I'm Horny, Aren't You? — Part III by JEAM115

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You know that feeling you get right when you're having an orgasm? I certainly do. It's a feeling that no matter how hard you try to explain it, it just seems impossible to get the right words in. Such a heavenly feeling. Just before it happens, you get this slight pleasure-filled tingle that makes you want to smile. It makes you want to open your mouth and moan out loud how much you like it. How much you love it, how much more of it you wish for and how it is filled with intense pleasure. Just when it happens—when you have your sweet orgasm—you feel the urge to move, writhe, make the feeling last longer. That sweet, intense, ecstatic, hot release that everyone enjoys. And at that very moment, the only thing you can think of is how good it feels and that's it—just the feeling itself. It's like a single raindrop falling from the sky freely, letting go of whatever ties it back. Or a single flower turning towards the sun for light, for that sweet iridescent light everyone takes for granted but you need, nonetheless. Is like you can't stop thinking about it, that thing that keeps you moaning for more, more, more, and much more. . . 

             "Oh, shit!" I gasp. Feeling every single nerve weaken within me. My back arches. Henry's grasp on my hips tightens behind me. I'm on all four, trying hard to stay still as I rock forward with every single thrust of Henry's cock into my pussy. His cock feels big inside of me. It feels nice. I start to grasp the sheets as my orgasm reaches its peak. Frowning with every second that goes by. All the muscles in my body tighten and I break sweat rather quick. "Mmmmmm!!!" I moan out loud. "More, please more!" I tremble. My cunt gets even more wet. His cock keeps sliding in with ease. But it seems that the longer we keep going, the bigger his cock gets and the better the feeling gets. I whimper, unable to express myself any other way. "Please, just d-don't stop," I meet his thrust, pushing back with my hips. He was now grabbing one of my ass cheeks. Holding it tight as he looked down at our bodies merging. I was glancing back at him, whispering obscenities that called for the situation. "I bet you like my tight pussy, huh? Fuck that cunt! Yes! Yes! Ooohhh yeah!" he could only smile and smack my ass as he looked at me with a coy smile and an expression that only depicted pleasure. 

                My stomach churns as the feelings of ecstasy begin to stir once again deep inside of me. My whole world becomes a haze and all I can think of is that single feeling that was building up inside of me once again. I had  tried to stay quiet. Tried very hard to not moan so loud knowing our present situation, but I couldn't. I bit down on the bed sheets and moaned loud. It came out muffled but still very audible. "I'm close," Henry grunted. He leaned forward until our bodies were in full contact. He held me by the stomach now. His thrusts became furiously fast and hard since he had a better hold on me. I could feel and hear his testicles slapping against my ass cheeks. It sent a few waves of heat and tingle up my spine that only made me far more horny. "Fuck, I'm so close," he hotly hisses into my ear. I closed my eyes and forced myself to stay there. The feeling was becoming unbearably good. 

           But that wasn't what I wanted the most, though. It was something else entirely. It was all I could think about—his seed inside of me. Bathing my cervix and womb with little white swimmers. "Please give it to me," I whispered breathless. We were both sweating. Over the past few hours we have been experimenting different positions. Having orgasm after orgasm. Giving as much pleasure to our bodies as we could. 

             Thinking back on the hours is when I felt it. I was practically laying on my stomach now with my legs spread out and him in between them on top of my back. His cock grew harder and bigger in size as he began to cum. His grunts were unmistakably filled with pleasure, ecstasy. We were both in that state of nirvana. That place the both of us visited every single time we consummated our passion. As his cock grew harder, I felt it get bigger before it exploded inside of me. It was his strongest one yet. I felt every spurt of the warm, delicious liquid I had been craving for for the last week. My eyes closed and I smiled, pleased to the fullest. My needs had been relinquished. That's all I cared about—and him of course. 

           Breathless, sweaty, and laughing, we both rolled over and stared at each other. "Think anyone heard us?" He had sneaked into my house. And even though I was pretty sure my parents weren't home (like always), I still thought we should be careful. 

          He wiped my eyes. I probably had my make up smeared all over my face from the sweat. "You look sexy after sex, did I ever tell you that?" I stroked his cock with one of my hands, milking him out of any semen he had left. "Oof," he says, putting a hand over his forehead, "that was the best sex I've had in a while." 

            "Tell me about it, Patrick is so inexperienced. It gets on my nerves sometimes. Not that I am not inexperienced, you know? But I got so use to your cock it was a shame to do it with Patrick." I finished stroking his cock and licked my fingers. "Besides, your stamina never seems to end." 

            Henry smiled with guilt, his cheeks blushing an even brighter red. "Rosalie is so rigid. I always tell her she does good but she rarely ever does," he was now on his side, laying on his elbow while holding his head with that same hand as his other one traced my body. His touch was enticing. "But you—you seem to be a natural at it." He whispered in a sweet tone.

           "You're lying," I say, joking. He seemed as serious as ever. "I'm just a rookie at it," I joke. He smiles, his sharp canines poking his puffy lower lip. I stared at his hazel-gray eyes and then began to kiss him again. "I've been so horny. Not just today but all week. And Patrick won't give it to me the way I like it—the way you do," I groan, wishing to have him next to me forever. Patrick always seemed to want it over with fast. He only lasted around three minutes and then quickly came. I had to jack him off to make sure he'd last longer. But he has gotten better over the past few days... Can't complain much there. 

          But Henry? Henry loved to mount me and hold it in for as long as he could. He loved to fuck me hard and fast, always doing his best, trying to improve. And he always liked to please me. Even if it meant staying up late on school nights. "I have a big project due tomorrow. Thanks a lot for that amazingly delicious F," I giggle and kiss him again. Sucking on his lower lip, I proceed to get on top of him and then off again. "Sorry," I say, pecking his lips once. "I want something to eat. Want a beer?" I kissed his jaw, and then his neck. Slowly, I sucked in the skin. He gently holds my head. But then I lean in to his ear. I pull on his earlobe with my lips, slowly sucking it in before letting it go. With the sexiest, huskiest, and most hot voice I can manage, I whisper, "Maybe we should take the whole day off tomorrow. Spend some time alone. Bond. Have wild, animalistic, rough sex. . ."

           The whole time my hand had been stroking his cock. It was hard again. But then I rolled off the bed and left him hanging there. I was pretty sure he was chasing after me. I heard his footsteps behind me. As soon as I got to the kitchen, I turned and he grasped my hips tightly. "You can't just go turning people on like that," he growled. I smiled and pushed him gently away.

            "Calm down, would ya? If you want more, you can stay here for more tomorrow." 

           "You really want to?" Henry asks. I nod my head a 'yes.' Henry then proceeds to hug me. Our naked bodies feel warm and—nice. Pretty nice. Somehow, no matter how wrong this might be before the eyes of other people, I can't help but think of how RIGHT this feels. I stop to take in his scent as my eyes close. Sex hung in the air around us. I liked that. It only stimulated my sexual appetite.

             "I'll really miss you once you leave," I say, trying hard not to cry. The only reason why we were spending so much time together was because of a very strong reason among many. Henry was moving away in a week. Just the bear thought of it had me feeling lonely already. 

            "Shhhhh. It'll be okay. Maybe I can pack you in my suitcase and take you with me," he joked. Even I had to laugh at that. Silly as it was. My heart leaped. Henry meant a lot to me. He was a very caring person and I cared about him. Unlike many, he spoke out his mind and was a strong individual. He had a strong character. But he's a big teddy bear once you really get to know him. I give him my big, puppy-dog eyes and start to beg him to stay tomorrow. 


             "Don't even dare to beg me. I already made up my mind to stay," he says. I smile and snuggle up close to him.

            "Thanks, babe." I disentangled myself from him to open the fridge and hand him a beer. 

           Two days later, I'm sitting in his class. Henry is blabbering on about the Civil War. How slavery wasn't the only main cause in spite what previous teachers in middle and elementary school had told us. I raise my hand. He finishes his sentence before picking on me. "So, you're basically saying that the North and South were already having Big disagreements. Would you count the South Carolina Exposition by Calhoun as one of the reasons? Or was that too far back?" I was only asking because of the big midterm I had coming up after Christmas break. 

               "Well, it's one of the many reasons that contributed to the Southern secession. Remember the Antebellum Era presidents and how they were all plain bad? Well, one of them actually said that he could do nothing about it because the constitution said nothing ab—" 

           "Just say yes or no, Mr. Brooke," said an annoying student besides me. She looked at me and rolled her eyes at him. I could only do the same. 

             "Yes, Mr. Brooke. No need to make it any more detailed," I laugh. And then everyone laughs. Because that's what's supposed to happen. Of course, this was an AP course. That was an expected answer from Mr. Brooke. But I had to keep bugging him like before or else people will get suspicious. The girl next to me—Betsy—smiles at me and then passes me a note. 

              'Is he totally hot or what?'


               'Mr. Brooke, of course!'

              We started to exchange notes when Mr. Brooke wasn't looking. We giggled silently. Mr. Brooke wasn't oblivious to me, though, so we did get caught eventually. Worst thing said was right before we got caught. 

                  'What do you think sex is like with him?' asked Betsy. I had to blush at that. Was she serious? Did every girl feel this way toward him?

              'Why? You trying to get with him or something?' 

             The only response I got from her was a winky face.

             I looked at her. Betsy had this naughty look on her face as she bit down on her lower lip. It's like she already slept with him. Like those eyes were eating him alive and he was all she could think of. The way they sparkle whenever he comes into the room or the way she always seems excited to have him close to her or for him to talk to her. 

             With no mistake, I knew that look. It was the same one I got whenever I was with Henry in my room. I begin to crumple the note and stare at her hard. She was sleeping with him. I just knew it—I had a hunch about it, but then again, my hunches weren't always right. Sit there and look straight at the chalk board is all I can do to keep myself from doing anything stupid. How had I been so stupid? If he was with me—one of his students—he clearly had to be with another one. Or at least be experienced in the matter, right? But it doesn't add up. What's so special about Betsy? She's not all that.

              Or at least that's what I tell myself. In all truth, Betsy was a stunning blonde with icy blue eyes that made a striking contrast with her skin color. The bitch could even wear no make up and she'd still look hot. I suddenly felt jealous. It was spilling all out of me but Betsy was too distracted to notice it. That bitch...

             Just as I was about to throw the piece of paper away, Mr. Brooke came up to me and snatched the paper away. "Would you like to share what's so funny and/or intriguing to the class that has you more distracted than my lecture, Miss Parker?" His tone was all serious. He was mocking me inside, though, messing with me. He then proceeded to look down at the paper. "Perhaps I should read it aloud." 

               Somehow, I found my voice back and stared at him with an eyebrow raised, daring him to do so. "Fine, be my guest. I don't give a crap anyway," I hoped he knew what I meant. I rolled my eyes and began to write down the information from the slide on a piece of paper. "Or you can shove it up your ass, eithe—"

             Sensing my upcoming, even more rude comment, he raised his voice high and snapped, "Lunch-detention, for a week." 

              "You won't be here that long," I say with mock. He gave me an icy look that clearly said I was in trouble. "Besides, Betsy here is the one who started to talk to me. So, she should get lunch—"

             Once again, he cuts me off. "She wasn't the one smart-talking to me. Now stop being such as smart-ass and focus." The whole class 'ooh'd'. And that was that. "Please stay after class, I ne—oh, wait!" he smiled sadistically. "Next period is your lunch, huh? Well, since you're a senior and seniors have no period during that time, you can stay here for THE WHOLE time. I have no class, either way." Then his smile disappeared and he went back to teaching. I could feel everyone's eyes on me. Even Betsy's. I turn to look at her. 

             "Not cool," she says in a hushed voice. I only shrug it off. 

             The class piles out the door as soon as the bell rings. I stay perfectly still. Sitting on my seat with the patience of a turtle. As soon as everyone is out and the halls are emptied, Henry comes back into the classroom and redirects me toward his office by taking my hand in his warm one. I see him smiling before he locks the door and sits me down on his leather couch, on his lap, straddling him...

             I only smile back slightly. He can see that something is bothering me. Before he asks me, I ask him. "Have you ever slept with any other student?" my voice was quiet. He starts to laugh, thinking I was probably kidding but it quickly vanished once he saw my expression.

               I was really curious to find out if it was true or not. I always imagined Henry as a Lady's man. Always hooking up with whatever girl he wished to. But I always imagined him doing so in his single years. Not that I'd know anything about that. He rarely ever talks about it. But I'm pretty sure I was right. 

              So then he proceeds to hold my face in his hands. Carefully leaning up, he presses his soft lips against mine. I'm suddenly very aware of the contour of his mouth against mine. The moist feeling of it. How soft they feel. I wish for more of it, to have it with me forever. Or for as long as I can. I can feel myself melt in his arms, fall for him all over again. My lips tingle with longing and passion and all I can think of is how much I want to do him at that very moment. My fingers gently tangle themselves up in his soft, straight hair. Our lips open up as our tongues come out to greet one another. I enjoy that moment. Let it last for as long as I can. It's like only the two of us exist. 

              With a soft jump, I wrap my legs around him. Because I want it again at that second. Because that's how horny that kiss has made me. I can feel my pussy producing the lubricant for his already hard cock to penetrate me. I can feel it pulsating with every kiss and every push of our tongues against one another. I bite his lower lip and suck it in slightly, moaning as I feel the hard contour of his big cock. 

             Before I know it, he is clearing the desk off any mess of his, everything recently on it on the floor. He carefully lays me down and smiles at me in a way I've never seen him do with anyone else. "I would never do that to you, Lauren. Ever," and with that, he lowers down my shorts and takes off my shirt. Every hair on my being stands up to attention as my nipples become erect. Quickly, I sit up and remove his blazer and button-down. I take in the well-carved abs, chest, and the V that goes down from his hips to his groins. I feel my panties get damp as my fingers run over his lean muscles. The next thing I know, I'm reaching down in between us to rub his hard cock with my hand. 

              "This feels so hard," I muse. He smiles, his dimples appearing at either end of his lips. "We should make it feel better. Give it what it wants," the warmth radiating from it made me tingle with passion all over. I giggle and pull down the zipper. 

                Reaching inside, I squeeze his cock and take it out. "I can never get tired of it. It's girth," I whisper in a husky voice, looking at him with big, wide eyes that screamed sex. "It's length... And then this," I reach down past his length to his testicles, giving it a gentle squeeze. So smooth, no hair, perfectly round. I quickly got off the desk and on my knees, stroking his cock all the way. Ducking my head the slightest bit, I suck one of his testicles and smile up at him, licking my lips as I looked up at him. I could smell his sex. It was invading the air around me and I loved it. It only made me more enthusiastic about it. So I slipped him into my mouth and sucked. It was like sucking a lollipop, except bigger, longer, and thicker. I could feel the softness of the surface and how hard it felt when I squeezed. He only held the hair away from my face and moaned whenever I sucked him in almost the whole way. 

              " That feels good. Let me see your breast," he grunted. I smiled at him and giggled. As I sucked in his cock, I could feel his hips convulsing a little. He leaned down, slipped his hand into my bra, and squeezed. I was suddenly on fire and even more eager than ever. "Suck it harder," he instructs. And I do so. Because I've never been as excited about this before. I feel him slip into my mouth repeatedly. Minutes pass and all I can hear is him moaning my name, saying how good that felt. I could only think of his cock, the way it felt in my mouth and how big it was. I wished for it to be in my pussy and stay there for as long as it could. "Shit, I can-can't wait...." he suddenly yanked me up from my current position, making me stand up. Without waiting for it, he raises my leg up. He holds it behind the knee. I feel the head of his cock slip into me and all I can think of is how good it feels. The fresh feel of it mixed with the pleasure makes me feel like there's no better feeling. 

             I frowned at the slight pain that always seemed to ensue after penetration. I held on to his shoulders. "Just shove it in me," I moan, ready for all of him. 

             "You want me to fuck you? You want me to stick my dick into your hot, little pussy?" I could only nod as he thrust in hard into me. Shaking our bodies in the process. "Keep it in there for as long as I can? Oh, shit," he moans. "I don't think I'll be able to put up with this feeling any longer," he hisses. 

          "Mmmmm," I gasp. "Please fuck me harder. I need it," I tell him. So then, he grasps my hips and begins to quickly pound his cock into me. All I could think about was how good it felt. How his cock seemed to slip into my pussy with ease every time he thrusts in. I could feel myself meeting his thrusts. Hear myself moaning repeatedly, countless of times. At that very moment, he began to grasp my breast with one of his hands. He used it to deliver more pleasure to me, my body. All of me. I felt like I could literally have one of my biggest, earthshaking orgasms right there. 

                It's like he knows how to take care of my body. Knows how to please it better than I do. It's such an indescribable feeling. It's like hours of endless pleasurable waves after pleasurable waves crashing against one another inside my body, wherever his cock stopped, and he's the tornado causing all this tantrum inside of me. Except that instead of anger, it's ecstasy that replaces the feeling. That's all I think about. 

         I pushed him away and quickly pulled him down on the ground. Without a word, I slipped his cock into me and rode him. Henry's hands wandered all over my body as I rode him as fast as I could. I felt my knees weaken as soon as I felt my orgasm approaching. "I'm cumming," I moan, frowning with deep pleasure as the strong sensation starts to quickly move from my clit throughout my body. I can feel it deep within me. My body trembling with ecstasy. "Oh, yes!" I hiss, opening my mouth, scratching his chest as I try to close my hands into fists. I fall forward and whimper but I still ride him nonetheless. My hips rock back and forth, convulsing with little aftershocks. 

            "Turn," he grunts. I slowly sit back up just to turn my back to him. Holding my hips while I slip him inside of me, lowering myself down on his cock. "Yes, baby, take it all." And I did. I could only gasp as I felt the back wall of my cervix being stimulated by his dick. The next thing I knew, Henry was bending his knees, bringing them in, and holding my hips hard in place with his dick still stuck inside of me.

            "Mmmmmm," I moan, gasping slightly as his cock starts to reappear from my pussy. "Please fuck me." I wanted it bad. And he knew it. I needed it. I needed it badly. It was obvious. So he does what he does best and makes his cock disappear repeatedly inside of me. Not stopping until he was certain he was going to cum. His cock kept disappearing inside of me at a rather fast speed. It made my breast jiggle, which I liked a lot. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" the moans were from deep inside of me. They wouldn't stop. They couldn't if I wanted, anyway. "Please, please, please! Give it to me as hard as you can! Fuck me like the little slut I am." I kept this sort of comments up. It was that wild side of me that had completely overshadowed my nicer, sweeter side. One of his hands went back behind me as the other hung on to me. "Oh! Yes! Yes!" my clit was being spread to its maximum point by his cock. He was tearing me apart. Our bodies were sweating and he wouldn't stop. It's like his stamina was infinite. I loved that about him. I loved his cock...

              "Nnnn!" he said, stopping, jerking, convulsing his hips as his hot seed spilled into me. "Fucking hell," he hissed, finally shoving his dick deep inside of me and grounding my hips against me. My breath was heavy but his was heavier. His warm semen bathed my cervix and it made me feel like I wanted to keep going. I didn't, though. Because we heard a noise in the other room and had to hop off each other quite fast. His cock was still semi-hard when we pulled away. 

            In less than two minutes, we were dressed and ready to go. All I could think of was how fast my heart was beating and how busted we were. "Shhh, I'll get under your desk." I fixed his tie and blazer before going under his wooden desk. 

               "Man, that guy's boring. Who the fuck was it?" I ask. He then proceeds to give me a long-ass explanation of who that guy was. He was supposed to be the principal Henry was replacing over at New York City. 

             It was then that I felt the glass shattering around me. I didn't know what it was that lead me to do the next thing. I just know that I suddenly felt empty. Devoid of any emotion. I moved away from him and then walked past him toward the door. But he grabbed my wrist and yanked me back.

              "What's wrong?" asks Henry. I can't help but feel angry then. It was like all this time I knew he'd be gone but never said anything about it was bubbling up inside of me, ready to pop any second. "Lauren, what's wrong?" asks Henry again. His tone sounded caring, confused even. I free my wrist from his hand and just plain up explode.

             "The problem is that you're leaving me, Henry. That's what's wrong." It is said in an icy cold tone. All the anger I can muster is mixed in it. All I do next is stare at him for a few more seconds before leaving his office and shutting the door closed hard.

                 Three days later, on New Years Eve, I knock on Henry's door. Three, long, hard knocks on the door. Henry immediately greets me with a smile on his face. I can only look behind him. "Hey, where's Laurei?" Laurei was his and Rose's daughter, the baby I was to take care of.

              "Not here. Rose either. They left for New York yesterday," he says, smiling with guilt. After not seeing him for three days except in class, this is what I'm greeted with: the guy whom I lost my virginity to in a tight Tommy Hilfiger black Boxer Briefs. I could see the contour of his cock perfectly well. So I do what I do best and turn to walk away. I can't be alone with him. At least not again. Every time we are alone, he always seems to make his way back into my pants—er, I mean HEART. 

              "Time to go," I say.

              But I'm not even done taking a step out of his foyer when he suddenly grabs me from behind, placing his hand on my stomach and the other one over my breast to keep my arms from moving. I instantly yelp. "No. Time to stay and discipline you," he whispers in an almost sadistic tone into my ear. 

               "Leave me alone, Henry," I whisper, struggling to get free. Henry bites my earlobe, sucking it in hard. "Henry, stop. Please, I don't want to right now," but my body betrayed me. The longer his body stayed close to mine, the more I wanted to be with him. His scent goes into my nostrils, savoring the effect it produces. Before I know it, his hands are shredding apart my shirt and going inside my breast. The only thing I can do is try to fight it but even that is futile with me. The skirt that goes up, under my chest, suddenly feels too tight on me and it's making me hotter than usual. "Please," I whisper, not sure if this should stop anymore. Henry's hands wander inside my breast, squeezing them tightly. "Please stop," I say frowning. Henry just snickers, his breath hot on my skin. 

               "Or don't stop," He licks the inside of my ear, quickly biting it afterwards. "I think that will be much better," he whispers, still in that naughty voice of his. 

               "Please, stop," I moan. I could feel it—his cock was coming to life again. Ready to attack with everything it could in order to get me back in bed with him one last time. "No, Henry." 

               "Just touch it, come on," his tone was persuasive. "It's really hard right now." I can't see it but I know that he's smiling. "It's really hard for you, baby, touch it," he proceeded to take my tits out of my bra. My nipples pointed right in front of me, towards the door. That's exactly where Henry rams me up against. His body suddenly pushes me forward, making my nipples brush against the cold door. All I think about is the way it makes me feel. 

           "Please just—stop," I mumble. Henry starts to kiss my neck while he fumbles with his tight boxers. His lips against my skin make me get chills all over. My pussy flared with my hot lubricant. "Stop it," I breathe out, placing a hand behind the back of his head. This urged him to keep going. As his hands came back up, I noticed how his cock felt warmer. "Your cock is too close to me," I say, biting my lower lip. 

                "Touch it, go on, you know you want to. Otherwise you wouldn't be here," his deep voice is making me hornier than usual. I resist his advances nonetheless. Or at least I do my best to. His hand then proceeds to travel up to my nipples. The hair on my nape stands up to attention. In fact, every single hair in my body stands up to attention. The chills I was getting from being touched by him are way too much for me to take. "Touch my cock," he was becoming urgent about it. More horny. I smile at this. It turned me on to have him this way. Suddenly, he grabs my hand and makes me rub his cock. His head is buried in between my neck and hair, his lips quickly sucking and kissing my skin there. "When I tell you to do something," he says slowly in a menacing/intimidating tone as he yanks my arm down closer to his cock, "you fucking do it." I gasp, unable to process exactly what's going on. He begins moving his hand with mine up and down his cock. "Oh, baby, keep doing that." 

             So I do. His fingers squeezed my  waist tight, placing me closer to him. The only thing I can do is breathe in deeply. The skin on his cock moves back and forth at the same rhythm as my hands. It feels soft, hard, and warm to the touch. "Yes," he mumbles, urging me on, nuzzling my neck. "That's it. Rub it real good," I can tell he's pretty horny. His hands are roaming all over my body. It's not long before his hands are wondering up my thighs. I feel his warm hands, how close they are to my pussy, and get even more excited. My hand squeezes his cock, rubbing the sensible head a bit harder, faster. He thrusts forward, enjoying my small handjob. That doesn't mean he'll stop, though. Quite the opposite. 

             Henry's hands start to feel my pussy. He touches the damped crotch of my thong, pressing his middle finger against my clit. "Don't," I moan, thrusting out my chest in the process. "Mmmmm," I breathe out. He taps it slightly. Rubs it, even, before pulling the crotch aside and pressing his finger directly against my clit. "Oh, Henry," we stayed like that. Masturbating each other until our bodies were writhing, moaning, and moving in pleasure against one another. He kissed my lips, bit my skin, and licked my neck wherever possible. All I could do was increase the pace in which I was jacking his hard rod off, making my free hand roam everywhere it could. 

         "Fuck," says Henry. "That's it, babe. Keep squeezing it. Like that, yes," I followed his instructions. I flicked my wrist just when I was about to reach the head of his cock and squeezed it all the way down to the base with fast movements. "I can't take it," he told me in a heavy voice. He suddenly forced my skirt off of me as well as my blouse. He lowered my things and quickly rammed his cock into my pussy. I yelped, standing up flat against the door. The palm of my hands lay against the door, trying to find something to hang on to. "Oh, fuck me," I curse. He had taken me by surprise. I felt his cock moving inside of me back and forth. Not stopping once to think about what was going on. "Henry," I breathe in. My voice becomes very high pitched as I try to find something that I can grasp. Henry's cock was proving to be a challenge. I enjoyed challenges, though. 

                 He growls, keeping his rhythm smooth and fast. His hands keep gripping my waist as hard as they can, holding on to something to better fuck me. His cock is creating friction, making me hornier by the second. "Harder, please," I whisper really quietly, feeling his cock enter and leave me repeatedly. 

            "I didn't hear you," says Henry, pulling my head back by pulling my hair into a tight ponytail. I gasp, his cock pumping into me hard. "Tell me," he hisses into my ear. His breathing was becoming erratic. Heavier. But the pace in which his cock pumped itself into my tight, warm pussy didn't even waver for a second. "Tell me!" he roared. I could feel his movements become faster, more brusque.I didn't complain, though. Quite the opposite. I urged him to keep going. I urged him to keep fucking me the way he was right now.

            "Fuck me harder! Yes! Keep going! Oh, fucking fuck!" I moaned, reaching down in between my legs to rub my small nub. I flicked my engorged clit fast, enjoying the small currents of pleasure it sent throughout my body. My pussy tightened around his cock. "Yes, yes! Please don't stop. It feels too good." It was then that he decided to bring it on. 

            Henry suddenly pulled out of me and turned me around fast. I could see the hazy erotic sight in his eyes—the same one I always got in this sort of situation. Before I knew it, he had me on my stomach on the floor, his cock shoved deeply into my cunt. Henry straddled my ass, thrusting into me hard and fast. He was an animal in heat and I love that. His hands grasped my hair tight, pulling it back so my head would do the same. He leaned in close to me, on my back, and started to kiss my neck as his thrust became fierce. His body shook on top of mine. I loved it. That's all I could think about—how much I loved it. 

            I wanted him to treat me like the little whore I knew I was. And thats exactly what he was doing. All of a sudden, though, Henry's body removed itself from my back. The sweet tingle that had formed was no longer there. I was about to turn around when, too quickly, I felt his hands spreading out my leg and dragging me down. His hands spread my ass out in a brusque manner.  I felt his tongue on my pussy, moving at a pace that I never knew he could handle. At a pace that I never knew I could handle. Instantly, my hands begin to grasp the small carpet under me. He was moving really fast. His tongue hitting all the right spots. "Shit," I whimper, grasping the carpet tighter. I could feel it coming. My orgasm was just around the corner. My pulse elevated, my cheeks flushed a hot red, my body writhed as it tingled in pleasure, and My muscles tightened. "Shit!" I moaned again. My voice was becoming heavy with that feeling I love so much. As I felt my eyebrows come together into a frown, I felt the ecstasy levels within me elevate into a whole new level. 

            Henry pressed on my clit as much as he could. All I could think of was how much I was enjoying this. How much I liked it. "Ohhh! I'm so close," I whispered, licking my lips. And I was close. As soon as I finished that sentence, I felt the heat that had been building up inside of me explode in a single bubble of pure pleasure. My back arched a bit, my grip on the small carpet tightened as much as it could, my eyes closed, and my orgasm came out in a whole new level I knew no one could ever match. 

           "Mmmmmm," groaned Henry, stopping his small oral session. Or so I thought. As soon as I came off (partly) my high cloud, Henry went down on me again. This time it was for something different, though. "You haven't eaten, have you?" 

         That struck me as odd but I quickly nodded.  Before I knew it, Henry's tongue was penetrating my other hole. Needless to say, I was shocked. I tried to close my legs tight, impede him from going any further, but he had both his hands on my ass cheeks, spreading them apart so I couldn't do anything about it. "Henry!" I yelped, struck by the action he had taken. I felt his grip tighten on me. It was all I could do to not to let out a big moan. I didn't understand how or why, but this was arousing me to a extent I didn't know was possible. "Yes," I moaned quietly, now rubbing my ass back against his face. He chuckled through the scene. 

          Henry's tongue changed its location and moved down to my pussy again. It went down to my clit, the place that was still sensitive after the biggest orgasm of my life. "Henry, no," I said in all seriousness. Already, I knew what he was up to. As a response, his tongue moved in small and quick circles. It sent a current of arousal throughout my body. And a red flag to all my nerves that felt goddamn great. "Henry, no!" I said again, this time moaning it loudly. "No, please!" my breathing turned heavy. My writhing turned worst. I felt myself burning with heat all over at the way he knew how to work me so well. It was like my body was an instrument and he was the specialist playing it. 

             It wasn't long before I felt every single lick on my clit spread throughout my whole body. Without thinking about it, I began to crawl away—the feeling too much for me—but it was useless. Henry dragged me back and continued where he stopped. I couldn't stop it. It came too quickly. I felt the result of this strong pleasure leave my body in a current of warm heat. Henry inserted his hand into my small hole and wiggled his fingers fast. I snapped my head forward, howling like a little slut. God, I was so fucking horny. Too fucking horny. 

            As soon as I was done, I stood up—with a body still shaking from ecstasy—and looked at Henry, breathing deeply. I noticed how his hands were wet and how the clothe he still wore we're splattered with the juices from my squirt. He liked it dirty. And I guess that's what he's going to get. Without thinking much of it, I pushed him against the door. The space around us was too hot—but I liked it. I took off the rest of his clothe. Before we both knew it, we were both naked and eating each other's lips out. "Mmmmm," both of us moaned. We groped each other's body parts until we could no longer take it. I grasped his cock hard and dragged him up the stairs of his house to his bedroom this way. And dirty we did play.

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