Hiring a French Maid by abroadsword

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Fiction | Cheating, Female, Male, Slavery

Freezing rain glistened in the streetlights as it bounced off the ashphalt, Janie shivered in her thin red jacket, she tightened the zipper hiding the lacy black brassiere beneath.

"How you doin" he asked.

"Quiet, Leroy very quiet," she replied.

"Best give a discount doll, and it's Mister Jones" her pimp ordered.

Her feet hurt, huge holes were worn in her black stockings and her shoes while stylish were worn out, nails protruding through to pain her feet. Her suspenders did little to keep her crotch warm, and she wished Leroy allowed her to wear knickers on these cold nights.

The Landlord glared at her through the lounge bar window, she had long been barred from all the local pubs but their entry lobbies provided at least some warmth.

She trudged sadly away, her once golden hair hanging lifeless, she looked at her reflection in the shop window, it blurred but she knew her breasts were holding her back, barely a C cup she needed the surgery which Leroy promised if she was ever to get a decent clientele and get herself off the street.

She heard a car slowing and it slid to a halt at the kerb beside her, she glanced at the driver a middle aged guy, he looked harmless, she opened the door.

"Hey what's your game" he spluttered startled.

"Don't you want, me er business" she asked awkwardly.

"No!" he exclaimed firmly.

"Then why did you stop? she asked in increasing exasperation.

"Parking space, I'm going to the shop. sorry."

She walked slowly away looking,

"What's wrong, charging too much?" Leroy asked.

"Oh, No, Mister Jones, he was going shopping," she replied "Never mind, here is a regular, should be good for a Tenner," she explained.

He stood with Military bearing, his worn flannel trousers, and jacket under a long mackintosh over coat.

"Hello Mister Dawsholm, do you want the usual, sir?"

"Yes please my dear, I do so love the way you swallow"

"That's ten pounds then sir," and Leroy took the proffered Tenner.

The low brick walls of the Victorian back alley stretched away from the side road where they stood but their usual spot was a few yards down where a domestic garage was recessed back a few feet, she looked for somewhere to kneel but the rain had saturated everything so as the damp mud froze her knees she knelt to her task undoing his buttons and extracting his member.

It dozed on the warmth of his unwashed underpants, droplets of piss still evident from earlier, it responded sluggishly.

"I had a native lass measure it on National Service and it were nigh on eight inches."

She tugged, cajoled, breathed on it, tickled it, used every trick she knew short of licking it, and finally the member stretched to maybe three inches and she was able to clamp he jaw round it, it stiffened and then to her intense relief, the turgid grey ooze flowed straight down her throat.

"By Gum you certainly know buttons to press" he admired her work.

She thought happy thoughts about euthanasia and sawn off shotguns.

"Same time Thursday, when I get me Pension all right lass?" he suggested.

She nodded fervently hoping he would get run over or have a heart attack, before Thursday.

Leroy was at hand,

"That Merc's still there, try that punter again," he ordered

"I want to go home and get warm," she replied hopefully

"No you get back there and change his mind," Leroy ordered.

She wandered back to the car again.

The owner flicked the key fob button lights flashed the doors opened and she slid into the front seat before he realised she was there.

"Ten pounds, a blow job for ten pounds," she offered.

"No," he repeated, "No thank you!"

"Full for Ten pounds then, please, I got to earn something"

"You just want to get warm," he challenged.

"Its freezing," she complained .

"Ok shall we say twenty quid, anything I want for an hour."

"Right, yes you're on," she agreed.

The car cruised away down the peeling Victorian street, the journey a few hundred yards, The destination a detached Villa, neglected, peeling paint on the mock Elizabethan wood framing on the gable end, lawn grass like a field, weeds in the gravel drive, tatty curtains.

He strode to the porch, opening the door and turning off the alarm.

"Twenty quid and anything goes," he queried.

"Within limits," she agreed.

"No you said anything," he pointed out.

"What do you want, straight, I don't usually do anal?" she asked.

"Get undressed and put this maids uniform on first," he requested as he reached into a cupboard and handed her a plain brown box marked 'Maid’ then without another word he simply walked off.

"Don't you want to watch me change?" she called after him.

"No." he replied.

It was a kinky maids outfit, black dress with white apron, stockings and suspenders, several bras fell from the box, different sizes but all half cup and as she undressed and struggled into the costume she found it was far too small, the top gaped open several inches and the hemline plainly showed her knickers.

He gave her a few moments to change and then returned, “The pants don’t match take them off,” he ordered.

She knew better than to argue with a punter so she obediently undid her suspenders an slid the panties to the floor.

"That's better,” he said admiringly, “Now the sink is full so perhaps you could start there," he suggested.

"Hey I'm not a maid." she insisted.

"Oh yes you are, I’m paying you for this role play, now there are rubber gloves in the drawer." he insisted.

"You are seriously weird," she replied.

"Put your clothes under the sink," he ordered.

She opened the door and moved her scanty belongings as instructed.

"Put the plates in the sink, come on," he urged.

She started cleaning, they did not wash plates at Leroy's, they did not use plates, just paper plates plastic cups, she usually slept in the kitchen, while the two girls lived and worked from the two big bedrooms and Leroy had the small rooms, sometimes he had eight girls and occasionally he let her sleep with him, nice and warm, but the stench from his constant farts and tobacco breath was a turn off.

The water was warm, this was like when she helped Mummy when she was small, soon the plates were washed, dried and put away.

"Ah well done, there are some steaks, in the fridge, cook them would you, I have company later."

Lovely juicy steaks, Janie regarded a Big Mac as a treat these days

She was getting into the cooking when she noticed the hour was up.

"Hey times up, meter needs feeding"

"Twenty till midnight?"

"Sure" she thought of Leroy probably freezing while she was making a few quid in the warmth of the Kitchen.

She heard a car draw up.

The door opened and an elegantly dressed lady entered through the front door and made her way to the kitchen, Janie looked desperately for somewhere to hide, but there was nowhere.

"Geoffrey, Geoffrey, where are you, Oh," she exclaimed as she spotted Janie trying to hide behind the door, “Who or what the hell are you?.

Geoffrey appeared behind her, "Ah this is Silvie the maid I promised to hire."

"You bastard, you total bastard," the elegant lady shouted, "She’s a prostitute, Daddy warned me about you, that's no housemaid that's your slut."

"And your point is?" Geoffrey asked.

"You are depraved unnatural." she snapped.

"Suzanne I hardly think that merely expecting more than the occasional sex you offer when you can be bothered to fit me in between clients is unnatural," Geoffrey commented, "It's the first time since Sunday you have come back from London and on Sunday you had thrush or a headache, and slept in the back room."

"Hey don't I have a say here" Janie asked plaintively as she stood there feeling neglected exposed and horribly embarrassed.

"No" they spoke in unison.

"I am going home to Mummy's" Suzanne announced.

"So I get to shag the maid then do I?" Geoffrey asked.

"Shag who you like." Suzanne said disinterestedly

Geoffrey walked around behind Janie and put his arms round her, cupped her breasts, and whispered in her ear, "Would you like that?"

"I'll sue for divorce" Suzanne warned.

"We aren't married or did you forget?" Geoffrey replied.

“Agggghhhh,” Suzanne wailed and she stormed away seething with anger and humiliation.

The drawing rooom chandelier swayed and ornaments rattled, as Suzanne slammed the door and left the building. The gravel crunched but the garden wall stood firm as she scraped her BMW against it in her anger.

"Do you still want the Steaks?" Janie asked.

"Pick out a bottle of wine and bring them through, you look hungry." Geoffrey replied.

She remembered something about wine from school and picked a bottle from the rack,

"Ah merci, Silvie," Geoffrey replied as he inspected the bottle.

"Its Janie" she replied.

"You are precisely who I say you are, Silvie," he ordered.

"OK" she agreed.

"No, Silvie, say yes sir in public, yes master in private." he insisted.

"Are you planning on keeping me here all night?" she asked hopefully.

"No, just be quiet and eat, and put the TV on," he replied.

They ate, finishing with tinned fruit.

"My Mum always got tinned fruit on Sundays," Janie said suddenly.

"And your point is?" Geoffrey asked.

"Is that your fucking catch phrase?" Janie asked.

"Sorry, that was rude and it is time for you to go," Geoffrey insisted

"Ten and I'll stay all night," Janie tried.

"No I must not be greedy, get changed," Geoffrey insisted.

She walked sadly through the warm house and opened the door under the sink, water dripped out.

"My clothes are soaking," she complained

"And your point is?" he asked.

She threw her jacket at him, “I’ll get pneumonia!”

He grabbed her wrist and began to undo her maids uniform,

"You are an ungrateful girl," he replied, "I would have let you borrow these but you misbehaved, you could have slept in the spare room or on the couch or floor if you had asked nicely but no."

"Leroy will go mad, I can’t work like this, l’ll get pneumonia if I wear these," she complained.

“So go home,” he suggested.

“What, back home, you think mum would let me in? do you?” Janie asked, “That’s why I’m on the streets moron, there’s nowhere else to go, except Leroy’s.”

“Oh, I see,” he replied, “You’re Leroys girl, don’t tell me, he provides the fix, you hand over all your cash?”

She nodded, “So no one but Leroy would miss you?” he enquired.

“Leroy knows you picked me up so don’t get any weird ideas,” Janie said nervously.

"Stupid girl, I’ll take you back, in fact I'll drive you," he offered," Just put the dog's blanket round yourself and get in the boot of the car behind the seats."

Janie wrapped the dog blanked around herself and walked to the car.

“Take your shoes and stockings off,” Geoffrey ordered, “I do not want you running away,” he added and when Janie had removed her shoes he placed her clothes under the front passengers seat out of her reach.

Janie cowered behind the seat, naked but for the blankets she felt more lonely and afraid than ever before in her life, she prayed that the police would not pull them over but eventually the car stopped and Geoffrey climbed out. he walked away and then she heard voices,

"Leroy, bit of a bugger really," Geoffrey was saying, "Bit of a mishap, playing with the girl, overdid it, no pulse,"

"You fucking killed her?" Leroy asked incredulously.

"In a manner of speaking," Geoffrey replied.

"Fuck, You owe me man." Leroy claimed.

"Clearly," Geoffrey agreed, “But be realistic, she was well past her prime.”

"You owe me a grand man," Leroy snapped, “One thousand English pounds, I’m out of pocket till I get a new bitch broken in.”

"Yes, one thousand pounds," Geoffrey agreed, "That was the sum I had in mind, of course I will need her things before I arrange an accident, hit and run I think, or perhaps drowning in the canal?"

"Sure Man, how's about tomorrow?" Leroy suggested.

"Yes," Geoffrey agreed, "Meet here at noon tomorrow,” he reached into his pocket, “Here is five hundred and oh yes, the sixty she earned, and another five hundred tomorrow."

"A pleasure man." Leroy commented.

"Was she on drugs?" Geoffrey asked, “It will help at the inquest if she is.”

"She thought so but it was just white powder, inert man," Leroy commented.

Janie lay there in complete terror, unsure of what Geoffrey had planned, but too scared to try to run barefoot and naked.

Geoffrey climbed back into the car, started the engine and drove off, cruising back down the suburban streets while Janie cowered under the dog rug in the back, and tried to avoid being thrown around until at last they arrived back at the house.

"He sold me, like a dog" she complained from beneath her blanket.

“Be quiet,” he insisted so they drove in silence.

Geoffrey opened the door for Janie and she tried to walk across the gravelled drive but the stones dug into her feet, she cried out in pain so he simply swept her off her feet and carried Janie across the gravelled drive.

“He sold me,” Janie said in disbelief.

"Yes, indeed," Geoffrey agreed, "Like a dog, I'll get you a collar. I'll even call you Shep if you like"

"Please don't make fun of me, but what do you want me to do now?" she asked.

"Bath time," he insisted, "Wash you hair, shave yourself, don't take too long."

He showed her the bathroom and filled the bath while he found her some bath salts and a scrubbing brush.

Her hair gleamed in the halogen down lights of the bathroom as she sat on the bath side and dried it, Geoffrey walked in and smiled at her "Does that feel better?" he asked.

"Yes." she replied, "Thank you."

"Shave your pubes they are stubbly," he added, "Oh and when you a chance get them waxed."

She came into the dining room wearing a bathrobe.

"Ground rules, you cost me a thousand pounds, a lot of money, so until you pay it off you will be my servant come slave" he stated firmly.

"A cum Slave?" she queried.

"Why not, that's not what I really meant, but sort of temporary surrogate wife and girlfriend." he smiled at her, "Come closer."

He held her head in his hands and kissed her, running his tongue around inside her mouth.

"You see," he asked, "And this,"

He ducked down and spreading her legs he separated carefully the lips of her labia and eased his thumb within and kissed her mouth again as her juices flowed.

"It's like courting in the third year." she remarked as he moved and he kissed each breast in turn.

"And finally we come to mister Penis," he dropped his pants and she stared at his twelve inches of rigid manhood, all pink and gleaming.

"God you need me bad" she observed.

"May I" he asked.

"Yes please," she said, "There were some condoms in my pocket." but he already had one in his hand which he rolled easily down his rampant tool.

She lay back and the waves of pleasure flowed over her, so often in the business she frantically tried to squeeze tiny insignificant organs to try and give their owners a good time but she was so stretched now that it needed at least ten inches to excite him.

Geoffrey began to hump. he revelled in the ease with which she took him with minimal foreplay, even getting inside Suzanne was a nightmare of kissing and cajoling, this was much better.

"God help me I am coming," Janie exclaimed as the tip of Geoffrey’s cock banged the neck of her womb.

"A fake as usual," Geoffrey commented.

"Oh God no, oh hold me, please," she demanded.

A jet of red hot Ice cold sperm shot within her stretching her condom, and she truly knew she had met her master, God she wanted not just him but also his babies.

"So in a one to ten of punters how did I do" He asked.

"I don't have enough to go on yet, Master," she lied as she lay back on the bed sated for the moment.

"Run my bath then, eh, um" he requested.

"Silvie?" she reminded him.

"Jane, yes run the bath," Geoffrey asked.

She accepted the order as if it were completely natural and washed him as he lay in the soapy water, and dried him.

"Sleeping arrangements," Geoffrey suggested, "We ruled out spare room, floor and couch, so where do you suggest"

"Kitchen?" she suggested.

"Well I'm not sleeping in the kitchen so you had better share my bed." he suggested.

Janie pinched herself to make sure she was not dreaming.

To be continued?

Rating: 93%, Read 51609 times, Posted Jun 01, 2014

Fiction | Cheating, Female, Male, Slavery


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