An Office Rendezvous by sinfulwritings

Rating: 85%, Read 8801 times, Posted Jan 06, 2021

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Romance, Transgendered, Written by women

A knock at the door pulled Sarah’s attention from her computer, the seemingly endless lines of code blurring as she rubbed at her eyes and took off her headphones, leaving the quiet sounds of her Spotify playlist to dance through her small office. The cool air from the open window swiftly made itself known to Sarah’s body as she shivered and pulled her attention from the screen in front of her.

Blearily, she checked the time on her phone, 9:15? Who’s here this late?

She called out softly, just loud enough to be heard through the door, “Come in.”

Jane opened up the door and ducked inside, pulling it closed behind her. Sarah’s momentary frustration at being disrupted evaporated in a moment, Jane was a source of joy in Sarah’s life, and she was as excited to see her then as she ever was. Jane’s smile was a sight that Sarah craved, and seeing it light up the room as fire spread through Jane’s cheeks was enough to pique Sarah’s interest and drive her curiosity into overdrive.

“Uh-um, I thought I saw light under your door, and um, I was just wondering if you’d be able to give me a ride home? I don’t want to be a bother, it’s jus—”

Sarah interrupted, grabbing her keys from her desk and standing. “Honey of course! You know I’m always happy to help!”

Some tension drained from Jane, even as she mentally berated herself for stammering, she was supposed to be confident here dammit! As she drew together her confidence she fidgeted with the strap of her bag while Sarah gathered her things. Before Jane could talk herself out of speaking, she let slip the words that had her blushing and that had set her stomach into a twisting, churning mess before coming to see Sarah. “I know you like me.”

Sarah froze, her water bottle that she had been halfway into moving from desk to bag clenched tightly in her hands, mind racing as she tried to piece together what Jane had just said. Her mind simply gave up in response to Jane’s admission, leaving her to stammer out a quick response.


Jane laughed softly, the last of the tension dropping from her as she stood watching Sarah, who had frozen like a deer in headlights, face turned to Jane’s and frozen in a look of stark terror. “Sarah sweetheart, it’s okay, I’ve known for a little while now, and, well, you know how I like to repay favors.”

Sarah stood stock still, heart hammering in her chest as she desperately tried to put together the new information that had been dumped on her, and marry that new information with months of what she thought was subtle pining. Jane couldn’t help but laugh a little harder. “Sarah, you are such a dork. Oh my god.”

Jane circled Sarah’s desk, dropping her bag along the way. She rested her hands on Sarah’s shoulders, slowly pushing her down onto her chair, giggling softly as she heard the soft thump of the water bottle slipping from Sarah’s hands and hitting the floor. Turning to clear the table behind her, Jane slowly slid onto it, leaning forward to give Sarah a clear view down the front of her dress and whisper to her. “Come here, I’ve seen you stealing those glances at my tits, don’t you want to see them properly?”

Sarah’s mind raced, still desperately grappling with what was happening. Jane wanted her Sarah to see her tits? Terrified and excited, Sarah slid herself forward, swearing to herself that even if this situation was weird as anything, she wouldn’t let an opportunity to be with this total goddess slip through her fingers. She slowly moved in between Jane’s legs as Jane moved back to sitting straight. “That’s a good girl Sarah, but you didn’t answer my question.” As she spoke, Jane ran her finger along the bust of her dress, pulling it down by the barest amount, just enough to expose a hint of flesh and set Sarah’s heart hammering in her chest even harder, somehow the thrill of Jane purposefully exposing that small hint of herself eclipsing the view she had just been granted. Swallowing hard, Sarah managed to push out a response, slowly at first, but building to an unceasing stream of words as she found a semblance of confidence.

“Jane please, oh my god, Jane, fuck. Please show me your tits, they’re so fucking nice and I need to see them, Jane please, please, please-”

Jane smiled wide, hooking her fingers under each arm of her dress and pulling it down over her dark lace bra, the material clung tightly to her, framing the delicate softness of Jane’s prodigious chest, a sight that Sarah had long let herself fantasise about, without ever believing she’d lay her eyes on it.

Jane reached around to her back, pushing her chest forward towards Sarah in the doing, and unhooked her bra, leaving it to cling for a moment before she pulled it away, placing it to the side. The skin on Jane’s tits rippled as the cool night air swept over them, breaking out in goosebumps as her nipples hardened by the second. Sarah could scarcely believe the sight laid before her, she had had fantasies about a moment like this, Jane baring herself to her, showing her the tits that were somehow more wonderful than Sarah could have imagined. They sat heavy on her chest, their mass making Sarah’s back twinge just looking at them, they jiggled slightly with Jane’s movements as she brought her hands up to catch them, her hands merely framing them, having no need to hold up the tits that sat high and held their shape from the bra. Looking down at Sarah, Jane couldn’t help but smile a little at the awestruck look upon her face. “So you like them?”

“This is already beyond any possible repayment for driving you anywhere, holy fuck your tits are wonderful. I’m going to try to remember this moment forever. My god you’re beautiful.”

Jane smiled before biting her lip and slowly kneading her chest and softly tugging her nipples, lightly moaning with each small tug and keeping her eyes locked on Sarah’s. “Well, if you wanted to pay me back, you could always, um…” With the final words, Jane dropped a hand to touch the hem of her dress, pulling it up to show just the smallest extra hint of thigh.

Sarah eagerly pushed forward, running her hands up the sides of Jane’s legs until they hit the hem of her dress, then slowly pushing the dress up her thighs, the material catching and jumping as it hit the soft hairs of Jane’s legs. As it moved, inch by painstaking inch, the dark lace of Jane’s underwear was revealed. Jane’s face flushed with heat as Sarah revealed her matching set of underwear, her hands ceasing their kneading of her tits to merely hold them as she softly whispered to Sarah, “Quick confession. I was sorta hoping you were staying late tonight, hence the, uh…”

Sarah smiled as her stomach did flips at the admission, this beautiful, amazing, gorgeous fucking hot girl had been hoping to spring this situation on her? Sarah couldn’t help but let herself be filled with images of Jane imaging a scene much like this and touching herself, the fantasy mingling with the overwhelming sight in front of her. She pushed the dress up and over the black lace, exposing just the smallest hint of Jane’s stomach to the air. Jane moved her hands to the band of her underwear, but Sarah responded by placing her own hands over the tops of Jane’s and sliding them back up the sides of Jane’s stomach.

“Let me.”

Having moved Jane’s hands back, Sarah let her own drop to Jane’s thighs, gently moving them as she brought her lips to the soft skin, planting soft kiss after soft kiss onto her leg, slowly moving higher up, closer and closer to the hem of lace that Jane had tried to remove so prematurely. As Sarah’s lips reached the lace she brought her fingers around, lifting the lace up to plant a kiss on the skin just to the side of Jane’s aching pussy, breathing deeply of the sweet scent of Jane’s clear arousal for her, while Jane moaned long and low for her, before letting the fabric snap back into position. Sarah shakily heaved out a breath and continued across to Jane’s other leg, planting dozens of soft kisses along her skin, drinking in the sound of Jane’s breath hitching and faltering as she continued to play with her own tits, twisting and pulling at the nipples while Sarah worshipped her in a way that she had never experienced before.

As Sarah made her way back along Jane’s leg, she brought her hands from the tops of Jane’s legs to her underwear, slowly pulling them down as Jane shuffled slightly to let them slide under her ass. As Jane’s pussy was revealed Sarah let out her own moan of pleasure and excitement, darting forward to place a quick peck of a kiss onto the wet outer folds of Jane’s cunt, before licking her lips and excitedly moving her hands to softly part those outer lips, revealing Jane’s soaking pink pussy.

“Oh fuck Jane, oh god you’re so fucking beautiful—” as she spoke, Sarah darted in to kiss the area around Jane’s pussy, “—I love your pussy—” a kiss and a slow rub around Jane’s cunt, “—You smell so fucking good—” a soft lick at the wetness that was accumulating around Jane’s cunt “—You taste so fucking good—” a longer, slower lick, starting at the base of her cunt and working its way up to softly push at Jane’s clitoral hood “—I could eat you out for fucking ever.”

As Sarah finished speaking she felt Jane’s hands encircle her head, grabbing onto hair and pulling her into Jane’s pussy. Sarah eagerly responded, repeating her long, slow lick while raising her eyes to see Jane looking desperately down at her. Enraptured by the view and the taste, Sarah dove in with enthusiasm, letting her senses be overtaken by Jane, the taste of her cunt filling her mouth and setting Sarah’s pussy into overdrive, ensuring that her underwear would be thoroughly soaked by the end of their encounter. The hot scent of Jane’s desire mingling with sweat almost overwhelmed her scent, Jane’s beautiful face looking down at her over the soft mounds of her tits, with those eyes that would always capture Sarah’s attention whenever they saw each other, Jane’s soft flesh moving under Sarah’s fingers as she massaged and moved Jane’s legs slightly, and those hot fucking moans that Jane could barely supress as Sarah pleasured her.

The tiniest shred of Sarah’s mind that hadn’t been consumed by her lust could feel herself fall for Jane more and more by the second, the dark wells of her eyes drawing her in, the soft feel of her body that Sarah couldn’t help but imagine cuddled up beside her, or holding her tightly. In the heat of the moment, Sarah wanted nothing more than to hear those moans every day for the rest of her life.

Sarah trailed her tongue up, letting it circle and lightly flick at Jane’s clit, each tiny shudder and elicited moan giving Sarah more confidence, she began to focus more directly on Jane’s clit, each flick sending a shudder through Jane’s body, building in intensity as she moaned and writhed under Sarah’s attentions. Sarah felt the hands gripping her hair clench as Jane shuddered violently, orgasm racing through her body like burning fire scorching through her nerves, she held Sarah’s face to her cunt, desperate for her to hold on to that intensity that she had built, Jane bit her lip to hold in the moan that threatened to echo through the office, rolling her head back to lie herself across the desk and let out a huff of breath.

“Holy. Fucking. Shit. Sarah you’re a fucking godess, fuck.”

Sarah pulled away from Jane’s pussy to smile at her, responding simply “Thanks hun, you know I’m thinking the same about you.”

As she finished responding, Sarah moved back in, softly licking and kissing at Jane’s pussy to help bring her down from her orgasm, savouring every moment of this encounter that she’d never even let herself believe had a chance of happening. As Jane’s orgasm subsided, soft laughter overtook her. Sarah rested her head on Jane’s thigh, taking a deep breath to ask a question “What’s so funny?”

“Sarah, fuck. You have no idea how long I’ve been thinking of doing that.”

Sarah laughed a little to herself, more in awe and disbelief than anything else, planted a final kiss on Jane’s sopping wet pussy and sat back, wiping away the mess that had accumulated around her mouth with her fingers and licking up the last few small hints of the taste of Jane’s pussy.

“Shall I um, give you that lift home then?”

Jane laughed harder at Sarah’s genuine awkwardness for a few moments, before lifting her dress to cover her tits again and pulling it down to cover her ass and pussy. Taking a moment to compose herself, she smoothed her dress down over her tits and shimmied her way off of the desk.

“That would be lovely, thank you sweetie.”

The two of them awkwardly moved around each other, Sarah picking up her discarded water bottle and collecting the rest of her things, Jane gathering up her discarded underwear and bra, balling them together and depositing them in her bag. They spent the next few minutes in companionable, if awkward, silence. Sarah elected to immediately put on music for their drive back as they arrived in the car, both of their minds racing with the events of the night.

As they pulled up and Sarah stopped the car, Jane flushed red, composing herself for just a moment before speaking up.

“Um, before you drive off, just wait for a moment for me to come around and thank you?”

Sarah could barely process the question before Jane’s seatbelt was off, she was flinging her bag over one shoulder and ducking out of the car. Sarah sat for a few second in dumb silence before she noticed Jane bending over at her window and knocking. Mentally kicking herself, Sarah wound the window down, an opening Jane immediately took advantage of to stick her head and upper body in, the edge of the window catching on her dress, which Sarah belatedly realised Jane had pulled down over her arms.

“Whoops,” Jane said with a wink as her dress was pulled down over her tits. Cupping a hand around the back of Sarah’s head she pulled her in for a kiss, starting with a soft peck that both let grow in intensity, until Sarah flicked at Jane’s lips with her tongue and they let their kisses become a full makeout session, with Sarah slowly reaching up her hands to grab Jane’s tits, massaging and squeezing them as Jane began to moan into Sarah’s mouth.

Jane pulled back from their kiss, face flushed red and panting softly. She let her hand fall down the side of Sarah’s face, tracing down her neck until she reached the neck of Sarah’s shirt. Pushing fingers in lightly, her fingers found their way to one of Sarah’s tits, giving it a soft massage and her nipple a light squeeze before pulling her hand back out and running it further down the lines of Sarah’s body. Pushing her fingers underneath the band of Sarah’s denim shorts and lacy underwear, she let her fingers graze the hard flesh of Sarah’s dick, feeling Sarah’s whole body shudder under her touch. She let herself marvel at just how fucking hard Sarah was, aside from the surprising size of her.

Jane bit her lip as she pulled back slowly, lifting the hem of her dress to cover her tits again, she winked at the blushing and panting Sarah as she extracted herself from the window and prepared to head inside, parting with a final comment.

“And that gives me an extra reason to be very, very excited for the next time I come to ask you for a lift.”

Rating: 85%, Read 8801 times, Posted Jan 06, 2021

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Lesbian, Romance, Transgendered, Written by women


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