Gym Glory Pt. 3 by Invective

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Fiction | Bi-sexual, Boy, First Time, Gay

I crossed the streets, paying attention to the directions from

Mapquest that I held in my hands. I arrived a short time later

in front of a large Victorian style house. I took a deep breath,

walked up the front steps, and raing the doorbell. I looked

through the window next to the door and saw Davy jogging

to the door. He opened it, and when he saw it was me he

smiled so big I thought his dimple would implode.

"Hi, James. I see you've thought about this." He motioned into

the hallway and I stepped into his house. I looked around,

seeing the modern art that covered the walls. "I didn't think

I had feelings for guys either..but then I met you." Davy looked

to me and the tips of his ears turned bright red, followed by his


I looked down and mumbled, "Same here. I always thought I

was strictly straight." I looked up and he stepped towards me.

And then his mouth was on mine, his tongue gliding along my lips.

I parted them slightly so he could explore my mouth. Davy's tongue

played with mine, and I found my hand reaching behind his body,

running down his back and resting on his toned butt.

We kissed awhile longer, until he broke away and led me to a staircase.

"First one up has to suck the other off." He grinned devilishly and I stood

in shock at the base of the stairs while he slowly went up the stairs. He

knew I'd never been a fast runner, and he also knew I'd never done anything

with a guy. I tripped stepping up the first stair. I crawled up until I was equal

with him and we raced to the top step. He won.

My heart couldn't have been beating faster. He took my hand and pulled

me down the corridor, into what I think was his room. He laid me gently

on his bed and I sat up, looking into his green eyes. I gasped as Davy

set his hand on my crotch, and he moved his hand away to my stomach.

He crawled over me, pushing me to the bed and kissing my neck. He

pulled off my shirt over my head, and continued kissing down my body,

around my stomach and across my pant-line. I was breathing fast,

so was he, his warm breath over my skin. He unbuttoned my pants

and I saw him go red. He unzipped my pants, sliding them off carefully

and slowly. My back arched as he gently touched the outline of my penis

through my briefs. He stroked it softly.

"Holy shit," I muttered. "You sure you haven't done this before?"

He blushed harder, and shook his head no.

"I just watched a lot of gay porn. So I know stuff." He looked to the wall,

avoiding my gaze. I burst out laughing. He smiled and went back to

what he was doing. Gently, he pulled my breifs down, just enough

so my dick could slide out. His eyes widened and I reddened.

I never thought of myself as big, really. More just average. I was

about 7 inches soft, and around 8 and a half hard. But I hadn't seen

a whole lot of other guys's junk, so I didn't really know.

Davy stroked down the side of my length, and I shivered with ecstasy.

He lowered his head over the head of my dick and licked it once. I clenched

my hands. He did it again and this time all the way up my shaft. He lowered

his head all the way so the first quarter of my dick was in his mouth.

He bobbed gently, and I felt him sucking. He choked trying to get all 8

and some inches in my mouth. He backed up a bit and kept sucking and

licking. He accidentally grazed his teeth over the top and bucked my hips.

He held them and pushed them back up to where I was fucking his mouth.

I couldn't take it any longer.

"Davy, I'm about to c-" My words were cut off as my load burst out of my dick.

Some of it landed in Davy's mouth, but he pulled away and it squirted onto

his chest and the sheets. I laid back when I was finished, breathing heavily.

He swallowed what had landed in his mouth and he made a face of disgust.

"I don't get what all the fuss is about. That shit is nasty." I laughed. and he

laughed too, lightening the mood. I sat up and looked at him.

"Ready for round two?" I asked, not really sure if I was ready. He looked nervous.

"Not yet. I think I've had enough for one day." He said. I was almost relieved.

"It was that bad?" I asked, faking hurt. He smiled and kissed me, soft and full.

He pulled back and threw my shirt at me.

"You" He said. And laughed. I dressed and walked out of his


"Oh, do you need some help cleaning up..that?" I smiled sheepishly.

"Nah." he said. "I got it." He turned around so I went down the stairs

and out the front door.

As I walked home, I thought about tomorrow and what it could bring.

If it was anything like today, I might just like the end of school.


I walked home in the dark, my thoughts drifting from my current girlfriend,

to Davy, to school, but really mostly to Davy. I couldn't wait until tomorrow.

Spending the whole day with him and a few kids would be great. I stopped

and chuckled. 'Don't go soft on yourself' I thought to myself.

I had trouble getting to sleep that night, but when I did fall asleep I ended

up dreaming about what went on that day. Soon my dream ended and

I went back to nothingness.


:) I've worked hard on this.

Soon to be pt. 4.

Rating: 89%, Read 22321 times, Posted Dec 15, 2010

Fiction | Bi-sexual, Boy, First Time, Gay


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