Team Photos 5: Lauren by Shower_boy

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Fantasy | Anal, Bestiality, Incest, Young

Team Photos 5 – Lauren and Dusty


That bitch! That dirty fucking little whore! How dare she do this to me!?! I ate her pussy, I even stuck my tongue in her ass and this is how she ‘rewards’ me? That little bitch was going to pay and she was going to suffer for this.

Thoughts like that kept me awake and fuming for nearly an hour before I started to calm down and think about how I could get revenge on her ass. Tomorrow was Monday and she always got home from school first. Caitlyn had some stupid dance class or something after school, and she would get a ride home with mum or dad around 6. If I skipped practice tomorrow I could get her alone for 2 hours or so, plenty of time for me to work out some frustrations on her tender flesh. She liked my tongue up her ass, we’ll see if she’s still smiling after I stick my dick in her ass and ream her out. By the time I’m finished we’ll see whose laughing.


After I closed the door on Alex, I walked into our room to see Caitlyn lying in her bed obviously waiting for me to come back.

“What did you do to him? I heard you cumming, don’t tell me you had sex with him!” Caitlyn sounded rather concerned and started talking as soon as I walked in.

“Ewww, no way would I do something that nice to him after what he pulled today. Who knows how long he’s been watching us, just because we only caught him today, doesn’t mean he hasn’t been doing it for ages.”

I pulled back the covers and was disappointed to see that Caitlyn was wearing her Hello Kitty pajamas; I quickly climbed in beside her, pulling the blankets halfway up. We quickly snuggled in together, wrapping our arms around each other.

“Well what happened then? I could hear you, something went on.”

I could feel Caitlyns breath on my bare chest; she seemed to be staring at my nipples. I proceeded to tell her in great detail just what had gone on between Alex and me in his room (Chapter 4), she kept interrupting me, before I was finally able to shut her up by grabbing her hair and guiding her mouth to my nipple. Caitlyn seemed to get the hint and begin licking and sucking at it until I finished my story.

When I finished, she was quiet, letting my nipple slip from between her lips, I just waited, letting her think before she finally spoke up.

“He is going to be so pissed, we better be careful, cos he is definitely going to try something.”

“Let him try, that pussy is too scared to do anything. We just need to stick together and we’ll be fine.” I was lightly stroking her hair; I loved the way it slid between my fingers, silky smooth and so long.

“Ok Lauren,” she replied in a quiet voice, “we should get some sleep, it’s been one hell of a day.”

I was feeling pretty sleepy myself and she was right, Caitlyn was always right which never failed to infuriate me. “Alright sweety, lets get some sleep, no hogging the blankets though or I’ll have to go back to my own bed!”

I don’t think she believed my threat, but she was quick to grab the blankets and pull them over my head, “The blankets are all yours, just don’t leave”

She grabbed my hand and rolled over until we were spooning, my nipples poking her in the back. “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.” I continued to stroke her hair until we both fell asleep.

The next day at school, I was sitting at our usual table wondering where Caitlyn was. She usually bet me to our spot, but today I couldn’t see her anywhere. After waiting a couple of minutes I spotted one of her classmates and walked over to her.

“Have you seen Caitlyn? She’s late for lunch and I haven’t seen her”

“Piss off stretch, why would I care where your stupid sister is. She’s probably crying somewhere, hiding in a corner again”

Why did I bother asking this bitch? She was giving me a nasty glare, so I just stuck my tongue out at her, patter her on the head and walked off. I could easily picture her, already pulling a mirror out of her bag and checking to see if I had messed up her hair. Dumb bitch, she thought she was so hot, but anyone with half a brain knew that the lights might be on but no one was home inside that head.

I was a little worried; Caitlyn had been getting picked on quite a lot at school recently. At 15 she was the shortest girl he age in school, but to really piss off most of the other girls, she had the best pair of boobs and she had got them before any of the others.

I had a pretty good idea of where to find her; there were a couple of places I knew of where she would go to hide. On my second guess I found her sitting on a bench behind the gym, her arms were on the table with her head resting on them. I could tell by the way her back was shaking that she was crying. I hurried over and sat down beside her, putting my arm across her back and pulling her against me.

“Caitlyn, what happened? What did those bitches do this time?” I was already getting angry, mostly at those dumb cows in her class, but also a little at Caitlyn. I had been trying to get her to stand up for herself, fight back somehow, but I wasn’t having much luck. Caitlyn was just too shy and timid around other people, it was something that I was going to have to fix.

She looked up at me, tears streaking her face, her skin all blotchy and red from crying. “They were talking about snow white and said I could be the eighth dwarf, Chesty.” She started sobbing again, burying her face in my shoulder.

I almost burst out laughing, she was short, and she had bigger boobs than the rest of them, but Chesty the dwarf? Really? I continued patting her back, making silly soothing noises until she stopped crying and sat up straighter.

“Come on, let’s go to the toilets and tidy you up a bit, before someone sees you and start calling you panda or something.” I pulled her up and led her off to the toilets where we proceeded to clean her up and make her look more respectable again. We still had time before lunch was over so I decided to go have a word with the girls.

“Come on, let’s go talk to those bitches, I have a few things I want to say to them”

“Lauren, NO! You know what will happen if you get caught fighting again. You’ll get suspended or kicked out of school!” She was trying to pull me back, pleading with me, but no way was I going to stop. I loved my big sister and we were much closer now after yesterday’s events and there was no way that I was going to let anyone hurt her, not while I could do something about it.

I didn’t have to ask who it had been making fun of her and I knew just where to find Lisa and her friends. They were always hanging out by the basketball court, preening and flirting with the boys that played at lunch.

Lisa was sitting in the middle of her little group, dirty blonde hair tied up in pigtails, too much make up, skirt too short and looking like a used up whore. But she always had the boys eating out of her hand and a group of vapid girls following her around. It didn’t take much to figure out why the boys followed her, and I think the girls were just too scared of her, so better to be with her than against. I hated girls like that.

I walked straight up to her, staring down at her, so close our knees were almost touching, forcing her to look up into the sun that was shining down from just above my head. She had to squint, making her look a little pig like.

“What did you say to my sister you pig?” I demanded, poking my finger into her shoulder. Caitlyn was standing behind me, trying to look invisible.

“Don’t touch me, giraffe!” She retorted in a haughty voice. She’d come up with that pathetic insult last year, it didn’t bother me, but she seemed to think it was some kind of major victory.

“I asked you what you said, now tell me,” I poked her again with every word. Her followers just stared, seemingly all too eager to watch what was going to happen, not wanting to stop what we all knew was coming.

Lisa stood up, or at least she tried to, I hadn’t left her enough room so as soon as she started to stand she bumped into me and I pushed her back down. I poked her again, harder this time; I knew that her shoulder would be hurting now. “Come on, start talking, you seemed happy to talk about Caitlyn earlier, so why not now?”

I couldn’t hear the game going on behind me anymore so I figured the guys must all be watching us as well. I wasn’t exactly being quiet and I had a reputation.

Lisa seemed to draw courage from her audience; she slithered backwards and managed to stand up on the bench, finally enabling her to look down at me. With an evil little smirk she said, “I called her a midget, Chesty the dwarf, cos she’s a freak, just like you!”

That was just the push I needed, “Lauren, don’t!” I heard Caitlyn say from behind me, but I wasn’t going to stop now. I pulled back and slapped Lisa across the face, the sharp crack of my hand across her mouth brought a collective gasp from her friends. I heard a quiet “Woah” from somewhere behind me.

Lisa stared at me in shock, her hand reaching up to her face, already turning red. “How dare you?! You slapped me you freak!”

I slapped her again, this time on the other side of her face, a smile spreading across my lips.

That broke her; she began crying, her tears quickly causing her makeup to smear and being running down her cheeks. Caitlyn tugged at my arm, “Come on, let’s go” but I wasn’t quite finished yet. This bitch had picked on Caitlyn too often and I wanted to make sure she never did it again.

She’d crouched down, hands cupping both sides of face, sobbing as her so called friends still looked on, none of them making a move to help her or stop me. I was reminded of a group of vultures, circling a dying animal, waiting for their moment.

I reached out and grabbed one of her pigtails, pulling her up until she looked at me, “Please stop” she cried out.

“Look at me you bitch, if you ever come near me or my sister again I’ll yank every piece of hair out of your head” I emphasised my words with repeated tugs at her pigtail, causing her head to bounce up and down.

She was really snivelling now, pleading and begging, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please I won’t do it again I swear, I’ll never talk to you again”

She was pathetic, a couple of slaps and I’d reduced her to this, I’d had as much as I could stand. I let go of her hair, turned around and walked away, “Come on Caitlyn, let’s leave these losers to each other.” The guys parted before us, some seemed a little awestruck at what had just happened, but all staring.

Once we had turned a corner, I stopped and leaned back against the wall, my legs were trembling and I was feeling a little sick. I’d never gone that far before, any fights I’d been in had just been pushing and shoving, usually resulting in hair pulling and screaming at each other. But something in me had changed, I wasn’t sure if it was for the better or not.

Caitlyn just stared at me, “Don’t’ look at me like that, I did that to her for you” I was feeling a little defensive.

“For me?” she asked in a tremulous voice. I just nodded as she stepped forward and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue sliding between my lips, teasing me, tasting me. I was shocked; she was doing this here, now? After I’d just beaten up her tormentors and she was turned on? I moaned into her mouth, giving into the moment, lost in her embrace, the feel of her body moulded against mine. We were both brought to our senses when the bell rung, signalling the end of lunch. It was pure luck that nobody had seen us.

Caitlyn quickly stepped backwards, rubbing her hand across her mouth, a wild look in her eyes. “I want you so bad right now!”

I still wasn’t sure what to think, my emotions were running all over the place, I’d just beaten up another girl and then my sister had practically jumped me afterwards and now I had to go back to class.

“Just wait till tonight, I’m going to have to reward you for being my knight in shining armour” Caitlyn’s eyes were shining and there was definite lust there, what had she turned into? We began walking back to the buildings, “Damn, I wish I didn’t have dance tonight, but the wait will just make things so much better.”

I nodded, “We better get to class, see you tonight”. I could hardly wait.

For the rest of the afternoon, I was in a constant state of arousal and nerves. What would happen if Lisa went to a teacher and narced on me? Caitlyn had been right; I could be suspended or kicked out for fighting again. The last bell finally sounded and I ran for my locker, grabbing my gear and ran for the doors. It seemed that I had gotten away with our little lunch time fight and I was happy to be heading home where I could get ready for the fun we would have tonight.

I got home, opening the door to a quiet house, on Monday afternoons everyone else was busy, so I had a couple of hours to myself. I went to our room and quickly changed into a loose skirt and t-shirt, no panties as usual. The cool breeze felt good on my hot pussy, I had been turned on for the last couple of hours and desperately needed some relief. There was no way I could hold out until Caitlyn got home. But I had found a way to take care of my special problems.

I grabbed some socks and went downstairs and opened the door to our back garden; Dusty came bounding in, very happy to see me. Dusty was our chocolate coloured Labrador; he was about 3 years old and always followed me around. He was the family dog, but he was mine really. I took him for walks and he always followed me around, even before I started giving him treats.

He stuck his nose up my skirt, sniffing at my wet pussy, his cold noise causing me to suck in my breath and pull back. “Not yet Dusty, let’s go outside it’s so nice out today”

I pushed his head away and led the way out to the backyard, we had a nice high fence that kept us well screened from the neighbours and a large pool filling one end of the yard. Dusty followed eagerly at my heels, this had become something of a Monday tradition for us and he knew what was coming next.

I walked out to the middle of the lawn, luxuriating in the warm sun shining down on me, reaching upwards, I could feel my body stretching, my shirt sliding across my nipples. Dusty just sat at my feet, watching me, his tongue hanging out.

“Do you like what you see Dusty? Does my little body excite you, do you want a taste?”

I pulled my skirt up a little, my legs held together, Dusty immediately zoomed in and stuck his nose back in my hot little pussy, I squealed when I felt his tongue come out and he took a big lick up my legs, trying to get at the source of the smell.

“Not yet boy, just wait” I patted his head and he pulled back, sitting down again. I could see his penis, just starting to stick out his sheath, all red and glistening. A shiver went up my spine, mmmm, I loved the anticipation I felt with Dusty, he was so eager to please, but completely obedient to me, stopping whenever I wanted him to.

I pulled my T-shirt over my head, feeling the warmth of the sun against my bare skin, warming hard nipples. I reached up and tweaked them, sending another shiver up my spine. I could feel my pussy was getting really wet now, my clit poking out looking for some attention, pretty soon I would start dripping.

I knelt down on the ground facing Dusty, I grabbed his furry face and pulled him towards my chest, “Here you go, have a lick.” His big tongue reached out and rasped across my right nipple. “Ohhhh yes that’s my boy, do that again”

I don’t think I really needed to tell him, as Dusty eagerly started licking my entire chest, I wasn’t sweaty but Dusty always seemed to love licking every inch of me. His tongue would repeatedly run across my nipples, sending eager thrills straight to my clit. All too quickly I had to stop, I needed more.

“Stop Dusty, Stop” he stopped and sat back on his haunches, panting.

I moved over to his side and knelt forward, bringing my butt up off the ground and putting myself in the doggy position. Dusty whined and started to get up, “NO Dusty, sit!” he sat back down, whining again, I knew what he wanted, but I always made him wait, heightening the tension for both of us.

I spread my legs, feeling the warm breeze caressing my pussy. I reached back and lifted my skirt up, further baring my pussy, “Ok Dusty, now LICK!” he eagerly bounded forward, coming around behind me, sticking his nose in my butt before running his rough tongue across my clit, up my lips, and across my ass.

“Ohhhh yessss, this is what I needed” I always talked to Dusty like he was a real person, to me he was. His tongue soon zeroed in on my little love hole, slurping up my juices, before pushing his tongue inside me, searching for more. My pussy was eager to provide for my adoring doggy, constantly producing more and more juices for him to lick up. I could feel an orgasm coming on quickly, all the tension for the day building towards a nice big orgasm.

I reached under myself, lightly tugging on my little bush and began rubbing my clit, “That’s it Dusty, keep going, I’m almost there” The pressure was incredible, I could feel it building from deep in my gut, my breathing erratic and a hot flush across my whole body, searching for that last little bit to tip me over the edge, I dragged my nipples across the grass and that was enough.

Shaking and moaning I squirted all over Dusty’s face, he flinched back for a moment before diving back in, his tongue working overtime trying to slurp everywhere at once. His tongue running over my clit, kept me at the peak, my orgasm sending me over the edge, I kept calling out Dusty’s name, urging him on until I couldn’t take anymore. I collapsed down on the grass, barely finding the energy to say “Sit Dusty” I heard his frustrated whine, but he sat down, I could feel his furry leg against one of my feet.

My pussy was still twitching and my nipples were sending jolts to my clit as they scraped on the grass. I slowly got my breath back; my body calming down, it took several minutes before I felt I was ready to continue.

I sat up, turning around until I faced Dusty, he was quivering with anticipation, his red dick sticking out from his sheath about 5 inches. My boy was ready and eager, I grabbed the socks and said “Shake” he held out a paw and I slipped one of my socks up his legs, before repeating the process with his other paw. I’d learnt the hard way how much he could scratch me with his claws.

I turned back around, assuming the doggy position again. “Ok Dusty, time to work, Up Dusty UP” I patted my butt at the same time and he quickly came forward, rubbing his muzzle up my back before climbing up and wrapping his forepaws around my waist.

I could feel his hard cock jabbing at my thighs, we still had to work on his aim, but I didn’t mind helping my doggy out. I reached back between my legs, feeling for his dick, once I grabbed it and he immediately stopped thrusting. I pulled him forward until I could feel him lined up with my eager pussy, then I let go.

With one sharp thrust Dusty impaled me on his hot cock, I could feel him all the way inside, stretching me wide open and filling me up. Oh god it felt so good, ever since the first time he had jumped me and stuck his cock inside me I couldn’t get enough of it. I wasn’t sure how I was going to find the time to spend on Dusty and Caitlyn, I was going to be worn out keeping up with both of them.

Dusty immediately started his jack hammer style of fucking, banging into me at an incredible pace. I used to try keeping up with him, but soon learned that the best way was just to take it, bracing myself against his hammering. A small orgasm quickly rolled over me, causing another loud moan to escape me. I could feel Dusty’s head on my back, his drool running down over one shoulder. That was the only thing I didn’t really like, but I hadn’t figured out how to stop him from drooling yet.

After my second orgasm I reached back and grabbed Dusty’s cock, wrapping my hand around it when he was pulling back. He thrust against my hand several times trying to get inside me, but soon stopped. I wanted to try something different today, I spread my legs a little wider, bringing my ass down lower, lining him up with my eager but still virginal asshole.

Biting my lip in anticipation, I let go. Dusty thrust forward, his cock sliding halfway up my ass and before I could even gasp or decide whether he was too big or not, he pulled back and slammed all the way inside me. I almost screamed out loud, he felt so huge inside my butt. It felt like he was going to split me in two and his rapid thrusting wasn’t helping.

I gritted my teeth, determined to ride this out, hoping that soon this would stop hurting and start feeling good. I loved having my ass fingered and licked, and I wanted this to feel great too. I started rubbing my clit and slipped a finger inside my pussy, I could feel Dusty’s cock sliding in and out of my ass with the finger inside my pussy.

It didn’t take long before the pleasure overtook the pain and I really started to enjoy getting fucked in the ass by my dog. I felt kind of dirty, but I loved every second of the pounding I was receiving. My ass was stretching to accommodate Dusty’s size and I was really getting into it.

I could feel a huge orgasm building as I blissfully rode to Dusty’s rhythm; I squeezed a second finger into my pussy. I could feel my juices running down my legs I was so wet, my pussy hair was all wet and matted down, it was becoming hard to concentrate on fingering my pussy, rubbing my clit and enjoying this massive cock in my ass. I think I was gurgling and drooling instead of encouraging Dusty. I could feel his knot starting to push against my ass, Oh My God; no way can I let that get inside me.

I loved his knot in my pussy, that stretched me to the max, but there was no way I wanted that in my ass, at least not on our first go, maybe once I’d had some more practice.

Then I cried out in ecstasy, the suddenness of my orgasm overwhelming my senses sending me into a spasming, shaking mess. Constantly moaning Dusty’s name, I came and came, two fingers jammed into my pussy and my ass clenching at Dusty’s cock, twitching and moaning I pinched one of my nipples and soared off again. “Oh Caitlyn” I called out, desperate for her to be with me, sharing in this incredible sensation, holding me as I came.

I was just starting to come down when Dusty gave an extra hard shove and I felt his knot push into my ass. OWWWW! Too big, too big I thought, I tried to grab his dick and push him out but I was too late, his knot was lodged in my ass and there was nothing I could do. He stopped humping and held still, then I felt him firing hot jets of cum deep into my bowels, the waves of pleasure still rolling over me and the pain of his know stretching my ass to unheard of levels was too much and I came again. Not as strong as the last one, but still intense, it left me light headed and gasping for breath.

“Hey sis, what you doing?” I was stunned and I couldn’t believe my eyes as Alex walked in front of me. He crouched down in front of me, completely naked, his raging hard on right in my face.

Rating: 92%, Read 83791 times, Posted Jul 08, 2015

Fantasy | Anal, Bestiality, Incest, Young


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