Stormy night by Robert+Frost

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True Story |

Have you ever had a friend who is prefect in every way? My best friend David is like that. When I was five years old I remember standing in the playground watching his sure fluid movements, his graceful manner and his magnetic presence. I would get a funny sort of feeling in my stomach that, at the time I didn’t understand.

I often wondered through the course of our growing up “why dose this prefect creature waist his time on a clumsy bookworm like me?”

But for as long as I can remember David has been my hero. Since he lived four houses down from me we always went to the same school, and on several occasions he stopped bullies from beating my brains out. To show my gratitude I would do his math homework for him. But despite our differences, we shared a special kind of bond from the first time we met.

As time went on and puberty reared its ugly head I began to notice a change in the way I felt about David. When we would wrestle hard-ons became a frequent occurrence. During sleepovers I would find myself lying awake for hours just watching him sleep. I didn’t understand my feelings, I knew what a crush was but I also knew that’s not something your suppose to have on your best friend.

As David grew into young adult hood he became every girl in our schools fancy. He had exotic good looks high cheekbones and broad shoulders from the Native American blood his mother passed on to him, curly jet-black hair and a flawless carmel completion from his Cuban father. His eyes, a warm charcoal gray with specs of green that seemed to move like storm clouds with each smile or pensive frown. By the time we were both thirteen I was completely in love with David.

As I sit here years later recalling the first time I confessed my love to him, I remember how the day stared.

My mom, a free spirited child from the sixties had to visit her sister my aunt in California unexpectedly. After hours of begging and pouting she finally relented and gave me permission to stay home by myself.

As she was walking out the door she gave me the standard parental speech about no wild parties, no girls, no drinking from her bar, which she assured me she checked the level of each bottle before she left, and so on. After giving me money for pizza and a long hug she departed bound for the airport.

The first thing I did was call David, but his mom informed me he was at his grandfather’s house and would not be back till the late afternoon. I was pissed, but my spirits quickly lifted when I thought about the large bag of marijuana I found in my moms room two weeks ago.

After taking an amount from my moms stash that I was sure wouldn’t be missed, I empted a swisher cigar I had been hiding and rolled a fat blunt. Sitting in my back yard I inhaled the sweet smelling smoke, my body becoming more relaxed with each toke. When the munchies kicked in ate two turkey sandwiches and a half a box of chocolate chip cookies, then went to my room to take a nap.

I awoke to the sound of rain pounding against my bedroom widow, within two hours the downpour of rain got tremendously heavy. Then hale pelted the house; finally there was thunder and lighting. As I sat on my bed watching T.V and listing to the storm the power suddenly blew out and I was left in pitch-black darkness.

After my eyes adjusted to the dark I decided to go to the kitchen to get some candles. As I lit the first candle I heard a knock at the door, but not just any knock it was the special knock David and I came up when we were kids.

When I opened the door David ran in the house, he was soaked from head to foot the white t-shirt he was wearing clung to his muscular chest and arms.

“David what the hell are you doing out in the rain like this?” I asked

“My mom told me you called earlier, and when I didn’t hear from you I stared to get worried” David replied.

As he spoke he was holding himself and rubbing his arms fiercely

“My hero”, I said in a joking manner. There some logs in the fireplace, so if you light a fire I’ll go and get you some dry clothes to put on.

When I returned to the living room David had already got the fire going and was in the process of pulling his wet t-shirt off reveling his smooth flat stomach and small brown nipples.

Because of the darkness David did not yet know I had re-entered the room, I stood watching as he removed his soaked jeans from his prefect V-line waist. As he bent over to untie and remove his shoes I was given a heavenly view of his perfectly round ass, my cock became painfully hard in my pants. I could feel pre-cum oozing from my cock head, making my underwear sticky and wet. I stuck my hand in my underwear and moved my dick, so it would rest in the waistband of my briefs to conceal my hard-on.

When I stepped out of the shadows David had already removed all his garments except for his white briefs, I handed him a pair of sweat pants and a towel and he immediately started drying his curly black hair, seeming to disregard the pants he sat down by the fireplace and gestured for me to sit down with him.

My cousin from Arizona wrote me today David said, I have been writing to him about this problem I have, and I think the answer he gave me mite solve it.

What problem is that? I asked.

For a moment I didn’t think David would answer me, he was just staring absentmindedly into the fire rubbing the left side of is head, that gesture always meant he was feeling insecure about something.

“Well uhh…. oh never mind it to fucking weird”, David said after awhile suddenly bursting into tears.

Alarmed I wrapped my arms around his body, letting his head rest on my chest. I didn’t know what to do or say, I just stroked his head while his tears dampened my shirt.

David spoke aging with a tear strained voice, “Joey I just…have these feeling inside me I don’t understand and…and I just love you so much”.

My heart filled with joy over David admission, and broke in two because of the pain he felt. I lifted David head so I could look into his eyes.

Fantasies were a poor rehearsal for reality. Suddenly, I was at a loss for words. Instead of trying to find any, I leaned over and touched my lips to his.

We spent the next hour just kissing, exchanging a few words and keeping our hands above waist level. Of course we were both excited, but we were both also teenage virgins, both aware of the forbidden nature of our new intimacy.

It was David that suggested I take off my cloths, as I took off my jeans David wrapped is arms around me and kissed me. He leaned against me, wrapping his thigh over mine. My right hand moved down between his legs, cupping the swelling of his hard cock through his underpants. The instant I squeezed the shape of his hard-on, he shuddered and softly moaned. I felt the warm wetness seeping through the cotton and soaking my hand. David had cum in his underwear.

“Sorry, Joey,” David muttered, looking embarrassed.

I kissed him and assured him it was okay as I continued to squeeze the bulge of his cock, enjoying his warm, sticky semen on my hand.

The sight of David sprawled out on the floor, with his legs spread and his briefs soaked in cum, his stiff cock straining against the wet cotton, will forever be the most erotic sight I have ever seen.

“You want to come to my room with me??” I asked

David laughed. “That sounds better than coming in my pants again.”

As soon as we got to my dark candle lit room, David was stepping out of his wet underpants. I stared unashamedly at his 5-½ inch semi stiff cock. There were flecks of semen on his dark-brown pubic curls.

I pulled down my own brief and proudly displayed my throbbing manhood for his inspection. I could tell he was impressed.

We met at the foot of the bed, embraced, and kissed passionately. As I drew him tightly against me, cupping his firm ass in both my hands, I felt David’s sticky cock swelling against my own throbbing hard-on. The feeling of his firm hands squeezing my naked buttocks sent an erotic shudder through my entire body.

We tumbled onto the bed kissing hungrily, hands roaming over each other’s bodies. With David lying on top of me, I wrapped my legs around his lower body and my arms around his shoulders, holding him in a tight clinch.

David broke our kiss gradually, “I want to suck your cock,” he panted.

I was dangerously close to creaming his belly. All I could do was nod my head eagerly.

David’s right fist gripped my throbbing erection, sliding the foreskin back from my foaming purple crown. I raised myself onto my elbows, feeling curiously detached from what was happening. This was my cock, and this was my best friend licking a pearl of precum from the slit and tasting it. It felt like somewhere between a dream and a movie.

David’s fist gripped my cock tighter. He leaned over and wrapped his lips around the head of my cock. I climaxed almost instantly. He swallowed the first glob of my creamy load, then raised his head and pumped my cock vigorously with his right fist. The remainder of my cum splattered over his face and neck an into his open mouth

There wasn’t a towel close to hand, so David used my underwear to wipe the cum off his face. My sticky right fist was clutched around his hard cock. Sitting up, I leaned over and touched the tip of my tongue to David’s piss slit. I tasted fresh semen and I liked it.

I licked the creamy foam from the head of his cock and wrapped my mouth around hot length. Wrapping a hand around the back of my neck, David rammed his inches into my mouth.

David aggressively pumped my mouth, shuddering and moaning softly when I reached between his thighs and cupped his balls in my right hand. I savored his hard cock to the fullest, kissing and licking every inch of the smooth length, rubbing it over my face, then taking it in my mouth again. It wasn’t long before my head was bobbing and I was sucking him like a pro.

When he climaxed, I held his spasming cock in my fist and milked his hot load onto his six-pack.

David pulled me on top of him and we fell asleep that way.

To be continued…

Rating: 83%, Read 13995 times, Posted Nov 11, 2008

True Story |


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