My Ultimate Gay Bukkake Experience by showmytoys

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True Story | Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Exhibitionism, First Time, Gay, Group Sex, Humiliation, Masturbation, Mature, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Slavery, Submission, Toys, Young

(Sory for my broken english, it is not my first language) this story is for thoses who like the "old-young" type of gay sex stories and YES, it is a true story.

I would not call this the second part of my first story but it is in some kind still related to it, well to what hapened after the first story hapened. Some of you might have allready have read my previous story, it was about my first glory hole experience where I ended up sucking a much older men's cock nice and sweet and loved it even more that I could expect it. At the point where it is even my best sex experiment I ever had... Until this story hapened.

A few days after the first story hapened (in august 2015) I couldn't stop thinking about this night in the glory hole, that 40 or so years old men that I sucked without even knowing him. The fact that I was only 19 years old was exiting me. I don't know if it was because of the 20+ years of difference of our age, the fact that I did not knew who I was sucking or because he had cum directly in my throat making me impossible to taste his hot cum, but I had the feeling that I had to do this again, but this time, it would have to be even more intense.

I needed to do this as quick as possible, I was so exited about having to suck a men that I started to have boners 10 to 15 times a day at random moments. Even at work, I was looking at the customers that were 40 years old and over and automaticly I was having a boner. But this time what could I do? What could I plan to make this sex night even more intense that all I could think about?

After work this day I went directly to my room, started watching gay porn and felt on a bukkake video. I had never seen thoses kind of things before, but I got directly hard as rock. I was so exited but only because of my curiosity, never in my entire life I had the chance to have a men to cum on me (except for the inside of my mouth and ass)

I know that it is prety much the same thing than having my own cum dripping on my chest, but I had to be able to experience an other men to cum on me, to have the joy of sucking his dick, to please him well enough to deserve the chance to be greated with his cum on my body.

I immediatly started to find a way to convince a men to cum on me and soon realised that it would be more complicated then expected. I was young and had not tell any of the people I knew that I was bi-sexual and even if I would have tried to do it, it would have been a bad idea since I had a girlfriend at this time and she was sadly homophobic.. So i had to be able to suck some one that is not some one i know.

Since the experience I had a few weeks before I was now only attracted to older men for all what was about gay sex and the only way I could get that many men to get sucked was at the sauna oasis like i did before but how would I explain that just before his orgasm I will have to take his cock out of my mouth to finish him with my hand so he would cum on my face and not in my mouth. I had to find something different.

I then decided to make an add on montreal craigslist in the men for men section explaining that my goal was to be able to be a bukkake slave. I would get a men to let me get in his house and leave the front door open, get tottaly nude on my knees in his living room and letting every one who will have respond to the add enter the house, get their pants down making a circle over me and waiting their turn to get suck/jack off.

I was hoping to first, get some one who will let me in his house and let all the other men get in to and also to be able to get enough mens to have a minimum of four or five men surrounding me for all the time that I was going to do this and since it was a blow and go scenario and I had planned doing this for around an hour or two, I was hoping to get at least 10 good respond for this add.

I soon got an answer and thank god, the very first person to reply got exited reading the post and immediatly offered to meet me in a restaurent and if everything was doing well, he would let me do this in his home two days after we first met. It was a 51years old men and he was so sweet, we talked for a while and he asked me a favour. He had agree to let me do this, but in exchange, he wanted to get the chance to suck my dick. Sure, why not, I was so god damn horny at this moment, I asked when and he answered now and so we did.

We went to the restroom of this restaurent and just got my pants down. He laughed, I was allready fully hard, he sucked me slowly and very deep in his wet mouth, I came prety fast and he swallowed everything to the last drop. While I was getting back my pants he looked at me with a smile and said that to be this hard even bofore I dropped my pants in front of a stranger in the restroom of a tiny restaurent, I sure was very serious about this bukkake story and he soon understand how much I wanted to get the most cum as possible on me. He proposed me to help me with my research for the two last days remaining before we do this, he would also post several adds on craigslist to be sure the most men as possible would come this day. He also asked me if he can add littles differences to my fantasy in order to try to push my limits. I answered yes but only under one condition. If he was to start a '"role playing" and was not sure of my consent, the code to ask me if I want to do something new would be : do you like your surprise? If my answer is yes is that I consent that I want to do what he asked for, if I say no it is because it is to much for me and I would ask to respect my choice. He said no problem. I was so happy I even hugged him.

The next day, I felt on one of the add he created on craigslist for me, he named us the cum team. It was well done and he also explained something that I had not even realised myself. Without even having to tell him anything of this cum fantasy, he knew everything about it. It suprised me so much because I was not even understanding it myself. He wroted that during my hole life I never had a men to cum on me even if I had suck many and cum is like a trophy you get for having be able to please a men's dick well enough to give him an orgasm. Therefor, my goal was to get as many men as possible to cum on my face during this day to get the satisfaction of having well pleased as much mens as possible.

I called him and asked him how much respond he had yet but he said only two.. I got a little sad but he cheered me up and told me he had a suprise for me tomorow.

I went to check my emails and got automaticly hard, 23 mens had respond to my adds, I talked with every one of them, could only got 14 to come the next day but I was still very happy since my initial goal was to get at least 10.

This day finaly came, I went to my new 51 years old friend a bit earlier to talk with him. I got to his home at 13h30 and mens were supposed to start comming at 14h00. He remind me of the suprised he had for me but said that he had a few questions for me before.

Go ahead,

-I know that you want to start at 14h and make this last for one or two hours but are you busy after?

-No I'm not, I have my whole night free, why?

-I ask the questions, you, you just answer. You are young and like to suck older men and ONLY older men. You are a bottom, a cock sucker and you want to get all covered of cum. You are what we can call a sex slave am I right?

-I guess that yes! I like to be dominated while have having sex, I am very submissine and obedient

-Ahah, that's what I was hoping for. Two last question. Do you get tired of having sex when it's lasting to long and if yes, will you still continue if it is your sex master that is ordering it to you?

- I might sound sluty right now, but well. No, I never get tired of having sex, even if i had for 3hours straight and yes of corse that if my master is ordering it to me I will continue!

-Have you ever had a sexual master before?

-Never yet.

-Well now you have one. Get fully nude, go to the living room, get on your knees and wait for my orders.

-Ok but the other mens are only going to be there in not less than 30minutes, I thout we cou...


And I proced to his orders. It was brutal but I loved it. The fact of submiting myself to some sort of autority for some sexual acting got me so hard. I went to the living room, started to get my shirt of and realised he was still in the kitchen. I did not got woried about it and just kept removing my clothes. I was now nude, so I got on my knees and he arrived. He told me that the suprise was not quite ready so he would have to blindfolded me til it was ready. I did not argue and he tied up one of my socks around my head and placed it over my eyes. I first tought he wanted to be the first one to be suck be me on this day and he just blindfolded me so it would be a suprised and he would just stick his cock in my mouth without me to have a doubt about it but I then hearded a metalic sound.

Even before I could realise what was going on, he had handcuffed my ankles togheter and tied a rope to the handcuffs and bring the other end of this rope and tied it to a table behind me. He took of the sock i had in front of my eyes so I can see what he was doing now. I did not catched why he tied the handcuff to this table but i soon realised what he did. He used 3 more ropes like this that he had allready premusured and cut before I got to his house, he tied one to the couch on my left, one to the couch on my right and the last one to a wooden bar in front of me that was next to the stairs. And all thoses ropes were also tied to the cuffs I had on my ankles. This way, even if I was able to get up, I was stick in place, in the middle of the living room, the ropes were stopping me from moving of there.

-Do you have a guess of your suprise now?

-No master, I dont, I am only confused now, I don't know what you are planning to do.

-I lied to you. Their were not only two mens who responded to the add I created on craigslist. In fact, their is more than 60 different mens who got turned on by this idea of getting suck by a young slutty slave to finaly cum all over him while watching you getting humiliated with all this men seeds on you. I answered to every single one on them and builded a shedule, every 30 minutes starting from 14h00, their will be exactly 10 new mens passing by this door right there. I told them that you had to be punish so as soon as they get inside, no greetings, they only get straight in front of you, drop their pants and do not even wait for you to realise their is a new men arround you, no, I told them to immediatly grab your head and stick their cock right in your mouth. This is going to be the greetings. As soon as they will blow they will leave this house.

If you make the count, 10 mens every 30 minutes, without counting thoses that YOU confirmed, you will have for a minimum of 3 hours to suck all thoses mens, so you will have to be sucking cocks up to 17o'clock tonight.

-Yes master!

-I want you to suck EVERY SINGLE MEN that will cross this door is that right! And do not stop sucking until their is no more men around you, you will gain your freedom at the exact time where no mens other than you and me will be in this home. Will I need to repeat it?

-No master, I will follow the orders!

-Do you like your surprise?

It was the code, he was asking for my consent for all this. It was my last chance to say no. After this it would be to late...

-"Yes master, I do." He smiled.

-Perfect then. During this I will be sitting here in this couch watching you, it will be your punishment. If you are a great boy, I will let you use my shower after this and I will pay you the supper.

I became so hard it was almost hurting me. I was so exited! It was like a dream come true, and it was also, MUCH more that all I could think about. If I was lucky, their would even be 100+ mens to cum on me in only a few hours. I couldn't wait anymore.

Quick look at the clock, 13h56, only 4 more minutes until the first men is supposed to get in. I start to be a bit nervous. 13h58, I realise that their will not be only one men comming, he sheduled 10 mens every 30 minutes without counting thoses that I have contacted so their will be a minimum of 11 mens at the same time. I hear a noise, I look up, the first one is there.

He greet us and start walkind forward in my direction, he is at first a bit surprised, not every day we see a 51years old clothed men sitting in a couch with a hand under his pants watching a tied up 19years old slave boy fully naked on his knees in the middle of his living room. He is now just in front of me, he unzip his pants and let then fall. I can now see the size of his penis trough his underwear. It was big, but not huge. I get my hand on his cock, pull down his boxers and his cock is now pointing right on me, it is only at a few milimeters to touch my lips. It's time to get started, even if I am so nervous. I am anticipating all what is going to happened while I am asking myself how many mens is there going to be arround me in only 2 or 3 minutes.

No time to think about all this, I have a busy night. So I opened my mouth and went straight forward and got it all at once in my mouth, i can allreade hear him moaning. I let it all inside for a few seconds while passing my songue all around the tip of his cock, I can allready feel him getting hard while still in my mouth. I start sucking him, faster and faster when I feel something touching the side of my face.

I first tought it was his hand but from the corner of my eye I see something pink, it is an other penis. I stop sucking the first guy to see what is going on, their is allready 3 other mens arround me allready the pants down. I was so concentrated that I did not heard them comming. I let the first guy aside for a second to start sucking the one that was poking me with his cock while I take the third and the fourth dick both in my left and right hand to jack them off.

It is only started since 2 or 3 minutes and I am allready sucking a men while jacking 2 others one while an other is waiting, I start to enjoy this alot. A fifth one joins in while the first one is now jacking of himself, his big cock pointing to my forehead. I try to concentrate on sucking the cock that was in my mouth when I hear this first guy starting to moan, he is moaning more and more, he is about to cum. I try to let of the cock that is in my mouth to turn my head to be facing this squirting cock but the guy I was sucking just grabed the back of my head and pushed towards him to push his cock down to my troath. At this exact same time, the first guy had his orgasm. I instaltly fest this huge load of creamy cum dripping all over my forehead shooting as far as even the back of my head, my hairs were all covered in cum and what was on my forehead was now dripping on my eye. I tried to reach my hand to while some off when the guy I was jacking with my left hand cummed on my left cheek and the one I was sucking started moaning. Ok, no time for whiping, the third load of cum is comming, he backed of to get his dick out of my mouth but to late, he allready started cumming in my mouth and all the rest went on my lips. His cum tasted so sweet but I was not here to eat cum, I was here to get covered up, so I spited it on my chest.

The three guys that had just cum went back a little bit so the other ones could see the result, they were now 9 mens including them that were watching me, I felt so humiliated! All thoses mens were either clothed or getting their pants back on and I was the only one young. Young and fully nude in this room, tied up with my chest, face and hairs full of cum while my lips were still dripping driplets of cum on my chest. They were all laughing and calling me ugly slut, little whore, cum bucket, little bitch. I was humiliated, but loved it, I was so horny and even if they were all laughing of me and humiliated, I wanted more, much more, feeling this cum on my skin was like an orgasm for my, I took a look at my master and he looked happy.

-Why did you stopped? Thoses mens need a place to cum! This place is your body. They emailed me to get this right on you, now you need to please them, they need to cum on you, either it's on your forehead, your eyes, mouth, lips, arms, your back, your chest or even your hair, it does not care. But you need to be covered up with their cum! That's what whores get for being sex pigs!

-Yes master, I will obey the orders.

And the 6 mens remaining that were now 10, all came at once but all around me this time, even behind me. They all got their pants and underwear down. Before being totaly surrounded I take a look at the clock. It's now 14h25, the next batch is allready comming. 6 of them just started jacking of by their own around me, one got his dick in my left hand while I grabed an other one with my right hand. Two were almost fighting to know who was going to put his cock the first in my mouth, they were both trying to push their cock in my mouth. A guy behind me pushed my head forward and I ended up having both of their cock at the same time in my mouth.

I felt raped but I was loving every second of it more than the second before. I tried to suck both of them the best that I could while jacking the two other mens with my hands. It lasted almost 5 minutes like this, then one on my right cummed in my hear, one behind my on my back, two on my left squirted all over my neck and chin while one that I was sucking shooted directly in my troath. I swallowed it all and continued sucking the other one. Their was now alot of noise around me, mens were getting in and out but much more were arriving that they were some leaving. I was at this point not even able anymore to see any wall of the house around me, all over me the only thing I was anle to see was penis everywhere. I did my best to suck all of them but their was so much cock to suck that only I was finish with one that 3 others had allready cummed on my while jacking.

I could at this point not anymore count on the moaning to know when a load was comming, their were so much mens that at every moment their was a minimum of one or two mens moaning and just about to cum and sometimes they were even up as to five or six just about to cum. It was literaly raining cum on me.

I tried to check how many mens were around me but each time I was checking, all I could see is 10-15 mens arround me and they were all different then the last time I checked to see. Two hours had passed, at this point I was literaly all covered up in cum, there were not even a single square inch of my entire body that had not received cum on it, I was all slipery.

When finaly at 17h00, the last mens started to left, they were only one or two mens still putting their pants back on while a third one was still jacking of pointing his cock on me. My master got up and whiped my eyes so I can open them to see.

-How do you love this up to now little slut?

-I love it master! All this cum still dripping slowly on my skin is exiting me!

-Good good, that last guy you see jackinf of, I want you to take his cock down in your ass, I know him that's one of my friend and I promised that he could fuck your ass before the other mens start getting in. It is kind of a little SURPRISE for you, do you love it?

Again, he was asking for my consent to do something he want's me to do,

-Yes master, I love my surprise very much! It will be an honor to be able to stretch my tiny hole to receive your friend's cock in my ass.

So I got on my all four. I then saw the carpet, even the carpet was full of cum, but not as full as I was. A men can ejaculate up to 15mL of cum every orgasm, if the count is right, their were more then 74mens up to now that had cum on me, that's more then 1L of cum on all my body! When I started stretching my butt, all the cum inthe bottom of my back dripped over my anus. Their was so much that it even got my anjs lubricated. I then felt the tip of his cock pressing on my hole. He grabbed my legs and pushed me against him and his huge cock went all in. It felt amazingly great!!! I moaned, very hard and my master went angry.

-Dit I told you to yell lime this? No! So restrain you from yelling lime this I will block your mouth. I will shove my own cock in it to make sure you wont make any noise!

And he dropped his pants and pushed his dick very hard all the way to my troath. I was still covered up with all this cum and I was now sucking my master's cock while his friend was pounding my ass. Each time he was pushing, his cock was hitting right on my prostate, it was perfect, I got closer to the orgasm. Meanwhile, my master was facefucking me harder abd harder until he came directly in the very deep of my troath. It felt familiar to me.

His friend was still fucking my ass until I couldn't even contain my own self anymore, his cock was hiting to hard on my prostate, I had my orgasm. Finaly! I explodes! My cock was out of control and it was shooting huge loads of cum all over the flooor that was itself allready full of cum. He pulled his dick out of my ass, I sucked him a little bit more and he also camed in my mouth.

While still swallowing that last drop of cum of the day, my master got next to my ear and whispered.

-That 40 or so years old men you told me about when havine dinner two days ago, you know, the one you told me about that you sucked at the sauna a few weeks ago. Well it was me, I responded to your bukkake add on craigslist because on the picture i recognised your chest piece tattoo

-Feel free to leave a comment on this story :)

Rating: 90%, Read 28176 times, Posted Mar 16, 2016

True Story | Anal, Ass to mouth, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Exhibitionism, First Time, Gay, Group Sex, Humiliation, Masturbation, Mature, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Slavery, Submission, Toys, Young


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