Gangbang at the Cement Bridge by glyn613

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True Story | Consensual Sex, Female, First Time, Group Sex, Male, Virginity, Young


I think back, from time to time, about my years in high school. It was Texas, the 60’s and many of us were beginning our sexual awakening. Fucking your girlfriend wasn’t something that happened on a regular basis, but there were girls that liked to fuck and didn’t mind sharing their bodies.

Pat and Marie were two of these girls and were best friends. They may not have been the most beautiful girls in our school, but they weren’t ugly either. I remember back when we were Sophomores in High School. They were just average girls with good bodies, long hair and big boobs.

On Friday and Saturday nights, most everyone went out and drove up and down the “main drag”. In our town, it was Park Avenue. There were two drive-in restaurants on the street….one at each end. Sometimes we would all hang out at one, talking and horsing around.

On one of these nights, there were several guys at the Double K, one of the drive-ins. It was a hot summer night so we were outside of our vehicles standing around drinking Cokes and, in general, talking about sex. Pat and Marie drove in and made the circle around the drive-in. They honked at us and waved, after which, we waved them over to stop and talk.

They made the circle and returned to where we were standing. When they got out of their vehicle we saw that they were both wearing halter tops and short shorts. They really looked pretty good.

You might say that the short shorts and halter tops were a little risqué for the time. The halter tops showed a lot of tit and the shorts were cut right up to their pussies. We were all a little “wowed” by their appearance.

Marie smiled and said, “Hey guys, we have a fifth of whiskey, you guys want to doctor up your cokes?”

Of course, at that age, we all thought that drinking was pretty cool, and wanted a little shot. We gathered around Marie’s car while she added the whiskey to our drinks. After another half hour or so, we were all getting a little tipsy.

Pat commented, “Why don’t we go somewhere that’s not so public, I’m afraid that the LCB (Liquor Control Board) officers might catch us if we stay here, plus, we want to get laid tonight.”

We talked about somewhere to go. Lewis spoke up, “Hey, we can go out to my old man’s ranch, it’s not too far. You guys know the old cement bridge out west of town on Tierra Blanca creek.”

We all knew the place. We had had several drinking parties out there in the past and no one ever came out there at night. We all got in our vehicles and headed out there. We knew that we would need more booze as the night was young so, we decided to get some beer before we left town.

Jim, Brad and I took up a collection and went to see a bootlegger we knew. He sold cold quarts of Coors for $1 a quart. We had enough to buy 20 quarts. When we got to Tyrell’s place, there were a few guys hanging around. We were regular customers so he knew us well.

“Whatch yo white boys need tonight?” he asked as we walked up.

“We need about 20 quarts tonight, you got that much cold?” I asked.

“Wyyyy, you knows I does,” he replied as he went to an old refrigerator that sat beside his house. He retrieved some empty cardboard boxes and put the beer in. We paid him and headed out to the party.

The cement bridge was merely a slab of cement that the creek ran across. The creek was spring fed and flowed all the time. The road was dirt, so where the water ran across the road, you could drive across the slab and not get stuck. Lewis’s Dad’s ranch was on the West side of the road. You had to go through a gate then about a half mile up the creek. There was a flat place where we could park and build a bonfire.

Once we drove down off the top of the hill, we could see that the others had a fire going. We drove my truck up and backed it up to the fire. Once we parked, I opened the tail gate and got a cold quart of Coors.

There were 10 guys and Pat and Marie. We were all having a good time, drinking and talking. I was sitting on my tailgate talking to Pat when she leaned in and kissed me. Things started getting really hot and heavy between us. It wasn’t long and she untied the strings of her halter top and let the top fall down. As I feasted on her tits, her breathing became heavier and heavier. I glanced up with a tit in my mouth and saw several of the guys watching, grinning as they drank their beers.

Inwardly, I grinned to myself and continued. I felt her hand rubbing my cock through my jeans, so I moved one hand to her knee and slowly began to move it up toward her pussy. When I reached the top of her thigh, I slid a finger inside the leg of her short shorts. I could feel the wetness. Her panties were soaked. I could tell, it was going to be a great night.

There were a lot of burlap bags in the back of my truck. I leaned up on one elbow and said to Pat, “Let’s move up on the bags, it’s a little softer there.”

I went to the cab of my truck and grabbed a blanket I kept behind the seat and spread it out on top of the burlap. Pat had removed her clothes and stretched out on top of it. I stripped and lay down beside her. I ran my index finger between her swollen pussy lips. She was so wet. As I stroked her clit she began to gyrate her hips and raise her ass up and down.

“Dave, I’m ready to fuck, mount me you stud,” she whispered.

“I need to get a rubber first,” I said.

“You don’t need one, I’m on the pill….I won’t get pregnant.”

I got between her legs and pushed my throbbing cock in till my balls lay on her ass. As I fucked her, she pushed her ass up to meet my every stroke. Very soon, I heard Pat say, “OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK….I’M CUMMING DAVE, FUCK ME HARD….DON’T STOP….DON’T STOP……AHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK !

She had wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me in tight. Hot cum was erupting from my cock, filling her belly with my young seed. I didn’t know if the good feeling would ever end.

Pat relaxed her legs and I pulled out. In the firelight I could see a thin stream of cum oozing out of her hole and down her ass. I grabbed my clothes and crawled out of the back of my truck. Jim and Brad were standing there.

“Who’s next,” I grinned.

Brad was naked and crawled up in the back of my truck with Pat. He mounted her and began fucking. Pat was moaning loudly while he fucked her. It didn’t take long and he was dumping his load inside her.

Jim was getting in the back of my truck as Brad got out. I looked over at another truck and saw Lewis fucking Marie in the back of it. Everyone was naked, just wearing their cowboy boots to protect their feet.

I found my beer and walked over to where Marie was. As I walked away, I could hear Jim grunting as he made his contribution to Pat’s internal cum bucket.

Many of us stood around the fire and drank our beer as we waited for our turn with the girls. In a little while, I saw that Marie’s pussy had just been vacated. I was hard again, so I went to her and mounted. Marie smiled and wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. My cock had no resistance going inside her.

I was amazed at the silky softness of her cum filled pussy. There had to be at least 6 loads lubricating that well fucked hole. As I pounded my 7 inches in and out of her, I could hear the “squish squish” sound each time I plunged into her depths. I think Marie was having a continual orgasm..I could hear her moaning, “I’m cumming…..ahhhhh shit, I’m cumming again……fuck me good…..shove that cock in me hard……I’m cumming again…….ohhhhhhh fuck……”

After a little while, I added my hot cum to the mix inside her belly. When I got off of her, another guy got on and began pounding her pussy.

I think all the guys fucked each girl 4 or 5 times that night. A few of the guys fucked them more. Actually, Pat and Marie fucked all of us till no one could fuck any more. When they stood up, there had to be a quart of our mixed cum run out of each of them and down their legs.

Throughout high school, we had many gangbangs with Pat and Marie. Many times when I didn’t have a date on Friday or Saturday night, I’d see them cruising and pull them over to talk. Usually Pat would get in with me. We would go park somewhere and fuck for 3 or 4 hours. I don’t know how many times I emptied my seed inside her belly.

Once, Pat’s younger cousin, Amy, was visiting from out of town. Pat called me and asked if she and Amy could go out with me on Saturday. I told her that that was no problem as far as I was concerned and I’d pick them up at about 7.

When I got to Pat’s house, I was so surprised. Amy was a year younger than Pat, but a total knockout. She had long blonde hair, hourglass figure and huge tits.

As we cruised around, Pat said, “Let’s go get some beer, I’ve got a huge thirst tonight.”

We drove out to Tyrell’s place and got 4 quarts. Tyrell was grinning, “Whatcha doin’ tonight Dave, gonna git them girls drunk and fuck ‘em?”

I grinned, paid him and we headed back to Park Avenue. “What was he saying back there?” Pat asked.

I replied, “Aw, nothing important, just bull shit as usual.”

She grinned and said, “You know, Amy here is a virgin. She told me that she wanted to get fucked while she was here. I told her that you were probably the best guy in town to do it. So, what do you think, you want to fuck us both tonight?”

“Hell yes, I’m ready,” I said.

My parents were gone for the weekend so we went over to my house. When we got inside we went to my bedroom and all got naked. Pat suggested that I get an old towel to put under Amy as there would probably be some blood and this would keep it off of the bed.

What I think about now, is how there was no emotion, love or anything like that. It was lust, just fucking and getting your rocks off…sliding your cock into a warm pussy.

Amy got onto the bed and spread her legs, ready for her deflowering. I had retrieved a rubber from my billfold and put it on. I rubbed her pussy, trying to relax her and found she was not lubricated very well. So I got a tube of lube from my parent’s room and rubbed it on her. I moved on top of her and slowly pushed inside her tight vagina.

It was so tight, I had to really work to penetrate her. Once inside, I felt resistance, but pushed on through. Amy grimaced and clenched her teeth, obviously feeling pain. As I pulled back, Pat told me to go ahead, it was just her hymen breaking.

When I finally reached full penetration, I just lay there, my balls lying on her ass. Pat was stroking Amy’s hair, comforting her, telling her that the pain would soon stop. I began to move in and out of her slowly, feeling the tightest pussy I had ever encountered. After a short while, Amy opened her eyes, smiled and said, “It’s starting to feel good, really good.”

I took my time and fucked Amy for over half an hour before I emptied my balls into the rubber. Amy didn’t cum, but said that it felt really good. I pulled out of her and stood there looking at her beautiful body. Then I saw it, the towel had a big blood spot on it. It kind of made my stomach feel queasy. Amy went into the bathroom and cleaned herself up. Pat helped her and hugged her telling her that she had just become a woman and sex would be really good from here on.

Pat looked at me and said, “Ok stud, it’s my turn, get that thing hard and let’s fuck, I’m horny as hell.”

We went back to my bed and fucked. Amy watched her cousin cum three times before I emptied my nuts into her belly. I fucked Amy once more before I had to take them home…..she did have an orgasm this time. I don’t think we could have wiped the smile off her face if we had tried.

Amy returned to visit several times before I finished high school. Each time we went out and fucked. It seemed to be the only thing she ever wanted to do while she visited her Cousin. She had gotten on the pill and loved to feel a guy cum inside her. She always said the feeling was “unexplainable”.

I never saw Pat or Marie again after graduation. I sometimes sit and remember the nights out at the cement bridge where many of us got our first taste of sex. I laugh at how inexperienced we were and how it was “just fucking”. I suppose that we were all lucky we never caught a STD or got anyone pregnant. At this young age, I don’t believe any of us ever thought about what the consequences would have been if it had happened.

More so, I often wonder what ever happened to them…………….

Rating: 93%, Read 62735 times, Posted Apr 12, 2019

True Story | Consensual Sex, Female, First Time, Group Sex, Male, Virginity, Young


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