A old evil awakens . part 4 by the+dirty+writer

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Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Body modification, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Incest, Lesbian, Mind Control, Prostitution, Romance, School, Slavery, Submission, Teen, Virginity

As James had already enslaved 3 girls he started to think how he will pay for all the luxury but most importantly how he would get his long live crush to be his wife

He woke up with his 2 slaves in his arm and headed downstairs to his mom that was already cooking " good morning master " she said as she handed over his breakfast " good morning slave " he said as he sat down and started to eat after a few minutes he looked at his mom " this is delicious as a reward you may blow me off " he said as his mom smiled and sank down to her knees " yes master thank you master " she said as she got to work eager for his coc she started to deeptroath him " that's it nice and deep slave " he moaned out loudly

She sucked him for 10 minutes when the girls and Brian came down " good morning master " the slaves said as they see his mom suck him off and get started on breakfast " Brian go sit on the couch I will give you your tasks in a bit this slave needs to be fed first " he said as Brian nodded and sat down accepting that he didn't had a nightmare her sweet daughter was enslaved and James planned to breed her at the same time James grunted and filled his mom mouth with cum " there you go slave " he said as she stands up and thanks her master getting back to cooking

When they all where finished eating James stood up " okay everyone get dressed like always then come downstairs and dress me in the best clothes you can find " he said as the slaves nodded and went to dress and pick out his new outfit. He looked at Brian and grabbed a plate of breakfast and sit next to him " Here you need to eat " he said as he handed him the plate and started to eat " I want you to clean the house and put new sheets on the bed they are filled with cum stains " he said as Brian nodded silently " any questions?  " he asked as Brian looked at him " why do you do all this ?" He asked as James laughed "you have guts Brian I respect that in a man " he said as he smilled at him " my mom and sister treated me like trash for years now they are my toys I finally have my revenge " he said smiling

" and my daughter ? Why do you need Laura as a slave ? " he asked humbly " easy I needed a cherry I could destroy it made me feel powerful like I am she will be happy as my slave and as a mother " he said smiling at him " I hope you don't get mad about that ? She was ready for me I didn't even had to make her wet she got wet from her self " he said looking at Brian as he finished his breakfast and nodded "okay ..... but sir how long will this go on ... forever ? " he asked James " no probably not I will breed your daughter let her give birth to my child while I find a way to pay for everything they need when my kids are grown up we shall see how it will go okay ? " he said as Brian nodded

When they where finished talking the girls where ready all dressed and holding James his clothes he stood up and went to stand infront of them letting the girls dress him like a true gentlemen " thank you girls now let's get going we can't be late on school " he says as he starts to walk to the door his girls following him in line .

When they got to school they split up like useful the girls going to their classes and his mom to the store to buy the lingerie like James ordered.  He went to his class and sat down his friend Mike looked at him " new clothes James ? " he asks and James smiles " yes I needed a new look and I think this looks nice " he says smiling . When the teacher enters everyone sits down and James looks at Lisa she dressed hot as always a short jeans showing of her legs and a black shirt that shows the nice rounding of her tits he knew he would have a lot of fun with her

As the lessons almost ended James didn't pay attention he kept looking at his target , his newest conquest , his soon to be wife . The bell rang and James walked towards her " hey Lisa can I talk to you for a second ? " he asked still acting shy and scared like he always was before he got possession of his dark powers " sure James " she says as she stands with her friend Melissa also a good looking girl he maybe would enslave her too but that was for the future " I see you later Melissa " Lisa says as she walks away leaving them alone " I'm holding a small party at my house it would be nice if you could come " he says and looks at her eyes " euhm sure James I will be there " she says smiling and walks away the first step of his plan now completed he was forced to wait till the evening to have his price

When James walked out the classroom he sees Melissa standing at her locker her big ass half covered by her long brown curly hair and tits that begged for a load of cum she would be perfect as a midday fuck he was thinking  so he decided to go for it . He walked up to her and started to control her mind the ring glowing a little as it kicked into action " alright Melissa I want you to follow me outside to the backside of the building and say nothing " he implanted in her mind and started to walk outside Melissa closed her locker and followed a few feet behind not to draw attention.

When they got to the back of the building they where alone and James knew he would have privacy because if a girl caught them he just let them join and when a boy catches them he let Melissa suck him of as well " how did you do that ?" Melissa said looking confused at James because she did like he said in her head " that's easy Melissa you wanted to follow me " he said and checked out her body " you always dress like a cocksucker and now you will be one " he said  "eewh James " she said and looked away as James grabbed her face starring in her eyes " listen here everything I say I a command to you now take of your shirt " he says as the ring starts again making her stand still and take of her shirt exposing her nice soft tits .

He stood there and admired them "beautiful you should be proud of them " he asked and Melissa giggled and smiled at him " thank you " she says softly " now everytime you are alone with me you have a infinite amount of lust and skill to pleasure me " he says as she immediately starts smiles and starts to kiss him and tries to take of his pants he sees her lust in her eyes she only wanted one thing and he was gonna give it to her .

He unzipped his pants and let his cock fall out as Melissa immediately fell to her knees kissing and licking his His cock up and down with the skills off a pornstar he looked down at her now sucking his cock and let him grow hard you could see her mouth getting stuffed as he grew to a rock hard 11 inches her eyes wided but kept sucking and gagging up and down like a born Cocksucker he made her . "That's it worship that cock Melissa you will do that a lot " he said enjoying her fully

As she swirled around him James felt he was gonna blow his load and pulled out " hold those tits close to your face so I can bath you in seed " he said looking down at the hungry slave . Melissa immediately pushes her tits together and close to her face she held her tongue out smiling waiting for her reward James smiled and unloaded everything he had on to her covering her tits,face,tongue all in his thick white seed some even went in her hear she felt the warmth on her and thanked him " thank you master I hope you are happy " she said in a seductive way smiling up to him " u did good for your first time slave " he said as he puts his cock away " listen to me I need money so everyday after school you will go and offer your body to everyone that seems interested in you you will suck them for 50 dollars and fuck them for 100 all the profits go to me and I will please you for that understood slave ? " he said the ring glows transforming her mind into a prostitute.

When James was finished with her he sent her away back to class his now money making slave .

He went back to class but did not  pay attention he stared and Lisa her smile made his heart meld her ass in other hand made his heart beat faster he was in love and soon he would have her very soon .

When he looked the other way he sees Melissa still with some cum on her tits she smiled at her master he knew she would serve him well on her knees and bend over to anyone that pays for it .

When school was over James returned home his slaves already in lingerie waiting for him when he entered " good evening master " the 3 said standing in the middle of the room Brian full of dirt from the work he did " hello slaves " he said and walked over to them inspecting their lingerie 's laurien had red that matched her kinky side Laura had blue for her styled taste and his mom had black that went good with her hair Brian stared at them he was tired but still awake he needed some release so James will give it to him he earned at least that James was thinking

"Brian you need a bath go to the bathroom and clean yourself " he said smiling and Brian did as told he stood up and went to the bathroom steps in the shower and started to clean himself his cock was hard around 8 inches he was always hard why shouldn't he be he had spent the day with three smoking hot girls naked and he couldn't touch them ! After a few minutes James walked in his slaves following him " hey Brian " he said as he tried to cover himself up "aah sir euhm w-what are you doing here ! " he said " that's easy Brian you are a good worker especially when I took your daughters virginity infront of your face that deserves a reward " he said smiling

" what do you mean sir ? " Brian asked confused as Laura stept forwards " you can enjoy yourself with your daughter in the master bedroom under my supervision for one hour " he said as Laura smiled " it's okay dad you don't have to be ashamed for it " Laura said and Brian went out the shower and into the bedroom with her daughter James followed sitting in the corner laurien next to him on his knees if he needed something,Brian looked over to James and James nodded so they started slow he made her suck him off while he explored her soft body " ooh baby you are so beautiful " he whispered out as she moaned on his cock

They went on for it for 15 minutes when Brian came and lays down on the bed " I'm sorry sir but I can't get hard in a hour I'm afraid this is all I can do thank you sir " Brian said breathing heavily and James started to laugh " don't worry Brian I have something for that " he said as he starts to control brian's body and makes him rock hard again " there you go I made it so that you can last till the time is over Now go and pound your daughter " he said smiling as Brian wasted no time and turns Laura over and drills his cock balls deep in his daughter " ooh fuck that's tight " he moans as James had made Laura as tight as before so her father could enjoy her like he did and he did enjoy himself ramming away in her daughter like a mad man " ooh thank you sir " he says as he looks over to James and sees laurien between his legs her head moving up and down " you are welcome Brian if you work hard I will reward you from time to time " James said laughing as he enjoys his sisters soft lips around his cock .

As the hour was almost over James came in lauriens mouth filling her stomach with cum and stood up " you did good sis now go downstairs and help your mother prepare for the party " he says as she nods and went downstairs " are you holding a party sir ? " Brian asks as he now had Laura in doggy position pounding away " yeah but not really it's just to get Lisa here so I can make her mine " he says as Brian nods as he feels himself almost cumming James stands next to him " I will let you cum a lot so you can cover your own daughter in a nice thick layer of cum you can't cum in her because I plan to breed her okay ? " he says as Brian nods and pulls out of her Laura turns over smiling as he starts to cum al over her starting from her stomach up to her hair she was covered complete in cum like she was gangbanged by 20 men ,she feels the warmth on her and looks up to them " thank you daddy for the cum and thank you master for letting my daddy fuck me " she says smiling "you are welcome now clean yourself get in your outfit and go downstairs Brian you do the same " James said as they got dressed and went downstairs

As James got downstairs everything was ready there was some food, music even some decorations " very good slave " he says as he inspects the girls and gets to Brian " Brian I hope you enjoyed yourself but remember I'm still your boss and you do what I say " he says looking at Brian " yes sir you are still my boss and I will do what you ask " he says smiling as James nods " okay everyone Lisa is coming over I had a crush on her for years and that's why she will become my wife the rest will obey her like you obey me she will be your mistress " he says smiling as all the  rest shuts there mouths obeying him "great now we just wait " he says sitting in the sofa his slaves on a line on there knees in lingerie 

After a half hour of waiting the bell rang James got up and looked at his slaves " alright go in the kitchen and come when I call you " he says as the girls go in the kitchen as James opens the door " hey Lisa glad you could make it " he says as she steps " thx where is everybody ? " she asks curious " they will be here soon take something to drink and sit down " James said as he sat on the couch and Lisa sitting next to him " so how many people are coming?  " she asks as James checked out her body " this is it Lisa you , me and my slaves " he says as he smiles at her " what do you mean your slaves ? " she asks confused " let me show you slaves come here ! " he says as Laura ,laurien and his mom walk into the room all in lingerie and sat down on there knees infront of the two .

Lisa looked scared but fascinated " what the fuck James how did you do this ?! And why am I here !? " she screams out looking at the slaves and then back go James " that's easy Lisa I always loved you and now we can be together you can become the boss of these slaves and live a happy life with me as my wife " he says as he gently controls her mind not to make her a slave but just enough to make her his " you mean they will do everything I command ? " she asks as James nods his head " but school , my education,  my parents!  They will never agree with this ! " she says scarred " don't worry Lisa that life is over we can do whatever we want soon we have enough money to buy what we want and do wat we want ? " he says smiling " how do you mean enough money ? " she asks as the bell rings

" laurien move you slutty ass and open the door " James said as Laurien jumps up and opens the door it's Melissa she walks in holding a envelope her face covered in seed " that's the way we will make money Lisa " James said as Lisa looks at her in fear " what have you done with her James ? " she asked stunned by the look of Melissa " I made her into a prostitute during today's lunch break she and some other girls will be bringing us there money and they love doing it don't you Melissa ? " he asks as Melissa falls on her  knees next to Laura smiling " yes master if you are happy I'm happy " she says as she hands the envelope James opens it and pulls out 900 dollars " you did good work, Laurien eat her out as a reward I know you like that lesbian stuff " he says smiling.

As Melissa gets in position laurien smiles happy to lick her she got to work with her tongue enjoying the taste of Melissa " you see Lisa ? I got a daily income and that amount will only grow from now on what do you think ? Do you want to bath in luxury?  " James asks her as she looks around at the slaves " y-yeah I think I can get used to this " she says and looks in James eyes " how do we start ? " she asks as James laughs" easy you are my wife you don't need those clothes " he says as she smiles and strips for him while James watched her he was realizing that he didn't have to change her mind completely a part of her wanted to be his wife and mistress of slaves

" all done " she says as James looks at her body she was perfect a tight round ass  shaven pussy,  long brown hair that came to her back , tits that he could play with for years and eyes that made his heart melt " you look perfect Lisa what do you want first ? A tour of the house ? Kiss your new husband ? Watch the slaves pleasure each other ? " he asked her as she smiles and walks over to him and starts to kiss him her Lips tasted like strawberry and he loved it they kissed for 3 minutes or so till they stopped their slaves looking at them " now let's get that tour love " she said as she stand up

They first started in the kitchen " this is the kitchen you will never have to cook my mother is the kitchen slave she will provide us with food " he said as his mom nodded at Lisa and moved on to upstairs to his room and his sisters room " these rooms are for the slaves when we are not enjoying ourselves with them they will sleep here " he said as she explored the room a little " and where will we sleep ? " she asked confused as they went to his mother's bedroom " this is our room we shall sleep here together and if we feel like it we pound a slave together " he said as he kisses her on the forehead " do you like it we can move to a bigger house soon if the slaves made enough money " he said as Lisa raps herself around him " it's perfect James " she said as she walks over and sits on the bed " but first I have to get in the mood for sex I want you to fuck my best friend Melissa infront of me " she said giggling .

James smiled and commanded Melissa to get on the bed on all four she quickly obeyed as James lined up behind her he wanted her to feel him good " Melissa what's the biggest cock you have taken ? " he asked her slapping her ass " 14 inches master " she said submissive James smiled and let his cock grow 6 more inches to 17 inches it was a monster and Lisa's mouth fell open " don't worry sweetie you will get this soon "he said as he started to push in Melissa he went balls deep making her moan loudly he enjoyed her screaming and started to ram away tears running down her eyes off pleasure he looked over at Lisa and sees she was totally wet and ready for him " do you wanne go honey ? " he asks her as he pulls out and orders Melissa to sit down next to the rest of the slaves and Lisa took her place .

She layed on her back James layed on top of her like lovers they slowly pushed him in letting her get used to his cock as he enjoyed her fully " ooh fuck James take me " she begged and so he started to pound in her " ooh fuck Lisa that's good " he moans out as enjoyed her pussy walls tightly around him they fucked like true lovers while their slaves watched Lisa moaned And looks at her slaves on there knees watching her with smiles on there faces " I'm gonna cum James " she moans out and looks at James " me too honey where do you want your first load of seed ? " he asked her " on my tits " she moans as she climaxes and squirts around his cock he pulls out and also unloads spraying her tits in a thick layer of cum when  they are finished they layed on the bed both panting " laurien come clean my tits " Lisa said as laurien came closer and started to lick the cum of her tits " I love you James " she said " I love you to my dearest wife " he said as Lisa felt a burning pain around her finger " aah fuck laurien what did you do with my finger ! " she screams and sits straight up in bed " nothing miss " laurien answers " let me see your finger babe " James said as she shows her finger a ring had formed around her finger it was the same as James but with a green emerald instant of a red ruby " aah I have the same ring this means we are now connected trough marriages you have now the same powers as me but I still can control you I read about it it's okay " he says skilling as he hugs her .

" what do you mean ? You mean I can do the same as you ? " she asks as James nods " sure try it " he says as she looks at Melissa thinks for a second and her tits start to grow " it works !  hahaha " she says as she shrinks them back to normal "this is awesome ! " she says and kisses James " yes it is but we must use them wise babe and I still have a little more power then you because I'm the master " he says and Lisa nods " let's go downstairs and have dinner your mom will have it ready by now " she said and walks downstairs together

They sit at the table as his mom puts on the dinner " my favorite!  " Lisa says smiling and starts to eat her steak " honey do you mind if I let Laura blow me under the table ? " he asks her and nods " Laura get to work " he says and she dives under the table and starts to eagerly suck her masters monster cock enjoying every inch of him " so honey what will we do with our new life ? Move somewhere cold ? Somewhere hot ? Punish the people that we hate ? " he asked her as he went under table with one hand pushing Laura deeper on his cock so that she knew that he wanted to deeptroath her and she obeyed .

Lisa taught for a while and smiled " yeah you know my younger sister ? That twelve year old ? " she said and James nodded " well she did make my life a lot harder maybe we could do something with her " she said as James looked at her a little shocked " babe I know you hate her but she is only twelve ! I will not fuck a twelve year old girl ! " he said as he groaned a little as Laura did her best pleasing her master with her mouth " okay then James but we have to punish her somehow maybe she could suck you off so she can keep her cherry and you delete every memory of her sucking you ? " she asked her as James smiled " you naughty girl that's a good plan " he said as he held Laura in place and filled her mouth with seed " that's you lunch Laura " he moaned as he filled her stomach with seed " thank you master " she said as she stood up and walked away

The evening was falling and James and Lisa where watching TV while the slaves cleaned the house he looked at the clock and looked at Melissa " Melissa get dressed and go home you can't say anything about this and also tomorrow you don't have to go to school just pack your stuff you will live here with us I will talk with your parents about it . " yes master " she said as she dressed and went home

" I'm tired honey I'm going to bed goodnight " Lisa said as she kissed and walked upstairs her ass bouncing from side to side " ooh Lisa if you hear the slaves screaming tonight it's me so don't worry " he said as he winked at her and she laughed " sure enjoy yourself " she said and went to the bedroom

James waited for a few minutes till Lisa was sleeping and looked at his slaves " mom , laurien and Laura come sit on all fours infront of me " he said as they lined up giving him a nice view of there pussy 's and asses " Brian ? " he Asked as he came out the kitchen " you called sir ? " he asked him and looked at the slaves on all four's and sees his daughter also on her knees " get me a beer and take one yourself and sit next to me " he said as Brian nodded took the beers and sat next to James and both took a sip " and Brian ? What do you think of my new wife ? " he asked him as Brian smiled " can I speak the truth ? " he said as James  laughed " sure she is asleep and the slaves won't tell " he said smiling " she is a catch sir you sure have taste of your girls she is hot as fuck and a ass everyone would die for to see naked " he said honestly " indeed Brian remember she is also your boss so obey her " he said as Brian nodded " good now I have been thinking we live in a smile house for now and the slaves do a lot of work leaving you without any work so here is a offer you will work from 08:00 till 19:00 and then you are free to do whatever you want but not going out the house without my permission or fuck a slave with my permission deal?" He said and gave him a hand Brian shook his hand and said " we have a deal sir " they both watched TV like friends not boss and worker just like two normal guys the only difference was that there where 3 girls in lingerie in front of them

When they finished there beers James had noticed Brian looking at lauriens ass " don't even think about it " he said as Brian looked away and nodded " sorry sir I couldn't help myself " he said regretting what he did as James sees he is really sorry " alright then but I still have to give them there load of cum for the night you may help me so go fuck your daughter " he said as he also grew hard and Brian did the same " thank you sir " he said smiling as he went and slides into his daughter for the second time this day " slaves suck me off " James commanded and they turned around and immediately engulfed his cock and balls into there mouth "that's slaves suck your master " he moaned out as they switched constantly between deeptroathing him and sucking his balls .

While James was getting a heavenly blowjob Brian was pounding away at her daughter " yes daddy please that's good " she moaned out he didn't hold for much longer and pulled out " come here baby " he said as he pointed his cock to her face and came on the face she was covered in it and licked a little of it " thank you daddy " she said naughty as James smiled " very good Brian you remember the rule never cum in a slaves pussy " he said as Brian turned around an sees the other slaves deeptroathing him " off course sir you need there pussy's for breeding " he said as he stood up and went to bed " Laura you can also go to sleep " James said as she stood up and also went to her bedroom

As Laura walked upstairs she left her master alone with his sister and mother " very good keep sucking I will cum extra much as reward " he said as they smiled and sucked harder on him " that's it please your owner " he said and started to watch TV for a half hour and then decided to came he stood up and pulled out " alright both open your mouth " he said as they obeyed and came line and line of cum sprayed on them filling there mouths till the brim " good now swallow and go to bed " he said as they swallowed and moaned at the taste of it " thank your master" they both said and went upstairs

As James also went sleeping he cuddles up to Lisa laying in spoon position " did you have fun ? " she asked half awake " yes honey " he said as he kissed her on the head " now go to sleep we have a lot to do tomorrow " he said as they drifted to sleep happily

What should happen next ? Will he breed his wife ? Will he set his slaves to work to make money ? Will he and Brian become better and better Friends ? Let me know !

Rating: 89%, Read 22989 times, Posted Jan 05, 2018

Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Body modification, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Incest, Lesbian, Mind Control, Prostitution, Romance, School, Slavery, Submission, Teen, Virginity


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