The Payback_(1) by MasterOf1o1

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Ted woke groggily to find that he couldn’t move. His eyes cloudy, he quickly scanned the room. He saw Jennifer across the room. She was completely naked, and seemed to be unconscious. Her arms and legs shackled. He looked at his own wrists, they were shackled, just as his ankles were. They were both against thick wooden boards. Panic began to sink in, “Where are we? What is this?” He tried to move again as he had his strength back, nothing. Jennifer began to move. Her shoulder length black hair thrashed back and forth as she struggled to move.

“Ted, what the fuck is this? What did you do to me?”

“Me? I have nothing to do with this. I’m as confused as you are.”

He began to find himself getting aroused, staring at her cleanly shaved vagina, and her voluptuous breasts. She had the body of an Amazonian warrior, lean and muscular, with the face of a cover model. She continued to struggle. Just then they heard a door open. The dimly lit room illuminated, and it looked like a basement of some sort. A…basement for torture? No, that’d be absurd, he thought. However, there were jars filled with something, tools, and several whips and chains hanging.

“Ah. You are both awake. Excellent.”

He knew that voice. Fuck. It was Nadia, his wife.

“Did you two sleep well? I’m sure you did, I have you enough tranquilizer to take down a horse.”

“Who are you? What do you want?” Shrieked Jennifer.

“Me? Oh, did Ted not tell you? I’m his wife. Alive and well…and pissed off.”

“Nadia, please. What ever you are thinking, stop it.”

“Oh Ted, relax. I am just getting started.”

“Nadia? Ted, you told me she left you. Years ago! What the actual fuck?!”

“Jennifer, listen, I can explain…”

Before he could finish, Nadia gagged him.

“That’s enough out of you. No excuses. I caught you. I have finally caught you, and I am going to make you pay. I’m going to make you both pay.”

“What are you going to do to us?” asked Jennifer, with growing concern in her voice.

Nadia approached her. She was stunning. Dark red hair, fit figure, perky breasts, and she wore a very tight black latex dress. She got close to Jennifer, right next to her ear. She smelled amazing, like spring. She whispered to Jennifer, “I’m going to have some fun. I am an entomologist. Do you know what that means? I study insects. I have a couple of friends here who haven’t eaten in days…” Jennifer’s eyes widened, her mouth dropped, “…and they like fresh meat.”

Nadia walked over to the table, she picked up bondage tape. She came back to Jennifer and smiled. “You have some amazing breasts, I wonder, how tight they can be tied.” She grabbed Jennifer’s right breast, and began to wrap the tape, incredibly tight. Too tight, it felt like it would burst. She did the same with the left one. Ted squirmed and mumbled in his gag. “Don’t worry dear, I’ll deal with you shortly.”

Within minutes, Jennifer could see her breasts changing color, veins beginning to swell. Nadia brought over a large clear container with two holes. She pushed the container onto her breasts and Jennifer screamed in against. “Oh, I am sorry, I must have measured wrong. Oh well, they are in their now, let’s make sure they stay put and can’t slip out.” She began to inflate the tubing around the two openings, tightening her breasts further.

On both sides of the clear box were two hooks. Nadia connected them to the two chains from the ceiling, and made sure the suspension was taught. She walked back over to the table and grabbed a can of fluid of some sort. “This is sugar water, with a pheromone specific to locusts. It makes them go into a frenzy, wanting to feed. It’s truly quite fascinating.”

She took a paint brush, dipped it in and began to stroke the water onto Jennifer’s breasts. “Stop, please, don’t do this. Nadia, I am so sorry…”

“Sorry?! Well then, I guess all is forgiven. I should let you go, right?”

Jennifer nodded, “Yes, I won’t tell anyone what happened here. I’ll be good.”

“Yes, you will.” She walked away after dressing her breasts. “Your turn Ted.”

She grabbed the tape again. His cock was rock hard, “Excited, are we? You won’t be for long.”

Upon her touch, he ejaculated. “Oh Ted, for shame. That needs to be punished. I didn’t say you were allowed to do that, yet.”

She quickly taped his cock at the base, extremely tight. They veins began to swell, and he saw his cock immediately begin to change color. She grabbed another clear plastic container and thrust it onto his cock. She grabbed a different can, “This has hot dog juice. It’s hot still, so if it hurts, I’m not sorry”.

She began dressing his cock with it, “You will be a feast to my meal worms. They especially love hot dogs. I’ve been feeding it to them for weeks.”

“I…I thought…I thought you’d let me go?” Jennifer said.

“Oh, honey, I’m so sorry for the misunderstanding. You’re not going anywhere. No matter how much you beg, plead, whimper, I have soundproofed this room and we are in the middle of nowhere. We go, when I’m satisfied. Just so you know, I won’t be satisfied until both of you have your genitalia destroyed by my friends.”

She grabbed a cylindrical tube. “This, well, this is going to your pussy, Jennifer. I’m going to feed it to my bullet ants. They are an incredibly fierce insect, and they are the final stage. When they bite, it feels like fire. Once you beg for the end, I will let them attack you.”

She grabbed another can and brush, “Honey, they have a sweet tooth for protein”.

She began dressing Jennifer’s labia, her clit, and was exposed by tape. Jennifer looked at Ted, and Ted to Jennifer. This was all his fault, the lying bastard, he did this to her, and now her amazing supple body will be destroyed. “Let us begin” said Nadia.

She opened the container of Jennifer’s breasts, now purple and veins throbbing, almost numbed. She poured in about a dozen locusts and closed the container. She went to Ted, and poured into the container about thousand or so meal worms. Ted watched, horrified as they immediately began to tear away at his flesh. He shook in pain, but it didn’t help. They bit hard and multiple times, feeding on him. Trying to dig through his cock. He looked at Jennifer, her face in anguish.

Jennifer looked down at her breasts, tears running down her face, watching as the locusts year her skin away. They moved quickly, in a frenzy, just as Nadia had said. Their mouths dug in deep, punching and pulling, tearing and chewing. She could hear them. Nadia laughed. “I think you need more, Jennifer.”

Nadia grabbed another container, quickly opened the lid and threw in the rest. There had to be at least fifty in there now. They were going crazy, ripping her breasts apart. Her perfect breasts, and she could only watch, in pains, as blood splattered against the container. She could barely keep her eyes open but fought it. She knew if she passed out, Nadia would apply the bullet ants, she had to stay awake and fight back the pain.

Ted was whimpering. He was as they tore into the head of his cock, some even tore into his urethra. His cock was slowly disappearing. Bit by bit, bite by bite. Nadia added more meal worms, they were very hungry. They continued to burrow into his cock, more and more. He could feel them, crawling into and through his cock. “Oh god,” he thought “if there is anything left, there will just be holes”. Nadia looked at Jennifer. “I think it is time. We have been here a while, so that there are no hard feelings, I will also apply them to Ted’s scrotum. For you, Jennifer.”

Nadia grabbed the cylinder, shoved it against her pussy, and poured in the ants. “Here they come…this is it” Jennifer thought.

She did the same to Ted. The ants moved quickly attacking his scrotum. He screamed and shook, and eventually passed out.

Ted woke, maybe hours later. Pain courses through his lower extremities, but noticed Jennifer was not across from him anymore. Where was Nadia? The door opened again. “Ted, are you awake?”

That was…Jennifer’s voice? What in the world?

“You’re probably wondering, what is going on. Let me explain. I knew you were lying to me. I knew Nadia was your wife. I wanted to hurt you, because you hurt me, you hurt her. So, we came up with a plan. Finding out she was an entomologist helped as I have always had an interest in formicophilia. So, the locusts, they were real, and felt amazing. The bullet ants, however, never came to my pussy. A rouse. Now, you, of course, got everything.”

He whimpered.

“Oh Ted, don’t worry, it will be okay…Well, not really. They did a number on your cock.”

He looked down. His cock was completely destroyed. Holes everywhere. Some burrowed all the way through. The head of his penis was torn apart, barely hanging on. He couldn’t feel his scrotum. Jennifer brought over a mirror and placed it where he can see. It was swollen. Bad.

“Nadia and I have been discussing what to do, and, we feel it is only right to let her mealworms eat more. She has thousands, you know, and they’re hungry…” Jennifer walked over to the table. Ted realized his cock is still tied tightly. She placed a larger tube onto him. He shook his head.

“I’m sorry Ted, but you did this to yourself. I must thank you though. I wouldn’t have gotten to experience such pleasure from these critters. Even right now I have cockroaches crawling inside my pussy. It feels amazing. I’ve come three times, three times more than I ever did with you.”

She walked back to the table and grabbed a large bin. “Nadia and I are going to explore some more with our sexual cravings. She’s upstairs right now letting some leeches play with her tits. Did you know how perfect her tits are? They are magnificent, and I can’t wait for her to try the locusts herself while I play with some millipedes. I want them all.” She poured in the bin the meal worms. They began feeding immediately.

“When they’re done, you’re done…Goodbye Ted.”

Jennifer turned to walk back upstairs, her naked body glistening, with her perfect ass, he looked at her. She stopped and turned around. He saw the damage done to her tits, and she smiled “don’t fight them Ted, it will only make them angrier.” She laughed, and walked upstairs. Closing the door, latching the lock, and letting him suffer in the darkness.

Rating: 27%, Read 3808 times, Posted May 31, 2019

Fiction |


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