A co-worker and I by sundownerboatfish

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There is this woman that I have fantasized about for a few years as we worked together but she lived about 300 miles away which made it hard to be face to face with her. We would have sales meetings but we had to share rooms which made it hard if we wanted to sneak together during the night.

Finally we got our break – her fight was late, meaning that she missed the group transportation to the hotel. Since I was one of the meeting planners I said that I would take our team meeting car back to pick her up instead of having her use public transportation. It was about a 40 minute drive on a hot September afternoon. She had been running through the airport working up a sweat. We usually travel casual then change to meeting clothes when we arrive at the meeting site which means she arrived at baggage claim in a tank top and shorts, I do mean shorts!!

She was covered with beads of sweat and her nipples were erect and easily viewable through the tank top, especially when we got in the car with the air conditioner blowing straight on her. As we drove we talked about how hot is was and that we wished we were heading to the beach instead of the meeting. She untucked her top and started to kind of “flap” it to help cool off her body. As I glanced over I could catch a quick peak of her perfectly shaped tits and firm nipples.

I finally got up the courage to take a napkin down from the car visor and reach over and begin to help her dry off. She offered no resistance as I started on her shoulders, then in a bold move I reached down and under her top to collect the sweat that had collected under those wonderful tits, again no resistance. Now I felt like it was time – so I moved up onto those tits and just started to massage them without the paper napkin. She simply dropped her arms to her side and rested her head back against the seat. WOW could this really be happening. I continued to massage her left tit then moved over to her right one and began to play with that erect nipple.

Speaking of erect, I could feel my cock fighting my pants as it tried to stand straight up. Anyway as I did her right tit she moved closer to me so it would be easier for me to reach it but I really don’t think that is what she had on her mind. Her left hand was now rubbing my thigh.

This went on for a few miles then she made her move – she moved her hand a little closer found my cock trapped in my pants. She said, “I think this might be better if it was not trapped in these pants.” Before I could even say anything she was unbuckling my belt, then unsnapped my pants and there I was lose and standing at full attention. She looked at me and smiled – then she asked how much longer to the hotel? I said 15 to 20 minutes then she said I need to make this quick. She leaned over and in one smooth move had my fully erect cock in her mouth. It did not take her long before she was sucking me wildly. A little precum came out and she stopped to show me it on her tongue them licked her lips. Back to work she went until I shot a nice healthy load into her hungry mouth. She held my cock in her mouth until there was not even the slightest drop left. When she picked up her head she said she did not want any stains on my work pants when we got to the hotel.

To tell you the truth, the next few days of the meeting were hell every time I went into the meeting room where her team was meeting. Fortunately or not I could float between meeting rooms and did not have to stay in her room or not be able to see her at all.

Thursday afternoon finally arrived which was a free afternoon. My plan was to go fishing but the weather was bad so the trip was cancelled, my roommate went to an indoor gun range for some shooting.

I was sitting outside under a canopy having a drink watching the rain on the pool then the ocean in the background when I heard her voice. So is this the best thing you could come up with for this afternoon? Well no fishing and nothing else to do this is very relaxing to me. I can show you something more relaxing and with a better view if you are interested.

Immediately I said then show me. She said OK then follow me, and as we were walking she said you will need to trust me. I agreed.

We ended up in her room which was on the 14th floor over looking the bay. I went to the window as was watching the rain and waves when I heard her say – is this a better view? There she was totally naked just standing there, I studded and said YES!!!!

Now she said this is where the trust begins – I want you to undress completely. Needless to say I followed her lead. She had me lay on the bed, then with silk scarfs she gently tied my wrists to the headboard, slid a pillow under my lower back and with more scarfs tied my legs open to the sideboard of the bed. The final step of preparation was to blindfold me.

I felt her get on the bed then could smell her pussy getting close – it was perfectly positioned over my mouth - then gradually lowered so I could begin licking and sucking and tasting those wonderful juices.

She was moving slightly but keeping her pussy so I could keep my mouth and tongue busy. Then I felt her tongue begin to lick my balls then move back toward my butt. Was she going to rim me?? My mind was going a hundred miles an hour wondering how I would handle that. Well I did not need to wait long – it happened, she began to lick me.

We did this for a while then she moved up and started to suck my rock hard and ready to explode cock. Then a strange thing happened – I felt a cool jelly being rubbed on my butt hole, then ever so gently a finger slid inside, then another. This was driving me wild!! They both came out and I took a sigh – but the rest was not for long because I felt something else trying to work its way in. Gently and persistently she kept working this thing until it was completely inside me, it was a small to medium butt plug.

Now that it was in place she started to rock her hips faster pushing that wonderful tasting pussy harder on my mouth and face. She went back to sucking me and not a lot of time went by before I unloaded a very intense load into her mouth. It must have been a combination of being tied up, the excitement and the butt plug but it was the most intense load I have ever shot.

She climbed off and I started to pull my hands down, the scarfs had come untied, when she put her hands on my arms signaling me not to move. I then felt her warm lips on mine, followed by her tongue parting my lips – then a strange thing happened, I started to taste something salty, her mouth was still full of my cum. She moved her tongue deep into my mouth bringing with it a large amount of my cum. I darted my tongue back into her mouth and we rolled them around mixing the cum back and forth between our mouths.

After we both swallowed the cum in our mouths we just laid there looking out the window at the rain. I know it would have been nice to say that we were looking out at a sunset but it was still raining.

We looked at the time and realized we needed to get dressed for our awards dinner so I headed back to my room with my head still in the clouds from what just happened.

Friday came and we left for home only with the professional hand shake. It was almost a year before we were at a meeting together again and over a drink we talked about that afternoon and that it was a once in a lifetime happening. Over the next three years there were a few more meetings but nothing else happened. She finally left the company and I have not heard from her in about five years.

Rating: 80%, Read 27562 times, Posted Sep 24, 2010

True Story | Anal, Ass to mouth, At work, Blowjob, Cheating, Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Oral Sex, Toys


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