A Good Kind Of Trouble by drewz

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A Good Kind of Trouble

I was driving north on Interstate 35 as fast as the governor on the blue Mack would let me, the 8 inch dual open exhaust pipes snarling with the Cummins powered song in my ears as I crossed the south Texas prairie land trying to make San Antonio to stop for the night. The air conditioner was doing its best to keep me cool in the 100 plus degree late July evening, and failing at its task.

I’m John Murphy, and I have made the Chicago to Laredo run once a week for the past six months, and it sucked. The north end of the run wasn’t so bad, having grown up near Chicago until I joined the Marine

Corps out of high school and spent 12 years traveling to such exotic places as Beirut and Mogadishu, where a sniper got lucky 9 years ago and put a round through my back before my squad mates sent him to his maker and 70 virgins, or whatever the fuck it is in his version of Heaven.

The south end of this run was the one that was the worst. I would bring a trailer of auto parts to the terminal in Laredo, and spend two hours in the service lane while the maintenance people would replace the missing tail lights and once, four missing tires from the trailer going across the border to wherever in Mexico. Then I’d head north with my trailer loaded with engine blocks bound for Detroit or Toledo.

The best part of this run is the sunsets in Texas, with the sun burning red against the desolation of the wide open ground, turning everything brilliant shades of red and pink before slipping below the horizon.

After nearly a year recovering and rehabilitation, I answered an advertisement in the newspaper and went to school to learn how to drive these big rigs without hitting anything and the intricacies of the 11 hour, 14 hour, and 70 hour rules to stay legal in the logbook. I was hired by one of the large companies and drove a company truck for two years before deciding I wanted to drive for myself, not the man. So I bought this year old Mack and leased my services back to the large company for the convenience of finding the next load and the deep discount of upkeep on the truck. I’m not going to become a millionaire doing this, but that’s fine with me. I didn’t grow up rich, and I wouldn’t know what to do with a million anyways. It’s too bad Carrie hadn’t seen it that way.

Carrie was the “one that got away.” We had gotten married right out of high school before I went to boot camp. Two years later, after she had cheated on me with the high school quarterback, we divorced. After 18 years, the pain of heartbreak was still there as fresh as ever, taunting me at night like my worst enemy.

A red warning light on the dashboard snapped me back to reality. The charging system had just given out its last ampere for the batteries. With it getting dark, it wasn’t going to be long before the three batteries would be dead from the lights draining them. I grabbed my cell phone from the holder on the dash, and flipped it open to call the breakdown line. The no service indicator on the display was flashing.


I thought. I looked ahead through the windshield and saw an exit sign ahead.

As I pulled onto the exit ramp, the engine died.

‘Damned electronics,’

I thought. I pulled to the side of the ramp and set the brakes. I got out of the cab and went to the side box to get the flares out. By the time I had walked to the end of the trailer, I was soaked in sweat.

‘This sucks,’

I thought as I set up the flares to warn other drivers. I walked back to the truck and grabbed a bottle of water and a cigar from the cooler. I sat down in the grass beside the truck and lit up.

I had finished the cigar and stood up to get back in the truck when I saw the blue lights of a Texas Highway Patrol Crown Vic flash. I walked to where the car was parked. The driver stepped out and I could see in the fading light that the driver was female. As she walked closer to where I stood I could see that her face was beautiful and her brown hair was tied up with one of those elastic things. I could also see that even with the Kevlar vest she was wearing, she had a spectacular body.

“Everything all right?”

She asked with a Texas drawl.

“Well, besides the batteries are dead on my truck and my phone carrier deciding that south Texas doesn’t need any service, I guess everything is all right,”

I replied with a smile. Her laughter sounded melodic.

“That’s a good way to put it,”

She said when she caught her breath.

“So, do you need to call someone, or is someone coming to help?”

“I need to call someone, Ma’am, unless you know someone that can fix this thing. That would be all right as well.”

“I actually do know someone; I’ll give them a call.”

“Thank you so much, but I need to let the company know what’s going on.”

“Sure, no problem, we’ll take care of that,”

She said as she dialed her phone.

After she called the repair truck, she handed her phone to me.

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“You’re welcome. My name’s Katherine, but everybody calls me Katie. When you say ma’am, I want to turn around to look for my mother,”

She said smiling as she held out her hand.

I took her hand and shook it. Her skin was soft and I could almost feel her heartbeat in it.

‘Wow’, I thought.

“My name is John, but everybody calls me Murph, and I’m pleased to meet you,”

I said as I dialed my dispatcher’s direct line.

“If your phone carrier charges you for this call, I’ll reimburse you for it.”

“Don’t worry about it, John; I’ve plenty of minutes on my plan.”

I was about to say,

‘I insist’,

but Jeff, my dispatcher picked up at the other end. I let Jeff know what happened and that there was help coming. Jeff told me it would be all right as long as the load was in the Chicago yard by 0300 Monday morning. I told Jeff it should be there by then, and hung up.

I thanked Katie as I gave her the phone back, and then asked if she needed to see any paperwork for a report. She said that, unfortunately yes, she did.

“That’s no problem, Miss Katie. You’re doing your job,”

I said, then went to the truck to get what she needed. As she was writing down the information, I asked her,

“How long have you been with the Highway Patrol?”

“I’ve been with them for 4 years after my enlistment in the Army was through.”

I laughed and said,

“The Army? I knew there was a flaw somewhere to you!”

“Oh, let me guess: Marines?”


She stuck her tongue out at me, and then laughed.

“I must say, I’ve never seen a Marine that wasn’t full of themselves, and I still haven’t.”

We told each other of our military experiences; her time in the Military Police, and mine in every dirty hotspot our commander-in-chief sent our military. I told her about being discharged after Mogadishu, and then asked her why she left the Army. Her mood darkened and she snapped,

“I was tired of it.”

I knew that I touched a raw nerve, so I let it drop.

About that time, the wrecker from the repair shop showed up. Katie said hello to the driver,

“Kenny, you’re too damned old to be on the truck.”

“Well, Katie, I can’t trust the young pups I’ve got in the shop to not scratch my baby, so I’m out here. I’ll have you hooked up in a few minutes, sir, and then we’ll head for the shop, all right?”

I told him all right. I turned back to Katie and said,

“Well, I thank you for all your help, Miss Katie, even if you are Army.”

“Somebody has to have the superior intellect, Devil Dog, and it just so happens to be ME!!”

She laughed. She handed me a business card and said,

“If you know how to use a computer for other than looking for porn, my e-mail address is on there. I assume the Corps taught you to read, correct?”

“They even taught me not to scratch my ass or pick my nose in public, Pogue. You be safe out here, all right?”

“You do the same, Devil Dog,”

She said as she shook my hand. She got in her car and drove away. I got up in the wrecker and Kenny drove us away. As we drove south back to Laredo, Kenny said,

“You got more smiles out of Katie in five minutes than anybody has in four years, Driver. I’m thinking she’s a little touched by you.”

“Is she that tough, Kenny? She didn’t come across that way.”

“I don’t know what happened when she was off in the Army, but she came back something was different, and not in a good way. I’ve known her for all her life. Hell, I’m her godfather; I’ve known her family for a long time. Something bad happened to her, and she won’t talk about it. I worry about her. She’s the daughter I never had. Look, you don’t know me from Adam, and I don’t know you either, but I’m asking for a favor, a huge one. She needs you, if only to talk to her. Talk to her, be her friend. I want the happy, sweet Katie I knew back. You understand what I’m saying? I love that little girl, but she won’t let me help her. I’m asking you to help her. No, I’m begging you. Please help her find herself again.”

Kenny had tears on his face by now.

I swallowed the lump in my throat, and said,

“All right, Kenny. I’ll try to help her. And my name’s John, by the way.”

“God bless you, John. You’re a good man, even for a Marine.”

We arrived at his shop and Kenny had one of his mechanics look over my truck.

“Your alternator is bad. It’s an easy fix, but we have to send to Dallas for the part. It won’t be here until tomorrow evening, though. I’m sorry, but it’s the best we can do,”

The mechanic said.

Kenny said,

“I’ll drive you to a motel, if that’s all right. Go get your gear, John; we’ll head out when you’re ready.”

I called Jeff and told him the news, then grabbed some clothes, shaving kit and my laptop, and then Kenny drove to a motel. He waited until I was checked in and had my room key.

“You know, Katie has tomorrow off. Be ready at 8 and we’ll have breakfast, okay?”

“All right, Kenny, I’ll see you in the morning.”

He shook my hand and said,

“Thank you, John. You have no idea what you’re doing means to me and her family.”

“Kenny, I’m not going to make you any promises, but I’ll do my best to help.”

“That’s all I can ask, John. Sleep well, amigo.”

“Thanks, Kenny. Good night.”

As I walked to where my room was, I thought,

’What the hell have you got yourself into this time, Murph?’

I set up my laptop and powered it up. After making the Wi-Fi connection, I opened my email program and sent Katie this:

Dear Miss Katie:

I thank you for your assistance this evening. I was worried that I would have had a long uncomfortable wait for somebody to finally assist me with the mechanical problem, so I am eternally grateful for your timely arrival.

You are a shining example of our law enforcement community and I’m glad to have met you, even under the circumstances.


Sincerely, John Murphy

I sent the email and closed the program.

I awoke the next morning at 6 and made some God-awful hotel coffee while I watched the news tell of more doom and gloom, which left me in a pissed off mood before I took a shower. After showering and getting dressed, I checked my email. There was one from Katie. I opened it and it read:


I am pleased to have met you. If everybody I have made contact with through this job were as nice as you the job would be so much easier.

Even if you are a Devil Dog.


I laughed.

‘Damned pogue’,

I thought.

‘You’re silly.’

By this time it was 7:45, so I walked to the lobby to wait for Kenny. He showed up ten minutes later.

“Morning, John. How was your room?”

“The bed was lumpy and the coffee sucked. Other than that, it was like every other motel room I’ve ever spent an evening in.”

“Well, then you wouldn’t mind spending another night here then? I spoke to Dallas before I came over and they don’t have your alternator in stock. I can have Jeremy rig up a different alternator, but it will take a while with the rewiring. Or I can order the part from Atlanta, but it will take another day to overnight it. It’s your choice, John.”

“Ah, Hell; let me call the company to get my load. I’ll get the next one from the yard. Go ahead and order it up from Atlanta, Kenny. I’ll wait.”

I called Jeff to set up the pickup. By this time we pulled up to the restaurant and went inside. Katie was already seated as we walked in. She was wearing a yellow polo shirt and tight blue jean shorts.

‘Damn!! She’s smokin’ hot,’

I thought.

“Morning, Katie, how are you?”

Kenny said as she stood up to give Kenny a hug.

“Hi, Uncle Kenny, I’m fine. Well, hello John. So what is keeping you in our fair city, Devil Dog?”

She said as she shook my hand.

“And good morning to you, Pogue, your uncle here can’t fix my truck because the part has to come from Atlanta, so I’m here another day,”

I said smiling.

“So, you’re stuck here for a day waiting. Well, Devil Dog, you are lucky, because this is my day off. So you’re coming with me and I’ll show you around. And, no you don’t have a choice. I’ll teach you some manners yet, Marine. Just remember to not pick your nose in public, or scratch your butt, okay?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I won’t be an embarrassment to you, I promise,”

I said. We ordered breakfast and Katie and I discussed what we would be doing today. After we ate, Kenny said that he had to get to the shop and left. Katie and I walked out to her black 1968 Mustang Mach I.

“Nice ride, Katie. “

“Thanks. Kenny bought it for my graduation present and we worked on it that summer before I left for the Army.”

She was smiling until she said Army, then her smile disappeared.

‘Great job, John,’

I thought.

‘You were doing all right until then, dumbass.’

We drove in silence until we got to Wal-Mart, where we bought items for a picnic. After we carried our purchases to the car I said,

“I’ll be right back, I forgot something I needed.”

I went inside and bought a white carnation and came back outside. When I got in the car, Katie said,

“What did you do this for, John?”

“I wanted to thank you for taking your day off to show me around, Katie. This is above and beyond your duty, and I wanted to show my appreciation.”

‘And to bring a smile to your pretty face,’

I thought.

She smiled and gave me a hug. She whispered,

“You’re a hell of a man, John, one hell of a man.”

As I held her I could smell the scent of her shampoo and I could feel the warmth of her back.

‘I could hold her in my arms forever,’

I thought. Finally she broke our hug and said,

“Let’s go, we’ve a lot a ground to cover.”

She started the car.

We drove to her house, a large two story brick one.

“They must pay you pretty good on the Highway Patrol, huh?”

I asked.

“No, silly Marine; this was the house I grew up in. When Daddy died, Momma gave it to me before she moved out by Doctor’s Hospital.”

“Oh, I’m sorry for your loss.”

“It’s all right. He fought the cancer long and hard, but it won in the end. He’s in a better place now.”

“I understand. My grandmother fought it until the end. It’s been twelve years and I still miss her.”

“I miss him too.”

We carried in the groceries and she gave me a tour of the ground floor. She told me where to find a cooler to put the food in while she went upstairs to change. I put everything in the cooler and when I was finished I looked up just in time to see her come down the stairs in a long grey T-shirt. Her legs were long and slim, a vision of beauty. I could see a hint of her firm ass covered by the bikini. I said the first thing that came to my mind.


She blushed and said,

“Easy there, Devil Dog.”

“All right, Pogue, I swore I’d behave. But you’re making it damned hard for me to keep my promise.”

She walked to where I was in the kitchen and said,

“I’ve been wondering why you call me Pogue.”

“Well, Katie, when I was in Boot Camp, there was a DI teaching us recruits how to field-strip our weapons. He said

‘The manual says that the M16 can be field stripped in five minutes. The manual was written by an Army pogue, a Marine can do it in three!’”

She burst out laughing and laughed until there were tears in her eyes.

“Oh God, that’s funny! Damn!!”

When she could catch her breath, Katie said,

“There’s a pair of shorts in the cabinet in the downstairs bathroom that should fit you, and could you grab some towels to take with us please?”

We loaded the car and drove a few miles to the lake and got everything out. After we ate, Katie spread out a towel and took off her T-shirt. When I saw her flat stomach and her C-cup breasts, my mouth went dry.

“Stop staring, you perv!”

She laughed at me.

“Can’t help it, you’re beautiful,”

I croaked. Blushing, I hung my head.

She moved to where I was sitting in the grass, took my face in her soft hands, pulled my head up gently and looked in my eyes. I got lost in her soft brown eyes and I never wanted to be found.

“You really think so?”

I put my arms around her and kissed her gently. My heartbeat was hammering in my ears when I broke or kiss.

‘Oh dear God, what did I do?’

I thought.

“Katie, I’m-“

She kissed me with passion, her tongue slipping in my mouth, her arms around my neck. She moaned in my mouth. She broke the kiss and said,

“Shh, baby. I’ve wanted to do that all day. Let’s just let this flow wherever it goes, nothing serious okay?”

“Sure, babe, but on my end it would be so easy to fall in love with you. Just so you know, okay?”

Katie smiled and said,

“Sure, John. Like I said, wherever this goes. And just so you know, I could fall in love with you so easy,


“Even though I’m nearly ten years older than you; I mean I’m not exactly a man that has to beat the women away with a stick?”

“Baby, it wouldn’t matter if you were fifty years older than me. You’re sweet, kind, gentle and you look pretty damned good to me, even with the EGA(Eagle, Globe and Anchor, the Marine Corps emblem) tattoo on your shoulder.”

“And you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met in my life, Katie-doll,”

I said as I kissed her tenderly.

She broke our kiss and said,

“Mmm. I like Katie-doll better than Pogue, Johnnie.”

“And I like Johnnie better than Devil Dog,”

I said as I kissed her again.

She turned and sat in my lap with her back against my chest. I wrapped my arms around her stomach as she laid her head against my shoulder and softly kissed my neck. I shivered in ecstasy when she did that. I could feel her smile as she said,

“Are you ticklish there, Johnnie?”

“No, baby; just turned on.”

She wriggled her ass in my lap and felt my hardening cock and said,

“Ooh, yes you are!”

I chuckled and said,

“If you keep that up Katie-doll, I’m going to break my promise to behave.”

She giggled and said,

“Maybe I want you to, Johnnie.”

I slid my hands up to cup her firm breasts. She gasped and whispered,

“God, yes Johnnie. It’s been so long.”

I caressed and softly squeezed her tits and felt her nipples harden under my fingers. She moaned and arched her back as I played with her nipples. Her left hand moved down inside her bottoms as she started to play with her pussy. Her breath was ragged and she was moaning softly. Suddenly she stiffened up and gasped,

“Oh Johnnie,”

As she came. As she came down from her orgasm I pulled her closer and held her. Her right hand wrapped around my head in my hair as she kissed my neck softly. As she fell asleep in my arms I silently vowed to protect this sweet woman with my life if I had to.

After a while I could feel her eyelids start to flutter as she awoke. I kissed her cheek and said,

“Hi, sweet thing. How was your nap?”

“Hi, baby, it was wonderful,”

She said.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m hungry. Shall we eat our picnic lunch?”

“Sure, baby, I’m hungry too.”

We got out our food and ate, joked and laughed with and at each other for a while. Then Katie crawled over to me, kissed me and whispered,

“Johnnie, you are an amazing man. How is it that there’s not a Mrs. Murphy?”

I looked down and said,

“There was a Mrs. Murphy once, we married right out of high school before I went to boot camp. She meant the world to me. After boot camp and Infantry School, I was sent to Korea for two years. While I was gone, the high school football star who was my best friend started coming around. A week before I returned home I received divorce papers in the mail. After that, I threw all my energy into completing the missions that were assigned to me. It didn’t matter where the Corps sent me; I swore to never return home again. Until the mission that almost killed me.

"I was in Somalia, leading a routine patrol when a sniper with an old Lee-Enfield got lucky and put a round in my back. I only stayed in the Corps because I didn’t want to face the reality of having lost everything that meant anything to me. Lying in that hospital gave me a lot of time to face that reality, and for a long time I swore I’d never love anybody again. But I realized that being alone is not the best way to go through life.”

“Johnnie, she was a fool to do what she did. You deserved better than that,”

Katie said softly.

“And you’re right, being alone is no way to go through life.”

She sat next to me and said,

“I’m going to tell you something that I haven’t told anybody else, because I’m ashamed. I was a MP in the Army. My roommate had a boyfriend, an officer, a married one. She was tired of all the games, and told me one night she was tempted to call his wife and tell her everything, even though it would have ruined her career in the Army as well as his.

"The next night I was on duty and she went out with him. She didn’t return home. Her body was found three days later. Even though I told CID(Criminal Investigative Division) my suspicions, they didn’t ask him any questions. They eventually let the case go cold; it’s still unsolved. I KNOW that officer had something to do with her death, but I didn’t do anything about it. I let that murderous bastard get away with it. I FUCKING WALKED AWAY, JOHN!”

She screamed the last at me and broke into tears.

I pulled her into my lap and held her as she cried. Katie’s arms wrapped around me tightly, holding on for dear life. Her face was buried in my shoulder. My heart broke for my darling Katie-doll and the tears began to fall.

“It’s all right now, baby. I’ve got you; just let it all out,”

I said softly and kissed her head. My mind was running at 90 miles an hour.

‘Well, Murph, now you know why, so how the fuck are you going to fix this?’

I thought.

Finally Katie looked up at me.

“I’m so sorry John, I didn’t mean to fall apart like this,”

She said. I kissed the tears away and said,

“Nothing to be sorry for, darling. I know it took a lot of strength to talk about it. I might have an idea how to bring him to justice, but I need to make some phone calls and talk to some people. For all I know, they’re going to tell me that there’s nothing that they can do, but I’m going to try, okay?”

“Why are you doing this, John? You barely know me,”

Katie said.

“Because even though we’ve just met, I care about you a lot, babe, and I’m going to try to take the hurt off your hands and make this world a better place for you, all right? I’m doing this for you,”

I replied.

“You don’t have to do this, John.”

“You’re right, I don’t have to do this, and I want to do this. You deserve to be happy, not ashamed for your actions. Let me take care of this, you’ve carried this burden for too long along, okay?”

With a tear in her eye, Katie said quietly,

“Okay, babe. Thank you, Johnnie.”

I kissed her and said,

“Don’t thank me yet; I haven’t done anything yet and I may not be able to do anything.”

“You gave me hope, John; something that’s been in short supply for me lately.”

She hugged me then said,

“I don’t know about you, but it’s getting damned hot out here. And I owe you some pleasure from earlier, babe. Let’s pack up and go home, what do you think?”

“Yeah, it’s pretty hot out here. And I enjoyed giving you pleasure, darling, you don’t owe me anything.”

“Oh Johnnie, you have no idea how good you’re going to feel when I get done with you. Besides, I want to.”

Katie said with a sly grin on her face.

I raised my head to the sky and said,

“Lord, give me strength!!”

Katie laughed and said,

“You’re going to need it, you Devil Dog, because I’m an Army of One!!”

I shook my head and smiled.

‘Now you’re in trouble, Murph,’

I thought.

We arrived at Katie’s home and unloaded the car. I told Katie I needed to make a phone call. She said,

“Okay, but hurry. I’m going to rock your world, Johnnie.”

“Well, don’t get started without me, Katie-doll,”

I laughed.

I went to her office and picked up the phone. I dialed the number.

“Good afternoon, General Murphy’s office, Sergeant Harrison speaking,”

Came from the phone.

“Hey Danny, its John. Is Stumpy in?”

Daniel Harrison laughed and said,

“Hello, you crazy Mick. Yes, the General is in, I’ll transfer you.”

Twenty minutes later, after giving Aloysius ‘Al’ (or Stumpy to his younger brother) Murphy, Aide to the Army Chief of Staff all the information he needed and wishing him and his family well, I hung up the phone.

“Oh, Katie!”

I sang out.

“Get your ass up here, John. I hope that phone call was worth it,”

Katie yelled down the stairs.

“Oh, when you have family in high places in the Army,”

Running the last two words together making it sound like duharmy,

“I think it was.”

I climbed the stairs and found Katie in a pink bedroom with a canopy bed. Katie was lying naked on the bed facing away from the door, allowing me a view of her spectacular ass. I stopped in the doorway and stared with my mouth hanging open. Katie turned her head and saw me staring and said softly,

“Like what you see, babe?”

I cleared my throat and said,

“Hell yes I do.”

She turned over and said,

“How about now?”

“You’re beautiful, Katherine.”

Her C cup breasts were capped by dark pink areole and large nipples that were standing proud. Her dark brown pubic hair was trimmed into a thin strip. I could feel my cock getting harder by the second.

“You look pretty good yourself, John, but you’re overdressed. Come to me so I can take care of the problem, babe.”

I somehow got my feet to move across the room to where she laid. She moved to her knees on the bed and I wrapped my arms around her. I could smell the sweet scent of her arousal and feel the smooth softness of her skin on her back and the underlying muscles of her back. I felt her lips tracing a line down my neck and again I shivered, which made her giggle. I could also feel her hands working the buttons on my shirt. When she finished her hands slid across my chest softly; this slid the shirt off. I kissed her earlobe and sucked it, which made her shiver. I chuckled and moved down her neck with soft kisses which made her moan. Now her hands were tugging at the drawstring to the shorts I was wearing. She untied it and moved down inside and found my hard cock. We both moaned in pleasure when she did. Katie looked into my eyes; I could see the fire of lust in her eyes.

“Lay down, lover. I need to taste it,”

She growled.

I dropped the shorts and got on the bed. Katie crawled to where I had laid down. She looked like a tiger stalking its prey. She kissed the head of my dick softly. I gasped from the pleasure. Katie looked directly into my eyes as she took my entire 8 inches into her mouth. Her tongue was caressing my length as she moved her head up and down my shaft. Very quickly I could feel my balls tighten up indicating my orgasm.

“Baby, I’m so close,”

I said. She looked me directly in the eyes, and then winked her left eye. That set me off.


I yelled as I shot my cum into her mouth. She swallowed all of my goo, and then licked the remainder off my cock. Katie crawled up to my head. I kissed her tenderly tasting my seed.

“Was it good, Johnnie?”

She asked.

“Damn, Katie-doll, you know it was,”

I said as I pulled her close. Her head was on my chest and her left hand grabbed my cock and started stroking it slowly. She looked up at me and said,

“Johnnie, you’re the greatest man I’ve ever known,”

Katie whispered.

“Katie-doll, you’re the greatest woman I’ve ever known,”

I replied with a catch in my throat. I thought.

‘I couldn’t give her up for anything. God help me, I think I’m falling in love with her.’

“What’s running through your head, babe?”

Katie asked.

“Just that you’re very special, Katie,”

I said. Katie kissed me and said,

“And so are you.”

By this time, her work on my cock had made it hard again.

“Mmm, Johnnie, looks like you’re ready.”

She straddled my hips and aimed the head of my cock for her pussy. She crouched down more and I

slipped into her velvet depths. I growled,


As I slid further inside her. Katie’s eyes rolled back in her head and she screamed as she came again. She pitched forward and I caught her and held her as I slowly moved my dick inside her. She moaned with pleasure as I bottomed out with each stroke inside her now very wet pussy. She rose up and began to fuck me with purpose.

“Uh. Oh. Fuck. Yes!”

She moaned as we fucked each other. Her pussy had my cock in a vice-like grip as we fucked. I moaned,

“Katie, I’m going to cum,”

“In me, Johnnie, give it to me!!”

My balls were boiling, then with a roar I came. I shot so many spurts I lost count. Katie was cumming with me.

“JOHNNIE!! Fuck!!”

She screamed. She collapsed on my chest.

We lay in each other’s arms, breathing like we ran a marathon. Finally, Katie looked up with a smile on her face and said,

“That was fuckin’ incredible, Johnnie.”

I replied,


We both laughed. Katie laid her head on my chest and we fell asleep.

A while later, my cell phone rang. Katie had rolled off my chest and was sleeping beside me. I crawled out of bed and picked up the phone; the display had a D. C. area code on it. I answered it.


“Hey there little brother, it’s Al. Got some news for you.”

“Hey Stumpy, what do you have?”

“Well, there’s a shitstorm rolling through CID as we speak, a few agents are getting their asses run through by the JAG(Judge Advocate General, the military version of the District Attorney) Corps and the bad guy is in custody. He’s already made a full confession to the murder and a few more assaults against women; seems he gets his kicks from beating women. He’s looking at life in Leavenworth at least. Tell Miss Rodriguez it’s all over. JAG corps said they will not ask her to testify, they have her sworn statement made to CID that someone didn’t shred. Tell me one thing, John. Why are you involved in Army business anyway, you Devil Dog?”

“Because she’s a friend, maybe more, Al.”

“Well, it took you long enough to get back on the horse that threw you, little brother. Good for you, John!”

“Yeah. Thank you, Al. You have no idea what this means to her. Or me.”

“You’re welcome, John. Treat that woman good, okay? She has to be pretty goddamned special to get to you, John. Don’t let her get away.”

“I won’t, Stumpy. Take care.”

I hung up and looked to where Katie was still sleeping. I smiled and whispered,

“I love you, Katie-doll.”

Katie awoke and stretched out on the bed.

“Johnnie? Where are you?”

I crossed the bedroom to her and said,

“I’m right here, Katie-doll. It’s all over, babe. They have him in custody and he’s made a full confession. My brother Al just told me the news.”

Katie jumped off the bed and hugged me tightly.

“Oh, John, thank you! Thank you!”

She began to cry. I held her as she sobbed quietly. Finally she looked up at me. I kissed the tears away. She took my face in her hands and said,

“You know you’re my hero, even if you are a damned Marine.”

“Oh, hell, sweet thing, I’m just a man.”

Her face took on a very serious expression as she said,

“A man who made a difference, John, and don’t you ever forget that.”

She kissed me then said,

“And one hell of a fuck, too!”

I laughed and said,

“I had a very willing and capable partner in you, Katherine. I have to make a confession to you. You, dear lady, were the first in 18 years for me. I’m glad I waited that long.”

“Well, darling, you’re not going to have to wait that long again if I have anything to say about it. And I think I do,”

Katie said with a sexy smile on her face. She took my hand and said,

“Come on, let’s go clean up. There are a couple of things we need to do.”

She led us to the shower. I turned Katie around and washed her hair.

“You’re spoiling me, Johnnie, I could get so used to this,”

She said. Katie washed my hair, and I said,

“I think you’ve found your calling if the Highway Patrol thing doesn’t work out.”

She laughed and said,

“You’re an asshole, you know that?”

“Guilty as charged,”

I laughed.

We got dressed and got in her car.

“Where are we going, babe?”

I asked.

“You’ll see,”

She replied.

We made our way downtown to the plaza. After she parked, we walked to San Agustin Cathedral. We went inside and Katie lit a candle for her friend. She kneeled, bowed her head, crossed herself and said,

“Dios, por favor, tenga a este hombre, John Murphy, seguro. ? trajo el asesino de mi amigo a la justicia y ?es el hombre que amo. Favor de traer de vuelta a m?e forma segura. Am?”

(God, please keep this man, John Murphy safe. He brought my friend's killer to justice and he is the man I love. Please bring him back to me safely. Amen.)

She crossed herself again and stood up. She took my hand and we walked outside.

“Katie, can I ask what you prayed for?”

I asked quietly.

“I asked God to keep you safe and to bring the man I love back to me,”

She replied. She stepped in front of me, took both hands and said,

“God help me, I love you, you damned Devil Dog.”

I pulled her into my arms and kissed her tenderly, then said,

“I love you too, Katie-doll, always, you silly pogue.”

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