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Fiction | Anal, Asian, Cum Swallowing, Drug, Female, Hardcore, Lesbian

My wife is an attractive Asian woman in her mid 40s. With long black silky hair and deep brown eyes and a smile that would stop any man in his tracks, she is so beautiful. She stands 5 feet 2 inches tall, and weighs 125 pounds. She has a 34 inch chest and a firm little ass. After having two children she still looks great.

When it came to sex she had all the right parts and they were all in great shape for use. She found religion many years ago and she became very vary conservative in bed. For her it was straight sex only. She never wanted to try anything or anyone new. To her sex any other way was dirty and disgusting. It took 10 years for her to become comfortable giving me a blow job.

After 15 years of being married to her I was quickly becoming bored with our sex life. Some times when she would have a few glasses of wine she would loosen up enough so I could get some very sexy pictures of her.

I began to surf the internet looking for what I was missing in our own bed. I found the usual free porno sites with sexy models doing all kinds of strange things. These sites only fueled my sexual hunger and gave me no satisfaction. I began to search for amateur and swinger sites. I found an amateur site with women of all sizes, shapes, and description. After paying a small fee I was able to access the hard core section, leave comments, and even vote for who I thought was best looking. I read more and more of the captions and comments that came with the pictures. I found some people were looking to get together with other people and couples, some just wanted to trade pictures. After visiting this site many times and doing a lot of reading I got so turned on, that I began to leave comments. One day I left my e-mail address with one of the comments. Two days later to my surprise I got an email reply. The husband of a very beautiful woman was asking me if I had any pictures to trade. I had the pictures of my wife that I had never shown to anyone. I thought about it for a day or two and then I emailed him back. I sent some old pictures with no faces with the email. The next day I received another email from him with more pictures. I continued to trade pictures with him and I began to trade with others. Everybody, men and women loved the pictures of my wife and they sent pictures to me. Trading pictures and emails kept me so turned on that I kept looking for more people to trade with.

I began to trade with a couple, the wife was also Asian and very, very beautiful. We were both very shy and didn’t show each other our faces. After a month of trading we decided to trust each other enough to show everything, including faces. I sent an email with 6 pictures. The next day I got a new email from them with 8 pictures attached. The email read.

Hi Jim

We loved your pictures. We think we know who you are. Is your

wife’s name Patty Kim?

A great wave of fear washed over me as I read my wife’s name. My wife didn’t know that I was trading her pictures, and now someone knew who I was. Someone who knew my wife and could call her anytime. What was I going to do? I looked at the pictures and the faces in the pictures they had sent me. I thought They looked familiar, but I didn’t know who they were. I very carefully thought about what to say in my reply, or should I reply. I didn’t know what I should do. I typed out a reply and said.


Yes my wife is Patty Kim. Who are you? Please don’t tell my wife about the pictures.

The next day I got another email.


We are Fred and Sandy Winston. Sandy and your wife were good

friends when you were in California two years ago. Sandy talks to your

wife about once a month.

We said we won’t tell anyone. So we will not tell her either. Why

Didn’t you send more pictures? Your wife is beautiful.

We didn’t know that you and your wife were that open about sex.

Would you and your wife like to get together for some fun and a sex

Filled weekend?

After I remembered them I sent them an email and explained about my wife’s sexual hang-ups. I said that I would love to get together but my wife would go nuts if I even suggested it. I didn’t get another email from them for about 4 days. Fred said they both understood and asked just how much I would like to get together. He included three pictures, one was a picture of Sandy in a very sexy black lace Bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. My cock got real hard and strained against my pants. She looked so sexy and she had a look on her face that said please fuck me. The second picture was a close up shot of her beautiful firm, bare tits. She had perfect little brown nipples which looked hard and stood straight out. The third picture was another close up, it was Sandy’s pussy. Legs spread wide open with her holding her full looking pussy lips open to expose her very wet opening. By this time I was so horny that I had to do something. After jerking off three times I felt good enough to go back to my computer. I sent a simple reply

What do you have in mind?

The next day I got another email, Fred asked if I would be willing to put something in my wife’s wine if they came to visit? He also asked if I had instant messenger, we could chat in real time. I added him to my contacts list. An hour later a message popped up on my computer, Fred is on instant messenger.

I went to my messenger and found Fred waiting for me. I told Fred that even with my wife’s sexual hang-ups and my boredom I still loved my wife and wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. He replied that he had some little blue pills that would make her real drunk and vary cooperative, and the next day she wouldn’t remember anything. He said if she did remember anything it would be like a vary vague and sexy dream.

For an hour we planned and worked out the details until we were ready.

The next day I held my breath in fear as my wife took a call from Sandy. It seemed like they talked for ever before they hung up. When they were done talking my wife came to me and informed me that Sandy and her husband Fred would be coming for the weekend. They were looking to get away from home and thought they would come and visit. I asked when? She said they would be here two weeks from Friday, at about 6pm. I acted a little put off and asked her what we were going to do while they were here. She didn’t know but said we will take the somewhere. I shook my head as I walked away. I went to my computer and sent Fred a short message. SHE BAUGHT IT.

Two weeks later I had everything set up for the weekend. Friday came and the closer it got to 6pm the harder it was to control myself. My wife had dinner almost ready when the doorbell rang. We opened the door and invited Fred and Sandy in. Fred stood about 6 ft tall with a slim body, and brown hair. Sandy was so beautiful standing there in tight blue jeans and T-shirt, with a vary petite little body, shoulder length black hair and a flawless round face. I held the door open as they passed. My wife wasn’t looking when Sandy passed me. With a sly little smile she reached over and gave the bulge in my pants a little rub. Fred handed my wife a bottle of wine and suggested that we have some with dinner. Sandy helped my wife in the kitchen while Fred and I stayed in the living room. He handed me a little blue pill and told me to drop it in her wine during dinner. I confirmed that everything was ready. During dinner Sandy got up and walked around the table and distracted my wife Patty. While distracted I quickly dropped the pill in my wife’s wine. We made sure that my wife had another glass of wine during dinner. After dinner Fred pulled another bottle of wine from his gym bag. While Sandy and Patty did dishes and cleaned the kitchen. I told Patty that we were going out to the pool and suggested they join us when they were done. Fred brought his gym bag and we went out.

Soon my wife and Sandy came out to join us. I could see that the pill had already started to have an effect on my wife. When my wife sat down she leaned over a little and stuck her finger up and made a circular motion, that is some strong wine and I feel drunk. We all laughed and passed her another glass of wine.

Sandy said that is a nice pool then asked if we could all go swimming. I am afraid we didn’t bring our bathing suits she said, can we swim in our under ware. Vary drunkenly my wife said sure. Fred and Sandy got up and began to take their clothes off. In seconds Fred had his blue jeans and shirt off. Sandy pulled her T-shirt up over her head and off to reveal a plain white cotton bra and some very hard nipples that were trying to break through. My cock was straining in my pants. Soon Sandy had unbuttoned, unzipped and was sliding her jeans down past her knees. Her perfect little ass was pointing in my direction as she bent over to slide her jeans to her ankles and the floor. When she stood up the plain white cotton bra and panties didn’t look that sexy. Her incredible body almost made me scream as I struggled to control myself and my sexual hunger. My wife just sat there and watched without saying a word. Fred and Sandy jumped into the water as I took off my clothes to join them. I dove into the water and swam and splashed around with them. I looked over at my wife to see her as she sat there and stared straight ahead. I could tell that she was completely out of it.

I nudged Fred and pointed to patty. He smiled and said that’s all folks. He slipped his under ware off as he climbed out of the pool. He threw them to the side as he turned he exposed his 10 inch cock. It had to be at least 2 inch in diameter and even though I am not into sex with men I must admit I was impressed. He quickly walked over to the lounge chairs, removed the cushions and made a bed on the deck. Sandy swam over to me and started to rub my cock as she whispered, are you ready? Fred picked up his gym bag and pulled two cameras out, both were digital and looked expensive. He set one on the picnic table and pointed it in the direction of the bed he had made as he turned to us and said ready.

Sandy and I climbed out of the pool and the plain white cotton bra and panties had turned nearly transparent now that they were wet. Her perfect little nipples were now clearly visible and a small patch of black fur could be seen through her wet panties over a very tasty looking brown crack between her shapely legs. Her panties clung to her belly, pussy and ass revealing her crack all the way around in a way that was beyond description. She turned and gave me the most sensual kiss of my life. Come with me she said as she took my hand and lead me over to my wife. We each held out a hand to her and told her to come with us. In a zombie like state she took our hands and stood up. Sandy led her to the bed made of cushions. Fred continued to take pictures as Sandy kneeled in front of Patty and I stood behind her. Slowly Sandy unzipped Patty’s pants and began to slide them down. I lifted her shirt to expose the lacy white bra that she wore. When her pants fell to the floor around her ankles Sandy reached up to the waistband of Patty’s white lace panties. As she slowly slid the panties down over her thighs and past the knees she kissed and licked Patty’s belly and then down to her pussy. Sandy’s lips and tongue worked their way into Patty’s clean shaven crack as I unhooked her bra and slid it off her shoulders down her arms and off over her hands. Sandy stopped licking and picked one leg up at a time and removed Patty’s pants and panties from around her ankles. We threw the clothes into a corner and pushed her down to her knees. Now the fun begins said Sandy. Fred adjusted the video camera and then placed his camera on the picnic table. With his big cock swinging back and forth he walked over in front of Patty and Sandy kneeled in front of me. Fred reached down with one hand and held his cock up to my wife’s mouth, and with the other he reached out and held the back of her head. Sandy grabbed the waistband of my briefs and with a quick tug pulled them down around my ankles. She reached over to me and pulled my cock down and into her warm, wet waiting mouth. I herd Fred tell my wife “suck my cock bitch”. Without hesitation she opened her mouth, moved her head forward and put the tip of his huge cock in her mouth. At that moment I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye, the camera had been set on a timer and had just taken a picture of Fred and I getting our cocks sucked. Sandy sucked like a pro, I looked over to see something that I couldn’t believe. My wife had her hands on Fred’s Cock and was slowly taking it deeper into her mouth and down her throat. Without realizing it I had started to move my hips and sliding my cock in and out of Sandy’s mouth. One of her hands got tighter on my cock and the other began to massage my balls. I got so excited watching my wife and having this incredibly beautiful woman sucking on me that I began to build to an explosion. Before I could erupt Sandy pulled my cock out of her mouth and gripped even tighter. Not yet she said. She held a tight grip on my cock until she knew that the pressure in me had subsided. I looked at my wife again and she was still sucking like there was no tomorrow. Fred was sliding his tube steak in and out of her mouth and his pace was getting faster. Sandy stood up and turned her back to me, will you unhook me, and feel free to have some fun. With one hand I unhooked her bra. I then slid my hands under her bra straps and slid her bra off her shoulders and I let it drop to the floor. As I helped her slip the bra off I ran my hands down her chest and on to her firm up turned tits. Her tits were smooth and soft to the touch, her nipples were hard. She stood there while I gently massaged her tits and squeezed her nipples.

I herd a low groan coming from Fred. When I looked over I could see that my wife had only the head of his cock in her mouth. His head was tipped back and with a low powerful groan he was shooting a load in her mouth. I could see his cum starting to leak out of the corner of her mouth. Swallow it I told her! Suddenly my attention was drawn back to Sandy. She put her thumbs into the waistband of her soaked wet panties and began to slide them down. While she was sliding her panties down, she bent over and leaned back a little, grinding her sweet ass into my groin. When she stepped out of her panties I put one hand on her back to hold her in that position. A little gasp escaped from her lips as I reached around and slid two fingers into her hot wet love machine. In a whisper she told me to keep going, don’t stop now. She leaned forward and put her hands on to a near by chair and lifted her right leg and put it on to the chair also. This exposed he sweet little ass and pussy and gave me access to both. I took my fingers out of her pussy and used that hand to aim my dick at her vary wet love tunnel. Slowly I moved the head of my cock past the boundary and into her. I met no resistance as I slid in as far as I could go. She matched my rhythm as I moved in and out of her. As I pushed in she was loose and easy, but she was vary tight as I pulled back. It felt like she was milking my cock for my seed and her pleasure. It didn’t take long before my balls began to swell and my cock ached. She could feel the rising in me as well as I could. Her passion was also growing as we both pushed and pounded harder and harder against each other. She reached between her legs and gently took hold of and massaged my aching balls. With a final thrust we slammed our bodies together and began spasm. I’m cummmmmmmmmming she squealed as we held tight together. Soon my cum painted the inside of her and our juices mingled. Her pussy juice began to run out of her, covering my balls and running down her leg.

By this time Fred had my wife on her back on the bed he had made. He had been watching us with a smile and was beginning to press his hard cock against my wife’s pussy. He had fingered her a few times and she was getting wet. He slowly pushed his way in, and her wet cunt swallowed his 10 inches like her pussy was made for him. Fred smiled and asked me, do you want to get in on the other end? Sandy pulled herself off my wilting cock and said let me have her first. Would you take some pictures for us? I picked up the camera and began to take pictures of Fred, his cock and my wife. Then I saw Sandy move around to my wife’s head, she spread her legs a little and then squatted over my wife’s face. Lick it clean she said to my wife, don’t miss a drop. Patty began to lick and suck Sandy’s pussy. Sandy reached down with one hand to spread he pussy lips and open her dripping hole. She pressed her hand to her belly to force my cum out of her cunt. My sticky load dropped out onto my wife’s face and into her waiting mouth as she licked her lips and quickly swallowed every drop. Fred was slowly pumping his cock in and, out, Sandy began rocking her body back and forth, rubbing her clit into my wife’s face. I got in close with the camera and was excited to see Patty’s tongue licking Sandy’s pussy and asshole. As I watched I could see my wife’s tongue even enter deep into Sandy’s asshole. I placed the camera on the table, adjusted the direction and set the timer. As Sandy rocked back and forth on my wife’s face I moved in front of Sandy and she instantly took my cock in to her mouth. With Fred pumping my wife’s cunt, Sandy rocking and sucking, and I pumping Sandy’s face the camera flashed.

Fred began to push harder and faster until he stopped and pushed hard and deep into my wife’s cunt. I could hear my wife gasp as he made that final thrust and released his load. He pulled his cock out, rolled over and laid down beside us. Sandy pulled her head back and asked me to get the camera. I went to the table and picked up the camera. When I turned around I saw Sandy had leaned forward and lay on top of my wife. She had her head between my wife’s legs and was licking and sucking her in a 69. I could see Sandy working first two then three and even four fingers into my wife’s cunt. Sandy kept licking as she moved around and came at my wife from between he legs. Fred and I saw what was happening and we each grabbed one my wife’s legs. We spread them wide and pulled them up and back to roll her hips up to give Sandy better access to her pussy.

When Sandy finished Fred looked at me, she won’t be awake much longer. If there is anything that you want to do to her you should do it now. We rolled Patty over and got her on to all fours again. I moved up behind her and Sandy lay down in front with her legs spread open. Sandy reached out with both hands and grabbed Patty’s head. She pulled it hard into her waiting well worked, wet gash. Lick me baby, lick me she told my wife. I stroked my meat a few times to get it good and hard. I spread Patty’s ass cheeks and worked my middle finger into her tight virgin asshole. I felt her asshole tighten and pucker as I pushed in to the first knuckle. It felt like she was still resisting. With slow steady pressure I pushed my finger as far as I could. I could feel her anal muscles tighten and loosen as I began to move it in and out. I worked anis with my finger until I could feel her start to relax. Without missing a stroke I pushed another finger in beside the first one and pushed them in all the way, she tightened immediately. I continued to work her very tight little hole until she relaxed again.

I looked up to see Sandy holding my wife’s head and pulling her face deep into her hot snatch. I went back to work on the tight little ass that was around my fingers. I began to feel her anal muscles relax as I continued the in and out motion with my fingers.

I got ready and in to position, and on the back stroke I pulled my fingers all the way out. When I saw her asshole begin to close I put the head of my cock up to her closing brown eye and I pushed. The head got in before she tightened up again, but I was already in. Sandy was moving her hips and grinding her wet twat into my wife’s face. She was enjoying the licking that she was getting. Her head was tipped back and turning from side to side as she roughly squeezed her tits together and pinched her nipples. She began a bucking frenzy and was getting close to a massive orgasm. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhhhhh her breathing was rapid and shallow as she panted. I’m, I’m, I’m cummmmmingggg she squealed and moaned as her orgasm began to wash over her. With a hard thrust I buried my cock in my wife’s ass. She lunged forward into Sandy’s cunt with force enough to send Sandy over the edge. Sandy let out a loud scream as she blew her juices all over my wife’s face. Sandy continued to moan as she rubbed her wet clit into my wife face while she bucked like a wild animal.

I began to pound my wife’s ass. After several minutes Sandy came down from her orgasm and slid out from under Patty’s face. I was still pumping that tight ass like crazy when I felt her start to limp. She fell forward with my forward thrust and didn’t move. I checked her pulse and she was ok, just passed out. Fred asked are you finished? I looked down at my wife’s ass, grabbed her cheeks, spread them open and pushed my cock back in. I began to start pumping again and continued until I shot my hot load deep in her bowels.

I pulled my wilting cock out and moved to the side. I reached over and spread my wife’s cheeks again and Fred moved in to position to get a close up picture of the cum beginning to run out of her stretched out butt hole.

Sandy said, Ill help you get her cleaned up and into bed. I carried my wife into the house and into the bathroom. I put her down in the bath tub. Sandy said ill start washing her up while you find something to flush her out with. I looked around and the only thing I found was a turkey baster. When I entered the bathroom holding the turkey baster Sandy laughed. That looks like fun, is it for her or me? Sandy was still naked and bent over with her legs spread and her ass sticking up into the air while she was giving my wife a bath. I grabbed my wife’s legs and spread them wide as Sandy pushed the turkey baster up into my wife’s pussy. She squeezed the bulb a few times and pulled it out. A mixture of warm water and cum gushed out of my wife’s cunt and down the drain as Sandy inserted two fingers into her pussy. Sandy refilled the baster and I pulled my wife’s legs up and back farther to lift her hips and expose her ass hole. With a smile on her face Sandy shoved the baster up my wife’s ass. She pushed it in all the way and pulled it back a few times in a fucking motion before she squeezed the bulb again. Water, shit and a load of cum poured out of her ass as Sandy pulled the baster out. We flushed her asshole out again before we dried her off. We carried her into the bedroom where we put her panties and night gown on her and tucked her into bed.

Sandy turned to me, bent over, kissed the head of my dick and gave it a few quick sucks. She laid down on the bed next to my wife, pulled her knees to her chest and spread he legs. Her beautiful pink pussy with swollen lips and her tight looking little brown eye were exposed and ready for use. Do you want to eat or fuck, just pick a hole? My cum was just about spent but with her beautifully exposed bottom staring at me I rose to the occasion. I moved in and began to kiss and lick her crack. Give me your cock she whispered with a slight moan. I climbed onto the bed and put one knee on each side of her head. She grabbed my meat and guided it into her mouth and began to suck. Once more I put my head between her legs and began to lick and suck. She quivered as I moved my tongue over her clit, and slid it into her sweet little hole. Her sucking got harder and faster as I continued to licked her clit and probed her hole with my tongue. I was getting into it as she worked my cock. I began to push my cock harder and deeper in and out of her mouth. The harder she sucked, the harder I licked. Soon my cock was sliding in and out of her throat and my tongue was no longer working on just her pussy. I was licking and probing her pussy and asshole. Ohhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhh, Immmmmmm. She never finished what she started to say, as a massive orgasm came over her body. Her whole body shook as wave after wave of orgasm hit her body. I continued to pump my cock in and out until I blew a small wad into her mouth and down her throat. When we regained our senses we saw Fred standing in the door with his camera and a big smile.

We went back out to the pool and cleaned everything up. We picked up the seat cushions, all the wet and dry clothes, the wine bottles and glasses. Soon everything was all cleaned up and put away.

We took all the cameras to my computer to down load everything. We were all surprised to see that we had over two hundred photos, and an hour and a half of video movies. Soon everything was downloaded and copied. We made two copies, one for Fred and Sandy and one for me.

Fred, Sandy and I all got into the shower. We washed ourselves and each other. We would have had more fun, but none of us had the energy. We dried off and went to our own beds.

The next morning when we were all up and semi awake, my wife looked like shit. She looked totally hung over. When we were alone I asked her how she was feeling? I am sore all over she said, my head, back, knees, jaw, and even my bottom is sore. What happened last night? I had a dream, I don’t really remember it but my dream seems like it was a vary sexual. I told her that she had way too much to drink, and when I put her to bed she was vary horny. Did I do anything wrong last night she asked? No honey I said, you didn’t do anything wrong. I almost choked as I struggled to keep from smiling.

We all recovered that day and considered doing it all again that night but none of us had the energy.

The next morning Fred and Sandy packed everything back into their car. As we said our goodbyes Sandy whispered into my ear, next time you come to our place.

Rating: 67%, Read 91232 times, Posted Mar 07, 2005

Fiction | Anal, Asian, Cum Swallowing, Drug, Female, Hardcore, Lesbian


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