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Fantasy | Blowjob, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Threesome

When it came to getting his girlfriends on camera, Parker felt like an idiot for not having thought of it sooner. He was a semi-professional photographer since he used to photograph for the school´s newspaper and both of his friends Ashley and Sarah were ludicrously photogenic. The idea was almost too sensible to believe, and he quickly brought his offer to them, not bothering to be very subtle about it. "I want to do a sexy photo shoot with you two," he'd said, as blunt and immediate as possible. "Just some private pictures, but I think it would be a lot of fun." It was a bold move and he knew his roomates wouldn´t agree to soemthing so selfish but he was surprised to see it worked.

Not only did the girls agree to it, but while Parker set up some space in their apartment for shooting, Ashley and Sarah went out to pick up some extra special lingerie for the occasion, promising it was going to be amazing. He prepared himself as best he could, setting up lighting and taking a few test shots to make sure he had everything right where he wanted it, already planning out scenes and shots in his mind but knowing his devious friends were both likely to have their own ideas and depravities in mind for him. Ideas would come naturally, and they were probably cooking up their own assorted depravities as they shopped, which only further enticed Parker, leaving him curious about their shopping trip but certain there was going to be lots of potential for steamy fun out of this, not stressing himself out about the mysteries behind their ways.

When they came back, the girls forced Parker to wait out of the room. "We don't want you to peek," Sarah told him as she shoved him out and locked the door. "Don't even think about sneaking out, I'm pulling the curtains!" Ashley called playfully, pulling them to keep Parker from being able to get out and catch a peek from the window, which left him to sit and wait in the living room while they laughed and undressed, changing into the lingerie they had bought and leaving Parker to ache in desire The wait wasn't easy, as he sat there fiddling about with his camera, fretting with his shirt, groaning and wishing they would hurry up and he could get out there, but they were taking so long that Parkerr was almost certain they were making him wait for it.

"Okay Parkerr, come in now!" they said in tandem, and it felt like they'd had him in the room for an hour. It had been three minutes. He walked out, and almost doubled back into the bedroom as he marveled at the sight of them.

"Fuck," he groaned. "You two look gorgeous."

They were certainly trying to make themselves look that way; lithe, fit bodies and sweet curves were flaunted with positions meant to draw Parker's eyes. But then, he had seen them naked each of them alone, seen them in any kind of clothing imaginable, and never had they looked quite as amazing to Parkerr as they did now. Their lacy, fancy bra and panties sets hugged and lifted in ways he hadn't ever seen their clothes do before. The sets were identical save for the colour; red-haired Ashley had white, and blonde Sarah wore black, the perfect contrasts leaving him even more enticed as he drew slowly closer.

"I'm glad you like it," Sarah said, "Because we did charge it to your credit card."

"It is basically a present to you," Ashley agreed, teasing and wiggling her hips as she leaned against Sarah.

"That's fine," Parker said, throat tightening up a bit. "We can... Yeah, it's fine. Let's just get you two into position." By the smiles they wore, he half-expected them to be joking about that bit, and he did his best to just push on past it, ignoring their teasing and starting to corral them into place. He had the lights all set up to make sure everything was going to be well lit and his pictures came out amazingly; he didn't just want to have his fun tonight, but to make a fun that he would always be able to come back to again through these pictures.

The first few pictures were some very standard fare. Sarah and Ashley leaning against each other, holding hands, some shots of both girls' perky butts as they turned around and bent forward. Lots of smiling and friendliness between the two lovers with arms around shoulders or waists. It was a pretty standard photo shoot at first, something that Parkerr was rather happy with for the sake of keeping everything moving smoothly, letting things start off normal before they were due to twist into madness. He kept going, kept the photos coming as he snapped pictures of them in all manner of gorgeous and flirty but very chaste positions. It was a matter of starting slow and letting things build into the risque.

"How about this, Parker?" Sarah asked, sticking her butt out toward the camera and bending forward. "Ash, grab my hips and make a face like you can't believe how nice my butt is."

"I don't need to pretend," Ashley said as she leaned forward, giving a shocked look to Sarah´s ass as she gripped Sarah's hips. A few quick clicks of Parker's camera said he got the shots he needed, and so she began to grope and massage the blonde's gorgeous butt next, purring, "Mm, get these too, Parker." The camera kept clicking, and she leaned in closer, planting kisses down onto the small of Sarah's back as she groped and fondled her girlfriend, all to Sarah's vocal approval.

Quickly turning things around, Sarah had Ashley stand upright as she sank down to caress the redhead's long, sleek legs. "I hope you're getting all of this," Sarah purred as she kissed along her outer thighs, hands working the insides as she went, adoring the soft skin as much as she could. The steady camera noises helped confirm to her that he was, and she found herself struggling to keep her focus in two directions at once, wanting to focus on Ashley but also wanting to make love to the camera with her eyes.

"I like where this is going, and the camera loves you," Parker said, admiring the sight of them. "So Sarah has a perfect ass and Ashley has the best legs; it seems like you two both love each other, so why don't you start to focus on that mutual love a bit more?"

Sarah kissed her way up Ashley´s hip, the redhead slowly turning toward Sarah and letting her kiss her way up slowly. Rather than moving directly up, she took her sweet time in treating the redhead's luscious body to some love first, adoring her taut stomach with kisses and caresses before drifting up, all while fingers ran through her hair and the two pushed on boldly. They weren't going to quite give Parker what he wanted so directly, drawing it out to make him want it more, but even still the steady sound of pictures being taken helped urge them on, reminding them that Parker was still soaking in every second of it.

His cock was visibly, achingly straining in his jeans, the obvious bulge only going unnoticed because of how deeply the girls were focused on each other in the lusty haze of the photo shoot. Parker held back his needs and his frustrations, letting the girls keep up the pace and the excitement while he just ignored his aching erection and his desire to jump into the fray right then and there. He wanted to let them have their fun first, but the second he watched Ashley and Sarah first lock lips and start to lose themselves to the pleasure of each others' touch, Parker found himself struggling even harder still to keep his thoughts steady and his mind focused on what was happening in front of him. This was madness in the most exciting of ways.

Sarah forced her kiss tight against Ashley' hands grabbing tightly onto her body as Ashley in turn seized Sarah´s, and though they wanted to pull each other in, they made sure their bodies were positioned for the camera first and foremost. Their bodies had to remain on display and well positioned, had to be placed such that Parker could get all the shots of them he wanted, and it was a bit of an odd, cumbersome process to hold onto, but as long as they could touch and kiss, they were fine with it, giving Parker all the time he needed to get the pictures of them kissing.

Then, Ashley got bold. She reached her hands around back to undo Sarah's bra and began to very slowly pull it off, making sure as she did so to excitedly squirm and twist plenty to make sure she was playing to the camera as she did so, Sarah feigning surprise and outrage at having her bra pulled off of her chest and her perky breasts exposed. She squirmed, hands placed over her chest as she looked cross at Ashley, who just smiled and tossed it aside in exaggerated motions all caught eagerly by the cameras. Then, Ashley leaned in for a kiss, and slowly the hands withdrew, until finally they were replaced by Ashley's own, which groped and fondled at her girlfriend's chest happily.

In turn, Sarah slipped a hand down Ashley's panties and began to rub firmly at her body, soft purrs rumbling as she started to work at touching and adoring her much more directly herself. “I love your body,” Sarah purred, leaning into the kiss again as they touched one another, as the pleasure very directly began to take hold of them both and their bodies ached with excited heat, relishing in the feeling of want and desire ready to take hold of them. With their hands at work and their faces lighting up with heat and lust, the camera snaps became more frequent and fervid, Peter happily catching every second he could of this sweet, insane show of affection.

“You look great,” Parker said, trying so hard to ignore the aching between his legs. “Keep going girls, you're doing amazing so far. The camera loves you.”

“I bet the camera isn't the only thing,” Ashley teased, biting down gently on Sarah's lip. “You holding out okay, Park?”

“This isn't too hot for you is it? Watching us have all this fun while you just stand there and record us?" Sarah made sure to wiggle her hips a little bit toward Parker, licking her lips happily as she stared down at the bulge in his pants. "We can cut it short if you need to come over here and fuck us."

Parker wanted so badly to just give in to that offer, he wanted more than anything to admit he needed to just let go and then run into the madness of what was happening. But he couldn't. "No, go on," he said, tense and strained as he held himself together long enough to avoid that temptation and that desire, and in turn, he was treated to Ashley dropping down very suddenly to her knees in front of Sarah and pushing her back a bit to rest on the arm of the couch. Sarah happily sat herself down on it and helped squirm her way out of her panties as Ashley got to work at undressing her and preparing her to be eaten out, something Parker found himself incredibly tense watching, excitement raging hotly through him as he tried his best to tighten up for this.

The panties went down, and hands spread Sarah's legs out eagerly, as Ashley happily started in on her girlfriend with licks and kisses along her inner thighs. "Don't think your legs are any disappointment either," she moaned, happily caressing her every which way and savouring the chance to give Sarah the love and softness she needed. "I love them so much. Especially with my head between them."

Sarah made sure to play for the camera as she writhed happily under Ashley's touch, as she felt the kisses trailer deeper and deeper inward until her lips were flush against Ashley's pussy and she was ready to begin. The plan was simple enough; make lots of adoring faces, grabbing at her breasts or running her fingers through Ashley's hair. Anything to make a more vivid and visible show of how much she loved having her girlfriend's head between her thighs and ready to work.

Eager licks followed, as Ashley made sure to pull back a bit and offer up space for the camera to catch the fun. Parker followed them around to get a better angle, one from which he could see Ashley licking Sarah's mound and starting in on eating her out, the invasive clicking of the camera refusing to stop as Parker snapped everything he could. This was perfect, he thought to himself, capturing the sights of Ashley eating her girlfriend out, now captured forever on film for them to enjoy whenever they wanted it. This was something special, something so much more exciting and alluring to Parker than it had any right to be, and he couldn't get enough of the sight of them at work, his cock begging for attention now but his patience holding out against the demands, to his utter shock.

Ashley was steady and loving in her hot, eager approach to eating Sarah out. She wanted to make it good for the camera, but she also wanted to enjoy eating Sarah out for the sake of it. It was a line she wasn't used to walking. Eating pussy while Parker watched and readied himself to hop in? Oh that was just how things were in their bed. But the camera was a different kind of voyeur, one that held brief little shots of still life and held onto them, unchanging and caring only about what it saw in the most literal of ways. It was a unique challenge, but one that Ashley handled excellently, and she felt she would be a damn good model as a result; maybe there was something to chasing that line of thinking some more, in the future.

“Oh, that's it. That feels so good,” Sarah moaned, biting her lip as she soaked in the pleasure of being eaten out, the adoring tongue that worked against her pussy leaving her to shiver and twist in growing, swelling heat. This was a lot of pleasure happening to her very quickly, all while Parkar snapped photos of her enjoying herself. Of her face in various expressions of pleasure, of her head rolled back, of her fingers tightening into the silky red hair of the girl who so masterfully went down on her. This was a lot to handle, but it was everything that Sarah had been aching for, her moans rising up hotter by the second as she embraced it for all of its chaotic, swelling excitement and the heat that came with it.

For Parker, it was a blissful hell. He held himself back as best he could as he took all the photos he could get, all while admiring the sight of his beautiful, naked, blonde friend getting eaten out by his clothes and equally gorgeous redheaded girlfriend. This was a life that he felt almost too lucky to believe he really had, and his aggressive photography kept up the pace of adoring every second of their shameless and loving embrace, as he soaked in the opportunity to capture their writhing, hot lovemaking. This was a pleasure he didn't know what to do with, something so hot and so exciting that he felt like he was going to spin out of control in struggled attempts to keep himself held back.

But fortunately, Ashley was horny enough to not be able to hold back anymore. She very carefully pulled herself upright, getting her legs up straight and her hips bent at a right angle to keep her head between Sarah's legs, which ensured that she was sticking her butt toward Parker's face. As her hips wiggled, she moaned, “Take them down and put it in me, tiger. It's okay, let's do this.”

After waiting so long for this, Parker couldn't help himself. He reached out with one hand for her panties and began to pull them slowly down, making sure to capture rapid fire shots of her amazing ass. His hands reached out to touch it and grope it, even giving it a few smacks, all with the camera firing off shot after shot in rapid succession. He drifted the camera up to focus on Sarah and Ashley eating her out as he clumsily worked with one hand to get his cock out. It wasn't easy, especially as he tried to keep himself as steady as he could, not liking one-handed photography very much but accepting it as a necessary evil.

When finally he got his cock out, he slammed the massive, throbbing dick down upon Ashley's ass, letting it rest there as he snapped some pictures of himself grinding between her perky cheeks, savouring the view and the chance to really work some magic with the pictures before he drew back and began to feed his cock inch by inch into her beautiful pink snatch, letting the camera get every second of his advance as he drove his way in and earned hot, needy moans from Ashley in the process.

Once Parker had his dick inside of Ashley, everything changed. His hips began to work quicker and firmer now at the task before him, their bodies writhing hotly together under the pressure and excitement of giving themselves up like this to something primal and enticing. In turn, Ashley ate Sarah out with a bit more intense desperation and fever, loving the chance to lose herself to this pleasure. Her hips rocked back to meet the big cock pushing into her now, moans rising hotly up from her lips as she began to pursue desperate motions of pure lust and need at the hands of her lovers, knowing the camera was on her getting double teamed and loving every second of it.

“Fuck her hard, Park. She wants you so bad. I can feel it. She's so horny right now. And I know you are too, watching two beautiful women getting all hot and bothered in front of you. Hope you can keep up with us now.”

Snapping aggressive, rapid-fire pictures of himself fucking one girlwhile she ate out her girlfriend, Psrker worked hard to keep up the pace, splitting his focus between the two very different tasks of fucking and photography that vied for his attention. It wasn't as easy as he expected it to be, and he was deeply conflicted in trying to handle all of what was happening to him. This was a lot to take, and Parker struggled to keep himself working at both pieces of the puzzle at once, amazed by how nice it felt to be snapping pictures of himself fucking Ashley from behind.

Through it all, Ashley kept licking, devouring Sarah´s pussy with an aggressive, eager firmness that wouldn't quit. She was happy to work hard at the task before her, hands grabbing Sarah's thighs to hold onto them and keep herself steady, while Sarah's hand remained firmly in her hair to keep her head in place and hard at work. She knew she was going to have a good time, but Ashley found herself on the receiving end of way more pleasure and enjoyment than she had been expecting, happily embracing the steady, chaotic back and forth of this hot, throbbing moment and everything that came with it.

Pressure guided Parker's hips in desperate motions, driven by all of the panicked, impatient heat and want that had taken hold of him and refused to let up. Watching them had worked him up hard and they were so eager to directly, explicitly tease him into new heights of frustration that he had barely been able to handle it. It left him hot, worn down, and desperate now to lean into the madness and pound Ashley hard, groaning as he clutched her hip and pounded away. "You're going to love these pictures, they're looking great."

"So is Ash," Sarah purred, licking her lips as she watched her girlfriend keep up the pace, writhing on the edge of the couch and moaning loudly as the pressure bore down upon her and didn't ease up. This was pleasure in ways that she was so happy to lose herself to, moaning loudly as she writhed about under the pressure and soaked it all in.

When they came, it was sudden, it was simultaneous, and it was amazing. Parker buried himself into Ashley, his frantic fucking and overwhelmed, frustrated state leaving him to blow a big load quickly into Ashley, and he'd fucked her hard enough that the flood of his messy cum pumping into her set her off in turn, made her moan and whine as she felt herself slipping away. Sarah, who had been enjoying being eaten out longer than the two of them had been fucking, happily lost herself to the pleasure too, legs pressing down against the sides of Ashley's head as she fell back a bit onto the couch, bucking and squirming happily under the pressure of her release, a loud wreck loving every second of being overwhelmed.

There was no reason to stop now, though, and Ashley pushed forward quickly, crawling further and further up Sarah's body. As she pulled off of Parker's cock, cum immediately began to leak out of her pussy, and Parker was there to snap some pictures of the indecent sight, loving the way his cum drooling out of her well fucked hole. "You need to fuck Sarah now, "Ashley moaned, crawling on top of her and shoving her lips greedily down onto her lips. "And I'm going to help."

The girls shifted and twisted about as Ashley dragged Sarah to lie on top of her on the couch, turning her around so that Sarah lay face-up over her, Ashley's hand down between her legs to spread out of her puffy labia and offer her sweet, alluring body up even more to Parker's hungry gaze. Sarah and her pristine hole stood in contrast to Ashley's leaky, creampied twat, which was also in the shot as Parker snapped photo after photo eagerly, loving the sight of them both before him. "Come and have me, Park," Sarah moaned.

Once more, Parker advanced forward, guiding his cock forward and sinking it into her waiting, hot, pussy, groaning as his hips pushed forward and he took charge of the situation before him. "So good," he groaned, snapping pictures of himself penetrating Gwen, pictures of her face as she was penetrated, and pictures of Gwen as a whole, her amazing body looking absolutely pristine before him. He craved her, and he couldn't get enough of this beautiful sight.

"Peter," Gwen moaned, biting her lip as she stared at him with smoldering, white hot gaze, burning up in the excited midst of being fucked. He held nothing back, his hips winding up quickly into a kind of desperate fervor more intense and feverish than she had been expecting, her body writhing on top of Mary Jane's as she struggled to handle it all and moaned in ravenous approval of every second of being taken. It was a lot to handle, and Sarah didn't bother to try, rolling with the punches and embracing the feverish, aggressive pace of Parker fucking her pussy, her body writhing hotly and eagerly under his touch. There was an abruptness and an urgency to the way he took her that she craved, and she was happy to make love to the camera with her eyes as she was taken.

"Fuck her, Park. She wants you so bad." Ashley tried to push Parker further, her hands rubbing at Sarah's lit and groping her breast, doing everything she could to make him ache for this. The fun she felt in trying to rile him up was only compounded by the delight of Sarah getting fucked on top of her, with all of her moaning and writhing proving so unbearably hot. This was right where she wanted to be, right where she wanted this madness to end up, and she was happy to keep it here, happy to soak in the pleasure and the delight of being witness to such an amazing, shameless scene.

The thrusting and the pounding kept up, as Parker tried very hard to hold back a little bit, not wanting to get too wound up and too aggressive in how he fucked Sarah for fear he would lose control and lapse into roughfucking, the temptation of losing himself to feverish want proving more than a little enticing to him as he plundered forward and kept up his pace, craving the chance to lose himself. He felt unstoppable here, driven by his lusts and by a need to fuck that overwhelmed him, left him dizzy and hot, struggling to keep from pounding Sarah into paste as his hips moved of their own reckless volition. This was ecstasy, and he couldn't hold back the throbbing, burning excitement of snapping photos of himself fucking Sarah raw.

"Fuck!" Sarah gasped, clutching Ashley tightly and struggling to keep herself together, lips fumbling clumsily into desperate kisses against her lips as she was taken and pounded into so harshly. She loved every second of this, burning up and writhing in the midst of heated surrender as Parker kept thrusting and she spun further and further out of control, barely able to keep himself together. "Harder, Park, I'm so close. Fuck, cum in me, I want you to cum in me so badly right now please, Parker, fuck, I'm--fuck!" Sarah held nothing back in her desperate rush of need and surrender, and as she came, she came hard.

Parker wished he'd brought a video camera to record this, as Sarah howled so sweetly in the throes of orgasmic delight and he wished so badly that he could have recorded it. This felt amazing, and he was shameless about seizing the opportunity, snapping pictures of her face wracked with bliss, before he pulled out of her and took more pictures of her pussy as his cum began to leak out of it. He'd left his mark on both of them, and as Ashley shifted about beneath him, they offered themselves happily up to Parker's invasive photography, loving every second of him snapping these photos.

"I only have a bit more space left on this. You guys are too hot for me to stop taking photos of. However you want to end this, make it count."

Ashley and Sarah posed a bit back and forth with their creampied holes, happily showing to the camera the virile mark he'd left inside of them, before they leaned forward again and sank to their knees in front of Parker. Hands seized his cock at the same time as the girls decided to end this little photo session on a good note. They shared his cock, both licking it lovingly, not necessarily to start diving into a hot, sloppy double blowjob--that could wait until they were in the bedroom and continuing the fun--but to make sure that the final mark they left the photo shoot on was them adoring his cock together. Every lick and kiss and bit of affection was meant to show off to Peter their genuine love for his cock.

"And that's it," Parker said, sighing happily as he waved his camera about. "No more space for pictures now. You two are crazy."

"Mm, but it was so much fun," Sarah moaned, sucking on the tip of his cock a little bit. "And now that we're finished with that... How about we move this over to the bedroom?"

"You know you loved it, tiger," Ashley teased.

"I did, and let's go."


It was a few days before Parker could get everything processed and printed out. He couldn't really take the memory card to any old photo place and show off all the racy threesome pictures he'd made, so he had to wait around for a do-it-yourself place to be open on Monday. But when finally he could get them done, he spent a long while getting an entire memory card's worth of pictures printed out, running him quite a lot of money, but it was worth it to bring the surprise home to his girlfriends of the fat stack of pictures he'd taken.

"These are amazing," Sarah marveled, rifling through them in awe. "Look at these, Ash. Our Parker has a real gift for this, doesn't he?"

Ashley nodded happily. "Of course he does. We already knew that. You did great, Tiger."

"Thanks," Parker said, leaning comfortably against them. "I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves so much. We should put these into an album or something so they last forever."

"We should do more than that," Ashley said, pressing a kiss to his cheek. "You ever think about trying to put your freelance talents to use? I know tons of girls who would love a hot professional photo shoot down to get pictures for their boyfriends, and I can vouch for you not being a total creep. You could make a lot of money doing these kinds of things."

"Why stop at girls you know? There's so many hot women out in the world you know, Park. You could probably make some good money taking pictures of them, too."

"That's kind of an amazing idea," Parker said, smiling bright and wide as he thought on it. "I'm going to have to look into this. But for now, uh... Is looking at those photos doing anything for you two? Because I had to spend two hours getting these printed and staring at your bodies for that long has me really, really wanting to fuck."

Rating: 94%, Read 30443 times, Posted Jun 12, 2019

Fantasy | Blowjob, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Threesome


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