My first nudist experience with my aunt - Pt. 2 by TheMeister

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I still had a hard time believing what my aunt had done. She had giving me a handjob, my first ever and she had also let me see her pussy as if it was the most common thing. I was still aroused and happy that she had helped me cum and could not get over it but I acted as if nothing had happened.

We continued walking through the small forest and into the beach, all the while me and my aunt were naked. She looked truly beautiful walking around like that, fully naked with her breasts and butt cheeks shaking. As soon as we hit the beach I felt the hot sun all over my body. It was the first time I had been naked in front of many people but no one seemed to mind, there was something arousing about that.

As we continued trough the hot sand I tried to keep an eye on all the pretty girls, I aimed at the girls who looked twenty-ish or so and I spotted a pair of girls sitting next to each other wearing only their bikini bottoms. That was heaven for me. As we continued through the crowds of people I spotted the chairs which we were sitting on before and I saw my two cousins there. That’s when it hit me that I was still naked and I became rather embarrassed but I tried not to show it and instead just kept walking beside my naked aunt. She told me not to be embarrassed about them, she assured me that they had both seen many naked men before and it wasn’t a big deal to them, but no matter what she said I still felt my balls sink into my stomach.

When we got there the first one to notice was Terry, she saw that I was naked and she asked if I liked it. Then Brianna turned her head towards me and turned her attention to my penis. Oh well, no secrets now I thought. Brianna smiled and blushed a little and I lied to Terry that it felt awesome. I also told her that I didn’t plan to stay like this and then my aunt cut me off and said that I should stay like that, after all I was already naked and they both had seen me. Though I was still ashamed and as much as I wanted to put on my swimming trunks she made a good point: I was already naked and they had both gotten a clear view at my naked dick. So I took her advice and instead I just sat down on one of the chairs.

My aunt started a conversation with me asking me how I felt, and even though I felt awkward I told her that it felt good. She asked me what did I think about the nudist place and I told her that I liked it though I wasn’t sure if I could get used to it. Since she was in front of me with her legs slightly spread I felt getting hard again but I managed to keep my penis down. She then asked me if I was embarrassed and I confessed to her that I was very embarrassed. She told me that it was OK, that none of them thought anything about it. She then surprised me when she directed her attention to Brianna and asked her to take off her bikini, that was I would feel more at home. Brianna didn’t say a word, she just ignored my aunt and sat there, there was a moment of silence but then she just took off her bra and I saw her medium sized breasts come out free. It was hard not to stare but her perfectly round breasts were such a sight to me. I was now getting harder again. Brianna then stood up and took off her bikini bottom. Her pussy was beautiful, it was cleanly shaven, slightly darker than her skin and you could make out the shape of her outer and the inner lips that hung out a little from her pussy. I felt my hard getting rock hard and instead turned my head towards the beach but it was difficult getting the image off my mind, after all she was naked right in next to me.

Everyone noticed my erection but made no mention of it. Instead my aunt just started a conversation with us kids. She just started talking about school, my parents and such all the while my dick was pointing straight to the sky.

I guess my aunt noticed my nervousness and she told me straight up not to be ashamed of my erection. I still remember those words “Don’t be embarrassed about your erection honey” she had said. There is something about those words that always turn me on. She started telling me how both Brianna and Terry had seen erected penises before and it wasn’t a big deal, she told me it was perfectly normal and none of them minded it at all. She continued telling me that it was normal for us boys to get erections like that over women. As she continued the conversation slowly turned into a sex ed talk. She started telling me how sex was normal, how I shouldn’t be ashamed of my body, that sex is perfectly fine, this and that, but then she said something I would have never imagined her telling me: “Us girls like guy’s penises too you know, we like it when a guy get’s hard over our bodies, we enjoy it a lot, so don’t feel bad at all.” She said with a big smile on her face and then she laid her back on the chair, put her feet on the edge and spread her legs, her pussy and anus came in full view and I just had to orgasm again. That image still crawls my mind every day. Maybe it was the fact that she was completely nude in front of me, maybe it was the way the sun hit her body, maybe it was the fact that she spread her legs in front of me on purpose to show me her pink pearl or maybe it was because I was naked, or maybe a combination of both. No matter what it was I felt so freaking horny back then.

My little cousin Terry was just staring at my penis and Brianna just kept reading her magazine as if she wasn’t paying attention to anything. We sat there like that for a few minutes while I was still admiring my aunts pussy when Terry said she wanted to go swimming. My aunt told her to go with me or Brianna, but I didn’t want to get up because as soon as I got up everyone would notice my erection. Brianna then got up and I noticed her butt from the side, it was big and round and they both kept walking. Brianna asked me if I was going to go and I told her that I would rather stay. She stood in front of me completely naked and her beautiful cleanly shaven pussy and I moved up towards her beautiful breasts and finally into her eyes. She was staring down at me and told me to go with them, that they didn’t mind my penis as soon as she said the word “penis” she looked at it and noticed my boner. I didn’t say anything and just stood there and then she grabbed my hand and pulled me which made me smile a little and because she made me feel more comfortable I just stood up and just held her hand. My aunt then called out my name “Tom, aren’t you forgetting something?” she asked me but I had no idea what she was talking about so I told her that I wasn’t sure. She then sat up and picked up the sunscreen tube which was next to her feet. With her breasts swinging left and right she handed me the sunscreen. I let go of my cousins hand and I was then standing right in front of my aunt rubbing suncscreen lotion all over myself. My dick was now at her eye level but I just kept rubbing the sunscreen on the upper part of my body. I continued rubbing sunscreen all over myself and when I moved towards my back my aunt noticed I couldn’t reach so she called me over. She spread her legs and pulled me by my waist toward her and her leg was rubbing against mine. She started rubbing sunscreen slowly all over my back, then she moved down to my butt and the feeling of her hand rubbing my butt felt awesome, even if that doesn’t sound very manly, I had never had a woman rub my butt like that and I must admit it felt awesome. She then turned me around and my dick was right in front of her face, I thought about how she had given me that handjob and I felt my dick pulsating. She started rubbing sunscreen on my legs and moved up to my waist. “Let’s not forget about your penis” she said and I was surprised when she casually started rubbing sunscreen on my dick right in front of her daughters like it was nothing. Terry asked me if my penis hurt and I told her that yes it did hurt a little. The sight turned me on as she kept rubbing some lotion on the sides of my genitals and then moved to my actual dick. She actually stroke it a few times with her soft hands and I felt like cumming right there but I kept my cool. She then complimented me on my body saying that I was such a big man now and that I had nothing to be ashamed off. Having a mature woman talk to me like that and touch me like that gave me a lot of confidence. I felt better now and when she was done, Brianna grabbed my hand again and we started walking towards the beach. My aunt spanked my butt softly as I turned away from her. It felt good.

Now feeling more like a man we made our way to the beach, with my boner still up. I honestly didn’t care at that point, though I was still a bit embarrassed, but no one seemed to pay attention to it. We got into the water and I was relieved to know that my penis was covered by the water and now no one could tell I had an erection. While Terry swam back and forth Brianna sat down exposing only her breasts, her lower body now was hidden by the water. I sat down next to her and we started talking. The conversation then moved on to our nudity. She asked me if I was still embarrassed and I could honestly now say that I wasn’t. She confessed to me that she also got a bit turned on when they first came here a couple of weeks ago. I never expected for her to tell me such a thing but after all we were like brothers. I asked her how long they have come here and she told me it was like the fifth time they had come to the nudist colony. I was surprised when she told me that since I thought they had been coming here for a long time. She told me she also felt a bit embarrassed being naked in front of many people but she eventually got used to it. However she also told me that she wasn’t sure if she wanted to get naked in front of me but after seeing me naked she didn’t mind. She asked if I got hard because of her mom or what and I confessed that I had gotten hard because her mom took off her clothes in front of me. She just laughed and said it was OK, that she wasn’t going to tell anyone. Feeling more comfortable I kept the conversation going and asked her if she got turned on watching guys naked. Indeed she said she felt a bit turned when she saw guys naked, she told me she enjoyed watching boy’s parts, that there was something cute about them. Then she asked if I liked watching her naked and since I was feeling more comfortable I told her that yes I did, I asked her the same question and she said that yeah, though she thought it was a bit funny about my erection. She said she couldn’t understand how guys could walk around like that and I told her it wasn’t that hard. She asked me if my penis hurt when it got that hard and I told her that it did very much. She asked why I couldn’t keep it down and I told her that I couldn’t control it, that once I got turned on there was no way of keeping it down. She laughed and since she couldn’t see my penis under the water she asked if I was hard right then, I wasn’t so I told her that I wasn’t. She didn’t say anything and the conversation ended when she stood up next to me and walked up in front of me letting me see her round butt. I followed behind her and we started swimming.

All three of us swam back and forth and then my cousin started horse playing around. She came up behind me and threw me down to the water, of course I was not going to let her do that so I grabbed her thin arms; put my leg behind her legs and threw her down, I noticed how her breasts shook when I took her down. Then Terry tried to push me down, but she was so little she couldn’t even move me. I just grabbed and threw her down too. While I was distracted with Terry, Brianna jumped behind in a piggy back position, wrapping her legs just above my penis with her breasts pushed against my back and the warm feeling of her pussy on my lower back.

“Get him Terry!” she yelled but I didn’t’ let terry even get close to me and I threw her down again. I fell on my back so Brianna would let go of me and in the two seconds that we were underwater I felt her hand brush against my genitals, I didn’t think much of it but it definitely made my penis rise a little bit. When we got up Brianna was now in front me, she was just laughing and smiling and Terry came behind me and held on to my leg, then Brianna just rushed at me and I fell on my back and when my body was underwater I felt Brianna’s hand grab my balls. This time she fully grabbed them and she astride my other leg. I was now on my back, with only my shoulders and head above the water. Brianna looked at me, laughed and rubbed her pussy on my leg moving her hips back and forth. Terry had no idea what was going on, to her we were just wrestling. Brianna kept rubbing her pussy on my leg and then she grabbed my cock again, she gave it a squeeze and I was hard a rock. I threw Terry softly off me and grabbed Brianna by her arms, she let go off my cock and I put her below me. I was now on top and Brianna just screamed “help me Terry” and she grabbed my cock yet again. The little brat was just groping my cock so I did the same to her and I grabbed her left breast, she was just laughing and moving around as if we weren’t feeling each other up. Terry then got behind me and we continued wrestling like that, while me and Brianna dissimulated not to grope each other. They got tired and they both stopped wrestling so they walked out the water near the shallow part of the lake.

Brianna sat down on her butt facing me and spread her legs. Terry on the other hand laid down on her belly facing away from me and started kicking her legs. I thought about not getting out the water because of my boner but Brianna seemed to enjoy my hard dick so I manned up and got out. When I was approaching Brianna she spread her legs and I saw her beautiful shaven pink pussy lips. I could make the inside of her pussy and I could see a bit of her whole. I could not stop staring at her pussy. I made eye contact and she just smiled and spread her legs a little more. She was letting me know that I could watch her pussy. I sat down to her with my boner harder than ever and she asked me why was I hard again. In a sarcastic tone I told her I didn’t know and she just smiled. Terry then asked why did I get hard like that. I guess she didn’t know much about sex so I explained to her that it happened to guys when they were excited. Terry got up and squatted right in front of me, her tiny pussy was now in front of me and though I didn’t like it very much I enjoyed watching her pussy nonetheless. She looked down at it, as if I didn’t mind and asked why did it get hard like that. Brianna didn’t let me answer and she told Terry that it was because of all the naked girls. Terry then asked it if hurt. I told her that it hurt and she asked why didn’t I just make it go down. I explained to her that it wasn’t that easy. She asked how it was done and Brianna cut her off by saying that I needed to masturbate. “He needs to masturbate until he cums silly” were her exact words to her little sister and Terry didn’t say anything, instead she just stood up and said she wanted to go back to her mom. Me and Brianna stood up and started walking towards my aunt. This time I didn’t mind showing off my erection, both my aunt and my cousins had seen it. Brianna seemed more daring as she actually grabbed my cock, I wasn’t sure what to think of it, maybe she was just being playful or maybe she wanted more.

Now that I was more used to being naked, I didn’t mind walking around with my erection, no one seemed to bother so I figured it wasn’t a big deal.

When we got close to my aunt I noticed she was laying down on her stomach and I noticed her perfect brown buns shinning because of the suntan lotion, she was perfect. We all sat down, again her chair was in front of me so I had a perfect view of her legs and butt. She asked us if we wanted to eat and we told her that we would like to. Then she raised her butt, her ass cheeks separated apart allowing me to see her closed pussy lips and her anus for a few precious seconds. She got up and noticed my erection. She smiled and said I was hopeless and started folding her chair and picked up her bag. I picked up my stuff and my chair and we all headed to where the tent was.

We got there and we set up the grill, got the fire going, all while my dick was hard as a rock for all the girls to see. I think we both knew that we were enjoying each other, both my cousins probably hadn’t seen a hard dick up close and I sure as hell never had three beautiful women naked in front of me for me to enjoy. It was erotic having them stare at me and me staring at them casually.

We started eating, with my boner in front of them of course and my aunt again started a conversation with me. She then said she didn’t mind if I put my clothes back and then she said she said both of them girls would prefer for me to stay like this. She laughed and directed her face to my cousins and said: “Don’t we girls?”

My cousins just blushed and smiled but didn’t say anything. I was amazed as to how cool my aunt was joking with me and my cousins like that, and I was loving it.

After we were done eating, my cousin’s went to the restroom by themselves and I was left with my aunt. We picked up some of the trash and then my aunt told me to follow her inside the tent. I followed after her and she bend over again when she went in and I saw her pussy again. She pulled out some lotion and asked me if I could help her. Of course I wasn’t about to say no and I started rubbing lotion all over her. I moved down to her breasts and I felt the tenderness of her breasts. I was about to explode. She said to keep going while I kept grabbing her breasts and she asked if I liked them. I told her that I loved her breasts and she told me not to stop, then she grabbed my dick with her right hand and started stroking it. She was really good at jerking me and I just let her do it. I kept playing with her breasts while she played with my cock and soon enough I shot a load all over her chest and neck. She looked up at me and smiled.

We went outside the tent, feeling more relieved and relaxed. My cousins came back and noticed my penis was down but didn’t say anything. Maybe they were suspicious, maybe not. Needless to say that was one of my best experiences of my life.

Rating: 94%, Read 275967 times, Posted Jun 23, 2010

Fantasy | Boy, Consensual Sex, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Incest, Massage, Old Male, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Voyeurism


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