Ryoko's Seduction Part 1 by Guerito

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Fantasm | Asian, BDSM, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Male, Rape, Submission

Imperial Japan was no more than a memory by the time Ryoko was born. World War II had taken the pride and dignity of her people, and she could still remember the echo of the radio in the clubhouse as the announcer declared that people in Nagasaki had disappeared into the blue, and that the city had been completely destroyed.

For some reason now twenty some years later, the sound of a radio through the window of someone’s apartment brought back the memory as she made her way down the street. She was tired; working retail clothing was hard work, and her finger was still sore from where she had pricked herself with a needle making a shirt. It bled a lot; Kiko-san had gotten angry when she dropped some blood on the silk she was sewing… silently she pondered her day as she boarded a rail car headed home.

The ride was all too familiar; she took that same car everyday to the train station, where she would then catch the train to her village. She was twenty three years old, still living with her parents, and she in her independent way had refused to see a matchmaker. She was single, and secretly not a virgin, but she didn’t let anyone know she was making money off the American sailors in Kyoto. She frowned that one had happened to be on the railcar with her; he was eyeing her carefully, obviously interested in her pants; she sighed. It was going to be one of those days.

By the time she had caught the train, it was almost dark. That sailor and his stupid hormones had held her up for a few minutes as he tried unsuccessfully to get her into a motel with him. She sat silently pretending to read the newspaper as the train bumbled on into the night, a constant trail of smoke pouring in through the windows.

Ryoko had wanted to be a geisha; at least, that was her dream. By the time she was old enough, though, the Geisha was nothing more than a prostitute for the American sailor… she hated that the people from the west had invaded their culture like that. Now, she was probably doomed to stay in the sweat shop sewing shirts until she died.

An hour passed by as slow as molasses; she dozed off about halfway, nearly missing her stop. Her hometown of Kishiko was silent tonight; no drunks were making their way from Hitori’s bar, which was a good sign. At least she wouldn’t have to put up with old man Masato, him and his stupid drunken ass were constantly trying to catch her in the wrong position. Once, he had grabbed her ass and pinched it hard; she cursed at him and hit him in the head with her purse, and in his stupor he fell. There was no sign of him tonight, so she made her way across the village and skipped off silently into the night towards her parent’s house.

When she arrived, she was greeted by her father. “Ryoko, how good it is to see you have come home safely.” He bowed. She responded. “Papa, I’m going to the baths tonight. Is there anything you need from town?” He smiled. “The market is closed, I will get it myself tomorrow. Enjoy your bath; your mother is making a Mongolian chicken dinner tonight.” He bowed out and returned to his paper in the salon.

Ryoko stepped inside; the humid smell of chicken filled her senses with distaste; she wasn’t at all impressed. Mongolian chicken was one of her least favorite dishes, though it was very rich, she had eaten it way too much back in Kyoto. She sighed, dropped her bag in her room, and walked out the door.

The smell of the fresh night air was a refreshing touch to her nose; the spice in the chicken had made her nose itch. Silently she walked along the path she knew to the back entrance of the public bath house. She already knew that she would be the last one in there tonight; she always was. The steam from the hot springs was clearly visible as she proceeded in to pay the clerk. To her surprise, though, he wasn’t there. “Mitori?” she called. “Mitori, where are you?” The sound of her voice echoed through the hall without answer. She smirked; this was very peculiar, he wasn’t here. She reached behind the desk and checked the money drawer; it was full of cash. She bit her lip at the temptation, but finally retired to leaving her money on the counter and walking out.

As she entered the hall between the changing rooms, she saw a man walking out of the men’s room. She gasped, for he had scared her. He was a tall man, dark and handsome, with a built body and a towel around his waste. “Konnichiwa,” she said surprised. He said nothing, but continued on his way out toward the men’s bath. She bit her lip in fear; there was something unusual about this man. He didn’t even look at her nor did she see his face.

She went into the girl’s room and dropped her clothes into the whicker basket next to the chair. Her feet ached from the walk in Kyoto, so she sat naked on the bench for a minute to massage them. Then, peeking out the frail rice paper door, she proceeded to see if Mr. Mystery was still around. He wasn’t so she walked down the hall and entered the ladies bath.

The water was warm and comfortable as always; the smooth stones under her feet were like a natural massage. She sank into the water, adjusting her buttocks so her tail bone wasn’t laying on a rock. The water felt good around her and she began to relax.

Silently she began to rethink her day as she listened to the sound of the bubbles in the bath; it was a very relaxing sensation, and as soon as she noticed she was beginning to go to sleep, she decided she’d better wash up and go home.

She couldn’t get over the feeling that someone was watching her; she looked around for that big mysterious man that was at bath so late at night. There was still no sign of him, so she stepped out of the bath to lather herself down with soap.

It was then she began to feel the tingling; it was inside her womb, and it made her gasp for breath; she leaped back into the water, afraid that perhaps she had gotten some soap inside her. She rubbed it thoroughly, attempting to get the soap out; but the more she touched it, the more intense the feeling became. She began to feel her own juices leaving her body and she rubbed vigorously, which wasn’t helping.

She removed her hand from her vagina; this wasn’t soap. She was getting horny, and it wasn’t even her doing. She frowned, gasping for air, attempting to let the feeling go away. Right now she wanted relief, so, double checking to make sure no one was around, she decided to help herself.

She reached down and began to massage her parts; it felt good, and she was noticing how suddenly horny she was. She inserted a finger, which gave her a sharp ping, a sudden burst of desire she had never known before. She cursed at her mother and her Mongolian Chicken spices, thinking that maybe something in it had been messing with her chemistry.

Her orgasm was short and unsatisfying; her juices mixed in with the water but created an intense feeling as they forced themselves out of her body. She fought to keep her head on… she was so dizzy and disoriented she was afraid she was probably getting sick. At long last she decided she’d better go home and sleep it off.

She stood up and stumbled her way towards the door. She was almost there when suddenly something came and covered up her eyes; she froze in fear; was it Mr. Mystery? “Ryoko.” She was surprised to hear her name, and when she attempted to turn around, he grabbed her waist from behind and wrapped himself around her so she couldn’t move. She struggled. “Ryoko.” Again, in the same tone of voice. She felt his body against hers, and he was naked too. “Ryoko.”

“What?! What do you want with me? Let me go!” She whined. “Ryoko. Calm down.” She took a breath of frustration and quit struggling. Her pussy was beginning to drip with juices as the horny feeling had not gone away. “Ryoko. My name is Keintaro. I have watched you from the bath.” She frowned. “Get your hands off of me you pervert!” She screamed as he reached up and began to play with her nipples. Her legs became suddenly weak, and she collapsed with him behind her to the ground. He was heavy, and she was pretty sure the fall would leave a bruise.

“Get off of me!” she screamed, attempting to remove the blindfold. He held her steady with his weight. She quit struggling after a few seconds, realizing that she was probably going to get raped and that there was nothing she could do about it. “Ryoko, I’m not going to rape you,” Keintaro said. “Oh ya? Then why is your penis in my ass crack?!” snapped Ryoko. In one swift movement, both her and Keintaro were swooped to their feet again by a seemingly unknown force. “Ryoko. I’m not going to rape you. But I will offer you the best experience you’ve ever had,” Keintaro said. Another ping of desire hit Ryoko between the legs. Her pussy was screaming for the flesh the was poking her in the butt cheek, but she wouldn’t let herself admit it. Why was she desiring this so much?

“May I give you the most pleasuring experience of your life?” he asked. She bit her lip as her body suddenly went limp. “Yes,” she said, “Oh god yes, please!” She gasped. Those weren’t her words! They came out of her mouth, but she didn’t say them! “Okay, don’t move.” She stood frozen as Keintaro moved around the front of her, lifted a leg, and plunged his monster into her. She gasped as her body went rigid with excitement. He was so big! She was screaming in her mind but her body no longer obeyed her. He began fucking her gently; with every movement in she gasped as wave after wave of pleasure filled her body; she felt weak and disoriented.

Her climax came quickly and intense. Her muscles tightened up as she felt her labia swelling to meet Keintaro’s thrusts; suddenly like a bomb her womb exploded, causing her to scream as her juices squirted out like a fire hose. She felt like she was suffocating, but she couldn’t bring her arms up remove the blindfold Keintaro had put around her eyes. He kept going as a series of smaller orgasms subsided one after another. She was dead now, she was sure of it. Keintaro paused to let her catch her breath. “Are you ready?” he asked. She held her breath. For what?

“Yes,” her body replied. NO! No, no, no NO!! She wasn’t ready. She was on the verge of dying as it was. Suddenly she felt another body behind her. Oh god, not that! Another penis slapped her cheeks from behind. She felt the familiar tingle beginning to develop in her anus. She wanted him in there too?! No!

Against her will she felt her anal muscles relax as the other penis pushed it’s way up inside her. She was crying now, though the blindfold was soaking up her tears. An intense pain gripped her insides as the other man began to thrash her anus wildly, and Keintaro began his rampage as well.

Inside her, she could feel the the two penises tearing her up like meat in a grinder; she was sure she was probably bleeding, and her stomach wrenched with each thrust that both men were now attacking her with. She hurt terribly, but the feeling inside her began to like it; the pain gradually began subsiding as the two bodies wrapped around her, lifting her off of her feet. The warmth from both men enveloped her; she wanted them both to be everywhere!

Her breasts were now rubbing against Keinaro’s chest as she laid her weak head on his shoulder; her breathing quickened as the warm massaging feeling in her anus began to pleasure her in ways she had no idea could exist. Her nipples were stimulating as well, as the friction between her body and his began to excite her. She felt another orgasm coming as Keintaro removed his penis for a second before plunging it in again at full speed; the shock of his head kissing her uterus was so intense that she lost her breath and exploded in yet another orgasm; stars exploded in her vision as she lost sense of where she was. She didn’t care; it felt so good to have both men strongly holding her and abusing her holes. “I’m a slut!” she screamed. “I’m a dirty bitch! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” The two men began slamming her holes harder; she could feel the arch of Keintaro’s dick slapping her clitoris and his head punching her uterus at the same time. “Oh god, oh god!” she screamed. Suddenly the warming feeling returned to her as her parts began building energy. “I’m coming! I’m coming, oh god… I love you Keintaro, make me your filthy whore!” she was screaming; her mind was too weak to pay attention anymore. The energy built and built until there was so much it was almost unbearable. She was the edge of an orgasm and couldn’t go over.

As if reading her mind, Keintaro reached his head over and sank his teeth into her neck. The sudden pain was so intense that she clawed his back, feeling the flesh tearing into her fingernails. She screamed as her head and body exploded with a sudden passion, and a wild and crazy orgasm catapulted her mind and body into another dimension of pleasure. Her heart seemed to stop as she lost consciousness and everything went numb.

By the time she began to come back from the dead she felt keintaro setting her on the ground; her muscles ached and her heart was beating rapidly as the two men shot their sperm inside her, the warm gushing feeling relieving her sore flesh with lubrication. He layed her flat on the stones and removed the blindfold. To her surprise her vision was blurry; she could see the two men, but she couldn’t see their faces. “Goodbye, Ryoko.” She saw his face for an instant; he had yellow eyes that glowed in the moonlight like a wolf.

Both men took off running to the edge of the bath and disappeared. All at once her vision came back, and she attempted to sit up; her entrails hurt from her womb to her chest, and without warning she farted a mixture of air and fluids; blood was seeping from both holes as she cried and went to the bath to wash herself.

When she returned home, her parents were already asleep; ashamed, she crawled into bed and fell immediately asleep.

Rating: 61%, Read 20613 times, Posted Jun 11, 2006

Fantasm | Asian, BDSM, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Male, Rape, Submission


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