Giving Tilly Some Fresh Excitement by stifflittlepoints

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The house was really quiet since my daughter went off to college a couple months ago. My wife died in an accident when our daughter was only a toddler, so I had raised her on my own all these years. We got a pretty nice settlement from the accident and bought a little ranch in the country. On the back 10 acres, I kept a couple of horses for the occasional trail ride but mostly because my daughter loved taking care of them. Right across the fence was a neighbor's house, which was accessible from the next road over.

In this house lived a pretty girl named Tilly. Tilly also loved horses but didn't have any of her own, so it wasn't unusual for her to wander over whenever she saw my daughter out working or grooming the horses. She was probably not more than a young teenager when she first started coming over, which would make her about 14 now . . . maybe older.

As I mentioned, Tilly was a very attractive girl, with wavy blond hair and big blue eyes. Her body was trim and fit and looked fantastic in a swimsuit. I knew this because she had a swimming pool in her backyard and I had seen her out there dozens of times. A few times, she even slipped on her sandals and came over to see what we were doing with the horses, still wearing only her skin tight swimsuit. With her beautiful face and great little ass, I always knew she would grow up to be a knockout.

I hadn't really seen much of Tilly since my daughter left for school. I would occasionally see her in her yard when I was out with the horses, and we would exchange waves and hellos, but I guess she didn't feel comfortable coming over without my daughter around. With hunting season approaching, I decided to move my deer stand from the woods to a tree on the back of the horse pasture. There had been an overabundance of deer the past few years and I had been noticing them hanging out in the horse pasture a lot lately.

One evening later that week, I had gotten home around 10pm and gone out back to feed the horses. They of course were not happy that I was late with their dinner. I heard some noises in the woods off to the side and decided to climb up in the deer stand to see if the deer were coming through the pasture. As I was sitting quietly and looking around, I noticed several lights still on behind me at Tilly's house. I guess since there was no house behind them, they didn't have any of the window coverings closed and I could see her parents sitting in front of the TV monitor in the living room. The window of the next room over was also lit up and I could see a bed on the wall opposite the window with a frilly comforter neatly spread out across it and a dresser to its right with a mirror on it. It looked like a girl's room, so I assumed it was Tilly's. She wasn't in it, so I only felt a little devilish . . . studying her room and imagining her lying in her bed . . . naked.

I hadn't noticed the frosted little window just past her bedroom window until I saw someone moving through the obscured glass. It had to be a bathroom, as high as it was. I saw flesh colored movements several more times until Tilly suddenly appeared from the bathroom into her bedroom. She had a red towel wrapped around her body which covered her from her chest to just below her ass. I knew I wasn't seeing that bright red in the bathroom window, so that must have been her naked skin. My mind was telling me that I should stop looking and climb down, but my body and growing cock wouldn't move.

She sat down on her bed, facing the mirror and began brushing through her wet hair. After a few minutes, she went back into the bathroom. Again, my brain was telling me it was time to go, but my now fully erect cock was telling me to stay until she came back into the room. And was I ever glad I did. Tilly finally turned off the bathroom light and returned to her bedroom. Her hair was dried now and she still had her towel on . . . as she pulled some clothes out of the dresser drawers.

My mouth dropped open as she spun around and let her towel drop to the floor. It happened in a split second, but I saw her entire naked body before she sat down on her bed. I was seeing her from the side and couldn't remember her having such beautiful tits before. They were small, almost pair shaped . . .but sure enough, from the side I could see her right nipple sticking up from her chest . . . atop a “handful mound of flesh”. She had beautiful tits, but no bush below.

I kept watching, waiting for her to do something, then I realized she was looking at herself in the mirror. First she sat up straight, pushing her chest out as far as she could, then she laid back on her elbows and tilted her head from side to side before opening her legs. I cursed the fact that I could only see her from the side as I felt my cock pressing against the inside of my pants. She admired her body another minute or two, then sat back up and leaned over, placing her feet into her panties, one foot at a time, and pulling them up.

When they reached her thighs, she rolled back, lifting her bare ass off the bed and pulling her panties the rest of the way up. After that, she found her nightgown and dropped it over her head, then put her arms in and let it fall over her body. She stood up and did a little dance (I presumed she had music playing), then walked over to the door and turned off the light. I could just barely make her out as she made her way back to the bed and climbed in. I watched until she got all covered up and stopped moving, then went back inside my own house and jerked off, imagining myself lying on her bed with her sitting up on top of me, brushing through damp hair while she rocked her hips up and down with my cock stuffed high up inside her.

The next time I saw Tilly in her backyard, I called her over to the fence and asked why she hadn't been over in so long. "The horses miss having you around," I told her. "You know . . . you can come over and ride anytime you want."

"Really?" she asked. "I didn't know if you would want me over without your daughter being here. I miss them too."

She seemed genuinely happy that she could be around the horses again. In fact, she came over not 30 minutes later, while I was still in the barn messing around. She went to both stalls and talked to each of the horses while she stroked them with her hand. It was a sweet site to watch, especially since she was wearing a pair of tight blue-jean shorts and a bare midriff crop top.

"You can saddle one up if you want to ride," I suggested.

"Can I just ride bareback?" she asked. "I'm just going to stay right around here."

"If you want," I agreed, walking over and helping her put a bit in the horse’s mouth for the reigns. She walked the horse out of the barn and when she stopped, I locked my fingers down low for her to step into . . . on her way up onto the horse's back. She was facing me and put her left foot in my hands, then spun around and threw her right leg over the horse as I lifted her up.

I watched her tight little butt as it passed right in front of my face and tried not to moan. She looked down at me smiling as she thanked me and I once again imagined her looking down at me . . . as she rocked against my cock. She started off in a slow walk away from me, and her ass gently bounced up and down on the horse's back, making me wish I was that horse.

I went back to what I was doing for a while, but couldn't help but think about Tilly out there in tight shorts with her legs spread open on top of my horse. I walked out to where I could see her and as I watched, I wondered how a girl could not help but get turned on riding bareback. Maybe it was wishful thinking, but it seemed like she was intentionally rubbing her pussy against the horse's spine with every stride. When she turned to come back toward me, I could swear she seemed to try to sit more still as she rode. I walked out to meet her to make sure she didn't need anything (but really . . . just to see her up close again on that horse).

"Do you hunt out here?" she asked as she got close. She was looking toward my deer stand as she asked.

"Not yet," I replied. "But maybe this fall."

"You better not shoot the horses", she warned me with a grin.

"I'll try not to", I said, trying to get a good look between her legs . . . without her seeing me, just on the off chance that she was getting her jollies on my horse.

"Can I get in the stand?" she asked, turning the horse towards it . . . before I could answer. I followed on foot.

"Sure, if you want to,” I replied.

Tilly slid down the side of the horse until her feet hit the ground, then handed me the reigns and went to the bottom of the ladder. I watched her sweet little ass sway from side to side as she climbed, moving closer . . . so I was almost looking straight up at her. Her shorts did look a lot darker up between her legs, but that could have been the shadows, or where the seams come together, but I hoped it was wet from her pussy . . . being rubbed up against my big horse.

She sat down at the top and looked around, commenting on how different everything looked from up that high. She looked around behind her and noticed her house. "Wow, I can see in my room from up here."

"Oh yeah," I said. "Which one is yours?" She looked down at me with a big smile on her face. "Why do you want to know?" she teased.

"Just curious," I said. "You brought it up."

She looked back at the house and pointed. "It's the one to the right of the patio," she answered. "But you better not sit up here and watch me . . . now that you know," she warned with a playful grin.

"I wouldn't do that," I said, grinning back. "Besides, what would I see if I did?" I asked, already knowing.

"You'd be bored, I promise," she replied with a quick wink.

"Oh, I doubt that," I said, wishing I hadn't . . . as the words were coming out of my mouth. She gasped in surprise, then grinned bigger. "What do you mean by that?" she asked, looking straight into my eyes.

"Nothing," I said, feeling myself blush. "It just sounded like you were putting yourself down, and I was disagreeing." She sensed my uneasiness but pursued the conversation more. "Disagreeing about what?"

"That someone would be bored watching you," I said. "You're a very attractive girl, and guys don't get bored watching pretty girls."

She was grinning from ear to ear . . . hearing the compliment. "Why do I feel like you're going to be watching me . . . from up here . . . from now on?"

"I never said that," I said defensively. "And we better change the conversation before it gets even more naughty."

She laughed at me, and started climbing down. I stood at the bottom of the ladder and watched her ass come closer and closer. She looked down and caught me inspecting her body, but chose to ignore it.

"I'd better get home," she announced. "You want me to put the horse up?"

"No," I said, "I'll do it for you."

"OK, thanks", she replied. "I'll come over tomorrow and brush him out for you. I know I'm not supposed to ride . . . without doing some chores. Your daughter taught me that."

I began walking the horse back to the barn, but turned and watched Tilly climb up and over the split-rail fence as I walked. Once on the other side, she looked back at me and gave me a smile and a wave before jogging to the back door and going inside.

I kind of felt weird about our conversation and hoped she didn't tell her parents about it. On the other hand, she didn't seem weirded out about it one bit. In fact, she sorta seemed to enjoy it. The more I thought about her, the more my cock itched. I finally pulled it out right there in the barn and jerked off, pretending it was her hand doing the pulling . . . while I unzipped her tight shorts and maneuvered my hand inside her panties, cupping her warm, wet pussy. I started cumming as I imagined my finger slipping inside her tight, silky hole, and I could almost hear her yelp in delightful surprise. That teen girl really had a way of turning me on.

That night I had an urge to go check on the horses and elected to bring along an old pair of binoculars with me. It just so happened that it was the same time of night that I saw Tilly through her window a few nights earlier. I barely looked in on the horses when I saw that her bedroom light was on, and instead . . . went right up into the deer stand. I sat sideways across the seat, looking back at her empty bedroom. Her bathroom light was on, so I waited patiently waited until she came out.

She performed her usual routine, sitting on the bed, wrapped in a towel, and brushing through her wet hair while she looked at herself in the mirror. When she rose to go dry her tresses, she hesitated and looked out the window before she went back into the bathroom. When she re-entered the room a few minutes later, she went right to the glass and cupped her hands around her eyes and tried to see outside. I knew I was hidden in the darkness and there was no way she could see me, but it still seemed as if she were looking right at me. She went back to her bed and sat facing her mirror again.

She checked the window one more time before she let her towel drop down to her waist. I was seeing her from the side, but that didn't stop my cock from rising. I held onto it through my pants as she leaned up and grabbed a bottle from her dresser. I picked up my binoculars and focused in on her naked body. She poured some of its contents into her hand and began rubbing it on her opposite arm, then switched hands and did the other arm. She started rubbing some on her flat belly, and checked the window before she rubbed some of the lotion on her breasts. Even from across her backyard, (thanks to the field glasses) I could tell her nipples responded to what I surmised was the liquid, and became fully erect.

She stood up and held her towel at her hips so it didn't fall off. She turned on a little lamp next to her bed, then walked to her door and turned off the bright overhead lights. It was a lot dimmer in her room, but I could still see her! She let her towel fall to the floor . . . as she sort of rolled naked onto her bed. She sat up against her headboard, facing me, and poured some more lotion in her hand. Her sexy legs were flat out in front of her, and she kept them close together. She pulled her left knee up and crossed her foot over to the other side of her right leg, seemingly being careful about keeping her thighs together and occasionally checking her window.

My cock was throbbing and I let it out of my pants at this point. After coating her left leg with lotion, she repeated the exercise on the other leg. When she finished, she put both legs out flat in front of her again, then filled her hand with lotion one more time. She stared at the window for what seemed like a long time, then finally opened her legs and slowly rubbed lotion between them. Between her hand and the dim light to her side, I couldn't make out much, but I knew what she was doing and started pulling on my cock . . . as I watched.

She continued to rub on her pussy for a minute or so, but kept looking at the window and seemed to be too nervous to really enjoy herself. She looked kind of mechanical instead of someone masturbating. She finally chickened out and reached over to turn off the lamp. I kept watching, but it was pretty dark. Every once in a while I would see movement that made me think her knees were pulled up and her legs were parted. I finished jerking off, shooting my load out into the night, hoping that she was in there getting herself off too.

The next morning, Tilly came over as soon as she saw me walking out to the barn, just like she promised she would. I immediately got a little turned on when she got close and I could see how tight her black shorts were. They were made of that shiny slick looking really thin material, and she was wearing it skin tight. In fact, so tight that she had a bit of a "camel toe" working, revealing the form of her young pussy inside her shorts. Her top was yellow with thin straps over her shoulders and stopped a couple inches short of meeting the top of her shorts. In other words, she looked really hot and I guessed she dressed that way just for me.

We made small talk while I cleaned up the storage room and she brushed out one of the horses. I kept stealing glances at her firm young ass when she had her back to me. Her shorts were pulled all the way up between her cheeks as far as she could get them, and I couldn't see any hint of panty lines. My cock wanted to rise to attention when I began to wonder if she were wearing any underwear at all, but I kept pushing it back down. After a few minutes, I couldn't stand it anymore and I had to go out to where she was.

I used the horse as an excuse, and stood next to her as she leaned over brushing the horse's lower half. I ran my hand down the horse's side. "You're doing a good job," I told her.

"Thanks," she replied, looking up at me with a smile. Her top was loose and hanging down. At that point, it was confirmed that she wasn't wearing a bra. I could see both of her budding breasts hanging from her chest. She noticed that I was looking down her top and stood up. "I should probably dress more appropriately . . . if I'm going to be around horses, huh?" she asked as she adjusted her shirt, with a big smile on her face.

"I love the way you're dressed," I responded, risking sounding like the perv I actually was.

She grinned, "You wouldn't rather me be in jeans and boots?"

"To begin with . . . you would look cute in anything," I said, patting her upper arm. "Might as well show it off."

"Am I showing it off?" she asked as she began to blush. She turned her back to me and resumed brushing the horse.

"Not really," I said, knowing that she was. "I probably shouldn't even be looking at you . . . like that."

She looked back at me over her nearly bare shoulder. "It doesn't hurt to look," and not caring that I noticed or not, her focus was now on my erect cock that was pushing out the front of my jeans.

I stepped up right behind her and ran my hands up and down her arms. "That's why I like you. You seem much more mature than most girls your age."

She leaned back against me. "Awe, thanks", she said, crossing her arms and grabbing my hands with hers. She pulled them across her body, forcing me to give her a hug from behind. I felt her firm butt pressing up against me . . . just below my crotch as I held her and rubbed my hands across her arms.

"You have great skin, too," I added. "Do you use lotion on them or something?"

She pulled away from me and turned around to face me, just as my cock was getting big enough for her to fully feel it. "Why would you ask that?" she queried.

I shrugged my shoulders. "Just curious. Am I right? Do you use lotion on your body?"

"I thought we were just talking about my arms?" she clarified, holding back a grin.

"I like the thought of you rubbing lotion . . . all over your whole body . . . much better," I said, knowing that was going to sound really almost naughty. She turned back to the horse. "Have you been up in your deer stand lately?" she asked, almost hopefully.

"Are you trying to change the subject?" I probed. She shrugged her shoulders and didn't answer. "Actually I have," I admitted. "Sometimes I sit up there at see the animals come out."

"So did you see anything?" she asked, not looking back.

"Yeah, actually I did," I replied. "I saw something pretty interesting. Maybe I'll try again tonight . . . when the moon's brighter. It was a little dark to see much last night."

Tilly half glanced back at me. She knew what we were talking about . . . but didn't want to admit it. "Maybe so," was all she said. Changing the subject, she said: "I think he's ready for me to ride him."

I knew she was talking about the horse, but I wished she had been talking about me. I grabbed the halter off the wall and put it on the horse while she put the brush away. We met back beside the horse and she was waiting for me to put my hands down for her to step into. Instead, I reached down and swooped her up in my arms, with one arm behind her back and the other behind her thighs. She screamed in delight as I swung her up onto the horse's bare back, letting my hand slide up her leg and across one butt cheek.

I gave her a quick pat on the top of her butt for good measure before I walked to the front of the horse and handed her the reigns. She couldn't stop grinning at me until she was out the double doors and into the field. I was so turned on . . . that I didn't want to wait until she left . . . to jerk off. I stood behind a stack of hay bales just inside the doors and let my cock out. Tilly stayed close to the barn again since she was riding bareback, so she noticed me watching her. When she came toward the barn, I was imagining that it was me she was bouncing up and down on with her legs spread out like that. She was actually looking right at me when I started cumming. I tried not to let it show on my face, but I don't know how good of a job I did. She turned before reaching the barn, then looked back again, seeing me at an angle through the open doors. My cock was still hanging out and dripping with cum. I tried to press it up against the hay, but by the way she did a double take and then smiled, I think she may have seen it. And that was OK with me.

Later, I was eagerly awaiting her arrival from the bathroom that night. I had my legs hanging off the side of the deer stand with my cock already out when she finally emerged, hair wet and wearing a towel. She went across the room and I thought she was going to turn off the lights already, but instead she appeared to be checking the lock on her door. She let her towel drop to the floor as she walked back across the room, glancing at her window and smiling, knowing that I was out here watching her.

She stood in profile and brushed through her wet hair in front of her mirror while my cock began to rise and I gently squeezed it as encouragement. She broke her routine this night by not going back into her bathroom to dry her hair. Instead she crawled up into the middle of her bed on her knees and, with her back to me, squatted down onto her feet. I was seeing her cute round ass with her toes sticking out from beneath it and wondered what she was going to do in that position.

She looked back over her shoulder at the window for a second, then turned back around and moved one hand in front of herself while she propped herself up with the other. I could only see the elbow of the arm in front of her, and it was moving slowly up and down. Soon her hips were rocking in time with her elbow and I knew she was rubbing her sweet wet pussy. I was holding onto my cock, which was fully erect now, and watched as her feet slipped out from under her butt to each side of her hips. Her ass was flat on the bed now and she began to lie back, keeping her legs doubled under at her sides.

Her head rolled all the way back until she could see the window, and she smiled before lying flat and facing the ceiling. Now I could plainly see her one hand planted firmly between her legs and she was definitely working it. I didn't even notice her other hand move until she brought her hair brush up with it and positioned the handle between her legs. She held onto the head of the brush with both hands and was rubbing it up and down her pussy. When the angle of the brush began to fall away from me, I knew she must have been putting it inside her tight little pussy.

I was jerking myself off now, trying to stay in rhythm with her hands, but she was picking up speed fast. Within a minute she was pushing her hips up off the bed with her feet and rolling her head back again, only not to look in my direction, but with her eyes closed and mouth open. I knew that look on her face and started cumming along with her, hearing my wads hitting the dry leaves on the ground below me after a slight delay while they fell. The moment she was finished, she rolled off the bed and scampered off into the bathroom without bothering to acknowledge me through her window. It looked almost like she was embarrassed.

The next day I bought her a little present and put it in the barn . . . until she came over again. When I saw her out in her backyard that afternoon, I motioned for her to come over. She met me in the barn a few minutes later and seemed a little nervous. I hoped she wasn't regretting giving me a show last night.

"Hey, I was thinking about you last night while I was up in the stand and realized I hadn't got you a birthday present yet," I said.

"It's not my birthday," she advised me with a sheepish grin.

"Oh . . . well when was it?" I asked.

"About three months ago," she said.

"Yeah, and I forgot to give you your present", I explained as I picked a brown bag up from the table and handed it to her. "You turned . . . what . . . fifteen?"

"Uh, huh", she said as she grinned like it really was her birthday and pulled out the contents. Her face went blank when she saw the long plastic device. "Oh my God! Is this what I think it is?" she asked, looking around to make sure nobody was looking.

"It's a massager," I explained. "What did you think it was?"

She was silent for a few seconds. "The same," she replied in a serious tone, as she inspected its flesh color and obvious phallic shape.

"Here, let me show you how to turn it on", I said as I took it from her hand. I twisted the blunt end and it began to vibrate and hum in my hand. I stepped up right in front of her body and pressed it up against the middle of her back, rubbing it up and down. "See, when you have a spot that is aching, or itching, or anything else, you just press this up against it . . . and it makes it feel so much better."

She was looking up at me and almost rolling eyes in disbelief. I moved it further down, pointing the rounded tip just below the small of her back over her tight black denim shorts. "It doesn't even have to be your back," I said as I moved it down between her butt cheeks. "Just put it wherever it feels good."

She giggled and pulled my arm from around her. "Ok, I get the idea." The thing was still vibrating as I held it between us and I let it rest between her young tits. I let if fall to one side over the small protrusion that I knew was her stiff nipple.

She giggled again.

"Now that tickles," she said, grabbing my hand and pulling it down a little off her chest. It was still resting against her ribs and I let it continue down her front side, centering it on her belly (which was exposed as usual). I stopped it at her belly button and maneuvered it around like I was trying to stick it inside her shorts. She let go of my hand and just continued to watch my face . . . while I played around with it.

I was looking down at it, and occasionally glancing up at her pretty face as I moved it down to the top of her shorts. There was a tie string at the top of the garment and three small brass buttons that ran down with the last one right above her hidden pussy. I ran it passed the string until it buzzed against the first button. I checked her face and she grinned, so I continued to the second one. When she didn't try to stop me, I let the vibrator buzz against the lowest button.

She was watching me with a serious face, almost daring me to go farther. When I took the assumed dare and moved it lower, she grabbed my hand again, but not before I managed to get the tip of it down to where her pubis curves . . . under between her legs. I was pressing it against the beginning of her slit and holding it tight as she timidly tried to push my hand back.

"Or I guess you could even use it . . . right here," I stated.

She wasn't trying to push my hand back any more. I sensed it was more for show than to actually make me stop. She giggled nervously and quickly gave up and just held onto the back of my hand while I started to slide it up and down between her legs. I felt my cock begin to press against the inside of my own shorts.

"I don't know if this is doing anything for you, but it's making me horny as hell", I told her. She flashed a bashful smile and shrugged her shoulders. "Imagine how it would feel . . . if you didn't have those thick denim shorts on," I suggested . . . hopefully.

She raised her eyebrows and grinned as the idea rattled in her mind. Her silence indicated to me that she wasn't completely opposed to the idea. With the vibrator still in one hand, I picked her up at the waist and set her on some nearby hay bales that were stacked three high. When I pulled on the string at the top of her shorts, she put her hand on mine. "Wait," she said.

I didn't want her to think about it, but just go with her animal instincts. I began to push her top button back through the buttonhole. "I'll just run it over the top of your panties," I said as the button popped through.

Her hand was still on top of mine as I worked on the second button. "I don't think so," she said, as the second button released and the front of her shorts began to spread open.

"We'll stop whenever you want," I tried to convince her . . . as I began to push the last button free. She looked back at the barn doors and I wasn't sure if she was making sure that nobody was around or if she was thinking about jumping down and running. With her shorts open all the way down to her pubis, I still didn't see the top of her panties. I grabbed her shorts on both sides and began pulling them down. She still seemed nervous, but lifted her ass anyway to help me. Her bald pussy lips instantly came into view. "Where are your panties?" I asked.

"That's what I was trying to tell you," she said. "I didn't put any on today when I came over."

"I like you more and more every day," I said . . . as I pulled her shorts all the way off. "Is that why you like to ride bareback so much?"

She was actually blushing a little. "I was wondering if you would ever figure that out," she admitted.

I picked the vibrator back up and began at her belly button again. She was still sitting upright and keeping her legs together. My cock was making a pretty good tent of the front of my pants at this point, and she did notice it, with a smile on her face . . . as she reached out and briefly touched my hidden shaft with her fingertips. I moved it down to the beginning of her slit and slowly moved it up and down, getting deeper and deeper between her legs each time. She finally opened her legs a little, and I pressed my body up against her knees, making her open them farther and farther as I stepped up closer.

Now her pink clit was sticking out between her pussy lips and I concentrated the end of the vibrator on it, sliding it up and down and moving it around in a circular motion over it. I felt her legs tighten against my hips as she rocked back a little. When I moved the end of the vibrator down between her lips and over the opening of her vagina, she dropped back onto her elbows, finally getting a little more comfortable with the situation.

I could see the inner lips of her pussy glistening with moisture, and the tip of the vibrator slid inside her just an inch or so. I moved it around in circles, trying to stretch out her tight little hole before I pushed it in another inch. She reached down and pulled on my hand, indicating for me to pull it out. Even before it was out . . . she was moving my hand up, making the vibrator slide against her clit again.

The vibrator brought some of her pussy juice up with it and coated her clit immediately with the slippery stuff. She laid all the way onto her back and moaned, still holding onto the back of my hand. I took my free hand and guided her teen hand to the other side of the vibrator, and we held onto it together for a few seconds while she began to guide where she wanted it and how hard she wanted it against her. I began to let my hands fall away while she took full control.

I hated to see her vagina being ignored, so I began to play with the opening with my middle finger, sliding it in just a little and moving it around. Since she couldn't see me anymore, I used my other hand to quietly unzip my pants and pull my stiff cock out. She was rocking her hips as she massaged her clit with the vibrator and I had my finger all the way inside her within a few more seconds. I began to gently rub my shaft with my other hand, holding the tip of it just far enough away from her pussy that she didn't feel it.

She was getting more and more into it and tried to lift her legs higher, but finding nowhere to plant her feet, so she let them drop back down. I was more than happy to help her out, and grabbed the back of her knees with both hands, lifting them up and putting her feet on the front of my shoulders. In the process of doing this, my throbbing cock accidentally pressed right up against her pussy. She never stopped working on her clit, but did lift her head to look down and confirm what she thought it was up against her. She must have been OK with it, because she laid her head back and closed her eyes without a comment.

Hell, if she was OK with it, I was sure OK with it. I used one hand to hold the tip of my cock against her pussy, and slid it up and down, making contact with the vibrator at the top and going all the way down to her asshole at the bottom. After a few strokes, I stopped at her vagina and held the tip firmly against it. With steady pressure, it slipped inside a little, making her emit a slight yelp. I began to slowly move it in and out, making constant progress until I was a little more than halfway into her tight pussy.

With a few more strokes, I was finally lubricated enough that I could just push through her cherry and plant my balls against her ass. I stopped and held myself as deep inside her as I could push . . . while she continued to rock to and fro with the vibrator at the top of her slit, relishing the feeling of my cock stuffed inside this really cute girl. She began to make soft short moaning sounds, and the speed of her rocking hips increased. She pushed back at my shoulders with her feet and lifted her ass up off the hay.

I reached under and grabbed both of her ass cheeks with my hands and started pumping her, matching the speed of her hips and grinding my fingers between her cheeks. She was already starting to cum and at the same time, I felt the fluid rising from my balls. Soon . . . wad after wad of sticky semen shot out of my cock and deep into her young pussy. It was the most intense orgasm I ever remembered having in my life.

I was actually a little dizzy when we finally came to the end of our mutual climax, and leaned in to rest my hands on the hay at her sides. She lifted the vibrator and looked at it to see how to turn it off, and set it to the side. "I don't think we were supposed to do that," she commented, still breathing heavily.

My cock was still inside her, although not at its peak hardness anymore. I began moving it in and out again, wanting to fuck this girl as long as I could. She pushed at my chest with both her hands and feet. "I think you're done . . . for now."

I reluctantly stood up and pulled out of her, watching a mixture of pussy juice, semen, and a hint of her virginal blood ooze from her pussy and drip from my cock. "But we do . . . have to try this again," I said.

She sat up and lifted herself with her hands to avoid sliding across the prickly hay as she got to her feet. "I shouldn't have let you do that . . . this time", she said with a grin as she stepped beside me and bent over to pick up her shorts from the ground.

I turned and grabbed her hips, pressing my half erect shaft up against her butt before she stood back upright. "I want to do this again . . . soon," I said.

She stepped forward and away from me. "I'll think about it," she said as she stepped back into her shorts and pulled them up. "Who knows . . . maybe I'll see you tomorrow", she said as she put her birthday present . . . a pseudo cock, back in the bag and scampered toward the barn doors.

"Or maybe I'll see you tonight?" I shouted.

She looked back as she walked through the doors and held up the bag with a big grin on her face, then disappeared around the corner. My head was still spinning at what just happened. I never expected it to go that far. But I'm really glad it did.

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