Kim Comes Home by Janetiamher

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True Story | Female, Lactation, Lesbian, Male, Written by women

In this chapter, I will be dealing with Kim my long time girlfriend returning. It had been a little over six months since I had seen Kim. For those of you who may not know Kim or have forgotten about her I will refresh your memories. Kim and I grew up as best friends, we went all the way through school together until Kim got pregnant her senior year.

Kim and I did everything when we were growing up together. We experiment with sex on each other before either of us had been with a boy. Kim was my first true love. I loved the fun we always had together, staying at each others places on weekend sleep over’s. Kim had a well-developed body by the time we were sixteen and seventeen. I loved my alone time with her back then, I loved to see those big tits of her bouncing in her nightgown as we sat on her bedroom bed.

We would talk mostly about what one of us had found out about sex. I believe that we were in the eighth grade when this story took place. Sometimes we would show the other a new way to get ourselves off as well. One of the ways Kim showed me was in the bathtub. No one was home at her house one Friday night while I was sleeping over.

“Lets take a bathe together Janet,” Kim said with a smile. “I have something to show you as well,” She added.

Kim was always showing me something or doing something to me. I rather looked up to her, as she knew so much more about her own body than I did. I guess you could have really called me Kim’s toy back then. As she was always doing something to me or having me, do something to her.

We entered the bathroom and Kim poured some water into the tub. We both already had nightgowns on so there was not much to take off. I slipped mine off first by just pulling it over my head. Kim danced in front of the mirror and I stood there watching Kim as her body, well her big butt swayed this way then that way as she pulled it over her head.

I could see my reflection and I saw two tiny tits and a straight as a bean body with long skinny legs. Where as looking at Kim’s body I saw big bouncing tits with big puffy nipples, back then they were like derby hats at the end of her tits. I believe they were right around 36 C’s if I remember right. Kim’s body was chucky but not fat as her waistline was still thin back then. Below her cute belly button was a line of hair that led to an already hair covered pussy but not very hairy yet as it became later in her life. I stood there staring at her body as she danced. Kim saw me staring and she turned to me.

“Janet, you can kiss me if you want too,” Kim said as her arms went around me.

We had been practicing kissing for some time now getting ready for our first kiss with a boy. Hell at that time in my life I was not even thinking about boys. Besides what boy was going to want to kiss a nerd like me at the time. Back then, all I ever thought about was Kim. How lovely she was or how good I felt when we hung out together.

Kim put her arms around me and our lips met, I felt dizzy and this warming between my legs. Anytime Kim touched me, I got that same feeling almost as if I had to pee. I never told Kim about it for fear she would think I was a lesbian and I knew she still liked boys. Kim would mash her big tits into mine when we kissed.

I loved having her big boobs pressing tightly against mine. As Kim and I stood there kissing I ran my hand up to one of her tits. I rubbed my hand gently along the side of it. I wanted to get both my hands on her tits is what I wanted to do. I broke our kiss as my hand was still on her tit.

“God Kim, your fucking tits have gotten even bigger than last week,” I said as I stepped away from her body.

I reached up and I took both of her big breasts into my hands. She did not back away so I figured it was OK for me to be feeling up her breasts. I started to run my hands in circles all around those big boobs of hers. I ran my hand under them lifting them to feel the weight of her big puffy tits. Kim just moaned softly as I rubbed her tits.

“Mmmmm Janet that feels good,” Kim moaned out as she stood there as I felt her boobs up. “Kiss my nipples, Janet,” Kim added as she moaned more.

I lowered my face to her tits where I used my tongue on her nipples instead. I licked at one then the other going from one to the other. Kim moaned as she brushed her hand in my long blonde hair. I started to kiss at her nipples however, Kim pulled hard at my hair.

“Lick my nipples, Janet it felt better,” Kim said more as an order than just asking me too.

I suppose you could say that was when I became her toy to use how she wanted. I did not care as long as I could play with her and be with her. I went back to licking at her tits and at her nipples. I flicked my tongue across her nipples making them pull away from those little derby areolas she had back then.

Her nipples were huge back then as well, I took one into my mouth and I sucked at it as I ran my hand under that boob. I suckled on her whole tit as I caressed it. I felt Kim’s hand going between my legs. I felt her fingers slipping through my pussy lips before she slipped one into me.

“Janet, you’re wet already,” Kim said as she rubbed hard at my pussy.

I just kept sucking on her tits as Kim slipped a finger into my pussy. We stood there like that for a while then Kim told me that she had to show me something. Kim got into the bathtub and lay on her back in the water. Kim reached up and she turned the water on telling me she liked it just a little warm. She scooted her body up forward until her hairy pussy was right over the water faucet.

The water poured from the faucet hitting her right on her hairy pussy. Kim started to rock her pussy in and out of the waterfall. I cold see the force of the water was splitting her big pussy lips apart. Kim started to pump her pussy at the water coming from the faucet as the water hit against her clit.

“AHhh OHh, Janet this feels so good like some one is massaging your pussy,” Kim moaned out.

Kim closed her eyes and I watched as she had an orgasm as the water splashed against her pussy and on her clit. I had two fingers up my own pussy finger fucking myself as I watched Kim cum in the tub while the water hit her pussy. Kim climbed out of the bathtub.

“Your turn Janet,” Kim said as she reached for a towel.

I got into the tub and I positioned myself as Kim had been. I put my hairless pussy up into the falling water. Kim was right it felt wonderful as the water fell against my pussy. I saw Kim reach up and she turned on more of the hot water. It felt even better with the hot water up more. I closed my eyes and I thought of Kim as an orgasm raced through me.

“AHhhhhh KIM,” I moaned as I pumped my pussy up toward the falling water.

When my orgasm was finished, I got out of the tub and I grabbed a towel to dry off. Kim was sitting on the toilet as she was peeing. I looked at her and smiled as I heard her pee hitting the water. Kim gave me a hard look.

“Go ahead Janet stick your hand into my pee you know you want too,” Kim said from the toilet.

I went over and I reached down between the toilet seat and her hairy pussy with my hand. When my hand reached under her, Kim left, go a huge torrent of piss all over my hand. It warmed my whole body as it splashed onto my hand. I was enjoying it a little too much so I pulled my hand from under her pissing pussy.

“Taste my pee, Janet,” Kim said with a wicked smile on her face as she stared at me.

“NO,” I yelled back.

Kim looked at me as she said, “If you don’t Janet, I won’t let you spend the night with me again and I will not be your friend anymore,” Kim looked like she meant it as well.

I brought my pee-covered hand to my face, I stuck my tongue out and I ran it over my pee-covered hand. It did not taste that bad in fact I rather enjoyed it. I licked and sucked at my fingers getting all of her pee from them. I looked at Kim as I sucked the last drop of her pee from my fingers.

“Janet you’re sick,” Kim said with a smile and a laugh.

“But you told me to do it, Kim,” I replied looking at her.

“Would you do everything I told you to do Janet?” Kim asked me as we walked from the bathroom.

Kim was in front of me so she could not see me as I shook my head yes. I enjoyed it back then Kim telling me what to do, especially if it was doing something to her. I was thinking I would do anything you ask me especially if you asked me to lick your pussy out right now. We had done that a few times and I loved it when Kim would sit on my face. I loved to taste her pussy; I wanted to do that right now.

We went into Kim’s bedroom and we sat on the bed. We talked a little bit then Kim told me she had something to tell me. Kim asked me if I had missed her on my walk home from school today. I told her yeah I did but she had told me she had to stay after school today.

“Janet I lied to you today,” Kim said as she looked at me.

That was the first of her many lies Kim was to tell me later in my life. Kim told me that she did not have to stay after school today. She told me that a boy had asked to walk her home. Kim just sat there with glassy eyes as she stared at me.

“Who was the boy Kim?” I asked her as I moved closer to her.

“John, he is a grade ahead of us, you know the one we see during lunch sometimes,” Kim replied.

Oh, the football player, the one you told me that you would do anything to be his girlfriend. Hell all the girls were after this one boy at the time but he always seemed not that interested in the girls during this time. I know why now, because he was fucking his aunt and cousin.

“Did you guys do anything on the way home from school?” I asked Kim.

“No, he just carried my books that was all, oh and he kissed me,” Kim replied with a little laugh.

‘You kissed him,” I yelled out.

“Janet you sounded jealous,” Kim, said looking at me.

I was but not of her kissing John but of John kissing her. Kim had never kissed a boy before that day. She had only done kissing with me. I asked Kim if it was as good as we thought it would be kissing a boy. Kim told me it was even better than we thought.

She told me it was as if electricity was coursing through her body when he put his arms around her and kissed her. I scooted over to her side of the bed. I put my arms around her and I gave Kim a big long drawn out kiss.

“Was it as good as that,” I asked as I smiled at her.

“Oh yes,” Kim replied as my heart sunk.

At that very moment, I knew I had just lost my first love. I also figured I had just lost my best girlfriend to a boy. I sat there thinking how lonely it was going to be when Kim stopped hanging around with me. At least I had lost her to a very handsome boy I thought.

Yes, I even had my eye on him however, at the time there was no way in hell that boy would ever like me. I was just like all the other girls at our school dreaming of him every night. I used to finger myself almost every night to sleep thinking about him.

Kim was sitting there on her bed with her eyes closed feeling up her own big tits as I watched her. I knew she was thinking about him and not me. To be truthful I was a little sad that night because I knew someday that my friendship and fun with Kim would have to end.

Kim and John started to hang around together a lot more. The two of them would go for bike rides through our town and to the lake. I was surprised when they left me tag along most of the time. John never really said too much to me but I would catch him staring at me from time to time. I always thought he had been thinking I sure wish she would leave us alone when he stared at me; I never knew that he was interested in me.

That was the reason I became interested in football. John loved to talk football and my dad feed me all the right answers and questions to ask him when I was with Kim and John. Kim was never interested in the game so she did not mind me talking football with him.

When John was a freshman in High School, he saw Kim when he could and I had figured when the summer time came the two of them would go off leaving me behind. However, when summer came John was not around a lot. I know now it was because of his cousin Gina. Kim had also noticed that John seemed to have lost interest in her around that time. John did not call her as much nor did he come around as he had been.

I would go over and spend the weekend with her when John was not around that summer. I loved it because she was mine to play with most of the summer. However, Kim really hated that John was not around her. I know because she would tell me all the time how she missed being in his arms. Kim would tell me about all the fun they had together and in doing so, she would make me very horny. We would be sitting in her bedroom at night and she might say something as I miss him licking at my pussy.

“Janet, crawl between my legs so I can close my eyes and think of him,” Kim said as she lay back onto her bed.

Like her obedient bitch slave, I would crawl up between her legs and part that hairy pussy of hers. I would stab my tongue up into her pussy and lick it for at least an hour. Kim had to be in charge as well, if I was not licking her pussy right she would pull at my hair or just use my hair to pull me to the spot she wanted licked. At the time, I loved it as I got what I wanted back then and that was just being with Kim.

John and Kim were an on and off item. John seemed too really like her and cared about her. However, I had seen him with many other girls during our days in High School. I did not care as I was still having a great time with Kim and it just got better when she shared John with me at the drive in that one night.

My transformation going into my senior year at High School changed my life as well as a lot of stuff. However, Kim still had to be in charge and she got meaner toward me as well. However, I had it coming after all my senior year in high School I had taken her boyfriend from her. Well I should say that John just changed girlfriends. Kim turned down right ugly against me back then.

I should not really have said it like that, but it was the truth. Kim was hateful to me even during our fun with John; she always had to be the one in charge. Some times, she would even belittle me in front of John and I would let her get away with it. However, I was a very different person back then compared to what I was now. Because now I ran and lived my own life, I was in charge.

However, I wanted her to go back to the way she used to be. I wanted that fun loving, warm, charming Kim I grew to love. The Kim I used to lay beside every weekend before boys came into our life. I wanted the loving caring Kim who always made me feel wonderful. However as the time for her return approached I wonder who was going to show up loving Kim or was Kim going to return as Kim the bitch.

The last week of July, Kim called and told me she was coming home. She told me she was looking forward to seeing me as well as John. Kim told me she had missed us very much. Kim knew of the fun I had been having with DeRonda and she was looking forward to meeting her. I had not told her anything about Gina. I should have but I did not.

The day of her returned started out very nicely as I awoke John to get up for his morning football practice. The alarm went off and like always, it wakes me up and not him. I turn it off and as I look over at him, I see the man is laying on his back as his morning wood turns our bed sheet into a big tent.

I peeled the sheet back down off his body. My own body tingles as I look upon this blond Greek god lying next to me. I just stare at him thinking how lucky I am to being here next to him. I took my hand and I rub it over his big muscular arms, then over his manly chest. I ran my fingers down across his six-pack abs; I ran my fingers through the hair above his cock. I move in our bed so that I am looking up to him as I tap at the head of his cock with my finger. His cock dances each time I touch the head.

I wrap my hand around his cock. I squeeze it lightly feeling that lovely meat in my hand. My mouth drools as I lower my head to his cock. I took just the tip of my tongue and I ran it around the head of his dick. My pussy started to twitch as I got a taste of his pre-cum as it started to form at his pee hole. I pumped my hand on his cock as I lower my mouth down on it; I sucked at it as I work my mouth back up his cock.

I look and I can see his eyes are rocking underneath his closed eyelids. I wonder if he is dreaming about me as I work my mouth up and down his cock. My pussy feels like it is on fire as it burns with its need for a cock. I give his cock a few more pumps with my hand before I decide my pussy wants his cock.

I get up and I straddle him, I ease my hairless pussy down onto his cock slowly and gently. I finally have all his cock up inside my pussy as I sit upon him not moving. I look to his face; his eyes are still rocking back and forth under his closed eyelids. I smile to myself for I have mounted him without waking him.

I slowly start to rock my body back and forth on his cock. His cock is hard and throbbing deep in my pussy as I grind myself a little harder onto his cock. I moan softly as I start to move myself up and down on his cock. John morning wood always feels very good in my pussy. I start to rub at my own tits as they bounce as I ride on his cock.

The man is still asleep as I start to pinch my nipples. I twist at my nipples as I go back to riding on his cock. I start to feel that John is bucking upward against my pussy each time I move my body down onto his hard throbbing cock. I look to his eyes again, they are moving wildly underneath his eyelids as I ride his cock. I wonder just how he is fucking me in his dream as I grind my pussy down hard onto his cock.

John lets out a slight moan as I feel his hands go to my tits. He gives them a tight and hard squeeze almost too hard. I close my eyes as my pussy explodes on his throbbing cock as an orgasm comes over me. I rock back and forth on his cock as his hands play with my tits. I hear him moan some more.

“AHhhh, I am going to cum KIM,” John says in his sleep

My orgasm had me lost in my own little world that was until I heard him say that. I felt his hands leaving my tits as I opened my eyes to see that his eyes are fluttering open as his cock shoots his cum deep up into my pussy.

“Janet, is that you,” John said only half-awake.

“NO IT’S KIM,” I yell as I spring from his cock.

I jump from the bed and as I am running down the hall to the bathroom, I can feel his cum running from my pussy. His cum that he had wanted to give to KIM, I am thinking as I enter the bathroom. I slam the door as I sit down on the toilet and I begin to cry.

John enters a few minutes later and he said, “I am sorry I will not lie to you I was dreaming of Kim.”

“How could you John you hate Kim?” I sob out to him.

John lifts me from sitting on the toilet to where he is holding me in his arms and he replies, “Janet you were in my dream as well, you were under Kim licking at her pussy as I was filling her full of my seed,” “I do not hate Kim I just do not trust her Janet that is all.”

John slips into the shower to get my sticky pussy juices from him before he goes off to football practice. I am standing with a towel as he steps from the shower. I dry John off with the towel as we talk a bit more.

“You know Kim is coming home today,” I said to John.

“Yeah, I know that was probably why I had that dream,” “It was weird Janet,” John replied as he looked at me.

“What was weird?” I asked as I dried at his cock.

“Kim in my dream she was a very loving and caring person except for…” He replied then stopped.

“Except for what, John, tell me?” I asked as I felt his cock give a little twitch under the towel in my hand.

“Kim she was really fat and I mean fat,” John replied as he shook his head. “I have to stop eating pizza before bedtime.” John added.

John went off to morning practice and he told me he would be home later as he had to go see his dad about something after practice. I told him OK and I gave him a deep passionate kiss before I sent him on his way. The phone rang no sooner than he got out the door.

“Hey girl, I am back,” Kim said on the other end of the phone.

“Hey girl, bring your ass over here then,” I replied.

Kim said, “I thought maybe I should call first in case John did not want me around, I know he hates me and…”

I stopped her as I said, “John does not hate you so don’t even think like that, now get over here girl.”

Kim told me she was on her way. It is about a half hour drive so I had just enough time to shower. I was in my robe drying my hair when I heard the knock at the door. I took a deep breath and I walked to the door. I looked out through our peephole, I saw a rather large plump girl standing there with her back toward the door.

I opened the door to see this rather large plump girl with her back to me turn toward me. I was shocked as I looked into her cute face and I saw it was Kim. I greeted her just as I always would have. Our arms went around each other; hers slipped nicely around my body while mine barely went around hers. We stood there hugging at our apartment doorway.

“I have missed you very much Janet,” Kim said as her hand rubbed at my face.

“I have missed you more,” I replied with a smile.

Kim’s plump luscious lips went to mine. Her kiss was not like an, I have missed you kiss but a deep passionate kiss. Her arms went around me as her tongue entered my mouth. Kim squeezed me against herself as I felt those lovely big tits of hers pressing into mine. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths as we kissed deeply.

I finally broke the kiss as I said, “Well come on in and let me check you out,” as I usher Kim into the house.

“Well, there is a lot more of me to check out,” Kim replied giving me a smile of her own.

Kim stood in front of me as my eyes fell upon her body. Kim had on a low cut top and a short jean skirt, not a mini but one just cut mid way down her thighs. Kim had those huge fucking boobs spilling over her top. Her boobs rather looked like two bald men’s head sticking up and out from beneath her top.

I went back to her face. Kim’s face was a little rounder but still just as cute as ever. Kim’s brunette hair was short and spiky instead of curly. My eyes went back to those lovely big tits of hers. Kim breasts had to have doubled in size.

“Damn girl your breasts are really FUCKING huge now,” I said as I gave Kim a smile.

“They are only 44 DD’s,” Kim replied as she cupped her hands under each breasts as she bounced them up and down with her hands.

My eyes went down to the jean skirt that Kim wore. Kim breasts were not the only thing that had gotten bigger. Her waistline was more than I had ever seen it before. Below her skirt, I could see her wide thighs and shapely legs covered in nylons. Kim’s thighs and legs were still shapely and they did look lovely in her nylons.

“I can wear thigh highs now as they stay up on my fat thighs now,” Kim said as she raised her skirt to show me.

“They are not fat Kim,” I replied as I looked at just how fat they were.

“It’s OK Janet, I know I have some work to do to get my body back in shape,” Kim said as she sat down onto the sofa. “Here check this out too,” Kim added as she scooted to the edge and parted her legs wide.

There under Kim’s skirt was her big meaty pussy, two large lips hanging down just like it always had. However, Kim’s pussy was completely shaven. Her pussy was smooth and shiny. Kim told me they shaved it when she had the baby, she added she did not know whether to let it grow back or not. This had been the first time she said anything about the baby she had.

I never asked her about the baby when I talked to her on the phone or in any letters to her. I thought it was, hard enough giving the baby up. Kim took a hold of my hand as she told me she had a lovely baby boy. Kim told me that she only got a quick look at him before they took him away to his new parents. Kim smiled at me again as she patted my hand.

“I bet he was a lovely boy and he looked just as lovely as you,” I said as I took a hold of her hand.

“To tell you the truth Janet he looked a lot like John,” Kim replied as her other hand went on mine.

My face went white as my smile turned into an open mouth. My heart rate went skyrocketed off the charts. Kim looked at me then away from me, before she turned back toward me smiling.

“Got you Janet, I was only joking,” Kim said as she started to laugh. “The baby looked just like my brother,” Kim added. “But enough about me,” “Look at you girl.”

“Still looking sexy and so innocent,” Kim said as she brushed my hair back from my face with her hand. “So what you been up to girl?” Kim asked me.

I told her not much really just hanging out with John and his aunt from time to time. I thought about telling her about Gina but I figured I would wait awhile on that. Kim took a hold of my left hand and she looked at my fingers.

“You mean that man has not placed a ring on here yet,” “What the hell is he waiting for?” Kim asked as she tilted her head to the side giving me a smile.

I just smiled and told her someday I hoped that he would. Kim told me that she was sure that he would. Kim asked me if John was excited about football season this year. I told her that he had been working out at his aunt’s house almost every day since the end of last season in a brand new weight room she had built.

“Wait until you see him Kim he is so handsome and well built…” I said but I stopped as I realized she already knew that and besides she may still have some feelings for him. Kim sensed why I had stopped.

Kim looked at me as she said, “My dear Janet, John is your man and only your man,” “He will always be a small part of me however he does not hold me in his heart nor do I hold him in mine any longer,” as she smiled at me. “Besides I am sure that John would not touch me with a ten foot pole after the way I have treated you both,” Kim added as the smile left her face.

I had been looking into her eyes as Kim had told me that. Just the way the words rolled from her lips and the look in her eyes, I knew Kim meant what she had said. I was sure that I could trust her around John. At least I hoped I could.

“So does John hate me?” Kim asked as she hung her head.

Kim sat there beside me with her head looking at the floor. My god I never thought I would see the day that Kim hung her head down low. I felt sorry for her myself as she looked down at the floor as she spoke.

“I know he thinks I am a BITCH and he is right.” “The way I treated you and tried to break you guys apart just so I could be with him.” “I felt you both had betrayed me when in reality it was I who betrayed you two, the best friends I have ever had,” Kim said as a stream of tears ran down her sides of her cheeks.

I took my finger and I raised her head up as so many people had done to me as I scooted over to her. I took my hand and I wiped away those tears that were streaming down her face. I wrapped my arms around her, hugging her tightly as I rubbed my hand up and down her back.

“It’s OK Kim, I understand why you did what you did,” “It all in the past and it is alright,” I said as I held her.

“No it is not alright Janet,” “I am surprised you even still want to be friends after how I acted,” Kim replied between her sobs. “I am truly sorry as a true friend would never have done what I did to you.” “I will understand if you do not want me as your friend ever again or if John does not want me around you,” Kim added, as she looked me in my eyes.

“A true friend would let you get away with doing that stuff and still be your friend,” “A true friend is forever,” I replied to Kim as I drew her closer to me.

I placed my lips upon hers as I gave her a deep passionate kiss. The kiss was to let her know it was all right. Kim wrapped her arms around me and she kissed me back with more passion than she ever had before. My tongue sought out hers as our kiss went on for a few more minutes. My pussy throbbed as our tongues danced in our mouths. Kim broke our kiss, as she looked deep into my eyes.

“You better stop kissing me like that, Janet,” Kim said as she wiped her tears away.

“Why is that Kim?” I asked as I gave her a smile.

“Because I have not had sex for six long months,” “I am a little on the horny side especially in that you are only in a robe that keeps showing me your tits and pussy,” Kim replied with lust in her eyes.

I smiled as I said, “Maybe we had better take care of that first,” as I gave her my evil little grin.

I took Kim by the hand and I led her back to the bedroom. I told her to get comfortable as I slipped my robe from myself and I climbed up onto our bed. Kim removed her shoes, and then she unzipped her jean skirt. I told her to leave on those nylons, as I loved how they looked on her legs and thighs. Kim turned her back to me as she took her top off.

Kim butt was bigger than ever, however it still looked good and had a nice shape to it. Kim turned back to me; she was standing there just in her push up bra, which was pushing those monster breasts up. Kim smiled at me as she reached behind her back and she undid her bra. Kim’s big boobs fell out and bounced up and down as she threw the bra with the rest of her clothes.

Kim climbed up unto the bed beside me as I said, “You look lovely as ever.”

“Make love to me Janet,” “Make me feel special like you always did before,” Kim whispered into my ear.

“I have waiting for this for so long,” I replied as I placed her onto her back beside me.

I started at Kim’s forehead. I placed kisses all around her lovely cute face before I put my lips to hers. I felt my pussy twitching as our lips met in a deep and passionate deep kiss. I ran my hand down to those big fucking tits as I kissed her with fire and passion on my lips. I slipped my tongue slowly into Kim’s mouth. Our tongues were fencing in our mouths as I caressed her tits and ran my fingers across her nipples.

I broke our kiss as I lowered my eyes to her lovely huge breasts that were before me. I straddled Kim as I reached out with my right hand, tentatively reaching for Kim's breast. I stroked it along the outside, feeling its softness. I heard Kim gasp as I touched her breast, I looked up to see her close her eyes, her lips pinched shut. Kim looked lovely to me as she lay there beneath me.

I could not take my hand from her soft breasts. My hand went under the great breast, cupping it, feeling the weight of it as I caressed it. I moved my hand up Kim’s breast running my fingers upward over her nipples. Kim’s nipple came impossibly hard under my touch as my breathing came in gasps. I was shocked and astonished as the nipple revealed itself to stand nearly an inch high when it was erect.

“Your big fucking tits, I have missed the most,” I said and then added, “Your nipples have gotten so much bigger.”

“Lick on my nipples, Janet,” “Lick on them like you used to do when we were just kids,” “Please Janet,” Kim moaned out as my fingers toyed with her nipples.

I bent over and I licked at one nipple then the other. They sprang back and forth, as my tongue flicked over them. I reached under both her breasts with my hands. I took one in each of my hands and I squeezed on them as my tongue darted from one nipple to the other. My tongue tasted and felt something wet on Kim’s breasts. I pulled my tongue and mouth back and watched at Kim’s tits started to leak milk from them.

“My tits are still full of milk, Janet the doctor told me they would be that way for a while,” Kim moaned out with her eyes still shut.

I did not say anything back I just bent back down and I suckled at one tit then the other. Each time I sucked at one of Kim’s breast my mouth filled with her baby milk. It tasted weird but not like milk and the more I sucked and squeezed at her tits the more it squirted out. I removed my mouth and I just massaged at her big tits with my hands making her milk squirt from both of them at the same time.

I covered my mouth over her tit as I sucked her baby milk into my mouth. I got a good mouthful and I leaned up and kissed Kim. I slipped my tongue into her mouth as well as the milk in my mouth. Kim lapped at my lips with her tongue as I pulled my mouth away from hers.

I ran my tongue down between her breasts licking up any of the spilled milk from her tits as I worked my body down hers. I worked my tongue lower on her body licking my way downward. I licked across and around her belly and her belly button. My tongue only knew her as Kim not as a person with added weight.

I worked my tongue down to her now hairless pussy. I did miss running my tongue through her hair and smelling her pussy on those hairs that were missing now. I was now between Kim’s thighs that she opened and parted as my hands went to each of her still nylon covered thighs. I love the feeling of nylons on my legs and I enjoy rubbing my hands across another woman’s legs covered in them.

I ran my hands up and down the very insides of her thighs as I parted her legs to view that lovely meaty pussy of hers. Kim’s lips were moist with her juices as I moved my face toward her pussy. I breathed in deeply to get that smell of Kim I had always enjoyed. However, that smell was not there in fact there was no smell; I took as being that she had not had sex for so long.

I licked at her pussy lips with my tongue before I took my tongue and I plunged it up into her pussy. Kim moaned softly as I darted my tongue in and out of her pussy. My tongue licked and caressed Kim’s pussy both inside and out. I reached up with my hand until my fingers felt her hard little bump. My fingers caressed at her clit as my tongue went back into her pussy.

“AHhhhhh Janet I have missed you,” Kim moaned out loudly as her hands went to my head.

Kim pushed my face harder into her pussy as she bucked her hips. I buried my tongue into her hole as deep as I could. I flicked my tongue around in the depths of her pussy in many directions. I felt Kim clit go hard against my fingers as I rubbed at it. I pulled my tongue out and I slipped two fingers up inside of her pussy.

“Yes Janet, make me cum, Please make me cum,” Kim yelled out.

I curled my fingers up into her pussy and instantly I found her special spot. Kim moaned and squirmed in the bed as I curled my fingers back and forth on her spot in her pussy. I pulled at her enlarged clit as if it was a miniature cock as I dug my fingers into her special spot,

“AHHHHhh Janet,” Kim moaned loudly as her orgasm over took her.

I just kept rubbing at her special spot and pulling on her clit. Kim bucked a few times in the bed then her pussy exploded as her pussy juices squirted from her pussy. A large powerful squirt came out not just a few drips. Kim rose up on her legs as he pussy shook and blasted her juices all over me and the bed.

“OHHHH Janet how I have missed that,” Kim moaned again.

I withdrew my fingers from her pussy as I slipped back up over her body until my face was with hers. Kim juices were still dripping from my face as our lips met. I kissed her deeply and with as much passion. Kim kissed me back with the same passion I had given her. Our tongues darting into each other’s mouth as our kiss lasted forever it seemed.

I broke our kiss as I said, “I love you Kim,”

“I love you too Janet,” “But I have a question for you,” Kim replied.

“Yes, what is that Kim?” I asked.

Kim pointed to a big picture in a frame on the nightstand as she asked, “Who is that lovely girl with you and John?”

I turned to the picture on our nightstand. I had forgotten it was even there. The photo was of the spot on the lake where John, Kim and I used to hang out at together. The picture showed John, Gina his cousin and I standing all together looking happy as ever out at the lake at our favorite spot. I told Kim it was a long story.

“Well I am not going anywhere,” Kim replied as she cuddled up to me and me to her.

We sat up in our bed as I told Kim the full story about Gina being his cousin from Italy and that she was DeRonda’s daughter. I told her every little detail about DeRonda‘s marriage as well. How DeRonda raised them during the summers that they were together. How Gina had fallen in love with John and how John even stole a car from his dad’s car lot in his want to be with her.

“JOHN stole a car no way,” Kim yelled out.

I went on to tell Kim that our John was not as innocent as he appeared. I told her about his steroid drug use to improve his game. I told Kim about how his aunt dealt with that and his other screw-ups by paddling his butt. I told her how DeRonda was such a sweet and loving person not only to John and Gina but to me as well.

I turned to Kim to see just how she had taken all of this. I saw her look at the picture sitting on the nightstand and then she turned to me. As tears flowed down her cheeks, she spoke.

“Janet, I have missed much not being around,” “You and John have replaced me,” Kim sobbed out.

“We did not replace you Kim,” “You never left for we have you in our hearts,” I replied as I placed her hand between my breasts.

I only hoped that what John had in his heart for Kim was a lot less than he had for me. Kim and I hugged as we sat there on the bed. As I hugged her, I thought back to John’s dream in the morning. John had seen the true Kim in his dream right down to her being a little heavier than before.

I hoped he had spoken the truth when he had told me that I was in his dream as well. Again, I thought if he had told me a lie, he was going to have to pay the price. I felt my pussy twitch at the thought of oiling up both his butt and Kim’s so they could taste my paddle.

That will end this chapter. In my next chapter, John is reunited with Kim. Will hearts be broken and life’s ruined? Will Kim stay the loving and caring Kim? How will Kim get along with DeRonda and her daughter Gina? These and other questions to be answered in the up coming chapters. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it, as always please let me know if you did or if you did not enjoy it.


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