Lust, Blood and Bondage by MissKieya

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Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Male, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Submission, Teen Female, Written by women

I blinked as the room came into focus, my arms were tied above my head and a gag firmly secured in my mouth. My head felt several sizes bigger after the binge drinking from the night before, someone must have spiked my drink. Shit. As my senses returned to me I began to notice the unusual furniture around me, I could feel the cold air on my hard nipples and realised I had no clothes on. My legs had been tied wide open and my whole body secured and vulnerable. I had only been awake a few minutes when I heard foot steps out side the door, and then a key turning in a lock (I wasn’t getting out of here easily). I strained my head to get a good look at the man entering the room, he was tall, maybe 6, 3 and muscular. He was carrying a plain black gym bag which he dropped on the bed next to me, he had a handsome face with cold blue eyes and dark brown (or black) hair. He grinned evilly at me, sending a wave of fear over me. He then unzipped the bag and pulled out a blindfold, which he secured over my eyes.

I could feel his hands sliding over my body, caressing my breasts and sliding up my inner thighs. His fingers gliding over my cunt as I wiggled in protest. He then slid a finger inside me making me gasp, this was followed by another. I whimpered as he began finger fucking me slowly, his fingers felt so good inside me that I had to resist moaning. I then felt his mouth close around my breast as his other hand continued to squeeze and rub the other. I arched my back a little as he continued his delightful assault on my body, a small moan escaping my lips as he slid a third finger inside my tight pussy. I had been fingered before but it hadn’t felt this good, he must have injected me with something while I was out of it, but my body wasn’t complaining like it aught to, and neither was I. I was moaning and gasping as he ravished me, my pussy had begun dripping and the building pleasure told me I was about to cum. I grinded my pussy against his hand, forcing his fingers all the way up inside me and moaning louder as the pleasure exploded inside me, my body shivering as I came.

As my body relaxed I felt his weight on the bed…between my spread legs. I began panicking again , I had never had a cock up inside me, foreplay and oral was the limit of my experience. He leaned forward, his body pressing against mine as he slid his full length into my virgin pussy with one thrust. I screamed into my gag at the pain of my pussy stretched around his huge hard cock, the first cock ever inside me. He held it there for a moment before he started thrusting, his cock sliding all the way in and out with each thrust. I was moaning and gasping again before I knew it. I could feel my juices dripping over my ass as he pushed into me faster and faster, my knees felt weak as I was thrown into my second orgasm within the space of 10 minutes. My pussy tensed around his cock and I screamed into my gag as I came. This seemed to excite him more because he began thrusting harder into me as I shuddered with pleasure. He moaned a little and I felt his hot cum squirting deep into my pussy as my body relaxed. I panted as he slide out of me, his cum spilling out of my used pussy.

He climbed of the bed, leaving me there still vulnerable and exhausted. I listened carefully to his movements as he walked around the room, and then I heard the door open and close again. It was quite for a moment and I though he had left until I heard someone snigger, and someone else murmur something. I was afraid all over again, I had no idea how many people had come into the room and were looking at me now. I felt hands caressing me again, I counted two sets, the first pair of hands was between my legs gently rubbing my clit with one hand while the other rested on my leg. The another pair were cruelly teasing my hard nipples making me whimper. As I struggled in protest I felt the first pair of hands dip a finger into my pussy and rub it against my ass hole, I struggled harder but it was no use and the finger pushed into my ass hole. I groaned as the finger began sliding in and out of my tight little ass. Just as I was getting used to the sensation of having my ass finger fucked my gag was removed allowing me to release a much clearer moan, “please sto” but I was cut off as a semi-hard cock was forced into my mouth as it formed the ‘o’ sound. I made sounds of protest but soon stopped as I realised the vibrations were making the cock in my mouth grow harder.

“Now don’t bite babe, and I wont shoot” said a deep voice above me, at which point I felt something cold and metallic press against my head. I was panicking as he began slowly fucking my mouth, he cock reaching the back of my throat with each thrust making me gag. The finger in my ass hole continued working and was joined by a finger in my already well lubricated pussy. I groaned again as the two fingers teased me. “Oh fuck man im gonna cum, her mouth is so fucking good” said the voice above me, I cringed as I realised I would have to swallow his cum or choke on it, and seconds later I was. I coughed and swallowed greedily as he squirted his load into my throat. When he finally pulled out I gasped for air, my exhales turning into whimpers as another finger was inserted into my ass. I was so afraid, these men had a gun, and were going to rape me for who knows how long, and on top of that my pussy and ass were still being fingered.

“Get her well lubed up, I want to fuck her ass!” said the voice above me,

“Alright, he ass will be tight now but you should be alright” said a voice from between my legs, at which point I felt a cool liquid being rubbed over my ass. “Let me have her mouth, I wonder if its as good as her pussy? Ha!”

“MmmmphHHhh!” They both laughed at my attempt to yell my protest at them.

“you had her pussy already?!” said the deep voice from above me as his weight left the bed, at the same time the fingers were with-drawn. I sighed, I had a moment to relax without being prodded by these people. It was short lived however as the bed sank with the weight of a man between my legs (again!) along with a weight on my chest as the other man positioned himself to enter my mouth,

“Now open up beautiful”

I obeyed, remembering the gun, and his cock was in my mouth without hesitation, I rubbed my tongue against it, wanting to please him and get this over with. As my mouth was being fucked for the second time I felt a pair of hands spread my ass cheeks, and my ass hole give way as a cock was forced into me. He thrust deeper into my ass, gaining more depth with each thrust. I groaned and whimpered again, my ass felt so full and my pussy was throbbing with desire. I couldn’t stand it, I continued sucking on the cock in my mouth as my ass was pumped, I could feel another orgasm building in me. I could hear the heavy breathing of the two men who were inside me, the speed of each increased as they drew closed to their own climax, and as I came my ass tightened around the cock in me, my hips were shaking but my moan was muffled by the cock in my mouth. This earned me a groan from each of them men as they filled me simultaneously with there hot seeds, I could feel it shooting up into my ass, and swallowed again at the cum filling my mouth.

“Oh fuck, I think she enjoyed it!” came the deep voice which was now between my legs. I couldn’t help but agree, although I mentally scolded myself for it. The cock was taken out my mouth and the blind fold was removed. I blinked up at the man on top of my, it was the one from earlier. I lay there speechless as he climbed off of me followed by the man between my legs, who I then saw had dark blonde hair, and an athletic build and was only slightly shorter than the man with dark hair. They were both much older than me, maybe by 10 or 15 years, making them in their mid thirties I figured. My ass was sore and dripping with cum, and my pussy was wet all over again. I wiggled against my restraints, gaining the attention of both men and I saw their cocks stiffen a little at the sight of my firm young body thrashing about. “I think she wants us to untie her” said the blonde man “Think she will behave now?”

“ Oh sure…” said the dark haired man as he waved the gun a little and grinned at me, “…if you try anything you wont be leaving here alive” I nodded my agreement and the two men began removing my restraints. I rubbed my raw wrists, looking up at the two men who were now debating what to take out the black bag next and drinking a can of some foreign drink, which had a similar design as cola. I lay on my side, I was exhausted from all the orgasms, so I curled up and before I knew it, I was asleep.

Rating: 88%, Read 25989 times, Posted Jan 08, 2010

Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Male, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Submission, Teen Female, Written by women


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