Brooke_(3) by senorlongo

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Fiction | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Coercion, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Lesbian, Submission

Chapter 1

Thank God for the scholarship. Without that Brooke didn’t think she could afford college—at least not this college. She had run cross country for five years in high school, actually starting as a precocious eighth grader, eventually winning States as a senior. Now, however, she was having difficulty with her coach. Sammy wasn’t much older than the girls she coached—mid 20’s at the most—but she had been an extremely successful runner, both at cross country and track where she specialized in the longer distances. Despite Brooke’s successes as a freshman, now, as a sophomore, the coach was giving it to her. Sammy showered with the girls every day and she didn’t like the thick bush around Brooke’s cunt. One day she took Brooke aside. “I want you to shave your pussy,” she said boldly. “It’ll help you run faster.”

“Gee, I never heard anything like that before. I’ve been pretty good just as things are, haven’t I?”

“Listen carefully. If you don’t shave that thing I’m going to yank your scholarship.”

“You can’t do that!” Brooke gulped, knowing full well that the coach had total control of her.

“Oh, yeah? Just watch me. You know where I live so come over at eight tonight and I’ll show you how to do it. Oh, yeah…don’t be late” Then Sammy turned and strode away, a small but devious smile on her face.

Brooke knew she was fucked. There were rumors about girls who went to Sammy’s place—rumors about exotic lesbian activities. As much as Brooke was afraid she couldn’t stop the tingling in her pussy—she was actually excited at the thought of being blackmailed by the coach, for that was exactly what it was—blackmail.

Brooke knocked on the door at eight sharp. It was only a second or two before Sammy answered, dressed in a fishnet teddy that showed everything to her student. Sammy’s large D-cup breasts were compressed only slightly by the elastic garment. Her nipples poked out the holes in the mesh—and they were hard! Brooke gulped, embarrassed, but her pussy was jumping with excitement.

“C’mon in. I like punctuality, so that’s a plus for you. Let’s go to the bathroom. I need to shave, too, so I’ll show you how to do it.” They went directly to the bathroom where Brooke reluctantly stripped down. Sammy produced some small but sharp scissors to trim Brooke’s pubic hairs prior to the shaving. Then Sammy filled her large whirlpool tub, inviting Brooke to join her. They sat in the hot water. “This makes the shaving a lot easier—and a lot closer. I really love that and you will, too—believe me. You will love it.” Somehow Brooke didn’t think Sammy was talking about the shaving, but even the thought of that made her excited. When Sammy stood up she produced a can of shaving cream. “C’mon, you can do me. I’ll show you what to do and then I’ll do you.” That’s what Brooke was afraid of, but what could she do? Sammy had her by the short hairs—no pun intended.

Brooke took the can and slowly applied the shaving cream around Sammy’s cunt. This was the first time she had ever touched another woman’s privates. She found she liked the sensations it yielded. Carefully following Sammy’s directions she shaved her coach’s mound. Rinsing brought her hand directly into contact with Sammy’s snatch. Sammy shuddered at Brooke’s touch, and, to be honest, so did Brooke. Then it was Brooke’s turn. She rose and submitted herself to her coach. She was sure this was sexual harassment, but what could she do? It would be her word against that of her respected coach and she had come to the coach’s home willingly. Sammy applied the shaving soap, taking extra care to stroke Brooke’s wet cunt. Brooke couldn’t stifle the moan that escaped her lips. She closed her eyes as Sammy shaved her clean, something she hadn’t been since she went through puberty when she was eleven. When she was done Sammy kneeled in front of Brooke and kissed her pussy. That opened Brooke’s eyes, for sure. When Sammy applied her tongue to Brooke, she felt the ecstasy of the older woman’s touch. Brooke arched her back pushing her pussy forward as she opened her legs to give Sammy full access. Sammy rammed her tongue deep into Brooke’s tunnel. Brooke had to hold onto the adjacent wall to keep from falling, so weak were her legs under this onslaught. Sammy laughed, “Don’t tell me this is the first time you’ve been with another woman?”

“Yes,” Brooke croaked, “but it feels so good—so fucking good.”

“Yes, it does. I’ll enjoy it just as much when you do it to me. Come,” she instructed, “you can do me now.” She rose, standing in the tub, bare pussy staring Brooke right in the face. “You are going to be my slave. You like others to take control, don’t you?”

Brooke could hardly speak, but somehow she responded. “Yes… yes… I do.” Just as Brooke placed herself close to Sammy, her coach told her sternly, “I own you, and don’t you forget it. I will do with you as I please. Do you understand?”


“Good, and just to prove it, come closer…under my legs. Good, now open your mouth.” Brooke wasn’t sure but she thought she knew what was coming as her mouth was immediately below Sammy’s cunt. Sammy released, her hot piss squirting out. Her first try missed Brooke’s mouth so she adjusted until her small stream poured into Brooke’s mouth and throat. “Swallow it, you whore! You love it, don’t you, whore?”

Brooke was humiliated but there was a part of her that enjoyed being dominated. The hot piss ran down her face as she could barely bring herself to swallow the hot liquid. “Answer me,” Sammy yelled.

“Yes. Yes, I do love it.” As humiliated as she was she couldn’t stop her pussy. It was blazing with desire. The more humiliated she was, the hotter her pussy became—she was so hot she’d do anything—absolutely anything. Sammy told her firmly, “When you are here with me you will do exactly as I tell you. Do you understand me?”

“Yes,” Brooke blurted out, a tear forming in her eye.

“And you will call me ‘Mistress.’ Is that clear?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Now, tell me what you will do.”

“I will do whatever you tell me to do, Mistress—anything you tell me to do.”

“Very good, Slave, for that is what you are now. I’ve been checking your body out for the past year and I can’t get my eyes off you. Now you are mine, aren’t you?”

Brooke gulped at the realization that her life was changed—if not forever, until Sammy tired of her. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Good, now eat my pussy and do a good job of it. But you are not to cum until I permit it. Comprende?”

“Yes, Mistress, I will not cum until you allow me to.” She moved back to tongue Sammy’s hot cunt. She had never done this before but she knew what to do from watching porn on the internet and being eaten herself by several guys. She licked Sammy, starting at her ass and moving up to her clit. Her first trials at Sammy’s cunt were all designed to stimulate her on the surface—her labia—causing them to swell with desire. Then Brooke narrowed her tongue and pushed it into Sammy’s canal. She found she enjoyed the taste of pussy juice. In fact, she loved it. She tongue fucked Sammy, causing her coach to moan nonstop. Sammy leaned back on the edge of the tub, barely able to support herself. Now Brooke shifted her attention to Sammy’s button. Well, she found it started as a button but quickly, when engorged, transformed into a mini-penis. Brooke took it into her mouth and sucked it as she would an erect cock. She sucked hard while she rubbed Sammy’s breasts and nipples. Sammy started to shake as her orgasm neared, she bucked like a wild bronco when it hit, calming only when it was well past. She pulled Brooke to her and they relaxed in the warm water. When Sammy had recovered she put her hand between Brooke’s thighs. Brooke found that she welcomed Sammy’s touch. She opened her legs so Sammy could force two fingers into her cunt. She manipulated them so they would strike Brooke’s G-spot on every thrust. Brooke threw her pussy forward as she felt her orgasm near. When Sammy tickled Brooke’s clit, she came immediately, releasing all her tensions and fears.

“We will do this again,” Sammy whispered, “whenever I decide. You will make yourself available to me.”

“Yes, Mistress, I will do it gladly.” Then Brooke dried herself, dressed and left—Sammy still lolling in the tub in post-orgasmic bliss.

Chapter 2

The next few days practice was back to normal—no advances from Brooke’s blackmailer. But the following Friday, as practice was about to begin, coach Sammy approached Brooke, “Eight tonight; be on time.”

Brooke had a date and now she would have to cancel it, just when she was hoping to get laid. Instead, she was right at Sammy’s door at the appointed hour. Sammy answered in a flame red teddy this time, with ribbons that encircled her bare breasts in lieu of a bra. She said nothing but led Brooke into the hallway. Sammy wiggled her finger, encouraging Brooke, her slave, to follow. “In here,” Sammy pointed to a large bedroom. “Strip and wait on the bed.” Then Sammy left her. Brooke closed the door then sat on the bed to remove her shoes, top, bra, and pants. In anticipation of a night of hot sex she had worn no panties. She noticed a sign on the bureau—“Put this on and lube your ass with this.” Brett was nervous. She was afraid on the one hand, but wet and tingly on the other. She donned the outfit (she didn’t know what else to call it!). It looked like a maid’s outfit except that there were no panties and no bra. Brooke’s privates were fully exposed, as were her large breasts. She bent over, adding the warm lube to and into her ass. Slowly she rubbed it in, first with a single finger, then with two. Slowly her anal muscles adjusted to having something there which was good because very shortly Sammy opened the door wearing the largest strap-on Brooke had ever seen. No penis ever created could have matched this monster. It was easily ten inches long and three inches in diameter. Now Brooke was terrified. Was Sammy actually going to push that huge thing up her ass? Brooke was Sammy’s slave. Even if she had wanted to rebel she couldn’t. Sammy was in control of Brooke’s scholarship; Brooke had to comply—no, not merely comply, she had to willingly accept everything Sammy told her to do.

“Ha ha,” Sammy laughed. “This isn’t for your ass. Your pussy is going to love this. In fact, before I’m through with you you’re going to beg for this, aren’t you?”

“Yes, Mistress,” Brooke remembered her response, though barely because of her nervousness.

“I have something else for your ass, Brooke, my brother Carlos. He used to do my ass but I convinced him yours was tighter. Ha ha. Now, bend over with your hands on the bed.” Brooke did as ordered. She spread her legs in anticipation of receiving the mammoth dildo. Sammy reached under Brooke. “I knew you were a whore; you’re soaking wet. Just can’t wait for it, can you?”

“No, Mistress, I want it badly. I want to feel it stretching my pussy to the breaking point. I want to feel it filling me. Please, Mistress, please fuck me.”

“Oh, yes, my dear whore slave, you are going to get the fucking of your life.” She rubbed some lube onto the hard schlong before aiming it at Brooke’s dripping cunt. She spread Brooke’s labia just as she pushed her hips forward. The head forced its way into Brooke. “Oh, fuck,” Brooke exclaimed. I don’t think I can take it all.”

“Oh. You’ll take all of it. Don’t worry about that,” and she pushed harder and farther into Brooke’s tunnel. Between the lube and Brooke’s flowing juices she managed to accommodate the entire dildo. Now Sammy started to rock her hips, moving the dildo into and out of Brooke. Brooke’s breathing became erratic and shallow as she heated up. “Remember what I told you,” Sammy reminded Brooke, “you are not to cum without my permission.”

“Yes, Mistress,” Brooke replied, wondering just how she was supposed to resist this onslaught. Sammy continued fucking Brooke for several minutes causing her to shake all over. Her attempts to elude her orgasm were rapidly failing, however. “Please, Mistress, I need to cum. I can’t help myself. The fucking is driving me crazy. Oh God, I need to cum.” Sammy said nothing—she gave no permission—she just kept on fucking Brooke with the giant artificial penis. She still had one other torture she had held back. She started it now—she turned on the vibrator concealed within the enormous tool. Brooke almost jumped out of her skin. She couldn’t resist. Her orgasm forced its way up through her body. There was nothing she could do no matter how hard she tried. Suddenly she felt a humongous convulsion grip her; she shuddered terribly as the biggest, fiercest orgasm she had ever experienced swept over and through her body. Brooke fell forward, no longer able to support herself on her arms. She lay there, the huge tool still vibrating in her cunt, soaked in her own sweat. She was breathing heavily as her body recovered from the tremendous shock of the orgasm. Slowly she recovered, but she knew she would pay for the unauthorized orgasm just as sure as the sun rises in the East.

“Did I tell you to orgasm?” Sammy inquired.

“No, Mistress, I couldn’t help myself. I tried…honest. I just couldn’t resist.”

“That is no excuse. You will have to be punished.” She called for her brother, “Carlos, come here, I need you.” Having said that, she pulled out of Brooke’s pussy with an audible pop. Sammy lay on the bed, pulling Brooke on top of her. “Lower yourself onto the dildo,” Sammy commanded. Brooke was forced to obey. She straddled Sammy and slowly lowered herself back onto the horrid device. Just as the dildo had bottomed out in her the door opened and in walked Carlos with a dick that looked the twin of what Sammy was wearing. Sammy saw the look on Brooke’s face. “Oh, did I not mention…Carlos was the model for that strap-on? Go ahead, Carlos, you know what to do.” Carlos did indeed know what to do as he positioned his immense organ at her only available tunnel. He pushed hard, not caring if he hurt Brooke or not. He forced his huge erection into her; Brooke screamed from the pain. First the head cleared the sphincter with what sounded like opening a can of soda. Once past that barrier he forced himself all the way in. He gripped Brooke’s hips to support and balance himself as he rammed himself up Brooke’s shitter. He was so big and she was so tight that it wasn’t long—a couple of minutes at most—before he shot load after load of white hot cum up her ass. Brooke felt as though she had been ripped in two between the effects of the dildo and Carlos’ hard prick. When he was completely out he climbed on the bed, forcing his cock into Brooke’s mouth. Brooke gagged as she cleaned her own feces from his cock.

When she was done Sammy released her, sending her home. Brooke was so sore she could barely walk. She wondered how she would be able to handle practice tomorrow. Meanwhile, back in Sammy’s house she and Carlos laughed hysterically at the plight of the poor girl.

Chapter 3

Brooke hadn’t heard from Sammy in more than two weeks. She wondered if Sammy were done with her; whether she had found another runner or P.E. student to victimize. Brooke was just glad she had survived the ordeal.

It had been a tough cross country practice. The hot shower had eased most of Brooke’s aches and pains. She sat now in the locker room-- towel wrapped around her—from just over her firm 36D breasts to down past her knees. As she looked around the room most of the other girls were either combing or brushing their hair or hurrying to dress. But one, Brooke saw, seemed to be fixed on her, or more exactly, the space between her legs. Brooke rose slightly, pulling the towel open so she could spread her legs and give Laurie, for that was her name, a better look. Brooke saw Laurie’s eyes pop out of her head as she unconsciously ran a hand under her towel to rub her breast and squeeze a nipple. “Hmmm,” thought Brooke, “this could prove interesting.” She rose, dropping her towel “accidentally” giving the younger girl a great view of her total package—the large firm breasts, the dark brown areolas and protruding nipples, the narrow waist flaring out to womanly hips, and most importantly, the recently completely shaved kitty.

Brooke was dressed and left the locker several minutes before Laurie. She waited for the freshman to exit, and when she did she called to her, “Hey, Laurie, you go my way don’t you?”

“Y…yes,” she gulped.

“Well, why don’t we walk together? OK?”

“Ssss…sure,” Laurie replied slinging her backpack over her shoulder. They walked together making small talk about the team and how it would do in the upcoming season. Before long, they had arrived at Brooke’s home, a rambling ranch she shared with several other girls on a well landscaped lot. “I have an idea, Laurie,” Brooke said, “why don’t you come in for a few minutes. There’s nobody home so I can show you my room and my trophies from last season.” Laurie spoke but so softly she could barely be heard, “Do you think I should?”

“Oh, yes, I definitely do,” Brooke replied and, taking charge of the younger girl, took her hand to lead her into the dark house. Laurie was trembling but she eagerly accepted Brooke’s hand, knowing that she’d see more than Brooke’s trophies. They entered the house, dropping their backpacks by the door. Laurie wasn’t the least surprised when Brooke turned to her, cupped her head with her hands, and raised her head for a deep passionate kiss. Brooke’s tongue sought the younger girl’s. Laurie was tentative at first but it wasn’t long before her desires ruled her actions. She opened her mouth for her first –dare she say it—lesbian kiss. It was even more than she had imagined. She loved the way Brooke had taken charge over her, leading the way to the kiss and, hopefully, more. She knew she shouldn’t have stared at Brooke’s pussy but she couldn’t help herself. She wanted to see—no, she wanted that hot pussy to kiss and lick and love. Brooke broke the kiss smiling. Holding Laurie’s hand she led her down the hallway to her room. Brooke turned on the night light so the room was bathed in low romantic light. She was getting wet in anticipation of what was to come and she hoped that Laurie was reacting the same way. Brooke loved to eat a dripping cunt. Brooke pulled Laurie into the room before closing and locking the door. “Just in case,” she said to Laurie who could only gulp. Brooke moved close to her protégé slowly removing her blouse. Laurie had small but well formed breasts, about 34B, just right for her slender frame. Next Brooke removed Laurie’s jeans, pushing them along with her panties down to her ankles. Laurie’s virgin pussy trembled, partly in fear of the taboo of their actions, partly in anticipation of the same taboo. Laurie kicked off her shoes so Brooke could completely remove her clothing. Laurie stood there now clad only in her bra, which she quickly removed. She discovered that she was just as brazen as Brooke. She initiated the next kiss, pulling Brooke’s arms around her waist. Brooke pulled her close then shifted one hand to Laurie’s right tit which she massaged gently before rolling her tender nipple in her fingers. Laurie had never felt such sensations. She arched her back, grinding her pussy into Brooke’s leg. She pulled back a bit when she felt Brooke’s hand exploring its way down her abdomen before hesitating just as it reached Laurie’s trimmed hair. “Please...please…touch me. Oh God, I want it so badly.” Brooke rubbed her hand against Laurie’s labia, eliciting a low growl from Laurie’s lips. Laurie opened her legs to give Brooke better access to her love tunnel. Brooke stepped back, keeping her eyes on Laurie’s. She started to disrobe and as she progressed she could see the effect she was having on the younger girl. Laurie couldn’t take her eyes off Brooke’s delicious breasts right up until her cunt was exposed. “On your knees,” Brooke commanded. Laurie sunk to the floor. No other words were needed. She knew what Brooke wanted—what Laurie had until a few minutes ago only dreamed of—licking Brooke’s wet pussy. She leaned forward until her tongue just touched Brooke. It was hard to tell who sighed louder, Brooke upon being licked or Laurie on reaching her much desired dream. Laurie started just above Brooke’s asshole and licked up, savoring the taste of the tiny droplets that had formed there. She stuck her tongue deep into Brooke, slurping out every drop of juice Brooke could produce. Brooke was getting weak in the knees so she sidled over to the double bed that filled the room. Laying back, her pussy just at the edge of the bed, she beckoned Laurie to continue. The young girl attacked Brooke with a passion, lunging into her cunt like a starving man lights into his first meal. She couldn’t get enough of Brooke, licking all over her pussy until Brooke begged, “Do my clit. Oh, dear God…my clit.” Laurie changed her attention to Brooke’s swollen button. She sucked it into her mouth, holding it between her teeth so she could suck and lick simultaneously. This drove Brooke over the top—fast! She bucked her hips up strongly as her orgasm gripped her body. She held herself motionless for several seconds before a tremendous wave of pleasure rippled through her body. She collapsed onto the bed to rest. Laurie climbed onto the bed and into Brooke’s arms. They lay there for almost twenty minutes before Brooke stirred, reaching between Laurie’s legs. She pushed her finger, then two into Laurie causing the other girl to tremble in excitement. She finger fucked Laurie hard and fast. Laurie responded with non-stop groaning as she writhed under the influence of Brooke’s strong hands. When Brooke shifted to her hard nub Laurie gasped audibly. Her breathing became rapid and shallow as her orgasm built up steam and momentum. Laurie could feel it building until—it EXPLODED—causing her to shudder repeatedly before collapsing, soaked in her own sexual sweat. “Wow!” was all she could say.

Laurie phoned her mom to say she’d be a bit late—“studying at a friend’s” was neither a lie nor an exaggeration. She returned to the bed—to her new lover’s arms. “Ever do 69?” Brooke asked.

“No,” replied Laurie, “but I think I’m going to. And I think I’m going to love it, too.” She shifted around and climbed onto Brooke, her legs apart. Brooke reached up to clit-lick her lover while Laurie leaned down, burying her head in Brook’s bald cunt. They licked and sucked and sucked and licked. When Brooke pushed a moistened finger into Laurie’s anus she thought she would go off like a nuclear bomb. She had never experienced such rapture—such euphoria. Their heat climbed to new heights. Together they experienced a deep seated roar climbing from some hidden place demanding to escape. All of a sudden it reached the surface for both of them. They screamed in a combination of anguish and joy. They rose to their apex only to fall—to float down--oh so gently back to earth. Laurie fell from Brooke’s body, unable to move—to use her arms or legs—and lay there breathing deeply while her heartbeat gradually slowed to normal. “That was…”

“Yes, it was,” Brooke whispered, unable to speak, “all that and more. And, yes, we are definitely going to do it again.”

“Oh, Brooke, I’m so glad. I want to do it over and over and over.” Brooke grinned to herself knowing she could now do with Laurie as she wished. Laurie would be her slave as Brooke had been a slave in the past and would be again—sooner than she ever believed.

Chapter 4

Brooke had decided by the end of her freshman year that she needed a car. Getting around the extensive campus, shopping, and other demands were a lot, even for a cross country star. Unfortunately, the rigors of practice had delayed the purchase. She visited several dealerships in town before deciding on a used Honda Civic about six years old, but in good mechanical condition and with relatively low mileage. She needed to finance the purchase, paying with money from her part-time job on campus. After selecting the car she had to meet with the finance officer, an attractive well-built Hispanic woman named Marica showed Brooke into her office. It was clear that Brooke wore no bra, her large breasts bulging and straining against the fabric of her strapless top. Marica leaned against the corner of her desk, completely dominating Brooke. “Nice,” she said, “really, really nice. What are those puppies? They look like D’s at least. You should have them pierced. That would be really sexy, you know?”

Brooke was speechless. She liked to dress to tease—to show off her lush body, to make men, and women for that matter, want her. She loved when men’s heads turned to watch her walk down the street. But she never imagined someone would speak to her in this manner. “Why should I do it?”

“Well, for one thing I will give you a better deal on the car if I can take you to do it. It’s a real turn on for me. And I love to suck on pierced titties. I’ll bet you enjoy being dominated, don’t you?”

Brooke hung her chin on her chest, a sign of submission. “Aha, I thought so. I’m going to enjoy sucking on those babies and I’ll bet your cunt is dripping wet now, isn’t it?” Brooke was embarrassed that her body was responding so eagerly, but she nodded her agreement and compliance with Marica’s advances.

“C’mon, it’s just about lunch time. We can go to the same place that did mine.” They climbed into Marica’s car and in five minutes they were at the piercer’s store. It never occurred to Brooke to say no, so enthralled was she with this Hispanic minx. Marica ordered two rings for Brooke’s nipples. Brooke shot her a questioning glance. “Maybe we’ll want to attach a leash, eh, pet?” If Brooke was wet before she was gushing now. A dark spot appeared at the joint of her legs and was spreading rapidly. Brooke crossed her legs, cursing her wanton body. Fifteen minutes later she had her piercings—two gold rings each about an inch in diameter. Brooke paid with her credit card. “OK,” Marica said excitedly, “let’s get that car and then maybe we can do some personal stuff.” She winked as she said it so Brooke would be sure to get her meaning. She reached for Brooke when they were in the car. Turning her head Marica led Brooke into their first kiss. Brooke melted under the aggressive woman’s touch and the kiss was something else. Marica’s full lips pressed against Brooke’s forcing her mouth open to receive a probing tongue. Brooke was breathing hard, a sure sign that she was really into the kiss and the dominance Marica was promising. When they broke the kiss Marica smiled. “Let’s get together after we do the car deal. I promise you a good time. Would you like to serve me—be my slave?”

“Brooke gulped unbelieving; she could hardly believe the speed at which this relationship was evolving, but she loved the aggressive dominant behavior the Hispanic woman exhibited toward her. Brooke hung her head and merely nodded.

After the car was a done deal Marica took the rest of the afternoon off. She led Brooke, now driving her new car, to her apartment. They held hands all the way up the walk to the door. Inside Marica turned and engaged Brooke in a long passionate kiss. She undid her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Her panties were next. Brooke found her hand being led to Marica’s hot cunt. Brooke gasped into Marica’s mouth when she touched the Hispanic’s pussy. Brooke found it much like hers—completely shaved and wetter than hell. She rubbed her hand into Marica’s slit until her fingers were coated in Marica’s juices. When Marica broke the kiss Brooke couldn’t wait to plunge those fingers into her mouth, savoring the taste and aroma of her new lover. Marica led Brooke to the bedroom where they removed their remaining clothes. Marica had a gorgeous body—one that Brooke craved just as she craved oxygen or water. “Kneel,” Marica ordered. Brooke found herself right in front of Marica’s pussy; she required no further instruction and plunged her face into the wet cunt. A loud groan escaped Marica’s lips. “Oh, fuck,” she exclaimed. “Oh, fuck me with that tongue. Fuck…me.” Marica grasped Brooke’s head and pulled in into her pussy. Brooke’s nose was forced up and into Marica whose aroma Brooke found intoxicating. Suddenly Marica turned around. “Lick my ass. Go ahead, lick it,” Marica demanded. Brooke was drunk with lust. As soon as Marica was turned around she opened up her ass cheeks revealing her tight puckered ass. Brooke went at it eagerly, licking all around several times before forcing her tongue to penetrate the succulent hole. She was tongue fucking Marica’s ass with a frenzy she had never known. Marica meanwhile was suffering wave after wave of electrical shocks emanating from her stimulated anus. Marica pulled Brooke up onto the bed. She rubbed her pussy into Brooke’s. They humped each other together. It was an orgy of sexual liberation—Marica the strong leader, Brooke the willing follower. Breasts were massaged, nipples rolled and pinched; clits teased and sucked. It seemed that there were more than two people in that bed so active was the sex. In time, though, both came, experiencing mammoth orgasms. They lay there each dreaming of what was to come in their future. It was hard to say who was more excited—Marica, who would play out her dreams of controlling—dominating—another human spirit, or Brooke, who would surrender her will in return for sexual fulfillment. Who was the winner? It’s not for me to say.

Rating: 89%, Read 57002 times, Posted Jul 31, 2011

Fiction | Anal, Authoritarian, BDSM, Blackmail, Coercion, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Lesbian, Submission


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