Forsaken one and he is the one that you have to watch out for.”

“Ok and why must I do that exactly?” Jack asked still trying to figure out which one was which.

“Because he bind himself to the wield until you die, he uses your own blood to make itself stronger

and he alone has had more than a thousand wields, and every time the wielder die’s he keeps the

strength, But this trade is not without a fair trade by giving blood to him he protects the wielder

from damage by moving by itself to block the strike, of course he will not move sometime when he

fell the user has become too reliant on him.”

“Thanks now which one is which?” Jack ask with a bit of rudeness is his voice.

“Ok the left one if forsaken the right one is Khazid’hea, but be warned when you pick them up you

will go in to a coma, as they will both want to test your strength if you die in the in the test you die

in real life, if your get injured in the test you will be injured in real life.” The blade was no silent and

Jack thought that he was just sulking but he could not be further from the truth.

“Ok then let get this party started then.” Jack said aloud as he picked up the two weapons.

Had opened his eye and he was in the same room that he was in when he picked up the blade the

first time. Looking around the room he saw the blade in his black jeans and red shirt, looking around

the room more he saw two children that looked the same as Zar'roc but instead of the black and

red the girl was wearing a long blue dress that look to be ripped at the bottom. Looking over to the

boy Jack saw that he was the complete opposite to Zar'roc instead of wearing black and red he wore

white trouser and a black top with what jack could tell was a dagger with blood dripping from the tip

on his top.

As Jack look around one last time he found nothing new but the two siblings were standing by their

older brother which towed over them at 8ft. The two children could not have been more than 5ff 4.

“Ok this is wired, and where am I?” jack ask the three figures that just stood there.

“You are in the weapon world, well your mind is anyway.” The female side this well looking up at

her older brother looking for sign that she could continue, Zar'roc nodded his he giving the signal to

carry one saying what she was talking about.

“I’m sure that my older brother has said what will be fall you her if you get injured or die here.” She

said to Jack looking for a reaction to which he just looked around the room for a way out.

“You cannot escape this place; you can go when we deem you worthy of our strength.” The three

said to Jack at the same time making it sound powerful than it should have sounded.

“Ok, what do I have to do in order for you give me your strength?” Jack asked with a hint of worry in

his voice which the three figures picked up on.

“Don’t worry friend, all you have to do is beat us in combat, and the combat includes ranged, hand-

to-hand, as well as close combat with weapons.” The young male said.

Jack was the best in hand-to-hand and range but close combat fighting with weapons he could

never get the hang of, every time he would try to pick the weapon up he would either swing the

weapon and let it fly out of his hand and hit the wall, shattering it or swing it to a dummy then miss

and hit someone near him.

“Ok so what one is first and how will I know when I win?” Jack asked pushing the fear of missing.

“The first one will be whatever you choose to do.”

“Ok I choose to do, range first, then hand-to-hand second and close combat weapons last.” Jack said

hoping that he could beat them.

“Let’s begin, brother you will do the close combat weapon as you are more skilled in that one, sister

you will do the hand-to-hand as I know you like to be in the front lines, I will do range.” Zar'roc said

as they all went to the rack that had just appeared, the young male went to the weapon rack, the

girl when to the rack that had glove on it, and Zar'roc walk to the gun rack that look like it had pistol,

shotgun, and the Umbra Nano weapon.

“Ok Jack Pick your weapon of choice then we will see who’s better at hitting targets.”

“Ok then. Jack said as he goes over to pick up a simple hand gun.

‘Ok now all I have to do is hit the target before he can hit them’ Jack through to himself.

Jack heard a buzzer that sounded like it was counting down. The buzzer was on 3 seconds until the

match started 2 1, the moment the buzzer finsied counting a loud and very annoying alarm sounded.

Jack started to fire at the target that popped up. ‘It’s been 10 second cents the round started and

I’m already up to 200 points’ Jack through to himself, looking over to Zar'roc side of the range, he

looked like he wasn’t taking it seriously and was just there to see how well Jack would do with a gun.

The round had been going on for 5 minutes and Jack had racked up almost half a million points, but

the round still had another 3 minutes until the winner would be decided. Jack would sometimes look

over to his rivals side and see that he only had around 200,000 points, however Jack couldn’t shake

the feeling that something was about to happen.

The round had another minute and half and jack had almost 900,000 but just as Jack through

that he was going to win the range changed and the targets started to pop up faster and faster, so

fast in fact that Jack would hit only 1 of them every 10 seconds. Looking at Zar'roc he was hitting

every target with such accuracy that some would just end up without a head or be blowing in half.

There was 30 seconds left on the clock and Zar'roc had passed Jacks scores of 900,025 points by

300 points, but Zar'roc was not letting up and even if he did Jack would never be able to hit all the

targets to get the same amount of points as his rival.

The buzzer sounded signaling the end of the match with Zar'roc the winner with 1,009,561 point and

Jack the loser with 1,000,045 points. Looking over to his blade and rival Jack saw him looking clam

and problem trying to hold back a laugh.

“Ok then Jack well you have to win the next two or you will not be able to wield my two siblings.”

Zar'roc said well looking over to his, sister that was by the rack of gloves and pads.

“Ok Jack well now it’s your turn to fight my sister in hand-to-hand, oh and one more thing watch out

for her legs.” Zar'roc said as he turned away smiling knowing that Jack would never take his advice

and just jump straight in to things.

“Ya Ya, let’s get this thing over and done with.” Jack answered back to him not paying any attention

to the advice he was just given.

“Ok but don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Zar'roc said walking over to a bench to sit down, to watch the

fight that was mere moment from beginning.

‘Ok all I have to do is fight her and win, but I can’t hit a girl and beside see looks to be 16 – 17 any

way.’ He through to himself as, he walked over to the gloves and pad rack.

Jack picked up a pair of gloves and walked over to Khazid'hea that was in a ring on the floor. The

moment Jack stepped over the ring the countdown buzzer started again. Sighing to himself he got in

to a stance that he used to take down every single one of his trainers. The countdown was nearing

the last three seconds before the round would start.

The same annoying buzzer sounded again, the moment the buzzer sound Khazid'hea was in a dance

of death trying to hit Jack and end the fight quickly, Jack seeing all the punches coming his way he

start to do is own dance of death. Jack he managed to hit her; a few time but not hard enough to

hurt her. Khazid'hea was starting to get pissed and started to use her legs to hit Jack. Of course Jack

had failed to see her legs connect with his rib cage and also managed to break three of his ribs.

“Ok that’s it time to forget that you’re a girl and fight your properly!” Jack shouted in frustration as

every time he had a hand-to-hand combat he would win without a scratch but this was pushing him

and he hated it.

“Oh, I through you were fighting me properly.” She said mocking him,

Jack was now watching her legs and hands, and was predicting the path they would take every time

he saw her mover he would move out of the way of the swing and land a blow on her. It had been 5

minutes cents the round started and jack was at his whit’s end trying to take thins girl down,

‘Come on there has to be an opening were I can take her down in one hit’ Jack said to himself well

dodging the punches and swing that were hurtling to him

Looking at her swing he started to see a pattern, first she would swing right then throw her right

leg out and swing it left, then she would throw an upper cut alone with her left leg, she would then

bring down her left leg trying to hit her opponent’s with the heel of her foot, Jack saw when she

throw her left hand and leg up there was an opening for a split second, but a split second was all he


Jack kept dodging waiting for her to show her opening again. She started her left upper cut with the

left leg, seeing this Jack lounged for this, and hit her full force with his shoulder in to her left calf

topping ling her over and winning the round which had been going on for almost a full hour.

“Well down I through you would never see my opening, but you did and so you win this round.” She

said standing up but then falling over when she tried to put presser on her left leg. Jack was right in

front of her when this happened and caught her before she could fall and hit the ground.

“Are you ok, and I was about to throw the fight but saw your opening and just waited until you

showed it again.” Jack asked her as he toke her over to the bench that the older brother was sat on.

“Ya, I’m fine now go and win the next one or you will die,” she said as she sat down, “If you don’t

win the next one you will die, as you can probably tell already three of your ribs are broken and they

will still be broken when you win the next one, and return to the world you know.”

Jack nodded but walked over to the close combat weapons rack, when he reach the rack and looked

over the weapons he saw that some had a wrist brace to stop the weapon leaving you had in case

you let go of it , which was good news for Jack.

‘Ok what weapon should I choose’ Jack through to himself well looking over the weapons, looking

over the rack one last time he picked up a long staff hoping to keep distance between him and the

Forsaken one.

“So are you ready Jack!” Shouted, the small boy.

“Ya, come on I just want to win this so I can go back and fix my ribs” Jack said back to him walking in

to the ring.

Lucie had just walked in to Jacks cabin and about to ask if he was free later as the captain asks if

he could see him. Looking around the room to see if she could find Jack but he was nowhere to be


“Where in hell is he!” she shouted to herself as she had just walked all over the ship trying to find

he. As she was about to leave she heard a sickening crunch like bone breaking, looking around

one last time she look to the floor seeing Jack one the floor with one side of his chest deformed,

Panicking she ran as fast as she could to the medical ward hoping that someone was there to help

Jack to the ward where he could be watched over for the second time that day.

Running in to the ward the chief medical officer was there going over some record of the crew,

the medical officer was a tall man at around 6ft 7” with short brown hair, complex features and in

the typical medical attire.

Looking up from his work he said “ yes what can I help you with Lucie?” he ask her.

Rating: 93%, Read 11801 times, Posted Dec 18, 2012

Science-Fiction | Mind Control, Non-Erotic


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