Loving Courtney 2 by George+in+Cincy

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I awoke the next morning alone in my bed. The first thought that came to my mind was that I had dreamed the entire episode of the night before. I thought, how could I dream such a wonderful experience? Then, for some reason, I slid my hand down my body and felt a sticky residue around my cock. I lifted my hand to my face and smelled the same spicy, warm scent that I knew was Courtney's. It was true....I had made love with Courtney. It was at this moment that I also smelled that ambrosia of the morning...coffee!

I jumped from the bed, grabbed a quick shower, tossed on a pair of sweat pants and trotted downstairs to find Courtney in the kitchen cooking eggs and bacon. My brewmaster was just finishing up the coffee as I grabbed her and lovingly kissed her smiling lips. She had obviously gotten a shower as well because she smelled clean and fresh with just a hint of the same perfume she had worn last night. I made a mental note to myself to buy her another bottle of that scent as it smelled so wonderful on her.

She was standing in front of the stove wearing one of my old and baggy T-shirts and, apparently, nothing else. Cool. Spatula in her hand and a smile on her face. She said sweetly to me "good morning my love". "Good morning, beautiful" I replied. "Hungry?" she said. "Hungry for you" I responded.

"Later" she said in a lilting voice. "OK" I replied and sat down at the kitchen counter. She poured me a cup of coffee and went back to cooking our breakfast. I said, "Court, I believe in my heart that we are truly in love, but we know NOTHING about each other. I think we need to talk about that". She looked away quickly, turned the bacon and sighed deeply. Almost under her breath she muttered, "I knew this would happen. It was too perfect". I saw a tear come to her eye.

"What do you mean?" I replied. She sighed once again as she set plates of food on the table for us and sat down. "You already know how young I am". "Yes, Court, I do". "What you don't know about me is that I am an orphan and a runaway" she confessed. I must have worried her with the look of confusion on my face. I had guessed that there was something she was not telling me. After all, why would a sixteen year old girl be out and about at all hours and never talk about home? So, I did the logical, adult thing...I asked her.

"I am from a small town in Michigan just a bit outside Detroit. I never knew my Dad, and Mom died two years ago in a traffic accident. They put me first into a group home and then in foster care. Just before you and I met I ran away. The 'man' of the house was always trying to be close to me...touch me...see me. I didn't want any part of that so I just left with the clothes on my back"

I was a bit disturbed but not really shocked for I have read and seen many accounts of what goes on in foster care. I DO know that there are many good foster families out there, but I guess my young love had not been sent to one.

I saw a tear come to the corner of her eye once again as she continued. "I took off one night when they were out and never looked back. I got as far as Ohio where I met a really sweet Mexican lady.Turns out that she and her kids were in the US illegally so she could not really afford to turn me in. I gave her a big sob story and she invited me to stay at her home for a few days. She had a young son named Roberto that took a liking to me. I actually liked him a little as well, but only as a friend. Their home was where I initally wanted to go last night before we....well, you know. I had been there a week when I first met you. I knew I loved you right away, but didn't know how to act on it since we were so far apart in age. I would have given anything to work up the courage to just tell you how I felt, but I just didn't know how. And even if I did, I wasn't sure how you might respond. So I played it by ear until last night and then it all came together so wonderfully. I couldn't be happier, but I don't know what we should do now".

Her head sagged and the tears started to flow. I knelt beside her chair and held her close and told her "Courtney, we'll figure this out together". She looked at me with her tear-streaked face and said, "I love you". "I love you,too, Court".

After several minutes, she started to compose herself and began eating her breakfast. I dug into mine as well. Delicious! After finishing her eggs and while munching on a slice of bacon she asked, " now tell me about you".

"I was born in Columbus, but was raised in a very small town on the Ohio river. My hometown has two claims to fame. First it is the hometown of Bob Evans of restaurant fame, (not trying to be a name dropper, I but actually know him and his family personally) and secondly as the site of the Silver Bridge disaster in 1967. As you know, I manage a restaurant. But that is not what I've always done. My family owned a flower shop and my first job was as a designer. Imagine the crap I got from that! Everyone thinks that any guy who works in that business is gay. I had a hell of a time getting dates in high school because of what I did to earn money. But I got past that. This may be hard for you to accept because our love is so new, but I have to be honest with you". "OK" she said quietly. "Court, I've been married and divorced four times and have two grown children, two who are teenagers and a grand-daughter".

"Wow" was all she could muster.

We sat eating in silence for several minutes when she looked at me and said "Do you regret what we did?" "No way" I replied. Do you?" "Never in a million years" was her response.

"Court, there are probably people looking for you right now. Other than running away, have you broken the law?" "No" was her response. "Well, since you are sixteen, they may not be looking too hard. When is your birthday?" "I'll be seventeen on June fourteenth". Flag day, I thought to myself. "Courtney, nearly everything we have done together is legally and morally wrong, but I love you with all my heart and want to spend my life with you. I will do everything I can to protect you and keep you safe and here with me". "I want that too, sweetheart", she responded. "OK" I replied."I have an idea, but there are some conditions that come with it". "Tell me" she said".

"You will study with me and learn what you need to pass the GED and go on to college". "Why would I want to do that?" she replied. "Because, I have three college degrees and if you don't study and learn, you will never be able to keep up with me when we play 'Trivial Pursuit". We both laughed and she said "I understand that I need to go on with my education. And thank you for knowing that. You're showing me more every minute how much you really love me". "I do love you, Courtney...with all my heart and soul". "I make good money and can afford to support us both while you finish school. I have enough stashed away to get you started in college until you can get grants and loans. After you graduate, we can both work to pay off any debts you have from school". She smiled the sweetest smile I have ever seen and I felt renewed in my love for this young girl.

"The other thing we need to do is keep you out of trouble. If you get caught doing ANYTHING wrong, the cops are gonna bust us both. So no more drifting about from place to place. No more secrets. You have a home if you want it". "I'm not going anywhere,"she said with a grin, "but I have a question, why would you get into trouble?" she asked. "Duh, sweetie...harboring a runaway....statuatory rape....name it and I'm up the river". "But you can't rape the willing" she exclaimed loudly. "Court, at sixteen in this state, the law says you can't be willing". "I didn't know that." she said. "Well, it's true" I replied. "I could get twenty years just for last night. We have to be careful".

"But you know that I really am...willing" and with that she pulled the tee shirt off herself revealing the sweet naked body beneath. Her beautiful breasts with their taught nipples stood erect on Courtney's chest. Her thick lush auburn curls surrounding her wonderful, tight pussy looked so inviting. She smiled lovingly at me and said "Even if you do get caught for something we have done, I will be here waiting for you. But I will never EVER tell anyone anything about us until I'm legal. In fact, if we do things right, people will think that I'm one of your daughters. We just won't let anyone think anything else".

I thought to myself, that is it! What a great idea. Why didn't I think of it? I know almost no one well in this town and the ones I am familiar with know that I have teenaged girls, but no one I knew had ever met either of them. They would merely think that Courtney was one of my daughters. I had not only fallen for a young beauty, but a very intelligent one at that. We just had to ride out a little over a year, then we would be just fine. Moments later, I forgot about all that as Courtney dropped to her knees and janked my sweats off my legs.

I looked lovingly at Courtney as she knelt before me and smiled. "This time, I know how and I want to do it differently". "What do you mean, Court" I asked. She truly shocked me when she said "I want you to cum in my mouth". I was stunned! This lovely girl had been a virgin until just last night, and now she wanted me to cum in her mouth? I looked at her with some concern and said " Courtney, are you sure you want to do this?" "I came in your mouth last night, didn't I?" she said. "Yes Court, but this is different". " How?" she said. I thought back to last night when she said that she wanted to learn, but didn't want a classroom lecture, I told her "you may not like the taste of my cum. Some girls do, others don't", "I will", she said and slid her sweet lips around me, She took me in slowly, not like she had tried to do the night before, and moaned as my cock hit the back of her throat. Unlike last night, Courtney seemed to do a bit of experimentation. She let my cock slip a bit deeper into her mouth and when the gag reflex hit her, she swallowed. As she did, my cock slid into her throat and I nearly died...the feeling was so wonderful. I knew she truly HAD to love me to do this. I loved her too and could hardly wait to return the favor.

I reached down to caress Courtney's breasts as she gently but firmly sucked me. As I have said, I have been with a number of girls, but none have made me feel what I was feeling with Courtney. She was a dream come true....an answer to a prayer. In a word, perfect. I rolled her nipples gently between my fingers as her sweet lips slid smoothly up and down my rock hard cock. I hadn't had a blow job in several years and I was certain that this one wouldn't last too long. She just felt so good doing what she was doing. She looked up at me with my hard cock in her mouth and that did it. I know my eyes had to have rolled back in my head because the feeling she was giving me was so intense. I touched Courtney on the shoulder and tried to tell her that I was cumming, but I couldn't form the words. She seemed to know anyway and let my cock slip down her throat once again. It was too much and I just let go. I felt spurt after spurt shoot into her loving mouth and she never balked. She kept on sucking until every last drop was out of me. I was exhausted and I hadn't even done anything.

After a few moments, I felt Courtney move up beside my chair and ask "did I do OK?" I wrapped my arms around her and held her close and told her "that was incredible! Now, if you would be so kind as to come with me to the bedroom, I have something for you". She smiled sweetly and got off her knees as I took her hand and led her back upstairs to where our love had began.

I took Courtney gently into my arms and kissed her lovingly as we got to my bedroom (OUR bedroom now). I felt her soft, firm tits pressing into my chest as we held each other and I had never been happier. To be honest, I was a bit worried as to how we would get through the next fifteen months pretending to be dad and daughter while actually being lovers, but I knew in my heart that we could pull it off.

Now Courtney took the lead and pulled me into the bedroom and actually pushed me backward onto the bed. She and I both laughed as I rolled onto my back with my legs comically shooting over my head. Courtney practically dove into the bed on top of me as I settled in and she kissed me furiously. I responded by rolling us over and telling her, "now it's my turn". "What do you mean by that?" she said. "You made me cum, now I'm going to do the same for you" I replied. "Mmmmmm" she purred, and I lowered my face to her lush pussy. She was already getting excited as I saw droplets of moisture on the hairs around her opening. I lowered my lips to her and gently kissed her furry mound. She arched her back in anticpation and I kissed her again, but this time, right on her lips. I looked up to see her smiling down at me and I smiled back. I loved going down on her. She tasted and smelled so nice. I could be a content man to do nothing else with her for life, but I'm glad we get to do more. I softly licked her outer, then inner lips and she responded with a loud moan and bucking her hips up toward my mouth. I could smell her sweetness and taste her lovely nectar as I licked her wonderful pussy. She responded by calling my name both softly and loudly depending on how close she was to cumming at the moment.

I continued my oral ministrations as Courtney bucked wildly beneath my mouth. I could tell that I was pleasing her, and that pleased me as well. I was in love with this girl and wanted to do all I could to make her feel good and happy.

I cupped her sweet ass cheeks as I gently licked and sucked all around the wonderful folds of Courtney's beautiful pussy. Every few times that I licked along her slit, I would brush my tongue lightly along her excited clit. Each time I did, she would gasp and her hips would fly up to meet my tongue. She was panting and moaning loudly and I knew she was close. I was determined to make this the best orgasm she had experienced yet. In the back of my mind I was wondering if I could give her a multiple. I decided to try.

As Courtney moaned my name and rocked back and forth on my tongue, I started concentrating on her sensitive clit. She responded ot once. Her legs wrapping around my head and her hands in my thinning hair. Her moans and sighs getting louder and more pronounced. I could barely breathe as she tightened her legs around my head and pushed my face into her sweet pussy, but I didn't care. I loved this girl and would gladdly die to please her. Fortunately, it didn't take my death to make her happy as she came with a loud scream and, as a special surprise to me, a big squirt right into my face. I had never been with a girl who squirted, but had heard of them. I was pleased with myself that I had made Courtney do that, but I remembered the idea of giving her a multiple. So, even as she was orgasming and ejaculating I kept licking her sweet clit. It worked. She came over and over.....holding my head in her hands, calling my name and bucking wildly. Finally she said "Stop. I can't take any more. I love you but you have to stop or I really am gonna explode".

I moved up next to Courtney and kissed her deepy. She said to me, "Is that how I taste?" I hadn't even thought about the fact that my mouth was covered with Courtney's pussy juices. "Sorry, Court. I didn't even think..." "It's OK", she said. It's not bad. Perhaps you were right last night when you said that you liked the way I tasted. It's not as disgusting as I thought".

"Not disgusting at all, Court. I told you that I love the way you smell and taste. It is exciting to me and always will be". With that I started to roll over onto Courtney but she stopped me and smiled. She pushed me onto my back and rose up onto her knees and straddled me. "This time, I get to call the shots", she said.

I could hardly believe that this young girl who had been a virgin until just last night (I knew this, not because she had told me so, but because I could clearly feel her hymen as we first made love) was now being so randy, yet I loved it.

Her pretty face glowing with a sweet smile, she lifted her body up and grabbed my hard cock in her right hand as she reached between her legs and moved her hair and lips aside with her left. She guided my cock into her wet, tight pussy and slowly sat down on me. The sensation was incredible as she first moved back and forth then up and down. I realized that she was pleasing both herself and me. The back and forth was stimulating her clit and the up and down was exciting me. I could not have loved her more for her thoughtfullness.

It didn't take either of us long to get to the point of orgasm. Courtney bounced on me and I responded by thrusting upward into her as we both got there. Just like the night before, we came together. Courtney's eyes rolled back and she shouted my name as my loins tightened and I felt my balls empty into Courtney's wonderful, tight pussy.

As we both recovered and caught our breath, I whispered to her. "I love you". "I love you too". she replied. We had just began the first day of our lives together, and I was praying that there would be many more to come.

Rating: 68%, Read 19414 times, Posted Mar 20, 2007

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Hardcore, Male, Teen, Teen Female


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