Unfolding Ends by Engulfed+Insanities

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Fiction | First Time, Hardcore, Horror, Rape, Young

In then, the Beginning.

“ Man was made from not but a grain of sand and his companion and savior made of marrow and blood.”

-- Old Saying

Marshall, Minnesota

The soft hills of rolling grass and farmland during the early spring year was nothing short of amazing. The sky half covered in clouds let the air kiss the skin with cool lips. The smell of the night’s embrace of rainfall was welcomed. The rainfall was good Hamilton thought. “Nothing like spring tears to wash away the sins of the sinner“ he muttered with blood gushing from his neck. He couldn’t feel the rain, or grass, but he could feel the insane amount of pain raging an unholy storm throughout his body. He wasn’t done yet he thought and climbed to his feet with a hand around his throat… he was going to finish this.

Five months prior…

Hamilton was an average built man with nothing much going for him. He rested idle in a job that paid well enough and content in a world that could exist without him. He had a daughter and a wife, both very beautiful and clearly an oddity in Hamilton’s life as he was a selfish man. There was little desire in him to ever have a family, and yet he somehow attained one. He didn’t have resent for it, but neither did he have any love for it. That was the beginning of the end for Hamilton, for in just the length of less than a year he would find himself broken, alone, and twisted because of his inability to take concern where it was demanded.

Carole was a slightly petite woman, and pretty average in body tone. Her fake gold hair was softer than it appeared and flowed with grace to the length of her shoulders. She had a mouth on her on as large and loud as her opinionated mind. Fiercely intelligent and just as fierce on the social playing field it was a mystery as to why she would find a dull square witted man with the social standards of a five year old to be her husband, and a mystery it would remain. Perhaps it was nothing more than from a biological point of view Hamilton was strong, able to be of some use in the bedroom, and easily pushed to do anything she could ask for. In her younger years she was an eye catching minx who always quieted her sexual appeal, and her alpha female status made her untouchable by most males, and those that would dare even ask for her name were often left standing bum drunk out of luck. Being thirty five didn’t quiet any of her prowess. She held a job as a nurse at a reform school for girls.

Her daughter, Mille was a tall leggy fourteen year old with the physical and intelligent attributes of her mother, but she retained her father’s social awkwardness. She wore her hair short that cut off nicely between her ears and neck. Her big blue eyes could melt the coldest of hearts, and her soft seraphim voice would make even the gods quiet for a moment to hear just one word fall from her lips. Mille was developed appropriately with the early years of puberty setting in without apology.

It was during the month of May when it all began. Mille was outside playing with Sticks, the family’s large mutt. Sticks was an odd dog as he was a mutt but very large and powerful. He had the face only a mother could love and mirrored that of a stone gargoyle. They found him as a pup in the rain three years ago. Him and Mille were close. It was not unusual to find them paired up playing in the park, or backyard.

Her mom and pops were working so she was left on her on her own for roughly the better part of three or so hours in the afternoon right after school each day with the exception of the weekends. She would occupy herself by playing with the only friend she had, Sticks. She would also draw when she wasn’t watching the television or playing games with Sticks.

This particular day she wore a small summer sky blue dress which had her small nipples visible through the thin cloth poking precariously out from her dress. She was a beautiful little girl. Her tall form a lengthy shapely heavenly form graced the green blades of grass that kissed her back as she laid next to her dog rubbing his side gently as he napped lightly in the summer sun. Her soft green eyes lazily blinked as she hummed a soft almost silent song. The two lay in the grass in a world of their own. A world perfect without the floggings and abhorrent truths the world of adults seem to embrace.

She laid there for a while watching Sticks sleep, his black hair on his chest would heave heavily; she thought perhaps Sticks was having a good dream, or a bad one… Probably a good one she thought. She pulled herself to her feet and headed into the house leaving Sticks to dream.

Sticks dreamt. He dreamt of all the good things a dog could dream of, and dreamt of all the terrible nightmares a loved family pet could conjure. The subjection of unapologetic and unconditional love from the youngest of the Hamilton pack conjured a deep feeling of want and protection in Sticks. One could argue perhaps the dog was in love with the barely maturing teen. Humans and their “best friend” for centuries been close and affectionate with one another and the bound between Sticks and Mille was no different if a little stronger.

In his good dreams he played with Mille in open fields chasing rabbits and whatever item the little girl would throw for him to catch. In his bad dreams he would be alone and lost without any idea where Mille was and often towards the end of the nightmares he would hear her cry and whimper as if in pain inside a house that looked like hers but far more darker and evil. Sticks would often awake from these nightmares and immediately howl for Mille in the night, and she as always would peek her head out half asleep from her window and say something. Whatever it was she said, he found comfort in her soft voice, and was always relieved to see her soft brown hair flowing against her pretty face. He continued to dream.

Mille walked into the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water from the faucet. She continued over to the living room and turned on the tv. She flipped endlessly through the channels. There must have been hundreds of them, and more often then not she was blocked from watching anything above her parents rating restriction program. She was stuck between old eighties re-runs, Sponge Bob and the news. None of which interested her.

She rolled off the couch and crawled on her hands and knees to the DVD cabinet. She noticed that her dad’s section with the lock was left opened for the first time. There wasn’t much inside the secluded corner with only a small DVD binder inside chock full of strangely blank disks. Curiosity took the better of her and she pulled the first DVD out of the sheathe and continued onto the player… What she saw she was in no way prepared for.

There in front her with the empty ugly glow the tv screen she watched a girl barely older than she squirm on some unknown white tile floor naked and crying. She bad blonde hair that looked soaked and wet. She had large hazel eyes and porcelain skin that made her the tips of her breasts a bright pink-red. Mille’s mouth dropped open and her eyes widened with shock, fear and disgust. The camera tilted and flew into the girl’s face, she scream and yelped as if struck. A man’s voice broke the whimpering cries of the girl, and Mille couldn’t understand what he was saying or what language was being spoken.

The tears in her eyes made Mille shiver in fear. Mille was afraid for the girl on the screen, and scared of the man who spoke in an unknown tongue. She watched in horror as the man’s hand grasped the young girl’s neck and pulled her up from the floor and into the air holding her there while she whined and choked for air and her body clenched and twitching. The man said something and slammed the blonde against the tile walls. The motion of the camera unfocused and fell when it did she heard the girl gasp for air as the man’s hand released but just as quickly she squealed in pain.

The screen glowed with the girl facing the lens of the camera pleading quietly for god to hear her prayers for release. Her small perky breasts were then fondled by the man behind the lens as the girl was pressed up against the wall. The man screamed a word and the girl screamed in horror and pain. The girl was being pummeled mercilessly all she could do was scream and writhe in unimaginable pain the man fucked the girl without abandon. Mille could do nothing but watch the screen.

The girl’s soaked blonde hair stuck to the tiled wall with the back of her head slamming into it. The man grunted with heavy forceful thrust into the girl’s body trying in vain to bring his penis to the hilt inside the girl’s little pussy. The girl clenched her teeth trying to deal with the absurd amount of pain being inflicted inside her as her sweet pink insides were being torn asunder by a raging red dick.

She tried pushing him away with her small arms pressing her hands against his chest and this only excited the man inspiring him to thrust harder and deeper into the girl. Tears rolled wildly off her checks. The man moved in and licked the tears off then gave her a hard non-receptive kiss, then continued his onslaught.

She screamed arching her back against the wall; wailing out for anyone her hear cries of pain. He fucked her fast and hard. Her little breasts bouncing wildly as he did without mercy.

Then it stopped suddenly. The man had stopped his brutal rape of the blonde and the screams of the girl quieted into crying whimpers. The girl began to fruitlessly hit at the man, he laughed and wrapped his powerful hands around the girl’s throat again. Lift her up and slid her sweaty squirming body up the wall. He then pulled the camera to get a full image of the girl’s body. Her small pussy dripped with blood and cum. It ran down her lengthy legs and dripped onto the floor. Mille watched as the lens came closer the girls gushing pussy and it showed a battered little fuck hole open and a gaped oozing blood and the white cream of cum. She noticed that the girl’s body had stopped squirming.

The man took noticed as well, he uttered something in disgust and threw the limp form on the floor. The camera then came around revealing the face of some strange man scowling into the lens. The sight of him made Mille yelp in horror at the sight of him. He turned the camera back on the blonde’s body and stayed focused on her. Mille began to cry. Then the girl moved slightly. Her feet shifted on the floor, and she came to life again gasping and whimpering. The man responded with a laugh. He moved the camera to her crying face, and slowly the screen faded to black.

“End of Episode708-- A Killing” white letters streamed across the screen.

Mille sat on the carpet of her living room floor and did not know what to think, or do after having watched a fifteen minute clip of a budding teenage blonde girl being brutally raped. She didn’t notice the titles of the next episode run across the screen, “Episode709-- Raging Interruption”.

Her developing mind was not meant to be subjected to such unholy horror. The evils in the world were always meant for the world of men and women not little girls entering puberty. She was confused and scared. She cried softly. The image of that girl’s face haunted her. Just as the next episode was starting she rushed to the DVD player ejected the disk and quickly placed it back in the holder and into unlocked cabinet.

She scrambled into her bed room and sat at her desk. She began drawing. The images of the girl and the hand of that held her unfolded ugly from crayon and pencil. She stopped crying as she drew. Her eyes were wide and dilated; focused and afraid. She drew and drew of nothing but of what she had just witnessed.

Sticks was having a nightmare about his most loved. She was afraid and being hurt somewhere but he could not find her. He woke up with the sun lazily hanging over the horizon and the grass was cooler than when he went to sleep and Mille was gone. She probably went inside to watch TV or draw… However the actually likeliness of it being the case he could sense there was something wrong with Mille. He barked with his tail erect expected her to pop her head out from the house. Nothing. He began to panic and barked wildly as he rushed inside the house looking for the girl. He found her at her desk but did not turn around to meet him instead she sat furiously drawing.

Sticks whined to no avail. Something was wrong with Mille. He nuzzled against her leg and finally she noticed him. She said something and fell to the floor hugging him. She held him so tight it hurt, but he did not yelp or whine. He tried licking the side of her head as she whimpered. She clung to him like the world was about to end.

Carol was the first to arrive home. Mille was outside in the backyard sitting next to Sticks. Carol dropped her purse on the table and went outside to say hello to her little girl. She sat next to Mille grabbed her and gave her a light hug. Mille was the love of Carol’s world. She was the only thing that made any amount of sense in the world, and the only person worth loving. Something was a little different about her little girl.

“Is everything okay Mille?” she said to the girl.

Mille turned to her mom. She looked into her mom’s greens eyes and lied. “Everything’s okay mama”, and the beginning of the end had begun to unfold.

(to be continued)

Rating: 68%, Read 27795 times, Posted Jun 20, 2008

Fiction | First Time, Hardcore, Horror, Rape, Young


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