Plain Jane Or Beautiful Bethany by fbailey

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Plain Jane Or Beautiful Bethany

Once upon a time a couple of months ago there were these two sisters, Jane and Bethany or as the kids in school called them…Plain Jane and Beautiful Bethany.

Jane was fifteen years old and her younger sister Bethany was fourteen years old.

As you can well imagine, Bethany was absolutely beautiful and every boy in school wanted to get in her panties. On the other hand Jane was just an ordinary girl that pretty much went unnoticed.

Bethany had long curly blonde hair to her waist, big tits, and a hell of a body. If she wore blue jeans her ass was the object of desire. If she wore a short skirt everyone wondered about the spot where those long legs met. All of her tops showed off her ample boobs to their best. In fact there was nothing about Bethany that wasn’t fabulous.

Jane always wore baggy pants so you couldn’t see much of her body and blouses that she buttoned up to her neck so we couldn’t see her breasts. She usually wore her shoulder length auburn colored hair in a ponytail. She even wore hiking boots.

So anyway a couple of months ago I went to a basketball game in our gym. Bethany was a cheerleader and I sat down next to Jane. For some reason I started up a conversation with Jane.

She said, “Aren’t you hitting on the wrong sister?”

I replied, “First off, I wasn’t hitting on you, I was merely having a conversation. Second Bethany it too pretty for her own good. Oh sure she is gorgeous and she knows it. A guy like me wouldn’t stand a chance with a girl like that. Besides you are the one that I would seriously like to get to know better.”

Jane asked, “Are you buttering me up too get closer to Bethany? Other boys have tried that move before. I kicked one in the nuts so hard that he had to go to the hospital.”

I covered my balls and said, “No, I really like you. I have since the fifth grade.”

She asked, “Why did you wait until now to tell me?”

I replied, “You aren’t the friendliest girl and to tell the truth I’m kind of scared of you. Billy told me about you kicking him in the nuts. They had to cut one off but he never told his parents who did it. He said that it was a skateboarding accident.”

Jane said, “Okay! I’ll go on a date with you. You keep your crummy hands off me and I won’t have to hurt you. If all goes well, I might kiss you.”

Well things went well and I got a kiss. The following weekend I got a much nicer kiss. On our third date she jerked me off. On our fifth date she let me reach into her panties as long as all I did was cup her pussy…no finger fucking or exploring around while I was down there. On our sixth date she gave me a blowjob and it was great. On our seventh date she let me eat her pussy under the covers where it was dark. All I can say about her pussy’s taste is, wow.

Then last night was our eighth date. It was Saturday and my parents were away so we had the whole house to ourselves from early Saturday until late on Sunday. Jane wasn’t going to sleep over but that changed.

It seems that we really had a lot in common and we actually hit it off well.

My parents installed a sunken hot tub in the living room along with a big screen television and a great sound system. Mom would wear a bikini in front of me but I had caught her lots of times grabbing a big towel before getting out. So when I asked Jane if she wanted to go in the hot tub naked and watch a dirty movie from my parent’s collection, she said yes.

Now let me tell you what I saw for the very first time…besides my first naked girl. Jane was not the least bit plain. In fact she was prettier that her sister and she had a better body. She kept that fact hidden from everyone, including me. Bethany may have had 34-C breasts but Jane had 36-DD. Jane was slightly bigger than Bethany was, but in all of the right places.

Her nipples and areolas were dark, her breasts sagged, tilting her hard nipples upwards. Her belly was flat, her pussy mound was full, and her pussy lips were plump. When she turned and bent over she had a great ass and a wonderful asshole. I wanted to kiss it, lick it, and fuck it…but I was pretty sure that anal sex could wait.

Anyway the movie was about two teenagers in love and experimenting with various sexual positions. Jane became quite interested and asked me if I was a virgin, I was. Then she told me that she was also.

The next thing out of her mouth was, “I want to try that.”

I looked at the screen. The boy was standing up in the hot tub right between the girl’s legs. The girl was floating on the bubbling water with her head resting on the side rail. He was thrusting into her violently and obviously filling her with his cum.

I turned off the movie and stood up. Jane got up turned around and leaned back. She floated just like the girl in the movie. I waited for her to get her head up on a towel before moving into place. When I did though she relaxed, smiled at me, and closed her eyes.

We had been in the hot water for about twenty minutes so she was wet enough already. I couldn’t stick it in her without one last taste of her virgin pussy. I knew that I would never get another chance to do that. I knelt down holding her legs up and placing them on my shoulders. Then I leaned in and started eating her out. She went wild gyrating as I gave her an orgasm followed by another orgasm.

When I stood back up Jane thanked me. Then she reached down and pulled my hard cock into her pussy. The head went in but stopped. Her hymen was still intact, nothing had ever been in her pussy before, not even a dildo or a carrot.

I looked at her, not a word was said, then she smiled at me and I pushed the head of my cock the rest of the way into her. She didn’t flinch or cry out at all.

We made love…just like two people in love. Sure it was sex and I was fucking her but it was so much more than that.

We had just become one, we had just experienced something wonderful, something that few people ever experience. She had just given me her ultimate sacrifice…her virginity…something that I would treasure for the rest of my life.

There is no way of telling just how long we were connected that first time but it seemed like a lifetime.

We made love three more times that Saturday. We made love four times on Sunday. We were in the hot tub, naked when my parents came home.

Jane stood up and asked, “Would you two like to come in here with us? We need to talk.”

The End

Plain Jane Or Beautiful Bethany


Rating: 94%, Read 43777 times, Posted May 19, 2012

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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