Mom finally gets her turn by momma_deb

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Mom gets her way

Little Mikey has been teased most of his life for being a lanky small framed boy. He has always been the smallest in his class. For a long time we were even able to let him order from the kid’s menu, even after he passed 12, because his body just was not maturing like other boys his age. His dad and I didn’t really think too much of it. We figured he’d eventually hit a spurt and take off.

But by the time he turned 12 or so, he became more private around his dad and I. I guess that was to be expected. After all, a boy’s body starts to change and I guess most boys become somewhat self conscious. I’ll also admit I had wondered from time to time with his small frame and immature body, if his genitals were developing at the same speed as his body. I tried not to let those thoughts linger though.

Just before his 15th birthday, Mikey started to feel some discomfort in his private area. His dad took a look at him, and he could feel a little lump near one of Mikey’s balls. So we took him to the doctor. Quite naturally Mikey didn’t want me in the room for the exam, so I stayed in the waiting room. Well, they discovered Mikey had a hernia and it would have to be surgically repaired.

My little boy?? Surgery? But if that’s what had to be done, then I would be okay with it.

After the surgery, which didn’t take but a couple hours, the doctor gave us some post-op instructions on how to take care of him once we got home. Mikey would be somewhat incapacitated for a few days, maybe even a week or longer. Sure enough, we got him home and as the pain meds wore off, Mikey could hardly move without hurting.

He lounged in a pair of loose fitting gym shorts and nothing else. He did have a blanket he’d cover with at times. He laid on the sofa during the afternoon. His dad took care of his needs for the first couple days but then had to return to work. We had already discussed that I would have to take over helping him and we had promised to help him keep his dignity as much as possible. Mikey was reluctant, I could tell, but he had no choice.

Now we’re into the third day. His dad got him up, helped him take a bath, and then went to lay on the sofa. I was busy in the kitchen. His dad left for work, as I finished up with breakfast and cleaning up. I walked into the living room to check on Mikey, and found him fast asleep under his blanket. Then I noticed his shorts were laying on the back of the sofa. Hmm, was my son naked under that blanket? 2 days had gone by, and I had been more and more curious to see him. After all, doctors, nurses, and even his dad had been able to peek…I was feeling left out! He had always been a sound sleeper, and he had taken some pain meds, too. I knelt down beside the sofa, and just thought for a moment. What harm could it do, I thought. I’m just going to look to satisfy my own curiosity then I’ll cover him back up.

I slowly peeled back the blanket, my heart pounding with anticipation. What I saw amazed me. I guess it hadn’t dawned on me that he would be shaven, but he was. His little hairless penis would all nestled tight in his foreskin, and his balls were slightly swollen from the surgery. I couldn’t look away. I knew this was wrong. But I left him uncovered and just stared at him as he slept, not for too long, for fear he’d wake up. I went on about my morning chores.

Well he woke up a short time later and needed to use the restroom. I thought, hmmm, this will be interesting. He asked for his shorts, but I insisted he not put them on and have to pull them up and down over himself. He reluctantly agreed. I helped him get up, and he tried to keep the blanket over his private area. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I had already peeked at him. He walked to the bathroom, and I stood outside, and I could hear him peeing. He finished and came back out, still wrapped up. I helped him ease back onto the sofa, and lay back down. I asked him if needed anything and he said not.

So I decided to take it easy and I sat in the chair adjacent to him and started to flip through the tv channels. It wasn’t long I noticed Mikey’s hands were underneath the blanket. I just kinda looked for a few minutes out of the corner of my eye. Was he trying to masturbate? I know he’s a teenage boy but my goodness he just had surgery! Well, I couldn’t stand it anymore. So I asked what he was doing. He blushed and said nothing. Well the mom in me starting lecturing on how he needed to heal and not to be doing anything to himself. And he said “mom, it’s not that.” He said “I was trying to be quiet about it but my balls are hurting some and I was trying to sooth them by rubbing them.”

Well, I thought, should I offer to do it? Could this be my chance to realize one of my greatest fantasies? Again my heart was racing. So I suggested he let me massage his balls. I even said he could keep covered up. I want look, just touch. Oh he resisted, but I insisted. I moved to the edge of the sofa and reached up. He felt amazing. I couldn’t believe I was feeling my son’s balls, and I wanted to pull the blanket off and tell him I had already seen everything! But I tried to be very sincere, all the while sexual feelings were just racing about my body and mind.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. “Mikey, I have something to confess.” “All through this ordeal I’ve allowed you to maintain your modesty. But it seems that everyone except me has been able to see you, and I felt left out.” “This morning when you were asleep, and I noticed you were not wearing your shorts, well, I pulled the covers off you.” I looked down as I said it, partly ashamed. He didn’t say anything. I looked over at him and I saw little tears swell up in his eyes. “Mom,” he said, “you were the one person I thought I could trust, and you took advantage of me like that?” Oh I was so ashamed, but at the same time determined I was going to have my way. “How could you?” he said again.

“Mom” he said, “this has been hard for me.” “I’ve always hid myself because I didn’t want people to know how small I am down there.” I tried to assure him then that he would grow, I was sure of it. With that, I started to pull the blanket off again. He stopped me.. “What are you doing now mom?” “Son, there’s nothing now to hide.” It caused him pain to resist, so he let go, and I tossed the blanket onto the floor and just looked at him and beheld his young glory.

I took his balls in my fingers and begin to massage him. He begged me not to, but it was long before he stopped and just closed his eyes. I knew it must feel good to him. I continued and as I did, naturally his penis began to harden and bloom, the head finally exposing it self from his foreskin. He had even leaked a little bit of precum. I knew at this point it had been several days since he masturbated, and w/o hesitation I began to stroke his swelling little cock. His breathing got really heavy, and he muttered an O my g… under his breath. I stroked him very slow and sensually…for I certainly didn’t want to cause him more pain.

It wasn’t long before his body tensed up, and his penis began to release itself. Little bubbles and bursts of sperm and semen oozed out of his penis, running down his shaft onto his balls and my hand. I finished him off and wiped my hands on his tummy. He just laid there, stunned and unable to move, trying to process what just happened.

I massaged his shaft and his balls a little longer, and finally got a rag and cleaned him up. I patted his stomach, and told him “It might not be big sweety but it works!” I winked and even snickered…”do your balls feel better now Mikey?” He opened his eyes, still blushing, and with a grin on his face, he said “much better, mom.” “Maybe you can help me again after lunch?” With that, I wrapped him back up, kissed his forehead, and thought wow, this is the beginning of something very special between us!

Rating: 86%, Read 173978 times, Posted May 22, 2007

Fantasy | Boy, Domination, Group Sex, Incest, Male, Old Female, Young


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