Churning Butter by The_Technician

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The bright blue Ford compact glided smoothly to a stop at the curb in front of a run down bar in an even more run down area of the city. It was supposed to be an unmarked car, but the blue police lights clearly seen mounted on the dashboard and in the rear window gave things away rather badly. Besides that, shortly after the city of Chicago put several dozen of these identical "blend in with the traffic" vehicles on the road, there were at least a dozen YouTube posts showing them with their lights flashing, pulling over motorists or responding to calls. With the easily recognized color and the visible lights, they might as well have had been painted white with the blue stripe on the sides and CHICAGO POLICE in big, red letters.

It didn't make much difference anyway. Detectives Katrina Ecstranger and Melvin Beckermann were not undercover or trying to sneak up on anyone. They were working a major case and someone had called in what sounded like a good tip. The late-afternoon call had come from the owner of a dive called Clancy's Place. He told the desk officer that he would be tending bar "all day and half the night," and that they should send somebody down to talk to him.

This wasn't an area of town a cop wanted to be in after dark without backup, so the wise choice was to follow up on the lead immediately. They walked quickly into the bar with Katrina staying several steps behind her partner just in case this was some sort of trap. Moving from the bright sunlight of the street into the dim darkness of a sleazy bar always had a certain pucker factor to it since you were basically defenseless until your eyes adjusted to the darkness. Keeping one eye closed as you walked from the car to the front door helped, but still, if this was a set up, things could go south very quickly.

The bar, however, was empty except for Harvey, the bartender and owner. He was the one who had called the station house earlier with "maybe a tip on this Full Moon Rapist guy."

Behind their backs around the station house, detectives Katrina Ecstranger and Melvin Beckermann were known as Tom and Jerry. "Tom" because Katrina told everyone to call her "Kat," had a cat-like face, and always moved with lithe, almost feline movements. "Jerry" because Mel's rather pointed noise and almost permanent smile made him look very much like the cartoon mouse of that name.

Mel leaned against the bar and waited for Harvey to start the conversation while Kat stayed closer to the door to cover things. After a long silence, Kat finally said from across the room, "So, Harvey, what have you got for us?"

"I'm sure this is nothing," he replied, glancing nervously up at Mel, "but youse guys have been coming in here couple times a month for the past year asking if I've heard anything unusual. You know, somebody bragging about what they done... that sort of thing. You even said that if I got something there might be a reward in it for me.

"This can't be anything, but it...., hell, I don't know... it just struck me as really odd. There's this little nothing of a guy. Must work or live in the area ‘cause he's been coming in here about five every day for eight or nine months. Doesn't say much. Just sits here drinking beers all evening. Not drunk, ya' know, but getting a real buzz on by the end of the night. Yesterday, I tells him, ‘You need to watch how much you're knocking back or you're going to end up having to go to those monthly meetings.'"

He glanced down nervously and wiped the bar with the rag in his hand. "I was just kidding him, you know..., in a friendly sort of way, to tell him to watch how much he was putting down. This is a family place regardless of what it looks like. I don't really need barflies and drunks, but he didn't seem like that either... Anyway, he says to me, ‘They don't have meetings for what I'm addicted to...'

"He looked really sad, almost desperate, so I says, ‘They got meetings for everything. What's your particular brand of trouble?'

"He downs the rest of his beer, lays his money on the bar, and gets up and starts to walk towards the door. Just before he goes out, he turns back to me and says, ‘Churning butter under a full moon.'"

"Like I say, it can't be anything, but he said ‘full moon,' and youse guys have been driving me nuts about anybody who says anything weird about the full moon cause you don't got no leads on this Full Moon Rapist guy."

"You don't happen to have security cameras, do you, Harvey?" asked Mel.

"In this dump?" He snorted. "There's an ATM across the street. Last time I got held up, youse guys got a clear shot of the punk who did it off them tapes. Maybe there's a picture of the little weirdo over there."

"We will check that out," said Detective Ecstranger. "And if it turns out that there is anything to this, you'll get a portion of the reward."

"What's it up to?" asked the barman. "Last I heard it was over a million. Wouldn't mind getting a big piece of that."

"If this weirdo has anything to do with the Full Moon Rapist, you will get something. It will depend on how important your tip has been to the case."

Just before Mel walked out the door, Harvey spoke up one last time, "Oh yeah... I shoulda told ya. He will probably be here tonight, but definitely not tomorrow night. He might stop by for a quick one tomorrow, but he won't stay. Moon's almost full, ya' know, and he ain't never in here on the night of the full moon... always leaves before it gets dark."


As the two detectives walked back to their car, Mel stopped and turned to his partner. "So what do you think?" he asked. "Doesn't sound like the type of person who could overpower twenty-some women and several men over the course of the past three years, but he said the magic words and disappears on the night of the full moon."

"‘Full moon' could be a coincidence," answered Kat, "But it has never been released that the rapist uses butter as a lubricant and to screw up DNA testing. Lab boys say it shouldn't interfere with DNA tests, but somehow it does. They can't get anything human to try for a match. And ‘Churning butter under a full moon' is too good a description of what is happening. He's got something to do with it, even if he isn't our perp."

They had reached the car. Mel triggered the door locks and they both slid into the seats. Kat was unusually quiet. Her breathing was a little heavier than normal. Mel noticed, but said nothing.

Mel noticed a great deal. He was a good detective, and good detectives notice everything. He and Kat had been partners for three years now and had been working this case as point on the task force for over a year. He knew that the case affected Kat deeply. It affected him too. It was almost personal. Someone had been raping woman... and men... in his city, once a month for the past 40 months and the police were no closer to catching him now than they were three years ago when he first started.

Over the past year, Mel and Kat had watched or listened repeatedly to the interview tapes with the victims. The story was always the same. It was a full moon. They were in a relatively deserted area of some sort where they thought they were safe. One woman was in a park. One woman was on the roof of a building. One man was in his own home. Each thought that they were alone. They all insisted that they neither saw nor heard anyone approaching them when they were suddenly knocked to the ground by something large and heavy being thrown against them.

"It was like a large bag of sand" one of the victims had described it. "It knocked me off my feet, and the next thing I knew I was lying naked on the ground." Another said, "I was in the garden in my back yard, and I thought I was safe because it's totally walled off with a heavy gate that I keep locked. But somehow, whoever it was got in without me seeing or hearing him. I don't know how long I was lying on the ground, but I know it had to be several minutes. I must have hit my head because it was like I was stunned or something and I don't remember him taking off my clothes. As I came back to my senses I could feel something cold being inserted into my ass. It felt slimy. Then something slick was being rubbed on my body, especially on my breasts and buttocks."

Mel especially remembered one victim had trembled and looked down at the ground describing the attack. "It almost felt good," she said in a quivering voice. "I am so ashamed. It felt soooo good. Despite what was happening, my body was responding. And then I felt his tongue on me. He was licking me. I've had oral sex before, but this was different. It felt really odd. His tongue was longer... and rougher than it should have been. And it wriggled strangely inside of me... both in the front and in the back."

She broke down and cried for several minutes. The female officer conducting the interview waited patiently for her to finish and then asked, "Can you continue? We really do need as much detail as you can remember."

"I am so ashamed," she repeated. "I was so turned on. Am I a bad person?"

The interviewing officer remained silent, but put a hand on the victim's shoulder to show support and then asked her to go on. She continued, "I felt him pull me up into a kneeling position." She suddenly looked startled and looked up at the camera that was recording the interview. "He had gloves on! I had forgotten that. Really strange gloves that were soft and rough at the same time. Something on the gloves almost scratched me, like there was metal or something somewhere on the fingers. Then he entered me from behind. I've never had anal sex before. I thought it would hurt, but it felt good. He was rubbing me with something soft between my legs. It felt like a fuzzy rope. Despite myself, I kept going higher and higher. Suddenly I started to orgasm and he pulled out of my backside and thrust himself into my front. He made a really strange sort of screeching kind of yell as he ejaculated into me."

She sat quietly for a moment before finishing. "Then he was gone. I lay on the ground in my garden for a little while pulling myself together, and then I got up and went back inside my house and called the police." There were several more minutes of video of her sitting there quietly crying.

The interviews with the other victims told pretty much the same story. One woman said that whatever hit her felt and smelled like an oversized version of the scented wheat bag she used for neck pain. "There was definitely the smell of lavender," she had said. "The smell was overwhelming as soon as the bag hit me. It felt like a sack full of grain, but it was like the grain in the sack was moving around me. When I smelled the lavender, I felt really calm. Then I passed out."

The most recent victim, a man, said that the rapist tried to disguise his voice by speaking in almost a growl. "He kept growling softly in my ear as he raped my ass. He kept saying, ‘I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. It would have been better if I had died in the crash like everyone else. I can't control myself here..., and I am so alone.'"

After they watched that particular interview, Detective Beckermann turned to his partner and asked, "What in the hell do you think he meant by that, Kat." But Detective Ecstranger didn't answer. Her eyes were wide open and her hands were clenched tightly on the lip of the table which held the video monitor. She seemed to be quivering almost as if in a mild epileptic seizure.

"Kat, are you OK?" Mel asked.

She spoke slowly and softly, almost as if she were speaking to herself, "He's not alone, but he doesn't know it. He was NOT the only survivor."

"What in the hell do you mean by that?" sputtered Mel, and Kat just stared at him. She would do that once in a while– seem to go inside herself. That was one of the primary reasons that her previous partners had requested she be re-assigned.

"Watch her," one former partner had warned Mel. "She gets creepy as all hell at her time of the month, but she's a damn good detective the rest of the time. Captain thought seriously about getting her dismissed at one point, but was afraid of how it would look if he complained about a woman's severe PMS."

Kat definitely got weird once in a while... actually about every 28 days, but it was usually in those fits of weirdness that she came up with her best insight into their cases. Mel had been a good, but not outstanding detective before pairing up with her. Now he had one of the best case closure rates in the department, and most of that was because his partner was "the cat."

Fellow officers joked about them behind their backs, but when a case was going very cold or started out more baffling than usual, the precinct captain, or sometimes even someone from downtown, would say, "Let's send the cat over there and see what she sniffs out."

Mel and Kat looked, and often acted, like a station house joke, but "Tom and Jerry" solved cases, and that was what was important. So Mel's odd looks and bumbling ways and Kat's weirdness and periodic missed days were tolerated by fellow officers and the precinct captain.

When they were put on the Full Moon Rapist Task Force, it was expected that they would soon help break the case. But almost a year had passed and they were no closer to solving this case than before. Harvey the bartender's strange tip was, in many ways, the best lead they had yet received.


As they drove back to the station, Kat broke her silence and said quietly. "This will be over soon, but the case will never be officially closed." She looked over at her partner and smiled. Somehow her smile made her look even more cat-like. "I'm sorry," she continued, "but that's the way it's going to have to be."

She looked down at her smart phone and opened an app of some sort. Mel started to ask what she had meant when suddenly she almost yelled, "We have to go back to the bar. Harvey was wrong! Tonight's the full moon, not tomorrow! His sense of smell will be heightened. He'll know that I have been there! He'll run and never return! We'll lose him!" She looked frantic. "But I might be able to get a message to him before my scent..."

Her voice trailed off as she saw Mel's startled face. "You're getting weirder than usual," he said slowly. "Going to let me in on what is goin'on?"

Kat stared back at him for a long time. "Mel," she began, "do you remember right after we became partners and you checked up on me?"

He said nothing, though surprise showed on his face that she was aware that he had called an old buddy of his on the Philadelphia PD to ask about her.

"You asked one of your contacts in Philly what I was like when I was on the force there and he said he had never heard of me. A few days later, he called you back and said I had just slipped his mind, but he had talked to some of the officers who had worked with me."

Mel still said nothing.

"He was lying to you. He knew nothing about me until federal agents called on him and told him what to say. I'm in sort of a witness protection program. I'm a very good cop with a very wide range of experience, but I've never been on the force in Philly."

Mel pulled up in front of the bar. "And you couldn't even tell your partner?" he asked.

"You would never understand unless you've seen me naked," she said with almost a laugh. "And that ain't never gonna happen."

"I don't need the past," he said as they again walked toward the bar, "I just need to know what it has to do with this case."

"Harvey's barfly is the perp," she answered. "But he can never be arrested. He needs to be taken into the same program that I am in..., but as a prisoner, not a guest. The feds will handle it. The rapes will stop, but we can never arrest him or say anything specific about him to the public or the rest of the department."

Mel followed her into the bar in silence. As soon as they were inside, she called out, "Harvey, I need you to do something for us."

She walked up to the bar and picked up one of the large, cork coasters that advertised a particular brand of beer. She began writing strange symbols on it with the felt-tipped pen she normally carried to mark evidence bags.

Then she pulled Harvey up over the bar by his shirt so that their faces were just inches apart. "As soon as he comes in the door, you yell this out to him. You tell him, ‘A Butter Cat left you a message.' and hold up this coaster so he can see it. He's going to be surprised by what you say and not sure that you actually said it, so you repeat yourself. Hold up this coaster so he can see it and say again, ‘A Butter Cat left you a message.' You have to say that as soon as he enters the door."

She released her hold on Harvey's shirt and said a bit more softly. "He will probably leave as soon as he gets the message. If this works, I will see to it that you get a big chunk of the reward. ... But if you ever tell anybody else anything about this you won't get a dime and you will probably never be seen again."

Harvey stared at her blankly. She pulled him back up to her face once again. "Do you understand me?" she asked. Her voice was now almost a snarl. Harvey blinked his eyes and shook his head yes. Mel also blinked. For a minute it looked as if Kat's face was furry and her teeth appeared to be long and pointed.

Harvey was now standing back from the bar. His eyes were wide open. He was trying to speak, but having no real success. Finally, he found his voice and stammered out, "I'll tell him. I'll tell him as soon as he sticks his face through that door."

As they left the bar, Kat staggered slightly and then caught herself. "Mel," she said as soon as they go into the car, "you have to get me home immediately. It is way too close to the full moon and that bar was saturated with his pheromones. No one can see me like this. If I lose control, call the number on my phone that I have listed as Emergency X."

Mel felt something sharp dig into his skin and looked down at the steering wheel. A furry hand was wrapped around his arm, long claws digging slightly into his skin. He looked over at Kat. Her face was covered with a fine, tawny fur. She was meowling lightly. Her voice was distorted, but she was clear that she was saying, "Please don't let anyone see me like this. Don't let them see me." She was almost crying as she said, "You don't know what's at stake."

He looked around quickly and stopped the car. They were in a deserted block and there was no traffic. "Get in back," he said quickly. "And lay down on the seat. Leave your phone up here."

Minutes later they were racing toward Kat's house in the suburbs. The meowling from the back seat was now long, loud, and drawn out. Mel picked up Kat's phone and scrolled the call list looking for the right number. Finally he found it and pressed CALL.

It was answered almost immediately with a very calm, professional voice which said, "What is the nature of your emergency?"

"This is Detective Melvin Beckermann. Katrina Ecstranger is my partner. I have a cat in heat in the back seat of my squad car and she suggested I call you."

The voice on the other end of the call was no longer calm. "Shit! Are you in public? Can you get her home unseen?"

"She is in the back seat of the car. No one can see her. I can get her home, but I'm not sure I can get her into the house unseen."

"Good so far," answered the voice on the phone. "Someone will meet you at the house. Pull into the garage. It will be open. It is connected directly to the house. Stay at the house with Kat and the person who meets you. Someone will come by later and read you in. Do I need to tell you not to tell anyone about this?"

"Like anyone would believe me," snorted Mel as he ended the call. Then he yelled over the seat, "Hang in there, Kat. I'll get you home."

"His pheromones are affecting me badly," she answered. "I'm losing control. Get me downstairs into the room with the thick doors. Force me in there if you have to and lock me in. When he gets here tell him where I am."

She laughed. It sounded more like a yowl. Then she said in the same laughing yowl, "You won't have to force him." Mel stomped down on the accelerator and roared down the road.

The garage door was open when he swung into the driveway. An elderly woman was standing in front of the door waving him in. As soon as the car stopped the woman pushed the button to close the door behind them.

"Katrina, are you still with me?" Mel yelled into the back seat. The only answer was a long, drawn out meowl that except for the tone and volume sounded exactly like a house cat in heat.

He opened the back door and Kat launched herself at him. She was now naked except for light tan fur which covered her entire body. Her tail was held high in the air and she was pushing her ass at Mel.

"Let's get you downstairs," he said and looked over at the woman who had met them. She had the back door of the house open and was beckoning him urgently. He grabbed Kat around the waist and lifted her into the air. She wrapped her legs backward around his waist and tried to pull herself against him. The caterwauling was now loud enough that the neighbors could probably hear it within their nearby homes.

The elderly woman moved surprisingly fast across the kitchen, opened a basement door and beckoned Mel to hurry. At the base of the steps, one half of the basement was walled off in a rather large room with very thick walls. The door was also thick and tapered, indicating a soundproofed room.

Once Kat was locked inside, Mel and the woman stood there silently for several minutes. There was a window on the door and Mel looked inside to see Kat writhing on the floor and thrusting her ass high into the air. She now looked and sounded just like a cat in heat. She was just bigger..., and much, much louder. Finally the woman said, "Let's go back up into the kitchen and wait for her mate."

Mel looked at her in surprise, but held his questions. It was obvious he would be told what he needed to know, when he needed to know it. He could wait. Besides, he had already seen a lot that he wasn't sure he wanted to know.

About a half hour later, there was a scratching, knocking noise at the back door. The woman yelled out, "Come in." When nothing happened, she yelled something else in a language Mel had never heard before.

A ragged looking man who appeared to be in his mid-thirties entered the kitchen. His eyes were wild, like someone high on drugs. He snarled something in a very odd tongue, and the woman answered a single word in the same language. He ran downstairs.

"We never expected this to ever occur, or we would have installed cameras and recording equipment. As it is, it would be best if there were two observers. Please come downstairs with me and try to remember everything you see."

Mel wanted to say, "And what if I don't want to watch my cat-in-heat partner screwing some rapist?" But he knew that somehow, watching and remembering whatever was happening was something that he was expected to do out of duty to his country and loyalty to his partner.

When they got to the bottom of the steps, the door to the sound-proofed room was standing slightly open. Mel and the woman entered and she closed the door behind them. The sound inside was almost overwhelming. It was as if a thousand cats in heat were caterwauling into huge amplifiers.

The man was now naked. His fur was slightly darker than Kat's. They were screeching and yeowling and clawing at each other in a dance very similar to what Mel had watched between toms and pussies out on the farm growing up. Final the tone of Kat's yeowls changed and the furry man positioned himself behind her and squeezed tightly on her lower breasts.

Lower breasts? Mel shook his head. Kat has four breasts. The upper two looked almost human except they were now covered with fur. The lower two were smaller, but had huge nipples.

The room suddenly smelled of lavender. The older woman said quickly, "Hold your breath. It's only effective for a moment or two. It will calm Kat, but it could knock you out."

Mel did as he was instructed and watched intently. As Kat calmed down the man began milking her lower breasts. As the man squeezed each teat, thick, dark milk or cream began to flow from the large nipples. The man was catching it in his hands and rubbing it on Kat's body. Then the milk got thicker, almost like soft butter, and the man began massaging it into Kat's cunt and ass. All the while that he was doing this, Kat was yeowling louder and growing more and more agitated.

Finally Kat began screaming a very high-pitched wail, and the man began pumping frantically in her ass. As he pumped, his tail came down between his legs and up between Kat's legs. The tip of the tail was sliding up and down where a human clitoris would be.

Evidently, whatever Kat was also had something very sensitive located there because her wailing began to reach almost impossible levels of pitch and volume. Then she began shaking violently and hissing. The furry man matched her hiss for hiss until they both suddenly screamed out and became silent.

Despite the language and cultural barriers, Mel knew that Kat and the furry man had climaxed together. She was now meowling softly and moving slowly against the man. He was pulling out of her very slowly. Suddenly with a scream of pain from both of them, he was free from her.

The furry man stood quietly for a moment. His stiff prick was standing out straight from his body. Mel was trying to figure out why it looked so strange and then he realized that the man was holding something in the tip of his penis. Three long tendrils of flesh were gripping tightly to something that looked very much like a smooth walnut.

Kat lay down on her back and arched her body upward toward the man. He plunged into her and they both froze in place for two or three minutes. Kat then collapsed down onto the padded floor. The man's prick pulled out from her as she fell. There was now nothing on the tip of the penis.

Kat and the man were both starting to breath less heavily. As they calmed down, the fur began to disappear from their bodies. Finally Kat... Mel's partner Kat, and the mousy little man from the bar lay naked on the floor of the room.

"I think it would be best if we let them recover a bit in private," said the woman and motioned Mel toward the door of the room.


"I am special agent Gloria Albertson," the woman said once they were back upstairs in the kitchen. "I live next door. I am supposedly retired." She smiled. "It helps me blend in to the neighborhood."

She motioned for Mel to sit down and reached over to turn on the coffee maker. "That will be ready in a moment and then we can have some coffee," she said as she joined him at the table.

"I am with a special branch of the secret service." she explained. "And I actually am retired except for one case that requires my attention one or two days a month. The woman you know as Katrina Ecstranger was the sole survivor– or so we thought– of a space ship that crashed into Lake Michigan about four years ago. She was their security officer..."

"And Butter Cat." Kat was standing in the doorway. Her now hairless skin was shiny with sweat. She walked through the kitchen to a small bedroom and quickly returned wearing a lightweight robe. She addressed Gloria. "He's restrained. I understand why he did what he did, but on your planet or on mine he is still a violent rapist and must be incarcerated to protect society."

Kat then turned to Mel and said, "I owe you an explanation, partner." She then motioned for Gloria to get them some coffee and waited until both had steaming mugs in their hands before continuing.

"Contact Ship Seven arrived at Earth four years ago. It was supposed to make a soft landing on the surface of Lake Michigan and wait there while a cultural liaison team established contact with government officials. Chicago was chosen because of its size and the huge body of relatively calm water on which to land. The ship also could submerge slightly to remain hidden. We had prepared for any contingency and were ready for anything... except a pure white moon."

Mel looked at her and nodded slowly even though he had no idea what she meant.

"Our race is closely-related to earth felines and earth..." her eyes rolled upward slightly as she sought out the right word, "... marsupials." She laughed. "Our mating habits, as you have seen, are a bit different than yours. I am an egg layer... well, egg producer. My reproductive organs are located..." she paused again as if seeking the right word. Then she blurted out, "They are in my ass... like an earth bird. But I don't lay the eggs. They must be pulled from my body by the male. My lower mammaries secret a special thick milk that not only lubricates the passage, but also stimulates my egg organ to release an egg.

"Just like one of your earth felines, I have to be highly stimulated for that to occur. That happens only when my body senses the pheromones of a male in moon heat, and even then he has to work to get me high enough to release an egg."

She sighed deeply and asked, "Are you following me so far?"

Mel took a sip of his coffee and said, "Yup. You're a cat from outer space that gets uncontrollably horny at the full moon."

"Yes and no," she answered. "The full moon makes us more... OK, horny, but not uncontrollably..., at least not on our home planet. Our sun is bigger..., redder..., hotter than yours and our planet is much farther out in orbit. Our circuit is approximately three of your years. And our moon is smaller and much farther away from the planet. It takes nearly a full circuit for the moon to complete its orbit. That means our mating cycle is once every three of your years.

"Arriving at earth undetected required approaching very slowly and then staying aligned exactly with your moon so that we were continuously behind it as we approached. We stayed on the dark side of the moon until it was full in your sky to help hide any light reflections from our ship as we made final approach. The bodies of the crew had been genetically modified so that we could blend in more easily, if necessary, here on earth. Unless, of course," she added, "we entered mating phase. They used DNA brought back by previous explorer ships."

"You kidnaped people to take back to your planet?" Mel suddenly sputtered?

"No," Kat responded. "This was the first planetary landing. We merely recovered bodies from failed space attempts by your earth governments. But either the modifications magnify our normal sexual responses or your brighter, whiter, larger moon overwhelms us and we can't control ourselves."

She looked over at Mel and laughed. As she did, for a moment, her face covered with fur and her teeth seemed to grow and sharpen. "How would you like to report back to your home planet that generations worth of work and preparation were lost because an entire crew was engaged in a wild mating orgy as their ship plummeted out of control into a lake?"

Her voice became softer and a faraway look appeared on her face. "The ship broke apart on impact. I was trapped in the security area. The restraining cells are reinforced and have their own containment. I was able to get into one of them before the compartment walls imploded.

"I was still in there when your government recovered the wreckage. I... and they, thought that I was the only survivor. Our rapist was a cargo steward. When the frenzy started, he had tried to rape one of his fellow crewmen and she locked him in a cargo container. The container was thrown clear on impact and drifted over into Indiana where some beach comber opened it hoping for treasure.

"After your government raised the ship from the lake, with my help, they were able to repair enough of it so that I could send a message home." She laughed slightly. "I left out the details, but said that the ship had crashed, I was the only survivor, and that contact had been successfully made."

She took a sip of her coffee. "Because our main communication array was destroyed, we had to transmit using the emergency beacon. It will take twenty-two and a half of your earth years for the message to get back to my planet. Allowing for two or three of our cycles for them to decide what to do, a followup ship should be launched in about twenty-five years, and arrive here about forty years from now. The date is pretty predictable based on the orbits of my planet and yours and the movements of our respective star systems. I may or may not still be alive then, but my daughter," she patted her stomach, "should be able to meet them."

Special agent Gloria Albertson cleared her throat rather noisily, and once she had Mel's attention said, "Which brings us to something very important, Detective Beckermann. This extraterrestrial stranger and her offspring will need to be protected until the secondary contact team arrives. Would you consider a long-term assignment... a very long-term assignment in that capacity? It would require that you move in with her and live as husband and wife. Both of you will keep your jobs on the force, and everything will be put in place so that there are no problems."

"I can think of a problem," answered Mel. "When my partner turns up pregnant, people are going to notice."

"The egg only stays inside of me for about a week," answered Kat. "At that point I give birth, as you would call it, to a large, leathery egg that has to be kept warm, but no longer needs to be inside of me. It can be kept in an incubator during the day and with me in bed at night until it hatches in about seven months. Once the baby comes out of the egg, it needs to nurse almost continuously for a couple of weeks, then it can be brought slowly to a schedule much like a human baby. I will only need to be off duty for the three to four weeks of constant nursing and then for about two months after that. The story can be that I am on assignment somewhere. I would even be able to come by the station once in a while."

Gloria spoke up, "And there would be some other... advantages, Detective Beckmann. Kat, would you like to tell your partner what a Butter Cat is?"

Kat's face reddened and a fine shadow of fur appeared. "My police skills weren't the only reason I was chosen for the crew of Contact Ship Seven. As you have seen, our mating habits are rather forceful and can overwhelm us. It wasn't known for sure what the effect of several years in space would be, so certain female members of the crew were selected because... well, because they are ready to mate anytime, rather than just once a cycle. On earth, I think you call such girls sluts. Where I am from, they are called Butter Cats, because our bodies are capable of making the thick milk used in the mating ritual not only once a lunar cycle, but as often as needed."

She looked over at Mel said, "On your planet, I need sex at least once a month. I go into heat every full moon. That's what the soundproof room is for. But that is not the only time I am horny. I want sex almost all of the time, and always have."

She paused a moment to let Mel catch up with what she was saying. Then she continued, "My vagina, even before the modifications, is very human-like, but our race uses both openings for procreation." She laughed. "And Butter Cats use all three openings for pleasure. I've never had sex with a human male because we couldn't risk the story getting out about my tail and extra breasts."

She smiled an odd smile. "Humans have invented some very interesting machines to satisfy a human female, but none of them can quite match having a real live prick up your ass." She watched Mel twist slightly with discomfort. "We could have a lot of fun together, partner..., and you couldn't get me pregnant unless you can teach your prick to reach into my egg sack and pull out an egg after it fertilizes it. Besides, no egg gets released unless I decide in advance that it will get released. We needed to insure that there would be someone to meet the secondary ship, so I released an egg."

"Will you need to mate with him again?" Mel looked somewhat embarrassed. "I'm pretty good in bed... or so I have been told, but I can't do the full hiss and spit routine and I don't have a tail to rub your clit while I'm screwing your ass. Your keepers can probably arrange for conjugal visits wherever they are keeping him."

"They are my protectors, not my keepers," she replied, somewhat upset. She looked over at Gloria. "OK, protectors and keepers, but I'm not an animal, I'm just an extraterrestrial stranger in what, for me, is a very strange and different world. You are the only one who knows what I am that has ever treated me like a person. If you can continue to do that, that will be enough. You don't have to have sex with me or help care for my baby or any of that. Just treat me like a fellow being. ... a very lonely fellow being."

She started to cry softly. Mel came over to her and put his arm around her. "When you said I would never understand you unless I saw you naked," he began, "I was suddenly filled with hope because I really did want to see you naked. I've had other female partners, but you are the first one that I had any thoughts about getting close to." He sighed, "But then you laughed and said, ‘That ain't never gonna happen,' and I thought you were rejecting me because of my mouse face."

She looked at him and appeared somewhat bewildered. "I've heard the jokes behind our backs." he said. "Tom and Jerry... they're a cat and mouse from old cartoons. I know what I look like, and I can't blame them for calling me Jerry."

Kat looked down, not sure where Mel was going with his comments. He lifted her face so their eyes could meet. "Now I understand..., and not because I've seen you naked. Seeing you naked helps me understand what you are. But more than that, as a fellow police officer, I understand that you are on the most difficult undercover assignment ever."

He paused before continuing, "And I would love to be your partner on that assignment... if you will have me. And I would love to have sex with you on a regular basis... just nothing weird and kinky."

Both Gloria and Kat laughed and Mel sputtered, "I mean besides you having a tail and getting fur all over your body when you're in heat and needing your lower tits milked to take you over the edge and really wanting it up the ass rather than in your vagina which isn't really a cunt but is just someplace to keep an egg warm and..."

Kat's laughter continued and she said, "No, besides that, I'm just a very normal Butter Cat from a distant planet. Nothing kinky."

She smiled and showed her fur and fangs for a moment. "Did you know that what you earthlings call ‘the missionary position' is considered very, very kinky where I come from for anything other than implanting the egg?"

She raised her eyebrows and licked her lips. "But I like it. The direct contact against my pleasure nub drives me wild. When word got around that I liked ‘belly sex' that's when I first got labeled a Butter Cat..., because only a Butter Cat would like sex in that position.

"My parents were horrified when they found out about it, but it was very freeing for me. If everyone already considers you a slut, you are free to act like one. I knew I was a Butter Cat so I was free from all my society's inhibitions and restrictions regarding sex. And you know I'm a Butter Cat, so I'm free to act like one for you... and for me."


The headlines read, "Full Moon Rapist Kills Self When Confronted by Police." The picture with the story was of Detectives Katrina Ecstranger and Melvin Beckermann who, according to the story, were acting on a tip given by Harvey O'Brien, former owner of Clancey's Pub.

The story went on to say that it was brilliant police work which tracked down the suspect from the sketchy tip given by the bar owner. Still, Mr. O'Brien received one half of the 1.3 million dollar reward money and intended to retire to Florida. Detectives Ecstranger and Beckermann were going to be on temporary assignment with a special anti-terrorist unit which was investigating illegal aliens living among us.

Detective Ecstranger, known to her fellow officers as "the cat" for being able to sniff out clues in difficult cases said, "You have to draw the line somewhere. Otherwise who knows where these people might come from. There are some pretty strange places out there with cultures and practices very different from our own. If they arrive properly and can adjust to our culture, fine, but if not, then there can be a real problem and we have to step in."

The reporters were not sure what her partner found overwhelmingly funny in her statement.

When Mel and Kat returned to the precinct four months later, it was explained that they would have to maintain some of the cover aspects of their previous assignment, which included living together as man and wife. Many eyebrows were raised, however, especially when it became apparent that Mel seemed very happy with the whole arrangement.

One thing did really catch the attention of their fellow officers, though. When they returned, both Kat and Mel put electronic countdown clocks on the corner of their desks counting off years, months, and days to something. Both were set to 40 years, 7 months, and 3 days.

When asked about then, Mel and Kat would explain that date was when the true nature of their assignment could be made public. One of the other detectives said, "No secret can stay hidden that long. Somebody will figure it out."

Kat responded, "Not unless they see me naked."

Mel added, "And trust me, that ain't never gonna happen."

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