Doctor?s Sexamination Part 3 by thehorneygurl

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It had been just a day since I was living in with my doc/lover for a few days since his wife was out of town and had sent all his office assistants and servants off so that we could have all the privacy. After a night of awesome sex, on Tuesday morning, while having breakfast, he asked me to get ready but wear only the black moslim burqa along with the abaya which he had got especially for me so that my face gets covered with strict instructions not to wear anything under. While it was strange- wear a burqa but nothing under…..well a girl will just do what she is asked to do ;-)

So then, we sat in his car and we drove into proper city and there, he stopped in front of an adult store. when I looked at him confused, he asked me to stay in the car and went into the store. He was there for say about 2o mins. or maybe 30 and then he walked out with a big bag and put it in the back seat of the car and started driving. Out of curiosity, I turned and tried to see what he had got in the bag but before I could reach it, he slapped my hand away. I tried again after some time but the same result. Finally gave up trying and started enjoying the view outside and after some time, I felt something between my legs. I looked down puzzled and I saw him make a vee of his fingers trying to stroke me but without much success.

I pushed his hand away coz I was not in the mood after the way he had stopped me from seeing what was in the bag. But he persisted and I gave up trying to stop him- I was pretty hot myself. I raised myself from the seat a bit and pulled the burqua up to my waist from behind and let it stay down the front of me; giving him room to maneuver his hand and also parted my legs so he could touch me easily. Then all the way home, which was a 30 min. ride, he kept stroking me with his vee’ed hands and at times touching my clit with his thumb pad and at others, pushing his 2 fingers in and out of me till had cum all over his front seat a couple of times, or maybe more. I lost count after three. When we reached home, he asked me to make up something to eat for lunch, “make sure it is light and not too heavy or it will ruin my surprise for us” he said with a naughty and mischievous look. I shrugged and said ‘k’ so just made some sandwiches using vegetables and a bit of mayo and mustard spread.

We had lunch and after a clean-up, I was sleeping up stairs in the bed. After some time when he came to bed, I felt him slide next to me-naked- and put his hand around me on my breast- kneading, he knew I loved my boobs-and spooned me. He was pretending coz after a few minutes, I felt his cock harden and it was straining against my butt. I was also awake by now but this pretend thing was fun, so I just lay there with my eyes closed felt his cock against me. Then as if I was still sleeping, I moved my butt against him; stroking his already hard cock further and a moan escaped me. Then, I moved and turned on my back and moved my hand as if sleeping and brushed his cock and touched the head. He groaned. I gave up all pretences, looked into his eyes and said “I wanna fuck” and pulled his head towards me and started deep kissing him while he was groping my breast and pinching my tit and rolling it between his finger and thumb. I arched my body and pushed my breast into his hand and moaned out load telling him how much I loved what he did to my body. I put my hand around him and dug my nails into his back when he pulled my nipple deep into his mouth and started sucking on it.

That was when I felt something on my ass. I tried to push it away with my hand but it would not move. When I opened my eyes to look around what was irritating me, I saw Tom, his assistant naked and his gorgeous cock standing upright and begging to be sucked or taken, whichever. My eyes bulged and I pushed on my doc’s shoulders to figure what was going on but the more I pushed, the harder he sucked on my tit. Finally Tom just rolled me to my side and I could feel his finger sliding in and out of my anus and it felt cold; like he putting ice there. Then I felt him pull my ass cheeks apart and felt his head trying to take me from behind. He was HUGE. There was no other word to describe him. He surly was bigger than the doc coz I could really feel myself stretching. He moved back and then again tried to push a little in.

Meanwhile; the doc while sucking on my tit, got his hand down and he began to stroke me around my clit and pussy but took care not to touch me. Then, he was down between my legs and sucking my clit and he pushed three fingers into my wet and ready hole. I closed my eyes and arched my back and pushed my head down onto the pillow. At the same time, I felt Tom ram his cock deep into my anus, thus breaking my virginity there. I screamed out loud. Or so I thought. I felt a cock rammed deep into my mouth. I began sucking it. Then suddenly I had a cock thrusting deep into my cunt as well. I was so lost in the act of fucking, that I did not realize what was going on. I started sucking on the cock and at the same time, I was being banged up in my ass as well being pounded in my cunt. It was a heady feeling.

When I opened my eyes to see whose cock I was eating; it was the servant who had been eyeing me the few times I had come to the clinic and he was down helping the doc in his office. Quite a few times, while passing in the corridor, he had brushed against my breasts- his hand or rather his thumb instinctively finding my tit and brushing it- or had brushed, cupped and squeezed his hand against my butt at other times. Every time, I had swatted his hand away. He held my head and pushed his cock deep into my mouth and then started fucking my mouth with his cock, moving in and out with increasing speed. After some time, he came in my mouth and squirted his cum all the way down my throat. I drank it all up but some escaped and dripped down my chin and ran down my throat. He bent down, sucked it all up using his tongue and then kissed me. That’s when I felt him pass his cum into my mouth and then he kissed me deep, tasting himself on me.

The pounding went on for some time. All that you could hear was flesh slapping against flesh and the sound of heavy breathing. Then I heard myself cry out reaching my orgasm, and I also heard three other cries, confirming my doubts that indeed I had my first DP- double penetration- and I got to eat a cock at the same time. I had all my holes filled with cocks; something that I had fantasized about but never really thought in the wildest dreams it would come true. It was amazing!!! I felt so damn happy for what just had happened, I got up and deep tongued my doc and conveyed my gratitude to him for fulfilling my deepest fantasy.

I also kissed Tom and thanked him and the servant, well; I kissed him deep and was moving away when he grabbed me and pulled me against his body and ground himself against me. With his hand on my butts, pressing me against his rock hard cock; I could still feel him standing at attention. He was the same height as me, which meant when he ground against me, he was pulling my ass cheeks, and in turn my legs apart and glided the length of him between my legs, settling against my lips and stroked me a few times. Since he was curved a little bit towards the outside, his head was stroking my clit and the entrance of my cunt. The doc just laughed and moved out of the room along with the assistant and then, the next thing I know, I was on all my fours and he was pounding me doggy style. He pulled me up while he was ramming into me, caught one breast and started squeezing it and with the other hand, he began to play with my clit.

I could feel my release and I screamed out loud. He turned me and started kissing me pulling my tongue deep into his mouth and sucking on my lower lip and pulling it into his mouth as well. He kept thrusting harder and harder into me till he was ready and then he started spilling his cum into my cunt still kissing me. I was spent; I had fucked all afternoon and it was evening, so after he slipped out of me, I just laid down on the bed and went to sleep. But he still had not had his full. He started to kiss me again even though I was half asleep and fingered my clit. But it was gentle this time, and could almost feel him caress my cunt and the clit and his kiss felt more like that of a lover. I passed out feeling I was in paradise.

Rating: 56%, Read 13243 times, Posted Mar 24, 2012

Fantasy | Anal, At work, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Old Male, Written by women


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