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True Story | Anal, BDSM

Anal 8-24-14

I was sitting in doggy style when master started fingering me and giving me the most lovely hand spanking. My back was arched down, ass up, taking it all. Moaning a bit even. Then he stopped. Master laid me down on the bed with my legs hanging off. In missionary. And he greased up with cooking oil. Then he slowly inserted his cock into my ass while my egg hummed along on my clit. He got a good rythym going and then put 2 or 3 fingers in my cunt watching as my face lit up with pleasure. He double penetrated me for a bit and then cleaned his hand and grabbed my throat for a bit. Not hard, merely resting there, warming me up to the idea of choking and pounded my ass a little faster, a little harder. Then he asked it, the question "are you ready for me to come?" "Yes Master, fuck my asshole. Take whats yours." Fast and hard while I used my egg in enjoyment, yes enjoyment. It actually felt good. About 20 seconds later it was all over. skip passed the steamy after shower then back in bed, i was handed my double dildo and my egg. I put on a masterbation show for master till I was allowed to cum.

Bejeweled Double Penetration

You think if you make enough excuses or complain enough that you can avoid doing something. You think if you never mention it, that it will be forgotten. Not is the case with my master. He’s a problem solver and taking my whining into consideration, he reopened a door tonight.

I got a new butt plug in the mail yesterday. It had a jewel like every other plug on fetlife does. It was also much smaller that the pigs tail plug I can’t even use. So I began my evening with a short dog walk. It helps clear my head, wash away the day, and get me mentally prepared. When home he had me get into doggy style so he could insert the plug. Just a couple quick pictures later, I was waiting for him to take it out, when he ordered me to suck his cock.

I couldn’t believe it. The pain was minimal when the plug entered my behind and I didn’t even have any pain once it was fully inside. I did start to drip right away though. So I got into position and sucked his cock for a while. The usual fast sucking intermixed with deep throating. Oozing juice the whole time. After he felt I had pleased him well enough he asked If I would like to cum.

There I was climbing on top of him, mounting onto his penis with a plug in my ass. Never did I ever think I would be in that moment. Slowly gliding on his cock with my egg on my clit. It was a new sensation, feeling both his cock and the plug. It didn’t hurt but I am not sure what to think of it yet. Just as all the sensations were going master added a new one. He began lightly, yes lightly, caning my tits. I started to edge play a bit. Something I never do. I also was moaning a bit. As I was sliding on his prick with a plug in my ass, he was tapping my nipples and areola with his cane. The sharp light sting of the cane against the pleasure of the egg, and the new sensation of the plug was all a bit much so I shut the egg of completely. He asked If I was edging to avoid coming, which I was. He knew I was right on the edge so he switched to caning my ass as I rode his cock. As the sensations of the egg grew stronger on my click, each whack of the cane on my plugged ass grew harder. Hitting harder and harder until I lost it and fell into orgasm. The sensation was weird. As I contracted around his prick it felt as if waves were going through my ass pushing out the plug but a hand check proved it was still right in place. Waves, pushing, shaking kissing and many sensations yet the plug didn’t budge.

After we expressed our love to one another, he had me return to doggy style where he decided to fuck me. he started slow, getting me used to the double penetration. I’m not going to lie, this is where I could feel it in a painful way. He kept arching my back down and the pain was getting to me, but then another sensation took over. Having his prick inside me felt glorius and he kept going. Harder, faster, a mix of his penis feeling amazing and a bit of pain from the plug. Master says double stuffing is one of his favorite sensations. It just feels so good to him that it never takes long. Soon he was pulling out and decorating my ass, the plug and our mattress. A few more pictures and He removed the plug at last. It felt weird coming out and he had to twist it a little on the way out to get it free. Guess I was holding it in. quick shower and then Ice cream and writing fallowed. Now off to bed to go cuddle.

After writing that story I couldn't contain my hunger. I needed more. So I found my egg and began to masturbate. This turned to squirting and I squirted so much I shorted out my egg. :"( so i went for my wand. Not my favorite but a trusty back up. Again soon squirting. Its a sensation so intense when I squirt. Its undescribable the immense pleasure i was feeling. Squirting twice with the wand. Then It happened. An orgasm so big my eyes practically rolled to the back of my head. Whole body shaking and contracting around the nice round head of the wand. Oh my what a rush.

Sep 8, 2014

The End!

Rating: 56%, Read 5513 times, Posted Oct 08, 2020

True Story | Anal, BDSM


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