Horny Little Women Pt4 by scouting4girls

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Fiction | Group Sex, Incest, Masturbation, Teen Female, Teen Male, Voyeurism

Matthew Ryder was awoken at dawn by the sound of heightened female excitement. It was something he'd become fairly accustomed to, back in the bosom of a loving and lustful family. In just two days he'd systematically worked his way through the household of sex-starved women, yet undoubtedly there were still unexpected surprises to uncover. Without warning, the bedroom door swung open and he was accosted by Meg and Beth. "Come quick Matthew, Amy's about to open her presents."

Apparently, he discovered, it was a family tradition on the girls' birthdays to gather in their mother's bed to unwrap their gifts. Feeling decidely under-dressed in just the t-shirt worn for bed, Matthew reached for the boxer shorts, only to be tugged away forcibly. There wasn't time for that, Meg advised. Besides which, both girls had on just t-shirts too, two lovely little backsides half on display, their owners seemingly unconcerned that their pussies flashed visibly as they skipped down the landing.

The presents at the foot of the bed formed a formidable-looking tower. His mother sat propped up against the pillows, the birthday girl, also in just a t-shirt, between her legs. Jo, in her green pyjamas, was pressed tight to her mother's side, looking as excited for Amy as Amy was for herself. Hannah wore an airy dressing gown to cover her modesty though her breasts were prone to spillage if she leaned forward too far.

Meg and Beth led Matthew beneath the sheets, sat either side of their brother. With a new family member, and not just any new family member but a strapping lad like Matthew, it was a bit of a squeeze but a pleasant squeeze nonetheless. Instinctively both girls stroked their brother's upper thighs beneath the sheets whilst smiling sweetly.

Along the line, Amy could barely contain her excitement, crawling onto all fours and moving stealthily across the bed over the tangled mass of limbs. No panties on either, her arse and pussy were fully exposed. Fringed with a light almost invisible patch of straw-coloured pubic hair, it was the snatch most reminiscent of their mother's amongst the four girls, Matthew adjudged. The lips at the centre puffy and defined, as pink as a watermelon's juicy inner flesh, the horny teen boy could hardly take his eyes away as she rummaged among the boxes. "From Meg," she enthused, picking up the first and scrambling back to take up a position between her eldest sister's legs, holding the package.

Meg reached down to place her hands lovingly on Amy's hips, the blonde ringlets brushing her cheek. The wrapping paper torn off quickly, a large plain white box with a transparent plastic windowed top was unveiled. Inside, Meg had filled it with a plenitude of herbal oils and scrubs, exotic perfumes and powders. Amy issued a joyful little squeal, hugging Meg warmly. "No more borrowing mine now," joked the older girl.

Having offered what seemed like a million thank yous, Amy uncoupled and stretched out across the bed, her jailbait arse so close that Matthew could touch it. Grabbing another gift-wrapped box, no larger than a Rubik's Cube, she moved towards coffee-skinned Beth. To Matthew's untrained eye the gift appeared to be a set of earrings. However, it transpired that they slotted somewhere completely different. Lifting the t-shirt, Amy unselfconsciously bared her budding breasts. Reaching around, Beth deftly slipped the rings through each nipple. "Amy, you never told us..." gasped the other two girls in surprise.

"It was our little secret," Beth revealed, reaching into the box to extract a stud that slotted into the other new piercing at Amy's navel.

"Ooh, very grown up," Jo observed as Amy paraded herself, as naked as the day she was born, apart from the nipple rings and belly stud.

Then Amy was off again eager for more surprises, and returning with Jo's present. An Ann Summers gift bag was revealed. The fourteen-year old nymphette blushed at the feel of the skimpy lingerie in her fingers, ironic given she was totally nude. A gasp greeted the sex manual that accompanied the underwear set but it was what lay at the bottom that made her convulse. Everyone watched as her tiny fingers took hold of the black ribbed vibrator. "Oh my God!" she gasped, before calming down and twisting to wrap her arms around Jo's neck, a huge hug before she was off again, across the bed in a predatory manner. "Mmm, from Matthew..."

Amy squeezed in between her brother's legs, back pressed to his strong chest, her feather-like hair in his mouth, though he didn't mind. He protested that he hadn't an awful lot of time to find a present, sneaking five minutes on the recent shopping expedition with Jo and Beth. But Amy was overjoyed at the thought alone, the present itself far from unimpressive: more lovely jewellery, her brother having bought a silver necklace with a gold pendant shaped in the letter 'A' for Amy. "Oh Matthew, you shouldn't have," she cooed, turning aside as he leant in, their lips brushing.

As Matthew placed it around her neck, he had to fight the urge to cup her breasts and toy with the rings through each nipple. Placing her mouth to his ear she whispered: "I'll thank you properly later."

"From mum," she announced next, the gold envelope containing a thick wad of notes and causing the young teen birthday girl to whoop with joy.

Meg had seen enough, exiting the bed. "Come on Matthew, you can help me make breakfast whilst Amy opens the rest of her presents."

Other relatives' presents made up the large collection that would seemingly take hours to unwrap, so Matthew was happy to oblige, following his eldest sister down the stairs. "I wanted to get you alone," she said, leaning up into a high cupboard.

"Oh yeah?" Matthew observed.

Overcome with lust from being around five of the sexiest women imaginable, Matthew was unable to stop himself from moving up behind, pressing his crotch into Meg's bum and kissing her neck. "Matthew!" she cried as his hands rode up her ribcage and came to rest on her pert yet perfectly formed breasts.

With a tut, she eased his hands away playfully before twisting around to face him. Yet before he could say anything she placed a finger to his lips. "The others are going out to get stuff for Amy's party later – my bedroom at ten o'clock, okay? Now, in the meantime, put those hands of yours to better use."


Following a hearty breakfast and, with an hour to kill until Meg's invitation, Matthew embarked on a solitary roam in the forest, reflecting on his time so far, the sexual encounters he'd enjoyed with these sexually uninhibited young women and their mother, his mother, and what lie in store.

It had been nineteen-year old Meg that set things off not long after the funeral. Indulging a shared passion for voyeurism, they'd worked one another into a fully-clothed orgasmic frenzy whilst watching a courting couple enjoy a bout of oral sex in the forest. Matthew could only dream of what might happen when the pair were undressed!

Yet it was his mother Hannah that later proved it wasn't just the young women of the family who were eager to have their wicked way with their newfound sibling stud. Seizing her chance, the forty-year old mother of five seduced her son during bath time, the intimate tit massage and cock stroke a precursor to the hotter things that were to follow.

Keen to share his favours around, during a shopping excursion with eighteen-year old Jo and sixteen-year old Beth, the pretty coffee-skinned sister, Matthew had used his oral expertise to pleasure the latter whilst the pair watched bisexual Jo get cosy with a huge-breasted shopgirl.

That was mindblowingly followed by an unexpected afternoon spent with Jo, making passionate love till they were sore. That was, until they were disturbed by their mother. After the initial shock had abated and Jo was reprimanded with a good spanking, folowing which Matthew got to break an elongated abstinence in his mother by fucking her frenziedly. The excitement intensified as Jo looked on in awe, the girl later joined in to form a mind blowing trinity.

Anxious for more variety, most recently Matthew had led Meg and Beth down to the stream where, amid lurid details of the afternoon's events with his mother and Jo were disclosed and then lovingly recreated, both girls became willing playhtings. First they both sucked his cock, with Meg demonstrating a real art, after which Matthew spanked then fucked Beth senseless.

All in all, not a bad start! But could it get better? Matthew had little doubt.


After a contemplative circuit of the forest before returning to the back garden, he looked up to see Meg framed in her bedroom window. "Oh Matthew," she summoned, wiggling a finger.

Matthew heaved a deep breath and headed inside without delay. The house was completely empty, he and Meg seemingly alone. Taking the stairs two by two, he couldn't get to the top quick enough.

Fresh from the shower and exuding an understated aroma of peach, Meg came to meet him at the door, swathed in a fluffy towel, taking her brother's large hand and guiding him inside. Running a pair of slender fingers up his neck and through the thick thatch of hair at the back, she brought his face to hers. Both mouths opened on contact, tongues twisting and lapping amid heated panting. They held for precious moments savouring one another's taste.

Finally easing away, Meg fell back on the bed. Though Matthew would have loved another of her exquisite blowjobs, the urge to fuck his eldest sister was quite overwhelming. Meg twisted the knot of the towel, first unveiling her pert breasts then, as it fell away completely, a beautiful pussy. Allowed to grow naturally, the downy bush had a mousy brown tinge.

Exhaling deeply, Matthew heaved clear the top, exhibiting a manly chest and strong muscular arms. Shimmying down the shorts, he allowed Meg a moment to savour his physique and rapidly inflating manhood before pouncing on her, their mouths locked. Meg pushed up her knees and parted her thighs whilst shifting her body to mould into his. "Fuck me, Matthew," she implored.

He didn't need asking twice. Cock in a state readiness, he reached down to cup her pussy, appraising its moistness with two roving fingers. They slid in to the knuckle before the cunt walls clenched back. Meg bit her lip and groaned as the half-impaled digits slid back and forth. Her eyes roled as they were replaced by the bloated head of an impressively proportioned cock. "Oh yesssssss," she purred as her vaginal lips spread around the invading tip and enveloped it. "Fuck me, Matthew," she repeated.

Suddenly Matthew stopped. "What was that?"

"What?" Meg questioned, leaning up.

"I heard something...in the wardrobe."

Meg had a large purpose-built walk-in wardrobes in her bedroom that covered an entire wall. Grudgingly pulling away to investigate, she slid the hatch door aside. Matthew sat up, cock pointing accusingly. He heard Meg gasp, stepping aside to reveal an embarrassed-looking sister in among the blouses and with nowhere to run. "Amy?"

The fourteen-year old youngster looked about to erupt in tears. "I-I j-just w-wanted t-to see how it's d-done," the tiny blonde stammered. "I-I'm s-so s-sorry."

Her brother and sister exchanged stern glances but found it hard to vent any degree of anger, especially on the girl's birthday. "Why didn't you just ask?" queried Meg.

"I didn't think...You're not mad?"

"No, we're not mad," reassured Matthew.

Extending a hand, Meg guided the curious girl to the bed. "There, now you can see things so much better."

Amy pursed her lips. Rolling onto her side, she watched intently as Matthew climbed back between Meg's legs. "This one's called the missionary position," Meg enlightened.

Amy smiled demurely as Matthew lifted his buttocks and pressed in purposefully, causing Meg to catch a breath. Amy gasped almost as loudly as her sister as the thick shaft probed its way into Meg's accommodating cunt inch by inch. Halfway in, meeting the familiar tightness, Matthew stopped. Drawing back so that the tip rested at the entrance, he thrust back in firmly. Meg's fingers curled and she sucked in air through gritted teeth as the thrusting motion reverberated through her body. Another firm stab and Matthew was buried to the balls in snug pussy. "Oh God Matthew, yesssssss," Meg breathed as her brother began a steady rhythmic motion.

Looking on, Amy licked her lips, an unmistakable wetness arising between her young thighs and a wantonness in her eyes the likes of which she'd never felt before. Brushing a palm over the hard nipples beneath the t-shirt made her shudder. So close she could smell their aromas, Meg moved with Matthew, enjoying the feeling of fullness as her cunt began to relax and moisten, a hand cupping one of Matthew's firm buttocks as he pumped majestically. As her juices rose and fizzed and her cunt became ever more malleable, Matthew increased the ministrations, fucking with authority, the bed creaking painfully.

Breathless, Matthew slowed to a halt, gaining a look of pleading from Meg. Her fingernails dug the flesh of his arse, imploring him to continue. Yet Matthew had other ideas. "It's time for Amy's next lesson," he stated, watching as his youngest sister's eyes widened.

With that he rolled aside onto his back, hands behind head, cock sticking up like a bollard. And it was equally as hard. Taking the hint, Meg cocked a leg over, resting on her knees momentarily before lowering gradually. Her moist labia took a firm grip of the knob, slipping snugly over it. Wiggling her arse, Meg pressed down to impale her cunt on the thick throbbing slab of manhood. Matthew gasped as he felt her slide down gradually until she was sat upon his belly and balls.

It was Meg's turn to moan as Matthew reached to place his large hands over her small breasts, squeezing firmly. "This is the girl-on-top position," Meg revealed for her sister's benefit through gasps of pleasure, as if explanation were required.

"Mmm, I like that," replied Amy throatily, subconsciously rubbing her hard nipples through the t-shirt.

Meg extended an arm to brush the corkscrews of blonde hair from her younger sister's eyes. "Tell you what, Amy honey, why don't you do something else to yourself?"

The youngster looked back questioningly.

"Rub your - oh gosh yeah! - pussy, honey," Meg suggested breathily as she rode her brother's meaty pole.

Amy looked shocked at first but, after reassurance, she smiled and lay back, spreading her legs wide apart. Toying with her outer pussy lips, Amy's face contorted with lust. "Mmm, that feels nice," she enthused.

As Matthew continued to mould Meg's pert breasts purposefully, his thumbs raised to graze each diamond-like nipple, causing Meg to blow. Working up and down the rampant shaft, she resembled a cowgirl. Leaning forward gymnastically, her brunette locks spreading like tentacles and her lips found Matthew's. They butterfly kissed before opening wide to suck at one another's tongues. Finding reserves of energy, Matthew pumped from the buttocks, using the bed springs for leverage, his cock slamming deep into tight wet cunt. He pumped furiously, the slap of flesh on flesh drowning out Amy's little whimpers of desire.

As Meg lifted her backside, the thick juice laden cock plopped out of the snug cunthole to rest in the groove of her arse. Without needing to be prompted, Amy took everyone by surprise, including herself, by craning forward and running a curious index finger its impressive length, scooping up a dollop of her sister's juice. Placing it to her lips, tentatively her tongue touched it. Glancing back, she saw that Matthew and Meg were both watching her with intent. Smiling, Meg sucked the finger clean with a purr of appreciation before returning to frigging her own pussy with wild abandon. "Okay, last lesson," heralded Matthew, his loins ablaze with desire and realising he was close to another delicious orgasm.

With that, he flipped Meg over onto her front, facedown with heels on the carpet, arse up in the air. "This is doggy style," enlightened Meg as, close by, her little sister's fingers began to blurr and her eyes slanted.

Matthew pushed up close, hands taking a firm grip on her hips as he prepared to take her from.behind. Little resistance now from a cunt that had been battered senseless over the past half hour, his cock slotted back in snugly. Gathering up all his steel, in and out the horny teenager thrust, thighs slapping Meg's buttocks repeatedly, balls jiggling beneath.

"Oh God," cried little Amy as she watched, the frenzied bout of finger action bringing her to orgasm.

Matthew looked on with lust fuelled thoughts as her youthful body on the bed went into uncontrollable spasm. Inspired to pick up speed, he rammed into Meg mercilessly, bumping her cervix with each fierce thrust. A huge inhalation of air, laced with pussy scent, and he pounded her sensless. "Yesssssss," Meg squealed. "Yesssssss. Cum inside me, Matthew."

His head swimming, body convulsing, Matthew made one final thrust, spraying a wad of thick seed deep into his sister's womb. As was customary, he continued pumping, three further spurts filling Meg to bursting. Meg collapsed on the bed next to Amy as Matthew leaned back against the wardrobe. No time to snuggle, at that moment they heard a car in the driveway, all three hugging as they located their strewn clothes. "I'd better go," offered Meg with a frown. "There's going to be plenty of work to do."

"Me too," echoed Amy, equally grudgingly.

Playtime on hold, Matthew adjudged his cock could do with a rest anyway, joining the others downstairs. And Meg was right: there was plenty of work to do. The furniture had to be shifted around, a gazebo put up over the patio in case of rain, balloons needed blowing up and hanging, there were 'Happy Eighteenth' banners to erect and food to be prepared and placed under plastic. Matthew's strength was an invaluable tool.

In fact, there was so much to do that time unwittingly overtook them. Glancing at her watch Meg revealed in a panicked tone: "It's 6.30, the first guests will be here in an hour."

All hot and sweaty from an afternoon's labours, baths were essential, following which there was the arduous task - for the girls at least - of getting ready. An hour was nowhere near enough time. Seizing control of the situation, Hannah decreed: "We'll need to double up in the bathroom. Amy, you and Beth downstairs, Jo and Meg, top of the stairs, Matthew – you're coming with me."

Matthew went unquestioningly. A welcome repeat of the first night, Hannah soaped her oversized breasts to form makeshift sponges before washing her son all over. Matthew was in heaven once more. "A little bird tells me my son is good with his tongue," his mother mused coquettishly, climbing onto her knees and planting her plump arse in his face.

In a way, Matthew was content not to have to fuck her. She was a demanding woman and he undoubtedly needed all his energy for later. As she opened like a petalling flower, Matthew locked his lips around her clit, feeling it squirm. As he rolled it over his tongue and sucked purposefully, Hannah gripped the taps tightly, breath racing. "Oh God, Matthewwwwwww," she wailed.

Never before amongst a fair collection of lovers had a man had this effect on her with his mouth. Matthew was a godsend. Repeatedly he licked, flicked and sucked, his mother's pleasure the only priority. The good work of the bath undone as gooey juice snaked its way down her inner thighs, good boy that he was, Matthew ensured to lick it all up before attacking her clit once more.

Conscious of time and with no sign she was close, he tried a new tactic. Stabbing a finger into her puckered arsehole whilst flicking repeatedly at her clit with his tongue tip, Hannah began to rock. His efforts soon had the desired effect as she exhaled hard and squirted, a fine mist spraying her son's face like a mask. The satisfied woman sat bent double in a paralysed state for a good minute before climbing gingerly to her feet. "See you downstairs at the party, lover" she promised before heading off to her bedroom to get ready.

Matthew could hardly wait to see each of the girls, and their mother, in their party outfits. He didn't dare imagine if things could get any better. Sighing contentedly, he preened in the mirror, a feeling in his loins that this was going to be the party to eclipse all parties.

Many thanks for the encouragement to date. Part 5 will follow.

Rating: 91%, Read 85848 times, Posted Jun 24, 2008

Fiction | Group Sex, Incest, Masturbation, Teen Female, Teen Male, Voyeurism


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