Tight Jeans by graylover

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From the corner of the greenhouse I'm inspecting my varied collection of orchids, I watch Heather approaching wearing tight blue jeans. Her hair hanging down past her shoulders, a loose fitting blouse, blue jeans that show off her curves. In walk over to her, placing my hands on her arms. " What are you doing here?" Heather reaches up and softly kisses my lips. " I need you."

Moving her hand inside my shirt, she can feel the heat coming off of my body. She kisses me again more intently. Her hand slides down my pants, faintly touching the outline of my hardening cock. " I want you now." She whispers. She reaches down unbuttoning my pants. Kissing down my neck, she lifts my shirt, nibbling down my stomach. Her mouth reaches my cock; I feel her hot breath against my cockhead. She kisses the tip, then takes her tongue licking all the way around the head. She sucks down the shaft, all the way down the veins snaking around the shaft as my cock swells as she reaches my sack. Running her tongue back up, she looks in my eyes and swallows me. Her hot wet mouth sucking down my throbbing growing shaft.

Faster and faster she moves. The sensation overwhelms me and I'm about to cum. She sees in my face I'm pondering should I do this? Looking back down at her my eyes change and become hungry as if I were a lion about to pounce on my meal. Heather feels my fingers tangle in the back of her hair as I pull her up an kiss her. My tongue pushes through her lips into her mouth. My other hand grabs her ass. I pull her into me, leaning forward, I back her up into the work bench.

Having sex in the greenhouse adds excitement to the moment, since Heather is always looking for new places. Making my way down her neck, I lift her up on the bench, her legs straddle me. Heather feels my monster bulge grinding into her as I kiss and suck her neck down to her breasts. Lifting her blouse up, pulling her bra down, I grab her breasts with both hands beginning to lick her nipples. Her hand knocks off my hat running her fingers to the back of my neck. Moaning " oooooohhhhhh," she pulls me into her. I'm sucking and biting her nipple. I hear her moans filling the greenhouse. Our bodies grind against one another, the exhilaration overtaking us both.

I pull her off of the workbench, unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans. Sliding her jeans down to her ankles, I flip her around so her stomach is facing the bench. She turns her head, reaching back to kiss me. One hand on her breast, I begin to kiss her neck and lightly bite her shoulder. My finger reaches in side of her thong ripping it away from her body. I pull my pants down, bending her over the bench, knocking over a sack of potting soil to the floor. Positioning my hard monster cock between her pussy lips, rubbing my swollen head aganist the slit then up to her clit, teasing her.

Heather begs me to enter her, she hears me say " Oh yes." Two seconds later I thrust forward penetrating her hard and deep. Grabbing her hips I thrust in and out. She is becoming wetter now. I glide with ease from deep within to the tip of her lips where the head of my cock touches and slides back in. The intensity of having sex in the greenhouse excites us more. Breathing heavy and moaning I reach down grabbing her hair, pulling her back on my cock. Faster, harder, deeper, and rougher. With the hard deep penetration she is moaning louder. " OOOOhhhhhhh..OOOOOhhhhhhh..AAAAAAAhhhhhhhh." She feels her G-spot being stimulated with each stroke.

" Oh my God, don't stop John." Grunting and groaning I'm grinding deep inside her. She is moaning and shaking uncontrollably. A gush of hot juice rushes out of her coating my shaft, running down her legs and covering my balls. " Oh yes!" She hears me as I grab her waist, slamming into her as if I'm an animal in heat. She feels my hot sticky cum inside her as I explode. Her body goes limp from the overwhelming sensations as my cock is throbbing and continues to jerk until every last drop is milked out of me.

Collapsing on top of her, I kiss her back then slowly pull out. Standing up I pull up my pants and then assist her with hers. She turns around and I help her button back up. We hold each other enjoying a long passionate kiss. She reaches down to the floor grabbing her purple thong. Looking at it, it is not wearable, completely ripped.

" What am I supposed to do with this?" I take it from her hand, putting it up to my nose and breathing in deeply and smiling. " Mmmm, something to remember this time in the greenhouse. I stick it in my pocket, and head out the

door back to the house. Heather waits for a few minutes then follows me back to the house. Walking she feels her cum oozing out of her, reminding her of the greenhouse and of the passion we shared.

I wait for Heather then grab her hand pulling her toward the bedroom. As we enter the room I push her down onto her knees. I grab her by her head instructing her to take all of me in her mouth. She quickly unzips my pants pulling them down. Sticking her tongue out taking my semi erect cock, into her mouth. Her mouth begins to water as my shaft slides down the back of her throat. My hand on the back of her head forcing my cock all the way inside her mouth as she gasps for breath. Pulling my cock out, it is completely soaked as I slap it against her mouth teasing her. I start to talk about fucking her ass. Her nipples become hard as I slap my dripping wet cock against her lips again.

I pull her up, telling her to lean over the bed. She pulls her jeans down. Unable to access her tight ass, I roughly shove my thick hard cock into her pussy realizing she still wet. Grinding deep inside the head of my cock presses against her g-spot sending electric current down her spine. I slam in and out with a steady rhythm as she rocks back against me. She cums all over my shaft getting my shaft well lubracated. I spread her ass checks shoving my hard thick cock inside her tight ass. I hear her gasp then moan " AAAAAAhhhhhh..OOOOOhhhhhhhh."

Heather is a screamer, my long thick hard cock is stretching her tight ass. She feels it deep inside her ass. My balls slapping against her wet pussy as my hands pull firmly on her hips. Her ass and pussy tighten up as I thrust harder and deeper. She feels her pussy dripping with her cum as she enjoys the second mutiple orgasms.

She is screaming very loud " Oh GOD..YOU BASTARD..AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH..AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH." Grabbing a pillow, holding her face into the pillow to muffle her screams. I instruct her relax and to take my cock. Her screams are muffled by the pillow. My cock is stretching her tight little hole. Sliding in and out slowly. She cums a fifth time. Not wanting to miss her dripping wet pussy, I tell her to play with her clit and I want her to tell me when she cums. She is really wet now. My cock is gliding from the base all the way to the tip and back in again. It is starting to feel good she starts to grind back against me wanting the pain that is causing her pleasure. " Fuck me baby," She begs me. She feels my leg move up to the bed, positioning myself so I can slam her hole deeper. This sends her over the edge and she cums three more times. Now she is dripping wet down her legs and is gasping for breathe and completely fucked.

I'm grinding my hips from side to side, she beg fsor more. I reach around and start rubbing her clit, as I slam into her. The final orgasm is so intense, cum runs down her legs. Her legs shake and buckle beneath her. " Oh God, John."

Rating: 50%, Read 9871 times, Posted Feb 26, 2014

Fantasy |


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