Sex shop girls by savannahman

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True Story | Exhibitionism, Female, Girl, Lesbian, Masturbation, Solo, Toys, Voyeurism

I had been working in savannah G.A for several weeks following the separation from my wife in Scotland, I had settled in very well, enjoyed the job and the generous weekly salary, I was still living at The Red Roof Inn on the outskirts of the city,( I had not as yet looked into renting a apartment), the truth is I found it restful after my recent marital problems, and though I was now starting to feel decidedly horny and neglected, however at 43 years of age I felt too old for the club scene and a steady relationship was the last thing I needed, so I just got settled on my daily routine of work, a few evening beers a quick wank and sleep, each evening on my way home from work I passed a large sex shop that I had been told stocked a large selection of porn DVD’s, one evening I pulled in to have a look, the shop was clean and bright and behind the counter stood 2 pretty young women whom I estimated might be around 20 years old, we exchanged cheery hello’s and I began to browse, the selection was vast, it catered for all tastes and perversions, as I continued to peruse the stock I realised that one of the female assistants had joined me “Anything special, you are looking for?” she asked, “I am pretty much an expert on all the products” she added, I turned to look at her she was about 5ft 4 inches had long blonde hair tied up, and was sporting a large pair of boobs for her size, slim waist and a curvy ass “ I’m only browsing at the moment” I said and added “to be a expert with all these products, you must have tried most of them”, “pretty much, I spend way too much of my pay check in here” and she laughed a pretty southern laugh and moved on, I continued to edge my way around the store and to my horror was in front of the Gay selection when she next appeared “I am told that those are good” she said pointing at a very large butt plug and we both laughed, “love your accent” she said and asked me a lot about myself, and Scotland , she asked about Scottish sex shops and after I pointed out that the few we had did not anything like this array of stock she leant close to me and whispered “you know why that is don’t you, its cause us southern girls are real dirty” her emphasised the “Dirty”, with the result that I got a instant hard on, she laughed again and moved on.

I progressed painfully on to the DVD stalls and began looking at the categories and was flipping through the solo female section when she next returned, she looked and said “oh you like watching, do you?, a bit of a voyeur”, then she added “hell you just lost me my bet I had you as a interracial guy, you know white gals and big black cocks”, I was now very nervous, sporting a erection and being pigeonholed on my sexual preferences was not how I had expected my visit to go, I finally selected a DVD called “Amateur Girls like big toys” and another “Finger fantasies” both were featuring female masturbation and at several hours long they seemed value at $60, my blonde friend packaged them up and added “let me know next time you come in how you found them” and she smiled her pretty smile once again “by the way I’m Cassie and my friend here is Alissa”, Alissa smiled and said “you have a good day now”, she was a stunning girl with a really pretty face and a mass of dark curls cascaded down past her shoulders, her boobs looked firm and pert, not as big as Cassie’s but she was by far prettier, I said goodbye and limped from the shop vowing to return next week.

As soon as I next entered the shop Cassie came over and asked how I had found the DVD’s that I had purchased the previous week I said that they were great and maybe I would buy another one, “great” she replied, “I need the commission, things are slow”, “come look at this” and she led me to the dildo section “these came in today and I can’t keep away from them” I looked at what I was later to be told was the all singing, all dancing, top of the range, multi function rampant rabbits “shit these do just everything” said Cassie, “Have you had a test drive yet ?” I asked “hell no they are way out of my pay check, but I live in hope” I looked at the price tag it was $90, “even with my 20% discount, it’s out of my price range” she added sadly, “still let’s get you some more finger fantasies” and she laughed her pretty laugh again, I chose another DVD and noticed Cassie back at the Rampant rabbits, I joined her and asked so what is so special about this one, “It’s got a shit load of different movements, these beads rotate all damn ways and this head rotates, and this clit stimulator is said to be fantastic” and so she continued, “and its thicker than the one I have just now”, “Oh well” she sighed “maybe on my birthday”, “when is that” I asked “6 more months” she added “shit I would love to be one of the first to try it out”, my next words were a surprise even to me “I would buy it for you, if I could watch you try it out” she spun and faced me “I’m sorry” I said, “I don’t know why I said that” Cassie replied “It’s ‘cause you are a watcher”, “you wait right here, I will be back in a second” and off she sped, I thought shit I am in trouble now if she has taken offence, but she was now in deep discussion with Alissa who kept looking over to me.

After a few minutes Alissa came over and asked if I meant what I had said to Cassie, in return I asked if Cassie were considering accepting my offer, “well it ain’t that simple” she said, you see me and Cassie do everything together, “ Oh I see, tell me more” she went on to offer that If I bought both of them toys of their choice I could indeed watch them “try them out” but I had to promise not to touch, “Ok” I said “tell me how much I need to spend” she turned and led me back to the dildo stand, as she did so I looked at her swaying ass and made up my mind no matter what they picked I was going for it, Cassie met us there and picked up her all purpose rabbit and Alissa picked up a gello dildo with about 8 inches of thick shaft above a large base which incorporated a vibrator it was finished off with a suction cup, “this is what I would choose” said Alissa, I looked at the price tag it was $60 making a total of $180 including my finger fantasies DVD, “OK” I said and we walked to the checkout where I paid and we arranged that they would visit my hotel room the following evening at 10pm after the closed up the shop, “get some JD and coke for us” said Cassie as I left the store with the packages.

Sure enough just after 10pm my room telephone rang to inform me that I had visitors at the reception, I left the room and went to meet them they both looked great, casually dressed in short skirts and loose fitting tops, they both greeted me warmly and I then led them back to my room, once inside they asked if I had some liquor for them and were pleased when they found out I had, it was then that I realised that they were probably under 21, but I said nothing as I poured 3 large JD’s and coke added some ice and handed them out, the girls were now filling the hot tub saying that they had intended to ask to shower but the hot tub looked better, they added a large quantity of bath essence and the tub was soon full of hot bubbly water, they had sunk their first drinks so I refilled their glasses as they began to undress so I stood and watched as they got naked, the firm boobs, the shapely asses, their neatly trimmed pussy hair, and pretty smiles were wonderful to watch, once naked they leapt into the hot tub and began splashing about, “aren’t you getting in” they asked so I undressed I was a little embarrassed but the girls just pulled me in and we sat in the warm bubbly water and continued our drinks.

After some time Cassie turned and said that she was “real nervous” as she had never “diddled” herself in front of a guy before, she then asked for another drink as she wanted to get “sloppy eyed” drunk , so I hopped out of the hot tub to pour 2 fresh drinks for them, my erection was now solid.

I picked up there new toys and unpackaged them, added the batteries and placed them on one bed before settling into a chair opposite it, Cassie got out of the tub and after towelling down, placed a second towel on the bed and lay on it with her legs pointing directly at me, she fiddled a little with her rabbit and it whirred into action, adjusted a few setting and began to rub the gyrating head over her clit and pussy, when she was happy with the settings she gradually began to insert it into her hole, the revolving beads were soon working their magic on her pussy lips and the noise was not unlike a washing machine as her juices were sloshing from her pussy, in fact she only lasted a few more minutes before she arched her back so that only her shoulders and feet were touching the bed, one hand was clutching the bed covers and the other was holding her new toy fully home, the beads and her pussy were now covered in a white frothy cream as she shuddered to a orgasm, her buttocks then crashed back onto the bed and the rabbit popped out of her hole still wildly gyrating, her legs were clamped tightly together but I could clearly see her ass cheeks and thighs trembling, “hell that was the best cum ever” she said between pants, I need that other drink now as she began to rise a flood of juice ran from her open pussy onto the towel, “I always cum a lot, but hell never before like that”.

My attention now turned to Allisa who asked that I pass her toy over to her which I did, she spent a few moments inspecting it, then switched it on and attached it by its suction cup to the side of the hot tub, she then straddled the side of the tub and fed the end into her hole and lowered herself a couple of inches and it began to disappear from view, she then rose up again, then fell back onto it, this time taking about 4 inches into her hole, her head was tilted back and she was breathing heavily, she looked fantastic, her dark hair was cascading onto her boobs, her nipples were erect and the dildo between her legs looked ridiculously thick, wedged between her pussy lips that were now being pulled in and out with every rise and fall of her beautiful hips, gradually bit by bit she took it deeper into her hole until finally she settled fully down onto the base, where she rested allowing the vibrations to stimulate her clit, I took this opportunity to move around behind her so that I could watch her round shapely buttocks clench as she started to really ride it, gradually building up speed until she was hammering the full length in and out of her squelching fanny, finally with a satisfied grunt she buried it all home and orgasmed loudly with her head thrown back.

After recovering we all re-entered the hot tub, my erection was aching as we sloshed around in the tub, The girls asked if the show had been worth the cost and I had to agree that it had been, It was then that I felt their hands begin to fondle my cock “It’s your reward for not touching” said Alissa as she began to work my cock with her soapy hands until I shot my load into the tub, the girls swopped toys and I was treated to another show and another hand job this time spilling my cum onto Cassie’s beautiful big breasts before the girls turned in to one bed for the night and I slept like a log in the other, it was to be the start of a regular arrangement that lasted until the girls returned to college where they were design students.

Rating: 87%, Read 41980 times, Posted Jan 11, 2009

True Story | Exhibitionism, Female, Girl, Lesbian, Masturbation, Solo, Toys, Voyeurism


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