Learning from a New Family by canadianalien

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Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Boy, Domination, Female, First Time, Girl, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Virginity, Young

I was nervous when I stood on the doorstep. This was going to be my new home, in a new city, away from everyone I knew. I didn't know what it would be like, or what I would do if I didn't like it.

I knew a little bit about the home. My foster parent was a woman in her early forties. Seven years ago she had taken in another foster kid, and recently had adopted her. She was a girl, sixteen, two years older than me.

I had just reached the age where I was becoming interested in girls, rather than avoiding them. Still, I doubted it would turn out that way with this girl.

It was the second week of summer, which meant she'd be the only person around my age I'd be likely to see. Once school started in September, I'd get a chance to meet some friends of my own.

Finally, I rang the doorbell. A few moments later a girl answered it. She was small, about my height, and had shoulder length hair, slightly curly and dark brown. She was wearing preppy American Eagle clothes, a tank top and shorts. She was very pretty, and had large innocent brown eyes.

She introduced herself as Sarah, and called for her adoptive mother Emily. Introductions and a tour took a few minutes. The house was three stories high, and had a small basement with a rec-room. The main floor had a washroom, kitchen, dining room, and living room. The second story had a mostly unused playroom, with several chests that were probably full of old toys, two bedrooms (a sparsely furnished one that would be mine, and Sarah's own dark blue room), as well as a bathroom we would share. The third floor had Emily's room, her attached bathroom, and an office.

It took me an hour to get settled, unpack my few possessions, and get everything set up. By the time I was done, Emily sent Sarah up to get me for dinner. They had left me alone while I unpacked, which I was grateful for.

After supper, we had a 'family meeting,' they explained the ground rules, (pretty standard stuff that I didn't have a problem with), and went through what to expect over the summer. Emily worked Monday to Friday for most of the day, so a lot of the time it would be just Sarah and I.

We talked about our lives a bit, and I got along well with them. Emily had been a foster kid, and of course Sarah had as well before she was adopted. I felt a sense of kinship with them.

They seemed happy that I was well behaved, and took the change so well. I went to bed early, the move having exhausted me. Before I went to bed, Sarah and Emily assured me that I would fit in well with them.

Last year, I had discovered how to masturbate. These days I did it before bed, because it helped me get to sleep. Instead of one of the fantasies I normally used, I thought about Sarah. Picturing her small, but well shaped breasts, and slim figure I got hard quickly, and had no problem blowing my load.

The first week passed quickly and I really got to know Sarah. She spent most of her time at home, so that I wouldn't be bored out of my mind. I found that we had lots in common; we enjoyed similar books, and both enjoyed video games. We had long discussions about novels that we had both read, and played against each other in Halo a few times.

I learned quickly that in addition to being pretty, Sarah was smart.

I liked Emily, she was kind, and didn't impose or try and get my life's story out of me. She knew that I'd open up in time, and respected that. It was nice to have a little space to breath.

I was in the process of falling asleep a week after I had arrived, when there was a quiet knock at my door. I opened it to the sight of Sarah, wearing a translucent nightgown. Even in the dim light, I could clearly see her nipples, as well as the outlines of her breasts. My breath slightly quickened, and a million thoughts went through my head. I had stayed up late reading, and Sarah had gone to bed an hour and a half ago. Why was she here now? And why did she look so scared?

She crept up to me. "I'm sorry to bug you, but I just had a nightmare, and well, I don't want to be alone. Thing were pretty bad before Em took me in, and sometimes it's all so scary…"

I could barely see her blush in the orange glow that leaked through my window from the lamps outside.

I was just wearing boxers, and I thought my rapidly growing erection was painfully obvious, still, I returned to my bed, and drew aside the covers for her. "Sure, I know how it can be."

She smiled at me, and climbed in next to me. She lay facing me for a while, just staring into my eyes. I didn’t really know what to look at. Uncomfortable, I turned my back on her. A minute later, when I felt her breasts press against my back, I realized she was curling up next to me. Eventually, and with that pleasant sensation, I drifted off to sleep. When I awoke, she was gone.

I didn't mention her nocturnal visit that morning at breakfast, but once Emily had left, Sarah thanked me. I told her that any time she needed to head into my room, she could. She smiled, and thanked me again. Then we went back to playing XBox together.

It was almost too excited to go to sleep that night, hoping that Sarah would come into my room. She never showed up, and eventually sleep snuck up on me.

It was two days before Sarah returned to my bed. It started much like the last time, but once she climbed in, I tentatively wrapped an arm around her. She snuggled up to me, so that my nose rested against the nape of her neck. I couldn’t help kissing it once, gently. She shivered, and moved closer to me. That's how we drifted off to sleep. When I woke up, I was again alone.

That night, I decided to masturbate after reading for a bit, figuring Sarah wouldn't come to my room again so soon. I was so focused on jerking off that I didn't even notice her come in, until she was right next to the bed. Suddenly, I was dying of embarrassment and fear.

Was she going to tell Emily? Was I going to get in trouble? I frantically tried to make excuses, but I couldn't open my mouth.

It turns out I didn't need to. She put a finger on my lips, and then crawled next to my naked body. "It's okay that you touch yourself. I do too, Em taught me how to do it. I'm really sorry to have stopped you, let me make it up to you." It was only later that I realized she was embarrassed, and that embarrassment made her ramble on like that. Still, she was as good as her word.

Before I could answer, her hands closed on my shaft, and began to stroke it, slowly, up and down, up and down. All thoughts of speaking left my body, as I got closer and closer to a climax.

As soon as I moaned out "I'm gonna come…" she grabbed a tissue, held it in front of my dick, and caught the cum in it. Then she got up, and threw it out. Before she joined me, she took off her nightgown, and then motioned for me to roll over. I still saw her naked breasts, and perfect nipples, as well as darkness that hinted at the crease between her legs. I tried to say something but she just smiled and shushed me again. I felt her warm, naked body snuggle up to my back, and with that wonderful feeling I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up naked and alone. I quickly dressed, then headed down too breakfast. Which was when Emily shared her (in my mind) excellent news. She was leaving all weekend. Someone from her work scheduled to go on an important trip had gotten sick, and she had to go instead. Was I okay spending the weekend alone with Sarah? Of course I was. Would I behave myself? Of course I would. Would I listen to what Sarah said? Definitely.

Ten minutes later she was gone. It was just Sarah and I. "So, are you really prepared to do whatever I say?" Her smile was half smirk, half nervousness. Suddenly my heart was racing. There was no misunderstanding her tone. I shook my head yes, and she smiled. "Good, lets head to my room."

I had been in her room a few times. It was nice, not at all girly. When we were in it, she wrapped her arms around me, and kissed me. I didn’t have a lot of experience kissing, and our noses almost hit. After we got everything lined up, it was nice. She nipped at my lips, and then I felt her tongue slowly enter my open mouth. I let it in, and then pressed my tongue to it. We walked backwards, towards the bed. She slowly disengaged from me. I was a bit out of breath. I had never kissed anyone that way before.

She lay back on the bed, with her hands behind her head and smiled at me. "Undress" she ordered.

Suddenly I was nervous, I know I had lay naked against her yesterday, and that she had touched me, but this was different, last time it was dark, this time she could see everything.

Slowly and hesitantly I complied. When it came time to take off my underwear, I just couldn't do it. She got up, and slowly pulled them down, until they were on the floor. Then she took a step away from me. Her mouth quirked up in a grin, “that wasn’t so hard, now was it?” she teased. I looked down. My penis had already transformed into a five-inch erection. “It looks pretty hard to me!” I shot back.

She covered her mouth as she burst into a fit of giggles. I smiled at her. My quip had helped to ease my nervousness. After she recovered, she gave my body a once over, and I felt my self-consciousness return, albeit not as strong as before. She smiled at me. “Lay down in my bed, and wait for me to get back.” Her tone was an order, and I remembered my promise. I lay down in the bed. Only Sarah’s smile kept me from being nervous.

She returned a minute later, with something hidden behind her back. “Spread your arms and legs wide, and close your eyes,” she ordered. I complied. I felt something cold and metal slide around my ankle, then a click as it locked. I was getting nervous, but I kept my eyes closed.

“When I was younger, I was obsessed with Houdini. I never though all those handcuffs would come in quite so handy though.” My breathing quickened as I felt her cuff my other leg. I was nervous, and confused but I thought I could trust Sarah not to hurt me.

Another click, and one of my wrists was trapped. I felt her breast press into my face, and then she had my final wrist secure. I was trapped. I opened my eyes, and I think Sarah was taken aback by how wild they were.

She stroked my hair with one hand, while she cupped my face with the other. “I’m not going to hurt you Will. I want to teach you about sex, but I think it will be more fun if I can do it my way.” She looked sad for a second, and then continued. “Also, I’ll feel more safe this way. I hope you can try and understand.” I nodded, and she smiled again. “Good!”

She crawled onto the bed next to me, and started to kiss me. This went on for a while, and I felt my penis harden again. If she noticed it poking her in stomach, she said nothing. Instead she kissed me thoroughly while our tongues darted between our mouths.

After a few minutes, she kissed down my neck, then down my chest. I moaned as her mouth moved closer to my waist. Before it reached there, she began to kiss back up my chest. Before I could complain her lips were locked on mine, and her lower body ground into mine. Desperate to feel more of her, I responded in kind. We continued our kiss as we frantically ground our pelvises together. I felt precum begin to ooze out of my cock.

When she broke the kiss and moved off of me, I felt her absence immediately. I had been so close to coming. I was desperate to continue, but the handcuffs held me down. I couldn’t finish until Sarah decided to let me. I opened my eyes to see Sarah kneeling on the bed above me. She was looking down at me with a smile, and a hungry expression on her face.

“I don’t like having so many layers between us, so I’d figured I’d give you a show.” My mouth went dry as she slowly took off her top. Beneath it she was wearing a plain lacy bra. She slowly reached behind herself to unhook it. Instead of letting it fall, she held onto the front for a few seconds. Finally, She replaced the cup on one breast with her hand, and then did the same with the other. The bra fell to the floor. I arched my back as she removed her hands. I didn’t merely want something to touch my throbbing cock. I needed it.

Her breasts were not large, but they were very perky. Her nipples were poking straight out. She stood up, and slowly slid her jeans down her legs, then stepped out of them, and threw them off the bed. Her panties matched her bra, a part of my brain noted dimly. She turned her back to me as she removed them, giving me a clear view of her ass. It was small and pert. As she bent down lower and lower, her pussy came into view. Because she was bent over, it was stretched open slightly, and there was no hair to get in the way of my view. I could see the wetness all around it, and I realized she was at least as turned on as I was. She bent down until her head was between her legs. Then she smiled at my open mouthed stare. Bending down further, she kissed the head of my penis once, incredibly lightly. I came within a millimetre of blowing my load right then and there, but I wasn’t quite over the edge yet.

She turned around to face me, and lowered herself on her knees. Starting at my stomach, she slowly moved up my body, dragging her pussy across it. I could feel the trail of moisture it left behind.

“Your mouth is open so wide, I may as well put something in it. I didn’t have a chance to say anything before she filled my mouth. First she pressed one breast, and then the other into it, and I eagerly licked, sucked and teased her nipples. Then she scooted up until her legs were on either side of my head. I had an amazing view of her pussy.

She brought her pussy right in front of my mouth, and then pulled its lips open with her hands. Then she began coaching me on licking it. At first she had me concentrate on licking around the edges of her slit. Then she lifted up a fold, and instructed me to lick at the nib under it. In between moans, she told me that it was a “clit” and that touching it felt amazing. I set to it with gusto, and her back arched almost instantly. She pressed her pussy harder into my face. I felt some of the cum from it dribble onto my neck and chest.

As she moaned louder, she grabbed my head, and pushed it right against her slit. “Lick... oh yes! Lick inside!” I felt her other hand right in front of my face, and I saw it frantically rubbing at her clit. Meanwhile, I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy, treating it like her mouth when we were kissing. The inside was filled with her cum, and I licked it up industriously, savouring the unusual taste.

She began rocking back and forth faster and faster, and moaning. Then she was screaming “Oh GOD, I’m coming so hard, keep licking!” Cum rushed out of her pussy and coated my face, while I felt the muscles inside of her contract around my tongue. After a few seconds the muscles relaxed. She brought her head down to my level, and began to kiss me and lick the cum off my face. After my face was clean, she kissed down my neck.

I groaned in anticipation as her kisses made their way inexorably towards my engorged penis. First she wiped the precum off of it onto her breasts, and then she kissed the very tip of it while fondling my balls. I couldn’t help myself; I arched my back, and tried to push it into her mouth. She wasn’t playing along however, and she backed off until my hips were on the bed again. As soon as they were, she took the first inch of it in her mouth.

My back arched again, and again she backed off until I stopped. Then she brought her mouth back down to continue. Clearly, this was only happening on her terms. This time she took several inches of it inside her mouth, and began to lick the underside of the head. I focused on relaxing my body and keeping still as wave after wave of pleasure rolled over me. She began to bob her head up and down, and I completely lost it. I barely had time to stammer out “I’m cuming,” before I blew my load in her mouth. She swallowed all of it.

I expected her to stop, but her head continued to bob, and her licking only became faster. My rapidly deflating dick managed to start to stand up again. Once it was fully erect, she stopped.

She kissed her way back up my body, until she was kissing my mouth again. One of her hands held my cock, while her other hand played all over our bodies. One second it was rubbing my ass, the next it was pinching one of her breasts. Through our kiss, I could feel her rapid breathing. Against my chest I could feel her pounding heart.

She held tightly onto my dick as she moved on top of me. Then she held her body still above me as she placed its tip at her opening. I moaned in excitement and my hips bucked as I felt her slit so close to the head of my cock.

She broke the kiss to quickly admonish me to stay still. Then she slowly lowered herself down on my cock. It entered her completely, and we both moaned. Her pussy gripped it tightly. I wanted to grab her and hold her tightly to me. I wanted to push in deeper, to fill her up to the brim, to lose myself inside of her.

Instead I managed to stay still as she lifted her body off of mine, and then drove it down again. But when she repeated the process again, I rose to meet her. I sank in deeper, and it felt even better, but instead of satisfying me, it only made me more desperate.

She seemed to agree, because she didn’t tell me off. She only quickened her pace. Now we were working together, parting and joining repeatedly, and doing so faster and faster. She was amazingly, deliciously tight. Her pussy squeezed my cock all over.

We pumped frantically for several minutes, and we stopped bothering to hide our heavy breathing, stopped bothering to kiss gently. When I saw her eyes, they were as wild with desire as I assumed mine to be. Sweat covered us and connected us. Lubricants leaked out of her pussy, all over me and the bed, while her breasts hit my chest repeatedly.

I felt like I was coming to a peak. Every part of my body and brain was squeezed tight, begging for release. I saw her face screw up, her eyes roll back and her moans turned to screams of delight. She forced herself down even harder, grinding me deep into the mattress. I felt her pussy contract all over my dick, and that put me over the edge. I exploded inside of her, and she screamed again, the cum giving her a second orgasm.

I couldn’t see anything, could hardly breath. My vision had gone momentarily dark as my eyes rolled back with pleasure. When the sensations finally receded, I felt her delectably sweaty and naked body rest on top of mine. My penis was still inside her when she began to kiss me, slow and tender this time.

After a few minutes she stopped, and looked at me. “Well, what would you like to do now?”

“We’re awfully sweaty. How about a shower?”

Rating: 92%, Read 237638 times, Posted Jan 03, 2013

Fiction | BDSM, Blowjob, Boy, Domination, Female, First Time, Girl, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teen Female, Virginity, Young


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