My first fuck was a huge black cock. by PO469

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My mom and dad split up a couple of years ago. From what I heard it was about sex. Dad was not man enough to keep Mom happy and after 17 years she eventually got fed up and let him know that he wasn't big enough or good enough and she was sick of faking it so he left. I could hear them fighting, or at least Mom yelling that she had had enough of sucking his cock to get him hard enough so he could fuck her for thirty seconds, blow his load and fall asleep.

Dad had been gone for about six months and Mom was getting frustrated and hard to live with. I could hear her getting herself off at night and looked once and saw her using a huge didlo on herself. She was pounding it fast and deep into her cunt and rubbing her clit with her other hand till she got off. I went back to my room and rubbed myself till I came and fell asleep. I was sixteen then and had started pleasuring myself often although I was still a virgin. Not long after that, Mom started going out several nights a week. She would come home at one or two in the morning drunk and all messed up. Sometimes there was still cum on her face and in her hair and her clothes would be torn. I would lay in my bed and imagine my mom getting fucked hard by some stranger while I rubbed my pussy till I felt good.

After several weeks went by like that Mom finally brought the first stranger home with her. She was so drunk that he had to hold her to keep her from falling. They went straight to her room and for an hour I could hear them fucking. She would be yelling for him to shove that big meat into her. "Fuck me with that man sized cock. Harder. Fuck me harder. My husband had a little wimpy pecker. I want your big cock fucking me." Finally I heard him. "I'm going to come you fucking bar slut. Suck the cum out of my cock and don't spill a fucking drop. Yesssss." A few seconds later, "Come on stud, now eat me. Lick my fuckin' pussy. Bite my clit, chew on it. I'm going to come. Shove that bat back in me while I come on it. Oh shiiiiit yes. Yes."

Things were quiet for several minutes then I heard Mom's door squeak and I saw him walk naked past my partly open door as he went to the bathroom. His cock hung half way to his knee. As he passed by on his way back he was stroking it and it was starting to get hard again. I had seen Dad naked a few times and had seen a few pornos on the computer but I had never seen a cock like that. He went back into Mom's room and I heard him tell her to roll over and lift her ass up in the air. "I'm going to fuck your ass and fill it full. Mom screamed when he shoved it up her rectum but was soon telling him to give it to her. "Fuck my asshole you bull. Get it all in there. Pound my ass. Yeeees!" "I'm ready to come you fucking bitch now turn around and suck me dry." A few minutes later I heard him trying to get my mom to suck him again but she had passed out and he could not get her to come to. He got dressed and left. I got myself off for the third time that night and went to sleep. It was about 3 am.

The next morning Mom called me for breakfast. She looked like hell and was dragging around the kitchen but neither one of us said anything about the night before.

Mom started going out three of four times a week and always bringing home men for the same kind of night. She was always drunk and loud and I always rubbed myself to completion while listening to her get fucked in every way your could think of. More and more often the guy or guys would be black. I heard her say that blacks usually had the biggest cocks and she loved big cocks, the bigger the better. She frequently wound up passed out and the guys would leave her in a bed drenched with cum. Some times there were two at the same time and I could hear them talking about all the things they were doing. She loved having cocks pounding any two of her holes at the same time. One time I heard the two guys saying that she had passed out. They agreed to piss all over her and leave. The next morning I could smell the urine.

She finally acknowledged that I knew what she was doing. She apologized but said that she was having the time of her life and intended to keep doing it so I should just not worry about it. After that the man or men would sometimes still be there for breakfast the next morning. Some would give me a real good looking over and make some sexy wise cracks but Mom never let them touch me.

I had had my eighteenth birthday by now. Thru all of this I had kept my virginity although I was starting to let some of the guys at school get pretty friendly and even finger fuck me. I gave one blowjob to the quarterback of the football team but he wasn't satisfied. He wanted to fuck me but I said no and he moved on to another girl.

One night Mom brought this guy home earlier than usual but she was still already plastered. I was watching a show on TV and they came in and sat in the living room too. He was about six foot four and really built and probably in his late thirties. He was black, really dark black. It was only a few minutes before she had his cock out and was sucking on it right in front of me. He had a cock that was at least ten inches and as big around as my wrist and Mom had almost all of it in her mouth. He just stared at me while Mom was blowing him. I stayed and half watched the show and half watched them. After a few minutes she got him off and he filled her mouth with cum. She never even swallowed it. She passed out and it just drained out of her mouth all over his cock and balls.

After a couple of minutes he pulled her off of him by the hair and pushed her away. He got up dropping his pants to the floor and stepping out of them as he walked over to my chair. He stood in front of me with his huge cum covered cock right in front of my face. "OK little darlin' clean it." I sank back in the chair and said no. This big black man grabbed me by the hair and pulled my face to his cock. "I said clean it." He rubbed the head against my lips and tightened his grip in me hair. I slowly opened my mouth and as soon as it was open enough, he shoved that huge thing in, stretching me wide and hitting the back of my mouth and making me gag. I could taste his cum but it did not taste as bad as I expected that it would. He used my hair to pull me back and forth on his rod as it hardened. My mouth was stretched to hurting to get around it and I gagged each time he hit the back of my throat but he didn't care. He was getting about half of his now rock hard ten inch cock into my mouth. While he was fucking his cock with my face he reached down with his other hand and reached under my skirt and pulled my panties aside and pushed his big fingers into my pussy. After poking me a few times he got in far enough to reach my hymen. "What have we here, a virgin. Not for long. I haven't fucked me a virgin for years. I would have thought that as much as your mom fucked that you would have started years ago."

He pulled his cock and fingers out of me and yanked my blouse over my head. I wasn't wearing a bra so my 34 B tits were exposed to him. "Your nipples are hard sweetie." He roughly pulled my legs apart and stepped between them. "No, don't do it. I don't want to. Please." He held me tight around the neck with one hand. He spit on my pussy and again on his cock head. Then with the other hand he positioned his cock head at the opening to my cunt. One hard thrust and he was fully in me. My hymen was busted and I felt like I was being spilt apart. I screamed in pain. It hurt. It hurt so bad. The first time he pulled his monster out it was covered in blood. He slammed it back into me and laughed. "No. No. Stop. I can't take it. It hurts so bad. Please stop." But he didn't stop. He pounded my pussy over and over again. The pain started to go away but I still begged him to stop. He fucked me deep and hard for about ten minutes. I gave up fighting and begging and just lay there. Finally I was able to look down and see his huge black man pole sliding in and out of my snow white pubic hair covered pussy. It was an amazing sight. He started making noises that I knew from listening to Mom and her guys that meant that he was about to come. I panicked. "Don't come in me. I don't want to get pregnant." I begged him twice. "OK but you're going to suck me dry then." He pulled his cock out and brought it to my mouth. I would do anything to get him to stop at that point so I opened my mouth. He put just the head in my mouth and stroked himself till he erupted. Spurt after spurt, rope after rope of cum flew into my mouth. More than I could hold. He reached and forced my mouth closed and held it till I had to swallow. Then he squeezed the sides of my jaw, forcing my mouth open and shoved himself back in. "Keep sucking till I tell you to stop." About five minutes later he let me stop sucking on his soft cock. He got dressed and left. I went to my room. I was hurting and sore and mad at him and my mom. She was still passed out on the couch.

The next morning Mom was still on the couch when I came into the living room, sore and mad and having trouble walking. I grabbed her and shook her hard. When she came to I screamed at her. "You fucking slut. Your son of a bitch boy friend raped me last night because you passed out and he couldn't get what he wanted from your cunt and mouth and asshole. I was still a virgin but not any more. You're a fucking drunken pig." Rather than yelling back at me she came to enough to realize what had happened and she spent all morning apologizing to me over and over. Finally we ended up hugging. I was just wiped out physically and emotionally.

She still went out but she did not bring anyone home for the next couple weeks. After a couple weeks, I let one of the boys at school fuck me in the woods on the way home from school. His five-inch white cock didn't feel right and he came and filled the condom after about two minutes then put himself away and we went home. That night I told Mom that I didn't care if she started bringing guys home again. I also told her that I had let one of the boys at school fuck me. I asked her to let me get the pill. She said OK.

One night about a month later she had brought two guys home, one black and one white. She was drunk enough not to know what was happening when the black guy took her to her room but the white guy stopped at my door and looked in. They were all already naked. I was almost asleep when he came into my room but I woke up when he sat on the edge of my bed. With a start I looked at him. He was sitting there stroking himself while looking at me. "Hello there. I'm Bill. I met your mom at the bar tonight and she invited me and my friend to come over for a little fun. Would you like to join in on the fun?"

I looked at his eyes and then at his cock and thought about it for a minute. Then I sat up and pulled the oversized t-shirt that I wear as a nightie off over my head. I took Bill's cock in my hand and stroked it. It was big but not quite as big as the first cock that had fucked me. Bill bent over and started sucking on one of my tits making my nipples hard. He also slid his finger between my pussy lips and rubbed my clit. It felt so much better than when I did it to myself. I spread my legs and could feel myself getting wet. Bill pushed me down and kissed his way down my stomach to my mound. When his tongue first touched my clit I jumped and moaned. I put my hands behind his head and held him tight to my pussy. He ate me for several minutes and brought me to two orgasms. I was loving it. He turned his body so we were in 69 position. I stretched my lips over his cock and took as much as I could into my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his shaft while he kept eating me out. I pulled off him. "Fuck me now."

Bill rolled me on my back and got between my legs. He put his large cock to my cunt opening. It was good and wet so he easily started to enter me but he took his time and worked his way deep into me till he was fully in. He waited for a little bit for me to adjust and then started slowly pumping into me. As he picked up speed I knew that this is what fucking is supposed to feel like. I felt very full but wonderful and it did not hurt. I had been on the pill long enough now so that it was working and I was anxious to feel my first load of cum deep inside me. After about five wonderful minutes and my having two more orgasms Bill pushed all the way in and held still. I felt his cock pulse once, twice, three times as he filled me with his seed. It felt warm, wet and wonderful. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him. He kissed me back. He kept his cock in me and slowly pumped for another couple of minutes. It felt great. When he pulled out I turned and without his asking, I sucked his cock clean. "That was great Bill. I really enjoyed it. You're the first person I have let come in me. It felt wonderful." I knew I was going to need big cocks just like my mother.

Stay right where you are. I'm sure that Jamal will like to come in and get to know you too. With that Bill left the room. About a minute later Jamal walked in. He was a little bigger than Bill, both his body and his cock and he had skin the color of milk chocolate. He was about the same size as the first cock that had raped me. I was a little nervous, remembering the pain I had the first time. "Bill tells me that you are a wonderful little lady. I'm looking forward to getting to know you." With that he pulled me off the bed onto the floor in front of him and his half hard cock. Jamal pulled my face to his cock. I opened my mouth and stretched it around him. I took in about four inches at first. It tasted a little different than Bill's or the quarterbacks. It tasted a little sharp and bitter but I sucked it as best I could, wanting to please him. His cock grew and stretched my jaws wider. After a minute he asked me how I liked the taste of my mother's asshole. I almost spit him out at the thought but it was too late. He had his hand behind my head and was fucking my mouth. I couldn't say or do anything. After a few minutes he pulled out. picked me up and put me on the bed on my stomach with my feet on the floor. He got behind me and placed himself at my cunt. I was still good and wet so he was able to work himself into me fairly easily. I felt very full and stretched but it felt good. Soon he was hitting bottom. That was a new feeling. After fucking me for several minutes and bringing me to the hardest orgasm I had ever had, he filled my pussy with a huge load of cream. My pussy could not hold all that I had been given by these two big men and I leaked out a big cream pie. I was very satisfied and rolled over to go to sleep while both Bill and Jamal spent the rest of the night in Mom's bed. I woke up at four am to go to the bathroom and could still hear them going at it. I thought about joining them but I was still fully satisfied so I went back to sleep. In the morning we all shared breakfast and then the guys left.

Now I am an eighteen year old high school senior. My mom shares most of her men with me now. She has cut way back on her drinking and is enjoying life much more. I have even found a couple of big cocked high school guys that I have brought home and shared with her. Life is good and the bigger the cock the better.


Rating: 85%, Read 229245 times, Posted Oct 05, 2015

Fiction | Anal, Ass to mouth, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Hardcore, Interracial, Male, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Pissing, Teen, Threesome, Virginity, Water Sports, Wife, Young


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