I’ve Got To Pee by fbailey

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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Pissing, Threesome, Water Sports

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I’ve Got To Pee

I was at the far end of my property trimming a few trees when a woman came jogging toward me.

She said, “I’ve got to pee real bad. Can I use your trees here?”

I said, “Sure. I’ll turn my back.”

She asked, “Can I use your underwear to dry myself afterwards?”

I replied, “I’m sorry, I’m not wearing any. Can’t you use your own?”

It was no secret that she was wearing green panties under her white shorts. Her white T-shirt however, proved that she was not wearing a bra.

The woman said, “I would but I wanted you to have them and I didn’t want them to smell like piss. Besides I wanted to watch you take your pants off.”

I replied, “Tell you what, I’ll strip naked for you, I’ll let you wipe with my socks, and I would love to have your panties to smell.”

She asked, “Are you married?”

I replied, “Yes, are you?”

She answered, “Yes. I’ll let you smell of my pussy directly from the source if you want too.”

I smiled as she removed her white shorts and hung them on a low branch. She then removed her green panties and handed them to me. I held them up to my nose as I watched her squat and pee.

She really did have to go. I watched her yellow stream soak into the grass for more than a minute. She wiped with one of my socks and asked me, “Would you like me to shove those panties up my pussy to give them a little extra fragrance?”

I said, “Yes” and handed her the panties. She poked them up inside of her as she continued to squat. She stood up and removed her white T-shirt, then hung it over her shorts.

She walked toward me and asked, “Would you like to pull my panties out yourself?”

I reached down between us and had to put two fingers up inside her to grasp the panties. I gently tugged on them so as to take as long as possible. When I finally got them out of her I held them up to my nose, she leaned in closer, and the two of us inhaled deeply.

I asked, “Can I smell the real thing now?”

She looked around for a nice soft spot to lie on. I watched her lie down, lean back, and open her legs up for me. I knelt down between them, leaned in, and rested my forehead on her pubic mound. I inhaled her odor and said, “Wow! You smell wonderful. I wish my wife smelled like you. I’d eat her pussy more often if she did.”

She said, “You can eat my pussy if you want too. My husband won’t do anything down there. I even have to hold his cock, line it up, and stick it in myself. Then afterwards he expects me to suck it dry, lick it clean, and then wash it with a hot soapy washcloth. He won’t kiss me either unless I brush my teeth twice.”

I asked, “Why are you still married to him?”

She said, “I gave him my virginity, I gave him two children, and I even put him through college.”

I asked, “What does he do for a living?”

She giggled and said, “He is a gynecologist.”

I laughed and said, “You’ve got to be kidding.”

She laughed and said, “No! Not at all! That’s why he won’t touch my pussy unless he is wearing rubber gloves. He is too aware of the germs that are in a pussy.”

I opened up her pussy lips and shoved my tongue right into her moist hole. I ate her pussy while she told me all about how good it felt, how I was the first man to ever perform oral sex on her, and how many orgasms I was giving her. That woman deserved as many orgasms as I could give her. Her pussy smelled good, it tasted even better, and it caused her to have many orgasms.

After she begged me to stop I slipped my cock into her and kissed her deeply. She seemed to like the taste of her own pussy. I told her that I always kissed my wife after she gives me a blowjob. She listened and realized that something was lacking in her relationship.

I plunged into her repeatedly. She loved it. It seems that sex with me feels different and was a lot better than sex with her husband. She told me that I was only the second man to have sex with her.

Just as I was about to cum in her, I asked her if she was on birth control. No, she was not but she didn’t want me to pull out either. So I thrust into her hard and deep and sent a squirt into her uterus. With each and every squirt I thrust just as hard into her. It was eight times with eight squirts. That was three more than I normally squirt into my wife.

Before I pulled out I asked her name. It was Dominique. She was French-Canadian. That explained her sweet voice and that adorable accent of hers. Her husband was my wife’s gynecologist too.

I had to smile and she asked me what I was smiling about. I replied, “Your husband has seen my wife’s pussy up close and personal every year for the past fifteen or twenty years. Now I finally got to see his wife’s pussy.”

Dominique said, “Yeah but he never fucked your wife. He just barely fucks me.”

I pulled my cock out of her and she immediately pushed me over and started sucking my cock clean. She said, “I have too. It’s my job.”

I let her suck my cock until she was through. Then I kissed her and stuck my tongue in her mouth. She was shocked at first but then she held the back of my head and kissed me back for quite a while.

After probably an hour together she put on her T-shirt and shorts, kissed me goodbye, and jogged off. She told me that she would be jogging by at the same time every day all summer long…if I wanted to talk some more. I told her to buy some panties because I was starting a collection of her panties. She warned me not to let my wife find them. Little did she know.

I rushed down to the house to let my wife smell the panties as I told her all about Dominique. My wife got so excited that I took her out back and made love to her in the same spot in the grass. The imprint was still there.

As we lay in the grass looking up at the sky my wife asked, “Do you think she’ll let me join you two in a threesome? I’d love to sample her pussy myself. Her panties were great.”

I said, “I think Dominique will be up for anything, her husband doesn’t satisfy her.”

She laughed and said, “That’s because he tries to fuck all of his patients.”

I asked, “Has he tried to fuck you?”

My wife giggled like a schoolgirl. She said, “Tried…hell…he has succeeded on even visit I’ve ever had. He tells me not to wash it out before I get there. He likes the strong taste and I think he likes the fact that your cum is still in there too.”

I said, “That dirty filthy doctor. He treats his wife like shit.”

My wife said, “Maybe I should tell her.”

The following day we were both waiting for Dominique to jog by. My wife stayed just out of sight but she was all ready naked so as not to scare Dominique off.

When Dominique arrived I kissed her and told her that my wife wanted to join us and to tell her about her husband.

At first she was very nervous about it but when my wife stepped out of the woods naked she just smiled. We talked for a while and my wife filled her in on everything that she had told me plus more. Dominique could not believe it at first but then my wife told her all about his cock, a mole on his back, and the fact that he had a scar on his upper leg.

I stared out by licking Dominique’s pussy then kissing my wife. I licked my wife’s pussy and then kissed Dominique. After that the two women just rolled into a sixty-nine and went at it. I only stopped them long enough to fuck Dominique.

The three of us had a wonderful summer and in the fall my wife took a special purse into her OBGYN visit. It contained a small digital camera that recorded everything that the doctor did to my wife.

That afternoon the three of us watched as her husband licked my wife’s pussy. He committed about her strong flavor, my left over cum, and the foul odor of piss. In essence the worse her pussy tasted the better he loved it. Then he fucked her good as he felt of her breasts. After he came and pulled out he said that the exam was over and that she was fine. Then he said that maybe everything wasn’t so fine after all and that she should come back in three months.

Dominique said, “That son of a bitch. I’ll get even with him. I’ll divorce that bastard and take him to the cleaners.”

My wife said, “I’ll testify for you and I’m sure that I can talk a few other women into testifying too. A lot of his patients are divorced, unmarried, or their husbands are dead.”

In the next month my wife’s purse found it’s way into several appointments. Dominique hired the meanest nastiest lawyer that she could find. He had a field day crucifying Dominique’s husband. Twenty-seven women stepped forward to help Dominique. She made out like a bandit and he lost his practice. My wife and I spent many a night with her in our bed.

The End

I’ve Got To Pee


Rating: 91%, Read 67908 times, Posted Oct 30, 2011

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Pissing, Threesome, Water Sports


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