Late Night Sleepover by horny+fox

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It's been a long Friday night, Tracy had anchored the 6 and 10pm news casts leaving the station at 11pm. Not wanting to drive home, she went to my Fort Worth penthouse to sleepover. My penthouse is ten blocks from the station and she got the key from the doorman. She is perfectly happy standing under the warm water, letting it cascade over her body, its' warmth soothing the muscles and washing the stress of the night away. As the night's events started to fade away, other methods of releasing stress start to fill her mind. Filling her palm with body wash, she slides her hands down her naked torso, enjoying the feel of her hardening nipples, the curves of her skin slippery with soap. A noise behind her draws her attention, and startles her, she turns towards it, finding me smiling at me from around the shower door.

" I didn't know you were coming over?" I asked. " I got off at 11 after the 10pm news cast. I didn't want to drive home so I came here." She replied. " Can I join you?" I grin. " Absolutely." Reaching out to me as I step into the shower, her hand lands on my muscled, chest before sliding around to my back as we pull each other closer. My large and heavy cock is hardening, pushing against her belly, she smiles as I slide a hand to the side of her neck to pull her into a kiss. It's not just a basic kiss; it's a dance of lips, tongues, and teeth. Tracy gently sucks my full bottom lip into her mouth, nibbling on it before giving me her tongue to play with using my tongue. Within minutes, she is weak kneed holding onto me, keeping herself upright and wanting me close to her.

Tracy reaches down, the soap that hasn't been washed from her body yet making a quick slide to my cock. She wraps her fingers around my shaft, smiling against my mouth as she hears my breath catch, and stroking the length of me. Tracy wants me as weak kneed as I have made her. I pull away from the kiss, leaning against the wall, she reaches down with her other hand so both hands are stroking me, one focusing on the shaft while the other plays around the head. She leans into me to trace her tongue up the pulse in my neck, inhaling my warm masculine smell.

She feels my hand fisting in her hair, pulling it. Surprised, she opens her mouth to protest as her head is pulled back, she never has a chance as my mouth meets hers. Where the first kiss was gentle, slow burn, this is fiery heat. As I thrust my tongue into her mouth, Tracy has no doubt that I want her as much as she wants me. As suddenly as it started, it stops with me breaking the kiss and turning her so her back is against my chest. One of my hands caresses and then cups one of her breasts as the other slides down her body to her pussy. She moans as my fingers slid between her lips, flicking over her clit before slipping inside her. Laying her head back against my shoulder, my mouth takes the opportunity to work its magic over the sensitive side of her neck. Leaning against me to remain standing, she reaches behind her so she can wrap her fingers around my hard cock again.

The fingers playing with her nipple seem to be keeping a rhythm with the hand that is furiously finger fucking her while flicking the thumb over her clit. Her hips have a mind of their own as they work to meet the thrusts of my fingers. Going crazy in her desire for me, Tracy finally pulls away to turn to me and kissing me, pushing me against the wall. Sliding down to kneel on the floor of the shower, she wraps her fingers around my cock and smiles up at me before sliding her tongue around the head, eliciting a moan. She repeats the motion with her tongue, stroking me with one hand while the other reaches out to caress my balls, keeping eye contact with me. When she lightly draws the tip of her tongue down my shaft, she hears me sigh.

" Are you teasing me?" I ask softly. With her tongue swirling around the head of my cock, she does not say anything, instead she cups my balls. When she hears the mixture of frustration and want in my groan, she decides I had enough teasing and engulfs the head of my cock into her mouth, sucking deep, using her tongue around the head as she moves my cock in and out of her mouth. Her movements are seductive, she sucks my cock down as far as she can go, feeling my head at the back of her throat, massaging my balls with her hand. Increasing pressure with her hand that's stroking my cock, she sucks harder, moving her tongue around my cock rapidly, as her head bounces up and down on my cock.

The jerking of my cock lets her know of my impending orgasm, and she continues to stroke me with her hand tight around my shaft as she sits up. She slips her other arm under her breasts to hold them up for me to cum on. She looks up at me. " I want you to cum for me. I want to feel you cum on my tits." Apparently, those are the magic words a moment later, she feels my hot cum landing on her breasts and slowly sliding down to her nipples, accompanied by a loud guttural groan from me. As I slump against the wall for a moment, she takes the opportunity to look down at her cum covered breasts, amazed at the amount that covers them. Swiping a finger over one nipple, she scoops up some cum and touches it to her tongue.

She wiggles her eyebrows comically. " Mmmm...cream filling." With a grin, I pull her to her feet, and let my gaze wander down to take in the view of her cum covered breasts. " I like the way that looks." I look a little while longer before washing it away and leaning down to give her a kiss. She pushes her soft, curvaceous body against my hard, body one as the kiss deepens, and again, she feels me start to harden against her. Tracy breaks the kiss in surprise. " Already?" My mouth takes the opportunity to kiss and nibble on her neck again. " I may be over fifty," I replied. Any snappy remarks that she may have are lost as my mouth finds hers again for a deep kiss just before I pull away to turn her around. " What do you have in mind?" She tries to sound light and flirtatious, but her voice comes out breathless.

" I want to be inside you" is my only response as I bend her slightly at the waist and spread her legs with one resting on the chair. She does not have time to brace against the wall as I slide all the way inside her in one stroke, the extreme wetness making it easy for my hard, thick cock to slide inside her very tight pussy. We both groan with the incredible feeling when I start thrusting in and out of her. Reaching back to me, she steadies herself with a hand on my hip as the other hand is up against the wall her forehead rested against. I pull her back against me so that she is standing straighter, thrusting harder and deeper in and out of her, and I slide my hand down to her clit, rubbing the throbbing little nub.

Never having been a woman who can climax from intercourse or for that matter, while standing up she is surprised when an orgasm rips through her, leaving her limp. The continual thrusting keeps the orgasm going long after it begins, and she leans up against the wall to keep herself from falling. " Oh, God, your cock feels so good inside me," She manages as the orgasm starts to subside, relishing in the feeling of feeling all of me within her tight walls.

She feels another wave of orgasms ripping through her and screams. At the same time, she feels my cock jerking inside her and hears me groan as I cum, filling her up. Within minutes, she feels my cum sliding around inside her, and as I soften and pull out, my cum mixed with her wetness starts to slide out of her and down her legs. Our heavy breathing and the water of the shower are the soundtrack to the silence after cumming. After a minute, she forces herself to turn on shaky legs to face me. Pulling her close to me, I whisper " I'm not done with you yet."

WE go into the bedroom, I come up behind her. Tracy feels my breath on her neck. She smells my scent. I run my hands through her wet hair and over her back. I bend her over the bed sliding my hands over her hips, then over her ass, loving every curve of her beautiful wet body. I flip her hair to the side kissing the side of her face and down the gentle curve of her soft neck. My hands linger on her hips. My crotch grinds hard into her ass. Tracy feels me growing hard again through the towels between us; turn on from having my hands on her body and by all the dirty talk about what I want to do to her and her body running through my head.

My hands run up her hips to her breasts, grabbing the towel and yanking it down. My hands touching her bare flesh again as I run my hands up her sides and over the curve of her breasts. I feel her nipples harden against my fingers, desperately wanting to be fondled and pinched. I run my hands over her naked back. I shudder at how soft her skin is. My hands glide back up her back, resting on her shoulders massaging her tender skin. My hands run up her neck, into her hair, before sliding down her arms. Starting at the base of her neck, I kiss down her back and down to her tailbone. I reach around, running my hands up her soft stomach and over her beautiful tits. Her hard nipples graze against the palms of my hands... Tracy feels my cock throbbing against her ass. I run one hand over the curve of her ass, while the other hand remains on her chest, massaging her tits.

I kiss down her back, over her tailbone... running soft kisses over her ass. I grab her hips with both my hands and kiss down her crack. I flick my tongue; the tip just grazes her pussy. I spread her cheeks, getting better access. Tracy feels my tongue run up along the length of her slit. Her juices slide down my tongue. I moan...She tastes really good. I slide a finger up her slit, gathering her wetness bringing my fingers to my mouth. I love her taste. Tracy feels me undo my towel letting it drop down to my ankles. I run my throbbing cock over her ass. My skin is so hot it feels like it will burn. I tease her slit; running the head of my cock up and down, wetting the tip with her juices. I grab her hips hard and slowly slide my cock inside her again. Her lips spread around my rock hard cock. I whimper as I slide all the way in. I thrust in and out, slowly at first...gaining speed with each stroke. One hand leaves her hips sliding down her tummy to her clit.

I groan as my throbbing cock slams in and out of her dripping pussy. I can't contain my moans and groans. My body is no longer under my control as I slams inside her. It's a body possessed. The room is filled with the sound of my body hammering into hers. I reach around with one hand, grabbing her swinging tits. " Oh, fuck" I say, " your pussy feels so fucking good!!!" Her juices slide down my balls and down the inside of my legs. I readjust my grip on her hips and when she thought she couldn't be fucked any harder, I start slamming her harder and deeper... My cock throbbing and jerking. I'm so close to exploding and shooting my cum so deep inside her pussy...My moans become animalistic. Both our bodies are on fire. I fantasize about shooting my cum deep inside her pussy...I think about pulling out and cumming all over her beautiful tits...I think about pulling out and sliding my cock in her mouth, cumming in her mouth, shooting my big load down her throat.

Tracy feels my cock growing thicker, spreading her tight pussy wider. My cock fills every inch of her... fucking her as hard as I can... Sweat sliding down my muscular chest. My body turning beet red; ready to explode at any minute...Until finally, I cry out, like a warrior cry and exploding inside her. My warm hot cum shoots deep inside her, washing over the walls of her pussy and cervix, filling her up completely...Her orgasm rips through her body and her pussy clamps down on my cock like a vise, milking every last drop from me. Both of us slide to the floor, in a sweaty, tangled mess. Neither of us able to catch our breathes, kissing her gently. Tracy slides a hand down the side of my face, rubbing the pad of her thumb over my bottom lip before leaning in again to brush her lips over mine. " Ready to rest?" I ask softly.

Rating: 71%, Read 13630 times, Posted Jun 18, 2014

Fantasy |


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