sharing my sister part 5 by alexs4227

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True Story | Group Sex, Incest

Sharing my sister part 5

It was now the first week of august and a couple of weeks since the episode where Phil had been brought into the equation, whenever I was alone with Phil he would talk about nothing else and was desperate for a repeat performance, also Sharon kept saying how much she enjoyed it as she didn’t think she would, and was also curious to find out if he was game for another session. I was beginning to feel left out and a bit of a spare part, as I no longer felt that what we had was special. Even though we were now having more sex than ever before, as we had more time and freedom with the school holidays

It was Tuesday evening and had been a scorching hot day, we were over the sports fields at the end of my road playing football, there were around a dozen of us and it was around 7.30pm, when at the entrance to the field, Sharon and Tina appeared, they were both carrying an open bottle of white wine, which they were swigging from,. As they neared us they sat on a grassy bank around 20 yards from where we were playing. they were both wearing summer dresses with Tina sitting with her knees bent and slightly parted offering a clear view of her white knickers. They started shouting out comments like great tackle, nice ball, you can score easily. as the innuendo was very clear it was putting a few of the guys off and after about 15mins the game wound up and people drifted away leaving myself, Phil, martin and mike with Sharon and Tina. We made small talk for a few minutes when Tina said they had spent the day sunbathing , martin asked if there were any tan lines , to which she replied maybe, then paused and replied maybe not, before picking up her wine bottle and putting her tongue on the open neck and simulating oral sex with it. Watching this gave all of us a very stiff hard on, with some noticeable twitching in all of our shorts. The girls had noticed this and made sure we knew they knew by their eye movements, and nudging each other. I said I wished I’d known about the sunbathing as I would of rubbed cream in. Phil replied that my cream wouldn’t have given her any protection, to which we all laughed. . I picked up Sharon’s bottle of wine and took a large swig out of it before she snatched it back, saying buy your own. Before standing up and saying she was going before we got any ideas, as this was getting out of hand, with that she started to walk away

I then ran after Sharon and asked Sharon if she would buy me some cider if I paid for it, before returning to the group with Sharon. She then announced she was off to the shop to get me some cider, then with the shuffling in pockets and checking of change the other guys asked if they could get some as well, so off we trotted to the local corner shop about a slow 10 mins walk away. There was martin paired up with me, mike and Phil out front with the girls in the middle, martin was enjoying watching Sharon’s arse wiggle as she walked in front of him, and he whispered to me asking if she had a boyfriend as he found her very fuckable, as he said this Tina looked round as if she had heard what he said but she couldn’t possibly of could she?. As we reached the shop the girls gave us the wine bottles to hold, after we had handed over our money they disappeared inside the shop to reappear a few minutes later with 4 brown paper bags. They announced proudly that they were keeping any change for their troubles. After being handed their bottles the guys started to walk back towards the field. Sharon had stayed back as she was messing about with her purse , I stayed behind with her and when the others were out of ear shot she told me to get rid of mike and martin as she was feeling very horny and we could have some fun with Tina and phil. I said that might be difficult, and nodded up the road, to see martin and Phil walking 3 abreast with Tina in the middle, with her arms round both guys’ waists with both guys having an arm each round her waist with Phil’s palm firmly resting on her left buttock cheek. Sharon just said that if I wanted some fun then I MUST FIND A WAY.

As we returned to the field we all sat on the bank in a kind of circle and just chatted in general, and starting to drink alcohol taking it in turns to take the piss out of each other when we cocked up a statement, before long the subject returned to sex and we had to relate out experiences , Phil said he was going for a piss, I got up and said I need one to and went with him, I asked him not to give the game away and told home what Sharon had said about having some fun that night, so he readily agreed , to try and get rid of the other 2. When we returned to the group Sharon and Tina were mocking mike about not only being a virgin but never even kissing a girl. We joined in before Sharon taking pity on him asked if he would like to learn how to kiss. Of course he jumped at the chance so they both stood up and walked about 50 yards along the bank away from us, before lying down on the bank with both bodies becoming entwined, martin asked Tina if she would teach him, she agreed and they walked away as well before lying down near to Sharon and mike, I soon heard Sharon shout don’t touch me there, followed by I told you not to touch me there, now leave me alone, with that mike came back and told Phil it was his turn . I asked mike what had happened and he said he was snogging away rubbing his hand up and down her side gently brushing the side of her breast when he found no objection he started to feel her breast in earnest and she started to moan and moved her thigh and was rubbing his cock with her thigh so he moved his hand down and under her dress and rubbed her thigh as it got higher she got shirty., just then Tina shouted something similar followed by that’s it I’m out of here, come on Sharon we’re going. With that Tina stood up and dragging Sharon with her started to walk off the fields

As we all left the field with me moaning and groaning that they had had at least a kiss I had got nothing, Phil entered his house who lived opposite the entrance to the field mike and martin walked off down the street in the opposite direction to my house and I walked towards my house with Sharon and Tina, when we were out of ear shot I asked Sharon if her offer was still on to which she replied definitely where are we going and what about Phil, I said no problem looked at my watch and said phils house will be empty for another couple of hours. Tina stopped walking , turned to me and gave me a full lingering kiss on the lips with tongues and everything, before pulling away taking my hand in hers and said what are we waiting for before walking to phils house and up his entry to his back door, (no pun intended as he lived in a terraced house).

We gently knocked politely before letting ourselves in, Phil was sitting on his sofa, with his T shirt off but he still had his shorts on and was gently stroking his bulge through his shorts. Tina still had some wine left, Sharon had finished hers, and both Phil and I had some woodpecker cider left. Sharon sat on the sofa next to Phil I sat on a chair at right angle to the sofa and Tina sat on the arm of the chair I was sitting on. Tina immediately put her right hand round the back of my neck and pulled my face into hers, and our lips parted allowing our tongues to intermingle, I immediately raised my right hand to her left breast over her dress while she lowered her left hand to the bottom of my t shirt and started to pull the hem upwards and over my head, I parted our lips to allow Tina to pull my t shirt over my head before lowering her head once more to lock lips again. Just before our lips locked I glanced over to the sofa to see Phil and Sharon locked tightly in an embrace with mouths mashing together and phils right hand completely up Sharon’s skirt and inside her knickers so with his arm bunching the skirt of her dress round her waist and her knickers s clearly on display. Her right hand had disappeared down his shorts and was clearly making up and down movements as she stroked his cock.

Tina moved off the arm of the chair to kneel in front of me , finished off her wine in one go, before resuming to kiss me, before slowly kissing her way down my torso taking her time to kiss and tongue my nipples before she reached the waist band of my shorts and reaching inside released my cock from the constraints and gently licked the head, swirling her tongue around the head , before engulfing the as much as he could into her mouth and applying pressure she started to bob her head up and down the length of it. I reached down and put my right hand down the neck of her dress and inside her bra to play with her left breast. My attention was diverted by a low moan from Sharon has I looked across I saw that phils shorts were now mid thigh with his cock on display with Sharon’s left hand a blur of activity wanking it, while Phil had pulled the gusset of her knickers to one side and was using his thumb to stimulate her clit while finger fucking her with both his middle and fore fingers, as Sharon’s moans intensified I couldn’t help but feel jealous and really wanted to be the one who was giving her all that pleasure. I made a mental note to take my own pleasure as quick as possible from Tina so I could get in on the act with Sharon, and with that moved both my hands to the back of tinas head and started to buck my hips in time with the movements of Tina’s mouth, as I did this in no time at all I could feel the spunk start to rise from my balls , so whispered that I was going to cum, Tina whispered through gritted teeth “good in my mouth, do it now, give me your spunk.” I was soon spurting 3 thick loads deep into Tina’s mouth , she kept her word and kept her lips firmly wrapped around my cock as it twitched for the last time, Tina then withdrew her mouth from my cock and smiled and looked me straight in the eye and opened her mouth to show me the white , creamy spunk resting on her tongue, she closed her mouth and shuffled round on her knees to squat in front of Sharon and Phil and leant forward and putting her left hand behind Sharon’s neck pulled her face into her own and shared a long deep kiss with both tongues swapping back and forth between their mouths. It was then that I noticed, that Sharon’s left leg had been pulled across Phil’s lap and his fingers had been replaced by his cock pummelling into her pussy. As their lips parted they both started to giggle and Sharon called Tina a dirty slag, as Tina let her left hand drift down Sharon’s body right down to her pussy and cup Phil’s balls as his cock was thrusting hard into Sharon’s pussy. Tina adjusted her body so her head was at the same level as Sharon’s and Phil’s groin, she dipped her head and began to flick Sharon’s clit with her tongue with the same rhythm as Phils thrusting.

I was sat there finding the whole scene unfolding between my eyes very erotic , and sat there with my shrunken cock and balls in one hand and a bottle of cider in the other, when I found Tina’s rump staring up at me and got an idea, so I moved off my chair picked up the empty wine bottle off the floor, pushed Tina’s dress up over her waist, pulled her knickers down to mid thigh, and pushed the whole of the neck of the bottle between her pussy lips, she let out a moan and said it was cold, but too fuck her with it, so I did. The whole eroticism of this scene started to make my cock stir and a couple of minutes later was back to full stiffness, Tina was still licking Sharon, who was moaning away from the double assault when Phil’s breathing got faster and heavier and suddenly let out a groan as he came , as he did so his cock slipped out of Sharon’s pussy , Tina stuck her tongue out to collect his spunk as he shot out some good thick spurts, Tina used her tongue to lick Phil’s spunk into Sharon’s pussy. By this time I had replaced the wine bottle with my cock was thrusting into her pussy as hard and fast as I could, when I looked down and saw my cock pistoning back and forth, but also the little brown rosebud of her arsehole, I raised my right hand to my mouth and sucked my middle finger into my mouth, giving it plenty of lubrication before pushing it into her arsehole and wriggling it about I was quite surprised to find that I could feel my cock thrusting in and out of her pussy with my finger through the thin membrane of her flesh, , I withdrew my finger and had picked up my empty cider bottle and was going to insert it into her arsehole, when Tina lifted her head away from Sharon’s pussy and said lets go upstairs and finish this properly.

We all agreed that it would be a good idea to go upstairs to the bedroom, everyone stood up so Phil could lead the way, I took the opportunity to shed myself of my shorts and Y fronts as did Phil, so we were both naked except for our socks and trainers with Tina still in her dress and panties, Sharon had her summer dress on although totally unbuttoned and her bra pushed up around her neck and her panties lying on the floor. although I was disappointed to have to stop fucking Tina, I was determined to have a go at Sharon first once we were upstairs, we all piled into the bedroom Tina took her dress and panties off before pushing Sharon onto the bed on her back before walking to the side of the bed and climbed on top of her in the 69 position, both Phil and myself were standing at the foot of the bed watching the 2 girls enjoying their selves , we both had rock hard cocks, instinctively I reached out with my right hand and slowly started to wank his cock, Phil never took his eyes off the bed and made no reaction to what I was doing, after a minute or so I dropped to my knees and took phils cock in my mouth and slowly began to suck him, wrapping my lips tightly round his shaft, swirling my tongue all around the head of his cock licking his pre cum up , Phil let out a low moan alerting the girls, who had been too engrossed to notice what we were doing this just increased my arousal, and my desire to make Phil cum even sooner. Tina then reached around and grabbed my cock from behind and gently began to start wanking me, I began to find it hard to concentrate on Phils cock with the feelings I getting from Tina. So I released his cock from my mouth, turned round on my knees to find I was at the right height to push my cock straight into Sharon’s pussy as she was lying on the bed with her legs hanging over the edge with Tina kneeling over her facing her pussy, , I shuffled forward 2 or 3 inches and pushed my cock straight into Sharon’s pussy, Tina was holding Sharon’s lips apart with her fingers as I slid in and out of Sharon’s pussy with my cock after about a dozen or so strokes I slipped out but instead of sliding straight back in Tina grabbed it and took it to her mouth and began sucking all of Sharon’s juices off. While this was going on Phil had walked round to the head of the bed and climbed on board behind Tina, and unceremoniously rammed his cock into Tina. After a couple of minutes of swapping between Sharon’s pussy and Tina’s mouth (Tina was struggling to maintain a rhythm as she was being slammed from behind by Phil) I could feel the familiar tingle as I felt my spunk rising spurred on by the moaning of both Sharon and Tina and soon spurted another load that night as I buried my cock right up to the hilt into Sharon’s pussy as I felt the contractions of her pussy muscles milking my cock.

My cock was soon shrinking as I withdrew from Sharon’s pussy, as I did I Tina took into her mouth one last time and licked it clean, as she moaned and groaned her way through a massive orgasm, brought on by Phil fucking her. Once my cock had been released I stood up and moved away, and watched Phil continue fucking Tina as Sharon licked and sucked his balls, It wasn’t long before he groaned and collapsed on top of her as he unloaded his spunk inside her . It was very erotic watching his spunk drip out of Tina’s cunt onto Sharon’s tongue as she started lapping at Tina’s pussy lips. Again after a few moments Tina was screaming out another orgasm, only to be interrupted by Phil as he reminded us his parents would be back soon. We gathered up whatever clothes were upstairs before heading downstairs and getting dressed properly,. Once dressed Tina gave both myself and Phil a big kiss and turned towards Sharon and said that was fun will after do it again soon, as we were shown out by Phil, Sharon said with a broad smile, it was a pity mike and martin couldn’t behave themselves, perhaps next time. With that we left Phil’s house and headed home. I entered my house first as I was about 50 yards in front of them, I wanted to talk over with Sharon but she went straight upstairs to the bathroom to clean up before heading home.

The next morning once I entered Sharon’s bedroom once Helen had got up, and asked her if she was serious about mike and martin, she just shrugged her shoulders and said maybe if it felt right at the time, but she knew Tina would be interested. I told her I didn’t know if I could handle that as I was extremely jealous watching her with Phil last night. She said she understood and was sorry I felt like that, but we weren’t in a relationship and she was s free woman, to do what she wanted and with whom she wanted. This devastated me and left her room in tears and spent the next hour or so in tears lying on my bed. Helen came in to my bedroom and laid on the bed to comfort me, she kept asking what was wrong, but I couldn’t tell her as I wasn’t aware that she knew about Sharon and myself, let alone Tina and phil. As she put her arm around me and hugged me she let slip that she knew about Sharon and me.

Next time myself and Helen.

Rating: 95%, Read 97610 times, Posted Mar 30, 2011

True Story | Group Sex, Incest


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