Evelyn - my gorgeous teen sister #2 by mystyque

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, First Time, Incest, Male, Teen, Teen Female, Virginity, Young

It had been months since I had drugged Evelyn, my 19 years old sister, and had my way with her. The cover-up had worked splendidly: all Evelyn remembered, or thought she remembered, was that she had had way too much to drink and ended up sleeping a hole in the next day. How pathetically naive of her.

I kept thinking about it all the time. I had hoped sleeping with her would get it out of my system, so we could have a healthy brother-sister relationship. But the opposite had happened. Evelyn always used to be the girl I could only think about, but never touch. After our secret escapades, however, I only wanted more of her. All of her. Even her conscience.

On one of our parents' trips across the country, I visited Evelyn, who was home alone - I had moved out and lived on my own. I would have dinner with her, spend the night, make sure she wasn't doing anything stupid (like she ever did), and be on my way again. The moment I arrived, she kissed me on the cheek. Never had I ever had such a tough time controlling myself. There was a tornado of bad thoughts inside my head. I would grope her, I would pin her down on the table and devour her, whether she liked it or not. I didn't, of course, but the thoughts were there. Instead, I did what I always did: gently lay my hand on her hip. For her, it felt like the usual brother-sister greeting, but for me, it was a way of getting to touch that gorgeous body.

I could have easily done the same thing I had done before. I could have drugged her, dragged her upstairs, and pretended nothing happened afterwards. But that wasn't enough any more. Evelyn had to feel it, she had to know it - she had to want it.

After dinner, we sat down on the couch. We watched a movie, or better: Evelyn watched a movie, and I watched Evelyn. I admired the thin, soft shape of her body. I could see a few square inches of her breasts, ones that forgot to seek cover under her shirt. I saw the outlines of her bra, and the tiny bumps where her nipples were hiding. When she moved, her shorts showed the very edge of her thong - I assumed it was a thong -, creeping up into the light. My thoughts went back to the day I had pulled them off her motionless body, only to sneak them back on again when I was done with her.

I touched her. I laid my arm around her, in a way brothers could do. She enjoyed it and rested her head on my shoulder, not taking her eyes off the television. My fingers ran up and down her upper arm. I thought she barely noticed, but when I quit for a brief moment, she looked up at me and smiled. Apparently, she was totally fine with me touching her. So I decided to try and find where the limit was. I sat up and laid my hand on her belly. No reaction. I tickled her, waited until she laughed, and then held my hand still again. Nothing. I lowered my hand, all the way down to her shorts. I flicked them, getting a quick peek of her black thong. Finally, Evelyn laid her hand on mine and looked up at me.



"What are you doing?"

I sat up, brought my face close to hers and laid my hand on her thigh. Evelyn was my sister, there must have been some similar thoughts hiding deep in the abyss of her mind. Some desires that had not surfaced yet. I loved her, and I knew she loved me.

"Evelyn..." I whispered. 'You are so beautiful, do you even realize that? So extremely gorgeous, every boy in this world looks at you, thinks about you... including me.'

"Quinn, I..."

I laid my finger on her lips to stop her from saying what she was going to say.

"I've seen you. On the beach, in your bikini. In the garden, wearing shorts and a top. I've seen you in the shower, Ev. I've seen your perfect body and the water running over it. I've seen everything."


Evelyn sat up, pushing my hand away. This was what I needed, for her to react. Now I could go all-in.

"You're almost 20, Ev. In a few weeks, you won't be a teenager any more. And, stop me if I'm wrong, but I think you're still a virgin."

I knew I was wrong, but Evelyn didn't. And so she didn't stop me.

"Boys will know. And they will try everything to make sure you won't stay a virgin much longer. They will try to seduce you. They will trick you. They will do everything they can to get you. Imagine the type of guy that will end up getting there first. You're my sister, Ev. I can't let that happen."

As I said that, I put my hand back on her thigh. Evelyn let me this time. She didn't say a word, she just gazed at me. I had her attention.

"You're too good to be hunted down by those boys. Not just your body, but your soul. But they won't care about your soul. They will only care about your body, lying naked in front of them, and when they're done, they will leave. They will forget your name, forget the way you look. All that will be left of you is a vague memory of a cute girl they once slept with."

I ran my hand up her thigh, until it reached the part where her leg turned into her body. I didn't even blink as I looked into her eyes. I leaned forward and brought my face towards hers, whispering.

"There's only one person in this world that wouldn't leave. That would never stop loving you. One person that could treat you the way a girl deserves to be treated - both her body and her mind. One person that would always remember every detail, every inch of your body, every sigh. I'm that person, Ev. I could be the one."

I kissed her. I placed my lips on hers and held them there, waiting for her reaction. I could feel her hesitation. She must have been trying to comprehend what I had said, and she must have thought I wasn't completely wrong. Maybe they were already chasing her. Maybe she had had to fend them off already. Maybe those dirty boys had already tried to ruin my sister forever. And maybe, she knew I was right about me never leaving her. Her lips moved, be it ever so slightly. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue over her upper lip. Her tongue met mine in the middle, they briefly touched before I pulled mine back in. I squeezed her thigh and played with her hair. It was the most amazing thing to feel her hand reach under my arm and grab my shoulder.

I ran my hand down her leg and back up again, so I could nip my fingers under her shorts. I pushed them all the way up until I felt her panties, then held them there. We were still kissing, my tongue circled around hers. I pushed my hand upwards a bit more, grabbed hold of her thong and slowly started to pull it down. She lifted her body so it could slip out between her butt cheeks. I pulled down on it hard enough for it to peek out under the fabric. That's where I left it, before using both hands to unbutton her shorts. I pulled them down a little; her thong had already been lowered enough for me to catch a glimpse of her hidden parts.

"Just remember, Ev," I whispered as I slid my hand between her legs, feeling her warmth, "no one will ever enjoy this as much as I will."

Evelyn wiggled her butt and pulled down her shorts a little more, creating more room. She sat back, waved her hair to one side of her head and looked at me.

"Maybe I will," she whispered.

She felt so much more tensed than when I had first touched her. Back then, her body was in a state of total relaxation; this time, however, it was hesitant, perhaps even trying to hold back, trying to tell her brain it was about to make a huge mistake. Her mind was made up, though. She didn't want any of her classmates, any of her friends' friends, anyone at her field hockey club to have her. Not yet. Not for what she thought was her first time.

Even though her body was cautious, her arousal started to show. My fingers were getting wet, I had no trouble running them through her lips. I had to have a taste.

"Ev," I whispered as I sat back, pulled her shorts over her ankles and grabbed her thong with both hands. "What I'm about to do is not an act of lust, but an act of love. Always remember that."

I started pulling her panties down, exposing the beauty that was her shaven pussy. When I got them past her knees, she automatically spread her legs, giving me a view that brought me right back to that day a few months ago. After I had thrown her thong on the floor, I ran my hands down her thighs and spread her pussy lips with my thumbs. I bent over, looked at her face for a brief moment (she had already closed her eyes), and flicked my tongue against her clit. The sigh that escaped from her mouth was one of acceptance.

The last time I had been around Evelyn when she was as naked as she was now, I didn't really give myself a chance to taste her. This time, however, there was no time limit. I was turned on, obviously, but I wasn't as insanely horny as I had been that day. I had all the time in the world to take her juices in, to play with her clit, to look at what her parents, my parents, had created. Evelyn's hands ran through my hair, gently pushing my head into her lap. I ran my tongue all the way from the bottom to the top of her pussy, caressing her clit, and doing it all over again. She held her breath as I pushed the tip of my middle finger in. It took some patience, and some playing with the angle, but eventually, my entire finger slid inside her without me applying any pressure. I gently fucked her, my tongue not losing connection for even a second.

Her body had finally given in. She was ready, and everything about her was willing. She appeared to have let go of all doubt, realizing this is what she had wanted all along. I used my free hand to unbuckle myself, unbutton my jeans, and pull down my shorts. It took me only seconds to grow to full proportions. Evelyn didn't know I had freed myself, but she soon would. I pushed myself up and sat down on the couch, holding her hand. She smiled as she opened her eyes and looked at me, and giggled when she saw the rest of me, proudly standing up. I helped her up, guiding her on top of me. As she sat down on my lap, my dick aligned with her body, as if it was trying to show how far it would go inside her. Evelyn was a bit shy to touch it, but when she did, she pressed it against her belly, gently rubbing her fingers over the shaft. I started rolling up her top, until her bra peeked out underneath it. Then I placed my hands on her hips and looked at her.

"You're going to have to be the one to do this, Ev," I said slowly. "You have to want it."

Evelyn nodded. She raised her body and grabbed my dick, pushing it underneath her. She placed the tip between her lips, held it there with her body, and grabbed my wrists.

"I want it," she said nervously. "I really want it."

I knew what it felt like to be inside her, but I didn't know how it would feel to have her looking at me at the same time. She bit her lip as she lowered her body. Her pussy grabbed my dick, showing it the way. It was about halfway in when she stopped, a startled look on her face. I could easily have pushed her down to get her through her fear, but that meant I would still have been the one to take the lead. And I needed her to.

"It's okay, sis," I whispered as I placed my hands under her legs to hold her up. "You can still go back. But think of the next guy. Do you really want him to have the pleasure of being first? Do you really want one of your field hockey friends to break the barrier, only to forget your name the moment he leaves? Do you want him to brag about you to his friends, how he talked you into his bed and had his way with you?"

Evelyn quickly shook her head.

"Or," I continued as I slowly pulled my hands out from underneath her, "do you want that guy to be one who truly loves you, who always will, who will never talk about this to anyone but you, and who will hold this memory as dearly as you will?"

Evelyn nodded. I put my hand on her cheek and ran my thumbs over her lower lip.

"It's your decision... Be one of the many and forgotten about instantaneously, or be the only one and remembered forever."

Before I had finished that sentence, I felt Evelyn's legs against my hips, her butt cheeks on my thighs. The light that came through the gap between our bodies disappeared as she lowered herself onto me. She let out a whispering moan and put her hands on my chest, as she slowly started to rock her body back and forth. Once I was fully inside, there barely was any pressure on my dick, even though she was still extremely tight. Her body had opened up to me, though, and finally, so had her mind.

I carefully placed my hands on her bra and followed the movement of her body. I stayed deep inside her, that's how little she moved, but the slight changes in angle and depth felt nothing short of amazing. I had been inside her before, but this was different. Not only was she fully conscious and aware of what was happening, she was in control as well. This wasn't me fucking my sister. This was my sister fucking me.

I let her experience what it was like to have someone inside her for another moment, but then I let myself slide out, stood up, and put her down on the floor. I guided her to the hallway and let her go first up the stairs. Halfway through, I had her stop, put my arm around her and kissed her right butt cheek. She let it happen, even pushed her hips back a little bit. I let go of her, but kept staring as she started climbing the stairs again. We paused at the first floor. My old room had been emptied and was now being used for storage, so Evelyn assumed we would use hers. She had a weird look on her face when I directed her to the stairs once more. The stairs to our parents' bedroom.

The room was perfectly tidy, the bed was made up, and there was nothing on the floor but two pairs of house shoes. It felt almost like the loss of virginity again when I got on the bed, Evelyn following my lead. Having seen the gorgeous view of her small ass, I wanted to do the only thing I couldn't do when I had drugged her. I told her to turn around and face the wall, placing my knees between hers. I grabbed my half-hard dick and run it between her pussy lips, watching it quickly grow.

"You might want to muffle any noise in the pillow," I whispered, "the walls are thin up here."

Evelyn did just as I asked, her body forming a perfect triangle, with her ass as the top corner. I placed my hands on her lower back and gently pushed down to arch it, giving me a perfect natural angle to enter her. I heard her moan into the pillow as I did so. I didn't go fast, I didn't push hard, for that would ruin the moment, but nevertheless, Evelyn couldn't keep quiet. Maybe, some day, I would be able to give it everything I had, to slam her body against the wall and have her scream for more, but today was not that day.

Instead, I tried to focus on finding the path of least resistence. I arched her back even more, I pulled her belly up, pushed her forwards and pulled her back, until I had found the right angle - one that allowed me to hang in there for a bit longer, and made it as bearable as possible for her. I slowly went in and out, resting my hands on her ass. Every time I pushed myself in slightly harder that intended, Evelyn moaned. I had to take it slow. This wasn't some random girl, not even some random virgin girl. This was Evelyn.

Despite how much I usually love taking place behind a girl, and despite how much Evelyn seemed to enjoy it, it didn't feel like I was sleeping with my sister. From this point of view, it could have been anyone with a perfect body like hers. Besides, I was starting to get near the edge. I slid out, ran my fingers through her now almost dripping pussy lips, and turned her around. I pulled her closer towards me and sat down between her legs, grabbing the pillow from her hands and throwing it away.

"You're on your own now," I said, smiling.

I put my arms between hers and her body and pushed myself back in - slightly too greedily, for Evelyn let out a moan that filled the entire room. It startled her, and she quickly put her hands on front of her mouth. She threw her legs around me, pulling me deeper inside her. I gladly took that opportunity to lean on my elbows and kiss her. It was a wild kiss, much wilder than the sex itself. Her mind and her body were fully in on it, licking my lips, biting my tongue. Every now and then, she had to close her mouth to suppress a moan, but the longer our dance lasted, the easier it was for her to remain calm. It was an agony to not be able to speed things up, to fuck her like she was going to get fucked eventually, but this had so much more beauty, so much more serenity to it, that I wouldn't even have been able to bring myself to it, even if I wanted to.

The sheer beauty of the situation, the feeling of Evelyn's pussy grabbing hold of me, the rough, limitless kissing, and the neverending realization that I was fucking my sister with her full consent, made me unable to last any longer. Evelyn, having never consciously experienced a situation like this, somehow seemed to have noticed, too. I raised my head and looked in her eyes, a worrysome look on my face, for there was not much time left for decision-making.

"Don't pull out," she whispered in between soundless moans.

"But Ev..."

"Please don't pull out," she breathed again. "Please."

I collapsed. When I felt the first wave of cum leave my body, I pushed my dick as deep inside her as her body would let me, and kept it there. Thick drops filled her up, my dick twitching inside. Just as I thought I didn't have anything left, Evelyn grabbed my hair and pulled my head down. She bit hard on my lower lip, I could taste the blood. Evelyn's pussy started to suck me deeper inside it, letting go for a moment before doing it again, and again. Her orgasm lasted for at least thirty seconds, squeezing every last drop of cum out of my already softening dick. Only when she seemed entirely satisfied, she let out a loud moan, along with a curse word I hadn't expected her to ever use.

I rolled off of her. Evelyn was still breathing heavily, but now she could finally close her legs and didn't have to bear my weight any longer, she eased down. She turned towards me, not caring about the cum dripping onto her leg, and gave me a quick kiss on my cheek. A part of me had expected her to freak out, expected sanity to kick in, but there was nothing of the sort. Evelyn rested her head on my chest and let me run my fingers through her hair, until her body had fully recovered.

"We should probably clean up," I said, gently pushing her off of me. I stood behind her as she straightened the bed, my dick pushing against her butt. She got up and wiggled it. I quickly took a step back and buttoned myself up; maybe, one day, we could do this again, but not today. Today had been perfect, and everything more than that would ruin it.

As we re-entered the living room, Evelyn put her panties and shorts back on. There was no evidence of anything ever happening, or it must have been the few drops of cum on our parents' bed, and strong, everlasting memories in both her head and mine. When we sat down on the couch again, Evelyn immediately cuddled up against me.

"Are you okay?" I asked after a few moments of silence.

Evelyn looked up at me, sat up, and kissed me on the lips.

"Quinn," she said, "you're the best brother a girl could ever wish to have. I will never forget what you've done for me."

I ran my hand over her face, down her hair, and on her breasts. I leaned in and kissed her neck.

"I promise I won't forget your name, either."

Rating: 93%, Read 76890 times, Posted Oct 09, 2017

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Erotica, Female, First Time, Incest, Male, Teen, Teen Female, Virginity, Young


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