Size Does Matter by Exakta66

Rating: 79%, Read 28631 times, Posted Apr 04, 2010

Poem | Erotica, Romance

Size Does Matter

Size does matter, if you're a car,

A bigger engine will take you real far,

Size does matter that's understood,

When we're talking about what's under the hood,

You need lots of power to make those tires squeal,

But when we're talking about women it's a whole other deal,

Because size matters when racing on a track,

But in the bedroom it's the motion in your back,

Because in a hotrod, you better have a big block,

But to a woman, it's how you use your cock,

Because in the bedroom it isn't a race,

To put that look of delight on her face,

Because in a car you need a big engine for motion,

But in romance, it's love and devotion,

So where size matters on a drag strip,

In love it's a whole other trip,

In a car it's how fast you can go,

But in the bedroom, you best take it slow,

It's no race to cross the finish line,

Take it slow and you'll do just fine,

So remember you're a man not a car,

Do things right and you will be her star,

Because it doesn't take power and speed,

To satisfy a woman's every need,

Be honest and kind and tell her no lies,

And you'll be the man to win first prize,

Too much worry about the size of your tool,

Only makes you look like a fool,

So if you don't learn to do what you can,

She might go out and find another man,

Because size may matter for spinning your tires,

But it takes a real man to satisfy a woman's desires,

And if you can't do it she'll go out and find,

Another man who's loving and kind,

While you're all alone worrying about size,

She'll be out with some other guys,

Who may not do as well on the drag strip,

But got your woman doing a flip,

So size may help you racing on the streets,

But it ain't gonna help you between the sheets.


Rating: 79%, Read 28631 times, Posted Apr 04, 2010

Poem | Erotica, Romance


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