The BLEMS 8 by pars001

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Science-Fiction | Alien, Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Male, Monster, Violence

Elizabeth was scared near to death, all of this was so alien to her, and the fact that they weren't on earth any more wasn't lost on her. Then they were actually on Nali's home planet. Though Nali had described it in detail she was still unprepared for what she was seeing. The fact that the little fluff like colored balls of... fluff were moving and talking to Nali, was a little unnerving to her. Plus the fact that she could feel Ray moving farther and farther away wasn't sitting to well with her either. Nali tried to explain that they were on her home planet to try and learn what Ray had. In this way they could travel to where he was so that they wouldn't be as weak nor would he. This finally managed to calm Elizabeth quite a bit though she was still afraid of her people.

Nali went to Elizabeth to try and calm her down though for the moment it seemed that Elizabeth was going to be nervous for a while. <Elizabeth? These are my people they won't hurt you, if anything they want to help you>

<I realize all of this,> Elizabeth told her, <but I have never seen anything like them especially alive.> she told Nali.

<They are really a peace loving people, just come and meet them at least you can talk to them. When Ray first came here he couldn't understand a single thing we said to him. It took so long for us to talk to him. I had to finally enter him to be able to communicate with him. We are extremely fortunate that you aren't as stubborn as he was!> Nali told Elizabeth evoking a soft giggle from her.

<Yes you're right there, hell it took years to finally get the man to notice me and finally bed me!> Elizabeth chuckled at her joke.

Nali also giggled softly though she was a solid life form she remembered the pure bliss that she experienced. In Elizabeth's body for the first time, she was there and Ray had made love to her, and Elizabeth. It was unlike anything that she'd ever felt. That was an odd thing to say she had felt something not in the energy being way either.

Nali turned when she saw Elizabeth start to back up, <that is *-?--- he leads my people please don't be afraid. He is only here to try and help you to be able to travel. As you have seen, we both have to go or neither of us does.> Nali thought to Elizabeth.

Sighing Elizabeth tried to step forward but was still trembling at the thought of the BLEM people touching her. It had taken a while for her to except Nali in her body, but as Nali saved her life she didn't have that much of a problem with her.

<I am afraid Nali I don't know them, I am an energy being right now, and I am afraid they will take my energy and leave me alone to die.> Elizabeth tried to explain.

Shocked for a moment Nali drew close to Elizabeth, <I think I am starting to understand, looking at them as you do, yes I am afraid also. Let me talk to the leader and see what we can do ok?>

Elizabeth nodded as Nali floated over to the leader and the rest of the BLEMS.


Ray appeared in Miahally's home again. Smiling Ray thought he was getting better at this, reaching out he found Miahally outside. <Miahally I've returned,> Ray thought.

<It is good, the queen is close to dying, her military leader has been trying to prepare her last daughter. You obviously changed him more than you thought, he is a much kinder being now, I believe he has started to nudge her toward the kind of Queen that we should have.> Miahally replied.

<Miahally are you alright? I feel that you are somewhat stressed now.> Ray asked.

Sighing Miahally explained about his young neighbor and having to agree to breed the hell out of her. <I am not really ready for other females to discover my seed is as highly valuable as it is. If I breed her I am afraid I will have millions wanting me to breed them as hard as I can. I am not prepared to do this, I am old and can not last long under such scrutiny, I would be dead within a trac, as you know I am not ready to go as of yet.>

Ray was shocked, were these people that crazy when it came to breeding? <Miahally? Is there anything I can do? Might it be possible to affect her memory also?> Ray asked. <I'm not sure but that would be wonderful if you could, though I wouldn't mind breeding her,

I'm not sure you could change her enough.> Sighing Miahally thought a moment longer, <Can you change how you look again? Come to the domicile next to mine and change her as I advise you, if it holds than we may have an even better chance with the Queen's daughter.> Concentrating, Ray changed and walked to where Miahally had told him to. Upon entering Ray saw that the female Chorton was undressed and trying to gain a response from Miahally by pressing the rear of her body against him.

<Who are you?> She asked. <This is a private breeding, if you want to breed me, you'll have to wait 'til I have secure massive quantities of seed from Miahally. Afterwards though if you are still ready, you may fill me with your strong seed 'til I am flooded!>

Ray was doing his best not to gag or vomit as the repulsive female made lewd suggestive advances toward Ray.

<Alright Treg Trag, make her think that the longer she waits for me to breed her the more I will have to fill her wombs,> Miahally told him.

Reaching in Ray began to search around seeing a variety of thoughts and visions. This was a little new to him looking around he tried to figure out how to change her thinking. Hmmm Ray thought maybe he should suggestively talk to her, here he started to lightly tell her that the longer she waited to take Miahally the better and longer he would last.

At first he saw her brain resist so he moved to that section, gently he started to change the energy color she was admitting, then Ray suggested again.

Ray felt her resist but only half as much as before, interesting before she started to resist the energy was a warm and delicate, then she resisted and it grew harsh and cold. Sending her warm energy Ray suggested a third time but kept up the energy, this time she willingly went along with what he was saying. He decided that he should also add that she wouldn't ask Miahally to breed again 'til he told her he was ready. Ray also told her Miahally was breeding with her to produce super smart offspring for her only, if others found out they might not let her breed with him ever again and might take her offspring. Ray knew when he felt her maternal instincts spring up, he had finally found a solution, he also had her think he was one of those to fear if she told anyone that would take her children; this he hoped didn't back fire on him.

Ray told Miahally everything he had done then he withdrew and waited for the female to 'wake up' from all he had done to her thinking.

The female's eyes opened she started to think to Miahally but was suddenly quiet, <sir,> she thought to me, <I hope that the breeding council will allow me the time for Miahally's seed to build up so the chances for success improve.>

<I will allow it this time as Miahally is older and his seed will need time to build it is granted,> I told her and turned and left. I needed to be closer to Miahally's house in case the vision I was projecting faded but as of yet I wasn't feeling even a taxing of my energy. Almost as soon as I was out the door I heard Miahally chuckling then he let me listen in on what the female was saying.

<I apologize Miahally for trying to rush you. I know that the longer that we wait the more seed you will have for me. Oh! I can feel it now, your brilliant seed flooding my wombs! I will wait when you are ready my dear Miahally, 'til then I will think of you constantly!> Ray was almost in Miahally's house when he came out the look on his face was priceless.

<Treg Trag! From what I can see and feel what you did is still holding, I hope that you pretending to be on the breeding council doesn't hurt us. We need to go to the palace again and try to work on more of the guards

Nodding I waited for Miahally to catch up as we made our way to the palace. The closer we got the more nervous Ray got but tried to remain calm. Finally within sight of it Ray reached out feeling the significant build up of guards, crap there were more than double last time and there were a lot more patrols than before also. From a hidden spot he let the camouflage drop, working on all the guards that were in the patrols first he had all four of the patrols, 60 Chorton's in all when he saw the military leader come out. Nudging Miahally he shook his head or what appeared to be his head and pointing to the guards at the gate and doors first.

Sighing Ray started in on them but found that half of them he had done before, well that will save time and energy Ray thought. He'd just finished all the guards when he felt the military leader thoughts reach out to him.

<Treg Trag, friend? Is that you?> He asked.

<Miahally I have finished all here, the leader can feel me he's asking me if it is me.> He told Miahally.

<This might be bad, out here we are safe for a while we have effected well over 90 guards but I know that there are many more this is but a small amount if we are to succeed we need as many as we can get, Tell him it is you but you are across the city and will come by later. This may delay him long enough for us to affect a great many more. We will need as much time as possible with the daughter if we are to effect a significant change in her.>

Ray didn't like it but Miahally knew his people far better than Ray did they'd go with his plan for a bit. Reaching out Ray felt the daughter a lot closer than he thought, trying to delve in her mind he again saw the thoughts she was having. Softly Ray started to suggest that the Treg Trag that had hurt her mother and sisters was her friend. Her resistance snapped up far stronger than he'd seen it before, he began to bathe that section with a generous amount of warm energy.

At first Ray thought it wasn't going to work but slowly he saw that she was starting to accept him as a close friend. The only problem was that was all he could do, it seemed that Ray had indeed increased the power of his thoughts, but he'd also increased the amount of energy he was using. He had to keep it up 'til she accepted, it nearly cost him getting both of them caught. Miahally had yanked Ray to the ground in order to hide him.

<I managed to get her to think that the Treg Trag that hurt her mother and sisters was her friend, but that was all it took a lot of energy but I think she'll be easier to effect now.> Ray Told Miahally just trying to think to Miahally was exhausting him.

<Treg Trag you are looking weak you should go back for a bit I think we have accomplished much you need rest. I am afraid that if you do here again it might be far worse than last time. Please Treg Trag go, like the military leader this may have more effects than you think.> Nodding Ray felt for his body and reached for it. Pulling just once he was snapped back with incredible speed, and then he was opening my eyes. Looking around Ray saw that Elizabeth was in bed with him strange but she was asleep almost like ... Ray's mouth dropped open so they were finally out there, good for them, but he was afraid that like him if they were gone too long they might also suffer like he did.

Sighing Ray waited a few minutes feeling his strength return, then something strange happened. Ray was about to lay back down when he started to feel Elizabeth and Nali! Both of them? Shaking his head Ray tentatively reached a hand out and was shocked that not only could he feel them but he could see them also. What in the hell was going on? Laying back Ray closed his eyes and was instantly next to Elizabeth! Ok this was starting to get stranger and stranger, Elizabeth issued a little yell then hugged Ray close. Immediately Ray felt even stronger than he had back at his house. Nali turned a shocked look on her face; turning to the elder she bowed and flew as fast as she could to Ray. The instant she touched him a shock went through them all. A surprised look lit up all their faces and the each in turn turned to the elder. Drifting closer but not too close he tried to explain.

<It now appears that the Ray has finally learned instant transference, this is good, ah! I see that even in a weakened state you were able to use it. Your solid selameat has the power as you do though she denied it for so long it was this that was weakening her life force just traveling here has strengthened her greatly. We have done all we can, it is up to you to teach her to use them further. She must accomplish this or she will again suffer the weakening that she did before, though I warn you the Ray, go slowly her power is not as great as yours but can aid you and you non solid selameat greatly.> With that the elder drifted away to the rest of the BLEMS.

Finally Ray was starting to get what the elder had been talking about before he went to the Chorton's planet the last time. <I think I get it,> Ray thought. <Elizabeth you are like me, with the power I mean, that's why you were able to travel here!>

Elizabeth's mouth dropped open, <What do you mean I am like you? I don't have all this power like you do!>

<Not like mine, not yet but you will though, I don't think you can push as hard as I do. I am supposed to teach you, when you are traveling are you scared that you won't be able to find where you are going?> Ray asked her When she only nodded shaking a little and holding Ray a little tighter Ray tried to explain. <I want to reach out with just your feelings close your eyes reach out with your feelings for me ok?> Ray watched her close her eyes then he felt he feelings start to slowly expand out. Smiling Ray moved further back, at first Elizabeth was a little frustrated then she felt Ray, a huge smile lit up her face.

<Oh my god Ray I can feel you! Is that what it's like for you?> Elizabeth asked shocked.

<Somewhat like that, I feel so much more, now reach out to your body you should feel it easily now.> Ray advised her. Again Ray felt her feeling reach out, Ray followed her as she started to go faster toward earth. Hmmm only a minute, very good Ray thought at this rate she could travel faster each time.

<I feel it Ray, I am also feeling Nali when I reach there but I feel her separate though we are in the same body.> Elizabeth told Ray.

<That is extremely good that means you can now discern the difference in different energy beings and energies. You are learning very fast and well, though I was told not to push you, you have done three things today that will strengthen you, as you'll find out each time you use them they grow a little stronger. As I found, if you push quite a bit then they will grow even faster, though I pushed almost too far. Also you can't be out of your body for a very long time, as far as I can estimate a day here is an hour and a half in our world.> Ray explained to her, Elizabeth's eyes wide as she took in every word Ray said as if her life depended on it.

Nali was listening to every word also nodding, surprised that Ray had learned as much as he had as fast as he had. Then again she thought he wasn't really given the time to slowly learn like Elizabeth.

Ray started to show Elizabeth how to travel, <ok I am going to go somewhere I want you to reach out and feel for me then come to me ok?> Elizabeth swallowed hard then nodded she knew she was safe with Ray but that didn't help to settle her nerves with what he wanted her to do. Ray smiled at her and told her he was proud of her for what she'd done already then poof was gone.

Unsure for a moment she reached out as Ray had told her with her eyes closed, at first she only felt a light trail, and then suddenly there he was! Reaching out she pulled herself and thirty seconds later she was beside him in orbit! Holy crap! She hadn't even felt herself move it had almost been pleasant, the strange thing was Nali was there with them.

<We are bonded Elizabeth where you go, so do I for now.> Nali said a sly smile on her face.

<Alright let's go back, do what you did but for the BLEMS planet now,> Ray told her.

Nodding Elizabeth reached out and was gone, Ray appeared and waited twenty seconds later Nali and Elizabeth appeared, <That was excellent and faster already! Very go...> Ray started.

Miahally's thoughts were suddenly in Ray's head, <Treg Trag I think we have a slight problem.>

<Damn it I have to go, Nali help her to practice you both need to go back for a little bit then come back and practice more, the Chorton just told me we may have a problem I'll be back as soon as I can.> With that Ray left a wide mouthed but not nearly as scared Elizabeth as he vanished. Elizabeth could feel him traveling extremely fast, damn she thought wonder if I'll get that fast.

Rating: 92%, Read 14079 times, Posted Feb 18, 2016

Science-Fiction | Alien, Consensual Sex, Female, Group Sex, Male, Monster, Violence


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