Speeding Ticket by CrazyDiamond

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Fantasm | Authoritarian, Female, Humiliation, Lesbian

"Dispatch, this is 27."

"This is dispatch. Hey, Johnson, you can loosen up on the formality. You're not in the big city now, just a sheriff's department in a big rural county, a bunch of hicks in the sticks. You call me Baker, I call you Johnson, and you don't have to use the codes, just tell me where you are and what you're doing. Hell, the whole county knows everyone's business anyway, and it'll make it easier for all of us if we just speak in plain English."

Officer Johnson sighed, then cued the mike again, "Okay, Baker, since it's midnight and things are slow, I'm going to go ahead and take my lunch break now. I'm going to go over to that diner all of you have been telling me about."

"Eddie's? Yeh, it won't be too busy at this time of night and it'll look better to everyone if you mingle with the locals more often. You've got to win their trust if you want to fit in down here. I've been here almost 5 years myself and I'm only now really being welcomed, ¦but then dating the chief's son does help with that," Jill Baker laughed.

Johnson laughed uncomfortably, "Okay, but for now I'm just going to go for something to eat. I'll be back on patrol in 30 minutes."

"Now don't you rush yourself, ¦remember we do things differently here. Take all the time you need, and I'll radio you if we need you for anything."

Johnson started to answer, but stopped as a red sports car flashed through the intersection ahead of the cruiser. "Check that. I've got a speeder, at least 80."

"Okay, Johnson, you want me to send you some help?"

"No, I think I can handle some punk kid. I"m in pursuit on 81."

"Okay, you be careful, ya hear?"

Johnson winced at the careless words, then flipped on the red lights to chase down the speeding car.

In the car ahead, Debbie Wilson groaned as she saw the red lights come on behind her. She didn't need this, being stopped for speeding. Her daddy, the honorable Judge Harry Wilson, had told her that if she ever got a ticket again, he was going to take her car and yank her out of college, then make her marry that creep Stanley Phillips. She shuddered at the thought of him, then began looking for a good place to stop. Ahhhh there, up ahead will work. Sshe slowed down, then pulled onto the narrow dirt road that led away from the highway. Up over a low hill and down the other side, then around a curve before pulling over behind a patch of trees. She took a quick look, yes, this was perfect. They couldn't be seen from the highway. She grabbed her purse and took out a tube of red lip gloss and began applying it to her full sensuous lips. After all, this wouldn't be the first time she had blown a cop to get out of a ticket, and she had even let that gorgeous Paul Winfield fuck her. She smiled as she remembered his big cock filling her up, and she hoped it would be him again and not that fat old jerk Jerry Porter. She smiled in the mirror, a bright welcoming smile as she got herself ready.

Johnson swore angrily, "What's this damned punk up to?" following the car off the highway, then pulling up behind it about 20 feet away. Only one person inside. Leaving the lights flashing an angry red over the scene, the officer got out and approached the car, boots crunching on the gravel.

Debbie glanced into the mirror, watching as the tall thin blonde officer approached her car carefully. Yes, it was Paul Winfield. Not only would she blow him and let him fuck her, she might even let him have her tight little asshole this time. She smiled in anticipation as she pulled the hem of her already short skirt up on her bare legs until she knew that he would be able to see the white patch of panties between her legs, then reached behind her neck to untie the top of her halter, letting it fall to her waist. Her nipples were already stiffening in excitement as she rolled her window down, then leaned towards him before asking, "Gee, officer, was I speeding?" Her face flamed in sudden embarrassment as her shocked eyes met the equally shocked eyes of Officer Sonya Johnson.

"License and registration, please," Sonya commanded in a cold voice. Debbie fumbled in her purse, her face still red, as she found the requested documents. Sonya took them, then turned and stalked away without a word. As she walked away, Debbie hurriedly pulled her top back up, already filled with despair because she knew she was in serious trouble now.

Sonya stomped back to her car, furious at the turn of events. Who the hell did this little bitch think she was, pulling a stunt like that. Her anger grew as she remembered all the harassment from her fellow officers and some of the criminals over the 4 years she had been an officer, about using her looks to get ahead or making graphic sexual comments. And now to be treated like this by some little bimbo who obviously expected to get out of a ticket with her feminine charms. She was almost at the exploding point when she grabbed up the mike and called in the girl's information. "Baker, I've got a Debbie Wilson here, stopped for speeding. Any priors or warrants?"

Silence for 10 seconds, then Baker's voice in reply, "I'm working another call here. I'll get right back to you, okay?" Sonya's anger increased at the obvious implications, that this was someone who had to be treated with kid gloves. Then to her surprise, her cell phone rang.


"Sonya, this is Jill Baker. I did't want to talk to you on the air, since this is a delicate subject and I don't want this conversation on the public records. So tell me, did that little slut try to pull something?"

In spite of her anger, Sonya couldn't help but smile at Jill's words. Obviously there was no lost between those two. "Yes," she replied, "When I got up to her car, she had her top down around her waist . I think she was shocked to see a female officer."

Jill laughed, "Good. Look, I know we don't know each other very well, but I want to ask you to do something for me. I want you to put the fear of God into her, okay? Before I was dating Bill, I used to date this officer here in the department, Paul Winfield."

"Yes, I know who he is."

"One night when I was off duty, he stopped her for speeding. He didn't tell me about it, and when I found out later, I asked him about it. He said he had just warned her and let her go, since her daddy is Judge Wilson. But then a couple of days later, I overheard him and Jerry Porter talking in the break room when he didn't know I was outside the door. They were talking about her, and Jerry asked Paul if he'd gotten a blow job from her like the rest of them had, and the bastard said he had, and that he had even fucked her too."

Sonya winced, "Ouch, that's rough"

"When I stormed in and confronted him, he denied saying anything like that and Jerry backed him up,¦both those bastards lying to me like that. So I dumped the asshole, then started going out with Bill. Now Paul avoids me as much as he can, since he knows that one word to the chief from Bill will get him fired. I don't care what happens to him, but I want that bitch to pay."

"Yeah, I want her to pay too, it's because of sluts like her that I've had to put with more crap from our fellow officers and some of the public I've dealt with. What do you want me to do?"

"Just make her think she's going to jail, because we all know that her daddy has her under a threat to take everything away from her if she gets another ticket or, heaven forbid, thrown in jail. You can even rough her up a bit, as long as you don't leave any marks. When we hang up, I'll come back on the radio and tell you that she doesn't have any warrants out on her, then you tell me you're going to let her go with a warning, then go ahead on your lunch break. The waitress over at Eddie's tonight is a close friend who got screwed over by the slut too, and she'll swear you were in there the whole time when I call her and tell her. Then you go up there and pay back the little bitch."

"Sounds like a plan tome. Okay, I'll do it. I'll talk to you in a minute."

"Okay, and you can tell us about it later. Have fun." Jill laughed and hung up the phone, then radioed Sonya as planned. She sat back in her chair, smiling an evil smile as Paul Winfield walked by. He looked over at her, then hurried away without speaking, worried at the look on her face.

Debbie sat up in her car, tears streaming down her face. It just wasn't fair, she was going to be in trouble because it was a woman officer instead of a man, never even thinking that it was her own fault for speeding. As she heard the crunch of the gravel, approaching her car, she smiled at the sudden thought...if this is that new officer, maybe she doesn't know about daddy's threat and I can bluff my way out of it with who I am. Her spirits lifted as she clung to that hope.

Sonya walked back towards the car, her nightstick smacking against her leg with every step. Okay, she thought, let's see what I can do to this bitch. She stepped up the car, her resolve hardening as she saw that Debbie was smiling like the cat that swallowed the canary.

"Get out of the car, please." Yes, that put a little bit of a tremble to her smile. Maybe she's not feeling so cocky now.

Debbie swallowed hard, "But officer..."

"I said, get out of the car!" Sonya ordered in a raised voice, smiling inside at the sudden look of dismay that flashed across Debbie's face.

"Okay, okay." Debbie stammered out as she hurriedly got out of her car.

"Go to the back of your car, please."

"Okay, but you should know that my daddy is Judge Wilson, and he won't be happy at the way you're treating me."

"I know exactly who your daddy is, and I also know what he has threatened to do if you got another ticket." Debbie's heart sank at these words. "Now step to the back of the vehicle." With a sob, Debbie walked toward the back of the car.

"Okay, now step to the middle of the trunk, then bend over it with your arms stretched out over your head."

Tears streaming down her face now, Debbie begged her, "Please, please, you can't arrest me for this. You don't understand just how bad this is for me."

"Oh, I understand, now get bent over the car."

Crying even harder, Debbie complied with Sonya's command. To her horror, she felt Sonya step between her legs, then nudge her leg with one knee. "Spread 'em apart while I check you for weapons." She did as she was ordered, face turning a bright red as she felt Sonya move up tight against her, then bend out over her prone body. She winced as Sonya shoved her hands up under her long black hair, checking for any concealed blades without any regard for the fact that she was also pulling her hair at the same time. "Ow!! That hurts!!" she cried out at another sharp tug of her hair, but all she got for her trouble was a hard smack against the back of her head.

"If you think that hurt, you just wait until the women in the jail get a hold of you. They'll work you over a lot worse when they find out who you are. Now lie still and shut up or I'll put the cuffs on you."

"Noooo, you can't do that!! Please. I'll behave, I promise," the thoroughly frightened girl cried.

"Okay," Sonya grunted, then returned her search. She ran her hands down the sides of Debbie's neck, at the same time dragging her thumbs over her neck bones. Despite her fear, a shiver (but not of fear) ran through Debbie at the intimate caress. A small moan slipped from her lips as Sonya's hands caressed the bare skin of her shoulders, before sliding under her arms. Sonya's hands brushed the sides of Debbie's breasts through her halter top and another moan slipped out.

"Good," thought Sonya as an evil grin spread across her face. "Let's see how she handles this." Before the startled girl could react, she slid her hands under Debbie, then up, forcing the halter up over Debbie's breasts. As the soft mounds came into her hands, she began squeezing them firmly,¦ the evil smile on her face spreading wider as Debbie gasped "Ohhhhh' before beginning to moan more deeply as her nipples stiffened against Sonya's fingers. "Please don't," she gasped out, then gave a little shriek as Sonya pinched her nipples before releasing them.

"Do you really think those women will listen to you when you are at their mercy, Debbie?" Sonya asked. "They won't...you'll be like fresh meat to them."

Sonya ran her hands down the sides of Debbie's waist and hips before pulling them away. As Debbie visibly relaxed, Sonya smiled evilly again. Although it was obvious that Debbie could have no weapons under skirt, Sonya still placed her right hand on the inside of Debbie's left thigh, then ran it up under her skirt. Debbie gasped again as Sonya ran the inside edge of her hand back and forth over Debbie's panty-covered mound.

Abandoning all pretense of frisking her, Sonya cupped Debbie's tight little buttocks in both hands and started squeezing them firmly. As Debbie quivered and moaned under her hands, she continued to rub them, stopping occasionally to run her thumb up and down the crack of her ass. Slowly, almost imperceptibly, Debbie began to push back against the busy hands as the waves of pleasure began to sweep through her. Sonya felt the pushes and smiled again, then slowly dragged a fingertip over Debbie's pussy, making her gasp out loud. Sonya could feel the dampness soaking through her panties and knew it was time for the next step.

Sonya slid her hands up to the waistband of Debbie's panties, then hooked her fingers in them and yanked them in one smooth fast motion. "Body cavity search," she announced, before placing her right hand between Debbie's legs.

Debbie's frantic "Nooooooooo," turned to a gurgling "Ohhhhhhhh" as Sonya jammed her index finger into her wet pussy. Sonya twisted her finger around, feeling every inch of the inside of Debbie's pussy, Debbie's "Unhhh" marking every time Sonya's fingertip slid across her g-spot. When Sonya slid a second finger in alongside the first, she just whimpered and spread her legs farther apart.

Sonya twisted her body to lean her left hip up against the trunk of the car as she switched to a in-and-out thrust with her fingers. With her left hand, Sonya pulled Debbie's skirt up to her waist, then rested her hand on the top of Debbie's ass, letting her fingertips stroke the creamy soft skin between the firm buttocks. Debbie could only moan in delight at the sensations flooding through her. She could feel an orgasm approaching when Sonya, listening intently to her victim's , suddenly pulled her fingers out.

"Don't stop, I'm almost there," Debbie gasped out, but then her moan turned to a wordless shriek as Sonya held her buttocks apart with her left hand while she rammed her two slick fingers into Debbie's unprepared asshole. A stretching shooting pain shot through her and tears ran down her cheeks as Sonya twisted her fingers viciously in the tight opening. She moaned in relief as Sonya yanked them back out, but her humiliation was just beginning.

Stepping back, Sonya grabbed her shoulder and yanked her back from the car. Debbie fell to her knees, bewildered and frightened by the sudden turn of events. Stepping in front of the cowering girl, Sonya waved her fingers under Debbie's nose. "Lick them off," she ordered in a commanding voice.

Shocked, Debbie blurted out "NO!" before clamping her lips shut. But Sonya was prepared for this. She grabbed Debbie's hair and yanked her head back hard. As Debbie's mouth opened in a loud "Owwwwwwww", Sonya shoved her fingers into the gaping mouth. "Now lick them clean," she ordered again, "or I'll rip your hair out."

Weeping bitterly, Debbie started licking at the fingers filling her mouth. She almost gagged at the acrid taste of her own asshole, drawing a warning from Sonya that if she threw up, she would regret it. As she licked Sonya's fingers, Sonya started sliding them in and out of her mouth, causing an involuntary sucking reaction from Debbie. Tears coursed down her cheeks as she thoroughly cleaned Sonya's fingers.

Sonya pulled her fingers almost gently from Debbie's mouth after a few minutes, then let go of her hair. Debbie dropped her head and continued to cry as Sonya watched her, still smiling evilly. After all, she was just beginning...

++++++++to be continued++++++++++

Rating: 75%, Read 41493 times, Posted Jul 07, 2006

Fantasm | Authoritarian, Female, Humiliation, Lesbian


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