Caught Parking II: Alex Follows Jim Home by Lucky+Mann

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Fiction | Authoritarian, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Male, Oral Sex, Romance, Teen Female, Virginity

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Caught Parking II:

Alex Follows Jim Home

From the time Alex walked out of the warehouse security office where I work, she was all I could think of. Would such a beautiful, 18-year-old, college bound, girl like her really meet a 30-year-old security guard? And why? After all, I had used blackmail to get her to visit me last night. What a night it turned out to be, for both of us.

Before she left, we had agreed to meet at Wallyworld at 6:00 PM. the following evening. I arrived at 5:30 so I wouldn’t miss her. To my surprise, Alex arrived just a few minutes later. As she walked toward me, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. Such a lovely young girl had not only agreed to meet me, but was ready and willing to follow me home for an evening devoted to giving each other oral sex.

Even though she was legally an adult, if her father found out, she would have hell to pay. Of course, I felt he was probably the main reason Alex was willing to go with me.

Alex was a beautiful brunette. Her long hair was soft to the touch, smelled like flowers, and danced on the breeze as she walked. She wore her hair so it framed her rounded face and fell over her shoulders. She was wearing a light blue summer dress that day. It reached to just above her knees, buttoned up the front from her waist to between her breasts, and had a V neckline that offered a nice view of her ample cleavage. Her hazel eyes were her most fascinating feature. I could easily get lost in those eyes.

Alex walked rapidly toward me. Her loose fitting dress was fluttering in the breeze created by her stride as she came toward me. As she drew closer, the look on her face told me she was very upset over something. She stopped at the payphone next to where I was standing, picked up the receiver, and curtly said. “Lead me to your place.” She then hung up the phone, turned on her heel, and returned to the little car she had driven up in.

Alex fell in behind me as I drove out of the Wallyworld parking lot. She followed closely, as I led her to my home.

I have a three bedroom, two bath, brick home. It sits on twenty-five acres of partially wooded land. It is about 10 miles out into the country from, what is now, my favorite Wallyworld.

When we pulled into my drive, she got out of her car and came to me with tears on her cheeks. She seemed to be in a hurry. “Let’s go inside. I want to get started right now.” Alex said. Her voice was quivering.

I took her in my arms, hugged her tightly, and said. “No, Honey. Slow down. We have plenty of time. Do you want to tell me what’s wrong?”

She began sobbing as I held her close. Holding her snugly, I guided her into my home. Inside, I led her to my living room couch so she could sit comfortably. I poured us each a glass of wine, and joined her on the couch.

Putting my arm over her shoulder, I softly told her. “Now tell me what’s wrong.”

Alex’s tears had slowed, and she said. “Dad is really pissed at me for getting in so late last night. That was the first time I had been out so late. He didn’t believe me when I told him I had been out for a long walk. He said I had been out screwing around like a whore. I guess I shouldn’t have drank that last drink. I got so mad, I told him I was not a whore, and I was still a virgin. I probably shouldn’t have asked him if he wanted to check my pussy to be sure. He exploded! He screamed at me that my pussy didn’t matter, because I’m still a whore. Mom told Dad that was enough and she sent me to my room until Dad cooled down.”

I hugged her and said. “Alex, you and I both know you are not a whore. Try not to let your father depress you so much. I know that’s a tall order, but try. You’ll be out of his house and off to college soon.

The mere thought of moving out of her father’s house brought a bit of a smile to her face. We sat on the couch for a while just holding each other and chatting.

When she seemed to have cheered up a bit, I asked. “Have you eaten yet?”

Alex giggled and replied. “No, but I hope to soon.”

“No, no, no! I meant have you eaten, not have you been eaten. You will be eaten soon enough. But first, I meant food.

“Oh, food. I haven’t had any of that either.” Alex had a delightfully warped sense of humor. “Sit tight, and I’ll whip something up.” I told her.

I already had the steaks thawed. So, in about

twenty minutes, I served up grilled steaks, deep fried onion rings, and another glass of wine.

After dinner, I mixed her a screwdriver and made myself a CC and Coke. We sipped our drinks while watching a little TV. Alex turned slightly and leaned her back against my chest. She said. “You know, for some reason, I really feel comfortable here in your home with you.”

“I’m glad you feel comfortable. I am enjoying having you here.”

For quite some time, I softly stroked her hair. Then I reached around and massaged the portions of her breasts the were exposed by her V-neck dress. Casually, I unbuttoned her dress from the top down. When I had loosened the final button, Alex leaned forward, and I pushed the dress off her shoulders. She pulled her arms free so her dress fell to her waist. While she was leaning forward, I took the opportunity to unhook her bra and slip its straps off her shoulders as well.

With her breasts freed, Alex leaned back again, and I resumed massaging them. Her nipples were already hard as pebbles. Squeezing, rolling, and pinching her nipples soon had Alex moaning softly.

Twisting out from behind her, I lay Alex on the couch. I got on my knees on the floor beside her. I sucked, nipped, squeezed, and generally tended to her firm young tits. I pulled her dress slowly up her shapely legs. The pink panties covering her pussy was soon exposed to my view. The pink of her panties perfectly complimented her tanned legs.

As I reached to pet her pussy, Alex dropped one foot to the floor which allowed her to spread her legs. Her panties were already very wet with her pussy’s juices. Sliding my hand inside them, I found her pussy lips swollen and slick with her natural lubricant. Alex raised her hips to meet my hand as my fingers stroked up and down her slit.

Taking Alex by the hand, I told her. “Come on, Baby. Let’s go to my bedroom. We’ll have a lot more room there.”

Alex stood and let her dress and bra fall into a pile at her feet. Stepping out of her shoes, she followed me to my bed.

I laid on my back and told Alex. “Show me what you remember about blowjobs, honey.”

Standing beside my bed, Alex rubbed my cock through my pants. She then loosened my belt, released the clasp, unzipped my pants, and pulled my cock free of its confines. She bent over the bed and kissed my cock’s head. She licked every inch of my cock from head to balls.

“Lick and suck my balls too, baby.”

In turn, my balls were sucked into her mouth where Alex thoroughly swabbed them with her tongue. She then licked her way to the top of my cock and sucked its head into her mouth. Her tongue was constantly busy as she slowly took a little more than half of my cock into her mouth before she briefly choked.

Meanwhile, I reached out and began stroking her panty covered slit. Not only were her panties soaked, but her pussy had produced so much of her lubricating juices that her upper thighs were wet as well. They were glistening in the fading sunlight that streamed through my bedroom window.

Even with a mouth full of cock, Alex was moaning loudly and wiggling her ass. Sucking harder and harder on my cock, she began quivering and thrusting her pussy to my fingers. I pushed her panties aside, slid a finger between her nether lips, and lightly brushed her clit.

Alex immediately lunged her hips forward and trapped my hand between her pussy and the bed. She continued to suck hard on my cock and was starting to hit the back of her mouth without gaging.

As I started cuming, Alex stopped moving on my cock, but sucked even harder. She swallowed every drop of my cum.

I gently pinched her clit before shoving a finger partly into Alex’s virgin hole. She slammed her hips forward, and brought her legs together. She firmly pressed her pussy against my hand pinning it to the bed. She put her hands on my hips, released my cock from her mouth, pushed up, and stood with my hand still trapped between her legs. Alex practically vibrated as her orgasm overtook her, and she screamed. “OH GOD YES!”

As she calmed down from her orgasm, she pushed her panties off and dropped them on the floor. With a broad smile, she got in bed with me.

I finished undressing, and we lay naked next to each other. We cuddled and fondled each other and talked for a while. Alex’s face lit up and she hugged me ever so tight when I told her. “Baby, that was one of the best blowjobs I’ve ever gotten.”

“And you keep making me cum harder and harder.” Alex replied.

As I began to recover my hard-on, I turned my attention to Alex’s tits. Between kisses and nibbles, I told her, “Your tits are wonderful, Alex.”

“You really think so, Jim?”

“Absolutely! They’re wonderful!” I confirmed.

As I used my mouth on her tits, I slid my hand between her legs. Alex widely spread her legs and was soon squirming all over the bed. She rubbed the back of my head as she thrust her chest to my mouth.

As I stroked my fingers through her slit and bush, I said. “Honey, I’m hungry. Can you think of anything, or anyone, I could eat?”

Her response was a simple and cheerful. “Uh huh.” She cooed as she pushed my head down toward her crotch.

As I kissed my way down her belly, I crawled down the bed to lay between her legs. When I gave her one long, slow, pussy lip parting lick that ended with a tongue flick to her clit, Alex lifted her hips well off the bed.

“Oh yes!” Alex gasped, as she pulled my head tightly to her pussy.

I eagerly licked, sucked, and tongued her lips, hole, and clitoris.

Quivering, she raised her knees and spread them widely. She began thrusting upwards with each probe of my tongue into her virginal hole.

When her thrusts became more urgent, I took her clit into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could.

Alex bucked violently. She screamed as her orgasm took over her body. “OH GOD YES! EAT ME! OH, Oh, oh, oh, oooooooooooh.”

I was more than happy to continue to eat Alex’s pussy until she began to settle down.

Slowly, she lowered her hips and knees back to the bed. I climbed up her body to lay beside her.

She was practically cooing and said. “God, that felt so good. I’m glad you liked my blowjob, too.”

I took Alex in my arms, softly kissed her, and said. “Yeah, Baby. You were great. You were so good, when we get up, I’ll tear up that report.”

“Do we have to get up right away?” She asked.

“No, baby. We don’t have to get up until you have to go home.”

With a wide grin, Alex said. “I have a surprise for you. Jim. Mom and Dad think I’ve gone to the beach with some girls for three or four days. After that son-of-a-bitch accused me of being a whore again, I decided to stay with you a few days. If you want me, that is.”

“Are you kidding? Of course, I want you to stay.”

“Good.” Alex replied. “I’m starting to like sucking you. You have more cum than Rob did. Cum is a little salty. It’s not bad, just salty. I think I’m starting to really like it and want more of it. But, after you ate me that first time, and I my first orgasm, I knew I wanted a lot more of that too.”

“No problem, Baby. Eating pussy is one of my favorite things to do. And getting a blowjob from you is such a treat. But for now, how about another drink while I recharge my batteries?”

“Since I’m staying the night, would you mind if I got a little drunk? I could never drink at all at home.”

I smiled and said. “Somce your staying, why not?”

Still nude, we moved back to the living room to catch the news on TV. I made us some drinks, and Alex immediately started gently and slowly stroking my drained and soft cock while I caressed her tits.

Three drinks and two hours later, Alex was buzzed and horny. She also had me hard as a rock from her gentle touch. She was not only stroking my renewed cock, but her other hand had found her own pussy. She was contentedly rubbing and probing her lips and hole.

“Baby, would you like some help with that?” I asked.

“Oh, yes.” She said. Alex stood, albeit wobbly from the vodka, and took my hand. This time, she led me to my bedroom.

We lay side by side with Alex still working my cock and her pussy. I leaned over, kissed her cheek, and said. “Go ahead, Baby. Get on that cock.”

She didn’t hesitate. She spun around on the bed and laid on her side. Her head was on my belly so that her lips were lightly touching my cock’s head. Her back was to my face. Gently cupping my balls in her hand, Alex slid my cock into her mouth until it hit the entrance to her throat. She was taking more of my cock into her mouth each time she went down on me.

I reached out and began petting her pussy from behind. Alex brought the foot of her upper leg to the knee of her lower leg. That lifted her knee high and allow me better access to her hot pussy. She was soaked again, and I easily slid my fingers between her pussy lips and grazed her clit with each stroke. I would occasionally slide my wet fingers over her tightly puckered asshole.

Alex was sucking harder and harder as her pussy became wetter and wetter. She was pushing her ass back toward me to increase the pressure I had on her tight hot pussy.

I told her. “Baby, straddle me, and bring that juicy pussy to my mouth. Then, I can eat you while you suck me off.”

I helped her raise her hips and pulled them over my face. She lowered her hips and settled her pussy down on my face. She then returned her concentration to sucking my cock.

I grabbed an ass cheek in each hand, pulled her tightly to my mouth, and rapidly and repeatedly licked her from clit to asshole. I hungrily probed her pussy with my tongue. I quickly noticed she shuddered and pivoted her hips toward me each time I licked near her asshole. So, after lubing my finger with her juices, I teased her tigtly puckered asshole. Every now and then, I let the tip of my finger slip into her butt to the first knuckle.

All the while, Alex was getting hungrier and hungrier for cum. She was well past gagging, and was holding my cock firmly at the entrance to her throat. She was rolling my balls in her hand, and rocking her head back and forth as if trying to get more cock.

As my eruption neared, so did hers. She began rapidly thrusting her hips and pushing her cunt into my face. At the same instant, I shot my first spurt of cum into her mouth. I rapidly thrust my hips up and pushed my cock into Alex’s throat.

Alex pushed down until she had my entire cock in her mouth and throat. She kept my cock there for a couple of seconds before pulling back a bit.

At the same time, I firmly sucked her clit in to my mouth and repeatedly flicked it with my tongue. I shoved a finger into her asshole to the second knuckle.

Alex raised off my cock and yelled. “OH FUCK YES! EAT ME!” She then dove back down on my surging cock. Her whole body was quaking. She repeatedly shoved my cock in and out of her throat as I finished cuming.

I sucked as hard as I could on her clit, and stroked my finger in and out of Alex’s asshole.

As we were both coming down from our orgasms, I repeatedly probed her pussy as deeply as I could with my tongue. She gently licked my cock and balls clean.

We were both exhausted. Still in the 69 position, Alex collapsed on top of me. I helped her roll off and turn to lay beside me.

“God, I just keep cuming harder and harder. How do you do that to me? And why did you stick a finger in my butt?” She asked.

“You do it, Baby. Your young body is finally waking up. I’m just the lucky guy here to help you discover yourself.” I replied.

“What about the finger in my ass?” She asked.

“Did you like it?”

“Yes, but it felt funny.” She confessed.

“If you liked it, and your willing, we can fuck your ass. You’d still be a virgin, and I’ll get to fuck you. What do you think of that?” I asked.

She replied. “That just might be fun. We’ll try it some time, if you promise not to hurt me.”

“Of course, I won’t hurt you, honey.”

We hugged tightly and nuzzled each others necks as we dozed off to sleep.

The next morning, Alex awoke alone. I was already up and gone. Next to the bed were her neatly folded clothes. A note was lying on top of her clothes along with another piece of paper. The note read: ‘Alex, You were great last night. Here’s the only copy of my report from work. I have gone to town and will be home about noon. You’re free to go, or stay, as you wish. I hope you stay. Whether you stay, or not, help yourself to the shower, some breakfast, and anything else you want or need. Jim.’

Alex then looked at the report form. The only thing on it was her name and other identifying information. She realized then that Jim had never intended to send a report about her and Rob to her father, or anyone else. She stared at it for a minute then put it on Jim’s dresser.

Alex dressed, grabbed her keys, and stepped out of Jim’s front door. She walked purposefully to her car. In about a minute, she reentered the house carrying a small suitcase. She took her bag to the bedroom before heading for the shower.

As Alex showered, her mind drifted back over the last two days. To when Jim had first caught her giving Rob the first blowjob she had ever tried to give. She had never even been on a date, let alone been intimate with a boy. She thought of the blackmail that had made her return to meet Jim the next night, and the pleasure he had given her then. Oh God the pleasure! She thought as she mentally relived that night. Her pussy got wet as she thought about Jim’s mouth on her nether lips. And then there was last night. Damn, she wanted to stay so much it hurt. She decided right then that Jim would fuck her ass that night. She wanted him to feel she was his, and he was hers.

Alex had been lost in thought in the shower for quite some time. Suddenly she realized she was getting horny again. Then she realized why. While thinking of all the pleasure she and Jim had shared in such a short time, she had been absent mindedly stroking her pussy. A finger had also found its way partialy into her butt.

Alex groane and quickly finished her shower. When she had dried, she surveyed herself in the full length mirror. Finally it struck her. No matter what her father had told her, she was pretty. She did have nice breasts. Her body was smooth, shapely, and slender. Her hair fell nicely around her face and over her shoulders. As she put on her best perfume, she thought to herself. ‘Over all, not a bad package.’ Out loud, she said to herself. “I just hope Jim likes me.”

She then dressed in black, snug fitting, pants and a pink blouse.

Before it was time for Jim to get home, Alex had made the bed, straightened the kitchen and living room, and made a light lunch. She still had a little time before Jim was due home, so she decided to use her cell phone to call her parents.

Her father answered the phone. He told her, “I don’t want to talk to any whore on a beach.” He then gave the phone to her mother.

Alex told her mother the truth. “Mom, I’m not at the beach, and I won’t be coming home for a few days.”

Mrs. Boyd asked her daughter. “Did you meet a boy?”

“No, Mom. I met a man. A man who treats me very well. Not at all like I’m treated at home. I’ve been called a whore for the last time. Screw college. It’s not worth the crap I put up with at home.

Through heavy tears, Alex’s mother replied. “I understand, honey. I’ve been expecting something like this for a long time. Your Dad has always been an ass. Please stay in touch with me.”

Alex’s Dad, seeing his wife crying, grabbed the phone and said. “Listen you little whore. I know you’ve been fucking some young stud. Don’t ...”

“Shut the fuck up, Dad. I really am still a virgin whether you believe it or not. But I’ll bet I get fucked before this night is over. Kiss my ass!” With that, Alex violently threw her cell phone to the floor. It broke into several pieces.

Alex was still on the couch sobbing when I walked in the door. Pieces of her broken cell phone were scattered on the floor.

I tossed the package I was carrying to the chair. Without asking what was wrong, I pulled her up, took her in my arms, and just held her tight while stroking her hair.

After a few moments, Alex pulled back just enough to look me in the eye. With a serious look on that lovely face, she asked. “Do you want to fuck me? Right now?”

“Alex, honey, I sure do. I long to pop your cherry. But why don’t we wait until tonight when you’re feeling a little better.”

Alex threw her arms around my neck and hugged me tight. Then, very softly, she asked. “Why haven’t you just taken me? You could have had me last night. I wouldn’t have resisted you. All you would have needed to do was go for it.”

I kissed her forehead, pulled her to me, and replied. “Alex honey, you don’t deserve to be just taken. If you give yourself to me, that will be a wonderful gift. However, I will not just take you. Do you want to tell me what brought on this change of mind about your virginity?”

Through her tears, Alex told me about the call to her family. Then she added. “Now I’m homeless and have no hope of going to college.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t say you’re homeless. Would you like to stay here? As you see, I have the room. You can have either, or both, spare rooms.” I offered. “As for college, we can talk about that some other time.”

Alex nearly strangled me with a hug. “Do you mean it? Are you sure? I’d love to stay here with you. Jim, do you think someone can fall in love in three days?”

“Until I met you, I would have said no. But now, I’m beginning to change my mind. Baby, let me show you what I bought this morning.”

Rating: 91%, Read 67805 times, Posted Jan 21, 2014

Fiction | Authoritarian, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, First Time, Male, Oral Sex, Romance, Teen Female, Virginity


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