Revenge on Sis-in-Law by eye_peep

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Fantasy | Anal, Rape, Voyeurism

Hans was engaged to Sola, they were to be married in the near future, but until that time, Hanz spent much of his time at Sola's home. Under that roof, Hanz got along well with the family, but one sister, Cynth, was a real bitch. She was well liked because of her looks and personality, but Hanz knew her insincerity and there was a mutual dislike. The subtle animosity would spill over as times Cynth would run her mouth too much for her own good.

Cynth was a stunning physical beauty that had long brown/black hair that fell over a tanned body. 5'4'' and 105lbs, she was slim, slender and had legs that were long and bronzed. She didn't have much of a chest, but her overall athletic build gave her an edge of raw sexuality/energy that made you stare at her firm, tight ass as she walked by. Despite her physical beauty, Hans never liked her as a person. She was very opinionated and based many ideals on pure subjectivity. Her mouth was always open, gaping for the world to see, Hans would devise a plot to humble this bitch and make her eat her words.....and more!

The plan was set, since Hans spent much of his time at Sola's home, he had a spare key made so he could come and go as he pleased. He knew that Cynth was at home until the afternoon most days as everyone else was off at work. Her daily schedule would be that she get up, eat and then take a shower before heading off for classes. The plan was set, Hans would wait for everyone to leave and while she takes a shower, enter the home unsuspectingly and let his own primal urges take over.

The next day, the plan was like clockwork. The family left for a day's work and Cynth's car was still in the driveway. After waiting a bit, Hans decided to enter the house via her backdoor! As he entered he heard the upstairs t.v. on and someone eating, 20mins passed as Cynth shuffled from the kitchen to her bedroom getting ready for her morning shower. He crept up the stairs and positioned himself for the first phase of his dark fantasy.

He could see into her room from the livingroom. She was getting undressed and singing in the mirror. Cynth was a bit of a narcisist, admiring her lovely lines and toned body. Her tank top popped off and revealed her small pert titties. Walnut brown and bigger than quarters, her nipples complimented her skin. She seems a bit embarassed by their size, but she plays with them and pushes them together trying to imagine how her body would look with a bigger rack on her incredible chassis. The songs pushes along and she jumps on the bed in only her thong now and gyrates to the music, kind of like how a stripper would grind to the music. "Oh my gawd" Hans thought, she was actually dry humping to the beat and moaning. This little slut was pretending she was riding cowgirl on some ficticious cock; "just wait baby, fiction becomes reality!" Finally, she finishes the song and jumps off the bed and removes her thong. Out pours a thick black thatch of pubic hair. It doesn't seem to be trimmed, but is growing in an upside down triangular shape and covers much detail as far as Hans could peep. He hides behind the wall as she skips off to the bathroom nude to cleanse herself of filth.

The shower commences and phase 2 kicks in to place. The main washroom has a main entrance from the hallway and a secondary entrance from the master bedroom in an indented corner in the bathroom. Hans tried both doors and found they were both locked. So he picks the secondary door and proceded to enter the washroom under a cloak of secrecy. Peering around the corner and off the mirror he can see her lathering up, soaping her tiny figure and foaming up her hair. "Ahhh" Hans thought, "she does trim the hedges". After her cleansing ritual came the razors. She carefully shaved the outer edges of her pubic region, being ever so careful, each stroke revealed more and more of her slit and lips. Her fingers were meticulously prepping and stretching her soft area making sure everything was smooth to her (his?) touch. In his twisted mind, everything was done for his approval, this whole show of stripping, showering and shaving was for his own sinful pleasure and he would make her pay for the viewing fees!!!

The shower ended and he ducked back behind the corner, phase 3 was inches away, his heart was pounding and penis pulsating at the sites he has enjoyed. Stroking his cock, he could hear the glass door slide open, he could picture her drying herself off and her thinking how this day would be like any other. Stupid, stupid bitch! Wrong again as usual, but instead of a war of words, his "sword" will defile what he wanted to shut all along, her asshole.

As she stepped out of the shower, she had her head wrapped in the towel to dry off her hair. Hans quickly appeared from behind the corner and wrestled both wrists and handcuffed them behind her back while forcing her on her face and knees. She screamed, but was muffled by the fact that the towel was still draped over her face, he quickly tied a loose knot around her whole head to conceal himself from her eyes. Now bound, hooded and on her knees, she was finally vulnerable for a proper reBUTTal. Oh, she was glistening from her shower, still moist from the steam which meant Hans didn't need lube, her ass was for the taking. High in the air, her ass begged to be violated and he obliged. Cynth let off a loud scream as he inched his cock into her ass. As much as she could imagine sex, she never could have collected the stretching and tearing that this act could promise. Hans moved his dick all the way in, trying to enlarge her very tight area. He pulled it out and she exhaled with a whimper, there was great difficulty in breaking her ass. Instead, he pumped his cock in and out of her pussy for a minute, she was gasping the whole time, trying to determine whether to scream or bask in the pleasure. Then, without hesistation, Hans pulled his cock out and rammed his sword deep inside her asshole with one stroke. She pierced the air with her shrills, but he stuffed her mouth full of towel. Pumping in and out of her ass, he could feel the tight squeeze on his manhood. Grabbing her cheeks and spreading them wide, he could see the effects of his 6in. penis on her tight little shit hole. There was no regret or remorse in his actions, her moans were a metronome for his thrusts. Hans thought of making her anus the size of her mouth, big, gaping and full of stuffing. As he pulled out, he could see that her ass was obliterated. He could see deep in her cavity and her rectum was blown wide open. With this, he stroked inside and exploded with great fury into her inner sanctum. Streams of cum spewing from his cock into her ass, he wasn't even sure if she was still conscious, but he was moaning in delight. As he pulled out, drips of cum were going from his tip into her ass. He could see that much of it was gone, probably deep within her ass (it'll be inside her for days). Satisfied of his revenge, he carried her off to bed and unlocked her hands.

Days after, Hans met Cynth and she seemed almost in a stupor. Apparently she had awoken much later in the day and felt something had happened (her ass hurt), but at the same time felt dreamlike and repressed some of the events. For now, she is a victim of her reality/fantasy and will never know the better, but if her mouth matches her ass again....LOOK OUT!

Rating: 68%, Read 45703 times, Posted Mar 29, 2005

Fantasy | Anal, Rape, Voyeurism


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