Sexy surprise date for my girlfriend by BlackTulips

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Fantasy | Anal, Authoritarian, Bi-sexual, Black, Cheating, Coercion, Cuckold, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Interracial, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Reluctance, Romance

Its about 3pm in the afternoon and you are at work when you get a txt from me saying, I have a surprise for you tonight, meet me at this location... and I give you the address.

I send another one saying, dress as sexy as you can...

You get a little excited as you LOVE surprises and you also LOVE to dress sexily.

So on the way home you plan your outfit.

You eventually decide to wear your Nicole Miller mini skirt, with a very see through black top.

And your lacy knickers and bra underneath, with your garter belt and black stockings.

And sexy highheels.

You think to yourself, well, he did ask for sexy, so sexy is what he's gonna get!!!

You apply your makeup with skill and then stand back to admire your incredibly sexy self.

Mmmmmm, very nice indeed, you think. I'd tap that!!

You turn around and look at your ass in the mirror, and once again thank God for that beautiful ass, and turning back you scrutinise your little tiny tits, if you look closely you can see your nipples through the two fabrics, and the bra pulls your boobs up nicely.

Thats also pretty damn sexy you think.

Now moving on to your face you ponder... the face of an angel, with the mind of a little demon!!

You see a wicked little look in your eye, and smile to yourself.

You feel bulletproof in your attractiveness, and so excited about our date.

You get in your car and drive to the address I've given you.

Its in a very posh part of town, a massive old home down a quiet street, with large trees out front.

You check the number, and then you see my car outside and think, well this must be it.

You wander down the path to the large front door and knock the big brass knocker.

After a long wait when you begin to wonder if there is anyone here, the door opens and you are greeted by a tall, black as the ace of spades, African woman. She is very slender, and very tall, and very beautiful.

She is wearing a yellow short dress, with what looks like nothing else on underneath, you immediatly feel a surge of attraction for her that goes from your heart right down to your clit. Your pussy tingles. And she smiles a little as you stare into each others eyes.

Hi, she says, you must be Phoebe.

Yes, you say.

Come with me...

She takes you by the hand and closes the door.

She leads you down a short corridor into the main room, there is a large staircase leading up, and a smaller one leading down.

She says, wait here.

You sit on a red velvet chair, and wait as she wanders off through a door to your left.

She is gone for a while and as you sit there the house is so quiet.

Except, you listen hard, and yes, you can vaguely hear a sound...

What is that?

Its almost like, groaning.

You listen more, and yes, it is, someone groaning like they are having sex...

As you listen the groaning gets a bit faster and louder, although still very hard to hear. It must be far away in the house.

And then the groaner really picks it up and you can definitely hear it now.

Wow, someones having a good time you think.

Where has Jack brought me???

Hold on, is that Jack I can hear???

Those groans sound familiar.

A flash of electric feeling passes through you, is he having sex without me?

What is going on?

But before you can think another thought, your beautiful black guide reappears and cuts your focus.

Phoebe. Come with me.

You get up and she once again takes your hand as she leads you up the stairs.

You forget about the noises and instead watch her bottom as she climbs the stairs, her twin globes moving from side to side with each step.

You could just reach out and touch... lift up that skirt to see what is underneath...

But you dont.

At the top of the stairs you are led to large double doors.

They open onto a room with many candles and as your eyes take it all in, you see a large bed in the middle.

This room is very opulent, just like the rest of the house, beautiful paintings on the walls, and amazing furniture everywhere, and the bed, the bed is incredible.

A four poster with carved wood and so many pillows.

Wow, you think.

She leads you over to the bed and says, hop up on there and make yourself comfortable.

So you do.

And then she slides up next to you, and catches your eye, and slowly reaches out and strokes your arm.

Phoebe, she says in her thick African accent, you are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.

I want to kiss you.

You think, Jack wouldn't like this, but he did organise it... and before you can complete the thought, she leans in and you feel her soft lips on yours.

She softly softly kisses you, and you melt.

Its a beautiful kiss.

Her little tongue softly explores you, and you return it.

And before you know it your hand reaches up and cups her breast.

You feel a hard nipple, and you push your thumb up against it.

She moans, yes baby, I like that.

She reaches for your thigh, and you open your legs involuntarily, your pussy wants touch.

Her hand strokes up your thigh, up under your skirt, right up the sensitive inner flesh and you love it.

Your hand squeezes her boob, and she responds by stroking her hand onto your pussy.

Aaaaaaahhh, you love it!!!

Your pussy wants more!!

But she is soft and slow.

And so you relax into the pleasure.

Soon her fingers are delicately stroking the edge of your knickers, and pulling them, and trying to get inside.

You move so she has better access, and open your legs a bit more.

By now your hand has gone inside her dress and onto her naked boob.

It is soft, and delicious.

She pulls your knickers to the side, and gently touches your hairless pussy.

You are so wet!!

So wet.

Her fingers slip along your lips and you feel another surge go through you.

The beautifully soft touch of a woman, delicate and knowing.

You kiss her with a passion and she slips a finger inside you, which goes in so easily as you are so ready.

And you push into it.

Aaaaaahhh, you love it.

Just then there is a sound in the room.

Your black lover girl stops, and says, Manfred, is that you?

YES. A deep booming voice says.

She turns and you see in the dim light a massive black man.


Yes your lover says, she is, nice and wet!!


He comes over and takes your hand.

You stand up.

And he proceeds to take off your mini skirt, and then your knickers, slowly sliding them down over your legs, leaving your garter and stockings.

He then slowly pulls off your top, leaving your bra.


You look up into his eyes, and see his lust for you.

Without thinking your hand reaches out towards his cock, and finds a massive thick hard shaft in his pants.

Wow!! Thats big!!!! You think.

And it feels hot as you wrap your hand over it.


He takes your hand and turns and leads you from the room.

As you follow him down another corridor, you can feel your pussy lips slide against each other, you are so wet, and engorged.

Your pussy is too big to fit easily between your legs, and each step squishes it around.

You feel so sexy, holding this big black mans large hand, in your heels, and little else, his hand swallows your small one.

As he leads you, you can hear the groans again.

And you are getting closer to them.

Here we go, you think.

Another door is opened and then the groans stop as you enter.

You look around the room, its hard to see in the dim light, and then you see me.

I am naked, and another black man is holding me close from behind.

His hand is on my cock and we are standing up together, his chest on my back, his arm reaching around.

He continues to slowly stroke my cock and you can see it is very slippery and wet, and very hard.

The head sicks out of his grip, and you can see the familiar plum red knob, your personal cock, forever yours, looking sexy as hell in his grasp. My balls fall beneath, pink and heavy.

You feel a surge of wetness in your cunt.

Manfred brings you closer, you lock eyes with me and see my lust, my sexed up face looking back.

With a large black hand on your naked ass, his finger edging into your crack, guiding you forward you come closer.

And closer.

Until you are right up next to me.

Large Manfred is standing behind you now, one hand on your ass, and the other guiding your hand towards my balls.

You gently clasp them and watch my eyes soften.

You squeeze hard and I groan.

He likes that, you say.

And then the hand on your hand guides you down further, down beneath my balls.

Its getting wet down there as your hand goes further, and then you feel it.

A hard cock buried in my ass.

Its so wet and you think is that precum?

He begins to slide his dick in and out of me, and my eyes close.

I groan again.

You feel the other mans balls and pull them upwards and he thrusts into me.

I gasp, and groan.

Then his cock pulls down again and you feel around it, its wet and thick, very thick.

You wonder how I got it inside me, then you wonder how long I've been here working up to this thick cock.

All of a sudden you feel another naked cock on your ass crack.

You reach behind and grab it, wow, now this one is bigger, fucking big!!!

Actually, huge.

And you are filled with lust, your pussy spasms with need.

I want that in me, you say.

Fuck me with that black cock!!

You pull it down and fit it into your hole, you slide it around to get it wet, and then slowly impale yourself on his massive dick.

The knob pops into you, and you gasp!

Whoa! Its a big one.

You take you time and gripping it firmly slowly work it into you.

Meanwhile you are feeling the other cock go into me.

Sliding in so easily, and you can also feel his hand on my hard cock, pumping it up and down.

Squeezing the shaft to pump the head so full and hard.

My cock is leaking precome all over your wrist, everything is getting really wet.

And then your have him inside you.

You can t believe it you are so full.

So full of hard black cock.

You reach behind him and feel his muscley ass, and pull him into you.

He gets the idea and starts to pump.

He pulls out, and pumps in, pulls out, and pumps in again.

You push back.

You are dissolving into sexland, his hand moves to your clit, and gently rubs it.

You are building up to coming, and you start to moan like only you can moan, louder and louder.



Yes!!! you say.

Yes!!!! Fuck me!!!

Fuck me harder!!!

And I am getting so turned by you getting fucked - and you by me getting fucked.

The groans get louder and louder, and then we are all yelling and screaming and grunting and groaning as loud as we can.

All four of us.

We seem to all be building to an orgasm.

All together.

And then the thrusts synchronise together, one four bodied animal thrusting in unison.

Thrust, thrust, thrust.

And the black men start to come.

Ahhhhhhhh they yell together.

And they come.

His cock pumps semen into your pussy, and you can feel it spasm inside you.

And you can also feel my black lovers cock spasming as it pumps my ass full of come.

Two black cocks squirting into each of us.

Flexing as they come hard into us.

And then me and you come.

Uh, Uh, Uh , Uh, Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh....

We yell and groan and I start to thrash and jerk around as I do when I come hard.

My come hits you in the belly, squirt after squirt of hot thick come splashing onto your skin.

And you come, down onto that massive cock inside you that has just filled you with so much white hot come it is dripping out of you.

Your pussy spasms fast, your asshole spasms too, you are coming hard.

Your legs start to shake and you are held up by your black lover as your muscles go limp.

Your are coming on his cock, all limp, and impaled deep, stretched to the max, completely filled.


Rating: 79%, Read 23279 times, Posted May 05, 2011

Fantasy | Anal, Authoritarian, Bi-sexual, Black, Cheating, Coercion, Cuckold, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, Group Sex, Interracial, Lesbian, Male, Masturbation, Reluctance, Romance


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